There are many who have nothing better to do than to subscribe to my site with bogus names and addresses. It is very strange! Even with filters to prevent fake subscribers, many get through. So, I have removed the window through which they enter. If you want to stay in touch with this site, send me an email.



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About musicaltrees

Texan, male, over 30, vegetarian, happy, healthy, interested in everything. Skiing, hiking, wind surfing, biking, Frisbee. Music the most. Guitar, singing, writing music. Writing books, articles, and poems. Reading, mostly non-fiction, but science fiction/fantasy too. Trees are my favorite life forms. Doves are my favorite non-plant life form. Unattached. Always searching. Not religious, but I know God and Goddess. Love is the answer. I love everyone and everything. I live in bliss that originates from within me. The Moody Blues are my favorite band. Shawn Phillips is my favorite musician. I have seen more musical groups than I can count, maybe over a hundred. I go every chance I get. I have no human children, but I have four cats that I treasure. I was married once. She left me. See my autobiography, when I write it.

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