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Plans for the World and Why

Information is pushing my thoughts to the possibility that the globalists are joining the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) ways. There are some very rich and powerful people praising the Chinese way of operating government. The people are managed closely. I have never been there or even had meaningful conversations with someone who lived long in China. So, I must add that to my calculations. Given the things reported by the propaganda network we call the ‘media,’ the people of China are treated badly. Maybe that is just my take on it. Maybe they like it. But why?

China is supposed to be a communist nation. How can there be very rich people in a communist nation? Evidently, it is actually a hybrid version of capitalism and communism with some socialism thrown in. The anti-capitalism being expressed in organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and some progressive groups causes me to suspect the powerful of earth to be working toward a new set of social systems with which to operate a global society. If they like, as they have said many times, the CCP ways, this nation of self-government is a huge problem for that plan.

One thing stands out as the most important aspect of plans for the world; the rich will still be rich and people will do all the work robots can’t do and rich people don’t want to do even if they could, which they can’t. The next thing that stands out is the fact that we the people will not be consulted or asked about the plans. This is plainly proven by the books, speeches, and interviews with the members of the WEF. Klaus Schwab has said we will like what they are planning. Isn’t that good to know.

When people who have great power and greater wealth say anything about the rest of the people, they can only base their thoughts on what they see from their perspective, reports, and secondhand information. They live in a different world. They cannot understand what it is like to worry about spending twenty dollars, to sacrifice desires to be able to provide for children and loved ones, or to be unable to get medical treatments. I know many people who are trying to live with bad teeth and medical problems because they cannot pay for the treatment. Most of them work all the time. They must work all their lives or become destitute for they can never accumulate a ‘nest egg’ to provide for them is they lose their jobs or become unable to work. All their children are deeply affected by the plight of their parents. It does serious damage to their psyches and lives. Then it is passed on to their kids. Some are simply disillusioned with life in America and have given up trying to make it. I do not know a single one of the very-rich people. I still get to see some of the things they do. Their wealth cannot be hidden without living without using the wealth. The costs of things they are known to buy are fabulous, more than most earn in a lifetime. Still, I don’t know any well enough to be well-informed though my understanding of the lives they live is a bit informed.

I discovered a series on ABC titled Boston Legal. I like it. I am watching when I can. The characters speak of being paid $300,000 a year. Some get millions a year. I find that inclusion in the script new and refreshing. I also try to imagine that much money for working. I just borrowed $15,000 on my signature to buy a new trailer for my business. It is a big deal for me. I don’t stress over it, but I am forced to try to manage the future so I can pay back the money. But the lawyers in that series could buy it without even feeling it. One of the lawyers gives large amounts of his money to people who move him. It is a great part of the show. James Spader is the one acting the part, and he is cast as a brilliant but strange and quirky man. The rest of the characters just ignore the plights of the rest of the people struggling to get by in Boston or anywhere else. They think Spader’s character is weird but lovable. The show hit me pretty hard in the area of commiseration with the billions of people in the world, including most of my family, who work their entire lives from youth to death trying to cope with twenty-dollar expenses. Some have lived in abject poverty.

The world I was born into is a sick puppy. By that I mean the whole world, not the part I was born into. The only cause I can determine is one I have written about many times. Our history of such things as Viking invasions, Roman conquest, British colonialization, and all the startlingly violent things done to gain wealth and power over the entire known history of man must have filtered down through the gene pool to everyone today accompanied and enhanced by the cultural effects that are inevitable in all associations.

What effect must thousands of years of brutality had on this world we all came into as a matter of being born? It must be affected by all the people who came before. The genetics are becoming more obvious, but societies, cultures and even organizations have handed down to us may affects, too. The goodness of many is likely the only part of the effects that has prevented our demise so far. But the manipulation of social systems to gain the maximum benefits of society is probably a much greater effect, influence, guiding power. There has never been an egalitarian culture that survived long enough. There may have never been one. There have always been monarchs of one form or another. We call them, and even think of them conceptually as such things as kings, queens, emperors, and such. Regardless of the designation, they are always the rich. They are always rich while nearly everyone else is poor. The development of helpers such as lord had to force the rich to allow some wealth to go to them. It made sense since the help was essential and unavailable from the poor. I would say most of the poor would never consent to help. Give a lord a lot of land, money, and power, provide them with an education,  and many applicants apply for the jobs. That type of incentive compelled men to become eunuchs. What does that tell us?

Follow this train to thought to today. It is not difficult. Some will find it a futile effort for they are not able to actually think with any data they have not been programmed with. “Thinking outside the box” became a popular phrase recently, but few are able. When the phrase used by some, maybe most. it carries an unconscious acceptance the person using it is doing it, at least wants to or could. Frankly, I have found no evidence of it anyone outside the poor and some a bit better financed.

Money can change a person. Things that would not make sense to them before they got the money begin to make sense. The human mind must be deeply affected by the culture and the legacy of history. Can we say with any certainty that what we are is not due in at least some part to the history of mankind? The things we think ‘make sense’ would have to be affected psychologically by genetic transference and social influences down through time on both the human effects on the planet and the way people are raised within it. The Jews are a good example of people living with the influences of those who came before them thousands of years ago. The same can be said of many other things. It is obvious. So, to think outside the box one would have to free themselves of that effect regardless of where, when, and from what it came.

Mankind it not thinking. They are remembering and acting according to all that came before them. They are raised by parents and families that apply influences that most cannot rise above; some even detect within themselves. The plans for the world being revealed a little more each day by their founders is going to be exactly the same. They are people, after all. They are not above the things that act on them. They try to be as many do. But the success rate must be dismal for nothing changes much. Even the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, the Industrial revolution, the Technology Revolution, the Information/Communications Revolutions and so on changed only the things, not the substance. They do not change the overall pattern of inequality, domination, justice/injustice, and social positioning. The hierarchy, the pyramid, and whatever we can call it never goes away. It never evolves out of society. Don’t you wonder why?

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Embedding Agents to Destroy Logic

There is no rational way to doubt that big businesses put people into positions where they can help the company prosper. People who doubt it are simply not able to be rational because they reason using false facts. To protect the false facts, a huge public relations effort has been conducted to protect them. It comes in the form of saying the fact are disinformation and getting agents who have credentials many respect to support the false facts. It is the same thing done to convince people that someone who uncovers a conspiracy is crazy. What trick is older than that one?

Public Relations became part of the business culture long ago. “Public Relations” means influencing public opinion. The idea to put certain people in positions from which they can assist the company, otherwise known as ’embedding,’ is more than brilliant. It is sinister, too. Using trust to manipulate people is sinister. The side effects of such behavior ripple across the world destroying trust and confidence. Everyone has to be constantly on guard against deception. Who to trust and who not to trust is nearly impossible to know.

Public trust is being exploited by corporations. They have been doing it at least since the early 1900s when Edward Bernays was hired by the tobacco industry to change the minds of women. Back then, most women opposed smoking. So Bernays’s company was hired to do something about it, which they did nearly doubling cigarette sales. It could not have happened without the trust grown over many decades.

Check out this quote from Stuart Ewen’s introduction to Edward Bernays’s book Crystalizing Public Opinion (1925):

Bernays was also a farsighted architect of modern propaganda techniques who, dramatically, from the early1920s — when Crystallizing Public Opinion first appeared – helped to consolidate a fateful marriage between theories of mass and individual psychology and the designs of corporate political persuasion.

During the First World War, Bernays served as a foot soldier for the U.S. Committee on Public Information (CPI) – the vast American propaganda machine mobilized in 1917 to package, advertise and sell the war as one that would “Make the World Safe for Democracy.” The CPI would become the source from which marketing strategies for subsequent wars – including the spurious and deadly adventure in Iraq – would flow.

In the twenties, Bernays fathered the link between corporate sales campaigns and popular social caused, when – while working for the American Tobacco Company – he persuaded the women’s rights marchers in New York City to hold up Lucky Strike cigarettes as symbolic “Torches of freedom.

Such actions could easily be classified as ‘disinformation.’ Don’t expect it to happen though. The public acceptance of public relations work has made the people dupes despite their intelligence and good character. That is what propaganda dose. It capitalizes on trust developed over as much as two centuries. America was founded by honorable people and put into practice by people who were not subject to propaganda. The ‘press’ – almost the only means to acquire information – was an honorable institution that would have tared and feathered the like of Bernays.

The development of a new science assisted the propaganda, opinion creating, consent getting gang of unscrupulous characters who exploit trust and honor by deceit, cunning, and a total lack of empathy, sympathy, and all other emotions. Psychology became a field of scientific study in about 1854, but there is evidence of it in some philosophical data that goes back to ancient civilizations. When scientists began to study behavior and mental process, the public relations sector latched onto it like leaches sucking it dry for tools to use against the natural tendencies of human beings. Good behavior was turned into directed behavior. People began to behave and think as they were intentionally made to think without even known something had been done to them. The modern social networks, internet, televisions, movies, and cellular telephones coupled with the education systems to begin cranking out virtual robots the behaved and thought as they were ‘programmed’ to.

There is something that can happen to people that opens their eyes to the sculpting of their minds. The word ‘woke’ as used today implies the process, but not to an extent large enough to open the eyes of the robotic people lost in their programming convinced they are not only right but logical. The long-term effects has made it possible to usurp the liberty and democratic self-government that made the USA a great nation for a while by putting agents of public relations and other corporations into key place in government and it many agencies.

Today there are many embedded hacks destroying the agencies conceived to protect the people from the rapacious appetites of big business, otherwise known as global corporations.  The many governments of this nation, USA, have been infiltrated since it was liberated from foreign possession. In fact, it was never fully liberated from England, France, Spain and the other European nations. They sent men to the Americas to claim all the land for their respective monarchs. When that became untenable, influence began to work from within to defeat the effort to liberate the people.

Thomas Jefferson wrote about the compromises that had to be conceded in the construction of the Constitution in a letter to William Johnson in 1823:

at the formation of our government, many had formed their political opinions on European writings and practices, believing the experience of old countries, and especially of England, abusive as it was, to be a safer guide than mere theory. the doctrines of Europe were that men in numerous associations cannot be restrained within the limits of order and justice but by forces physical and moral wielded over them by authorities independent of their will. hence their organization of kings, hereditary nobles, and priests. still further to constrain the brute force of the people, they deem it necessary to keep them down by hard labor, poverty and ignorance, and to take from them, as from bees, so much of their earnings as that unremitting labour shall be necessary to obtain a sufficient surplus barely to sustain a scanty and miserable life. and these earnings they apply to maintain their priviledged orders in splendor and idleness, to fascinate the eyes of the people, and excite in them an humble adoration and submission as to an order of superior beings.

Rational people cannot dismiss that and be part of the ways of the world today without being propagandized sufficient to make false facts form the basis of their reason. The benevolence desired in the creation of America never came to fruition. Ratification would not have been possible if slavery was abolished in the document. That, along with other concession in the drafting of the national government’s power, prevented this nation from becoming what the Founding Fathers and the people who believed as they did wanted. Propaganda and manipulation of public opinions began immediately. The Federalist Papers contain the efforts of some of the men who created the national government to counter negative opinions with positive opinions just to get the Constitution ratified. America was never free of European desires and efforts to rule the entire continent. It is clear that agents of European interests were present in the drafting of the Constitution. Were they hired agents or simply independent people who shared the views of European monarchs? We may never know. But we know that the influence was present.

A couple hundred yeas later the American governments have changed so much there is little left of the ideals that caused men to go to war to liberate Americans from the ways of European monarchs. Time worked out a merging that has slowly made the USA a part of the European community of nations. The United Nations is a good example, but better ones are abundant. A good example can be seen any time by watching the adoration of members of congress and the president. Even the members of government agencies are treated like the Lords of old England. The fact that they are elected was not a difficult hurdle to jump over.

Elections are not a reasonable method of expressing public opinion or selecting representatives. It is too susceptible to propaganda, false promises, incumbent power, public relations, and outright corruption. The concept had merit only in the idea of representation of the will of the people. Today, we have representation of the wealthy and corporations. The act of holding election has never happened the way the founders envisioned it; not even in the first election. If all the voters do not vote, there is no majority possible. The only reason we have elections now is to prevent rebellion. It’s a show.

Recent evidence has been uncovered exposing the agents of the pharmaceutical industry planted in the Center for Disease Control, the CDC.

According to a report from the Disinformation Chronicle, multiple employees of the PR firm Weber Shandwick are embedded at the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

The firm has long represented Pfizer and began providing public relations support to Moderna sometime in 2020.

The pharma industry—at least part of it—was likely less conflicted about the CDC’s decision, as the boardrooms of both Pfizer and Moderna have witnessed unprecedented sales and eye watering profits since introducing their COVID-19 vaccines. The companies’ success before the CDC also signals a win for the PR firm Weber Shandwick, which has long represented Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies and began providing public relations support to Moderna sometime in 2020.

A potential $50 million contract allows PR firm to be “embedded at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta as part of the Division of Viral Diseases team.

Many Americans have tossed aside all caution and critical thinking when it comes to medical interventions that get labeled “vaccines.” I can only remark that, to myself and many living in Europe, it comes across as rather disturbing at times—almost cultish. How else can so many support the idea that men can bear children? If that was the most outrageous example, it would be bad enough. But there are thousands more, maybe millions. Reality has been replaced by fake realities planted in the psychologies of the masses. Even a cursory examination of the science of psychology makes that obvious.


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Nuclear War or Utopia? You Choose

The possibility of nuclear war is growing. Most have already heard Putin declare that he is not bluffing about using a nuclear retaliation. Escalation is the nightmare scenario.

What would the US do if anti-American troops were stationed in Mexico, and they began to persecute Americans living there? The northern cities of Ukraine are mostly Russian people. The government Soros bragged about installing in Ukraine went to work terrorizing the Russians living there. They begged for help for years. I wonder how many people are aware of that. Many of the terrorists are actual Nazis. The brutality was beyond description.

Russia has been painted by politicians in the US governments as the demonic nation for a very long time. That is because the people there wanted to follow the communist ways put forth by Marx and Engels. They chose Communism and they have the right to choose it. In the Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels declared capitalism a bad social system and proposed a better way that would ultimately resolve into a utopic world. That put the capitalists into a frenzy of opposition that still rages. So, they recruited a couple of international criminals wanted by several nations.

Stalin and Trotsky posed for a photo at the apex of the Time Square convergence of streets with many rich men including the president at the time. I have seen the picture but have not been able to find it again yet. The book was loaned to me by a friend. Those men posing for the photo opportunity gave Stalin and Trotsky twenty million dollars and assisted them across the Canadian border where they were arrested by the Canadian law. The powers of the USA were brought to bear forcing their release and the return of the money. The rest is history well known. Some say about forty million Russians were murdered to put down all resistance to Stalin’s rule. The hopes of the Russian people were ruined. Genealogists say the genome of Russian people may never recover from the loss of it most intelligent people.  The rich capitalists could not afford to allow the growing acceptance of communism to destroy their wealth and power. They did a masterful job when considered from their perspective. It worked.

At the same time, Russia and any who favored communism were painted as horrible and demonic. The nations were held out as the most dangerous threat to liberty in the world and countless human, animal and plant lives were spent attacking them. The environmental disasters were so bad the world may not recover before the powerful end the world completely.

They are now calling for environmental healing by reducing both the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the number of people on Earth. Meanwhile they instigate new wars constantly and pay not mind to the environment. The idea that they really want to heal the earth is denied by their actions.

The damage done to the environment is so extensive it has become a global threat to Life. It was not done by carbon dioxide. It was done by Capitalism operating without sufficient restraints. Capitalism has converted every natural and man-made thing into commodities. It is like a ravenous monster feeding on the world. As if there is not alternative, business dominates life on Earth. Since the capitalist system does not present and egalitarian distribution of the wealth generated, most people do not have much money. But at the same time, they present the largest market for goods and services. Capitalism could not allow a market that large to go tapped. So, products had to be made cheap enough for the majority to afford. Mankind began planned obsolescence and produced products the large market could afford but didn’t last very long. This fed the people who had the capital even more capital until they amassed so much money, they could never spend it or even give it away. Andrew Carnegie failed to give away his vast fortune even with the help of a large staff whose jobs were to give the money back the society. He wrote that it was the one thing he failed to do in his life. Even with his motivation to give his money away, he was not willing to actually give it to the poor. He judged who would get it and how. He and all the other rich capitalists were not happy that Communism was becoming popular.

The cries against Communism were not put in terms of Communism versus Capitalism, but Communism verses Democracy. That stupid phrase is still being used. A ‘soviet’ is an elected body of people that represents the interests of the community from which they are elected. The USSR stands for the Untied ‘Soviet’ Socialist Republic. Stalin was not able to remove that. Of course, Russia ultimately caved to the pressure and changed to a Capitalist nation. It made some people incredibly rich instantly. They were all for the change, of course. There is no nation that can oppose the capitalists. There are too many who take lifestyles of fabulous luxury, opulence, pride, and power from the capitalist system. The only way that can happen and continue to happen is by control of the sociological aspects of civilization. Power is the power of the people, all the people. The only way some of the people can live the ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’ is by exploiting the people. That was the founding principle that gave Marx the ideas found in the Communist Manifesto. The exploitation of labor (people) by the rich was a dangerous situation. Marx was moved by the conditions of the majority in capitalist nations and formulated what he considered a better social system. He also made prediction about the future of capitalist nations and Capitalism.   But he made too many big mistakes.

Marx discovered some essential and vital truths. When he attempted to solve them, he made some essential mistakes. Communism will not work because of those mistakes. This is not to say that all the mistakes were based on faulty logic, but they were fatal mistakes. I don’t have time to write about all of them nor do I think I know all of them. I can tell you with all conviction that he thought government could manage a nation fairly and benevolently. That mistake is still being made around the world. His other mistake was the underestimation of human motivation. When people run for their lives from a burning building many will trample a child to death to escape. This fact comes to bear when power, property, and prestige is on fire. The people of our world who live as we all know they do, the very rich, including organizations, fear the loss of what they enjoy. There are no morals, rules, or ethics that will stop them from defending and protecting it.

The world into which we were all born was already so far down the slippery slope we have lived to see nations conquered without firing a shot, and people taking pleasure in torture, rape, and murder of children. Giant pedophile organizations continue to accelerate the supply of victims for such demons. As if that is not shocking enough, we have lived to see college students protest ‘pedo bashing.’ We are seeing the words ‘minor-attracted’ making their way into society. The depravity of the world we are seeing is a direct result of the past. The other factors do not negate the prominence of the past. The successive years of successful perpetuation of depraved, dumb, amoral, and criminal behavior over entire lifespans of generation created the world we are experiencing.

The only thing that will prevent the nuclear exchange that ends the world is the people. Only the people joined in common purpose can heal the planet. The people can change the systems used by society to make the fulfillment of all easy. In time the generations growing up in such a world will change. We could see the assumed character of man held by the Founding Fathers proven false. They wrote that if all men were angles there would be no need for government. It must have not been clear to them that people become what society makes them. Being born into a utopic society could cause mankind to become something beyond angelic.

Allowing the powerful to bring the future will ruin the world. When Schwab proclaimed he and his compatriots make the future, he includes the people he is speaking to. He speaks as if he wants the common people to contribute, but we all know who he actually means and how he actually sees the rest of humanity. That is demonstrated on the Georgia Guide Stones and expressed in the candid moments when the very rich slip up and say what they actually think. They see us as ” useless feeders.” They see the world as belonging to them because they are rich and would not be rich if they did not deserve to be. They see the teaming masses as a blight upon the earth. When they contemplate the continued increase in population, it paints a picture they don’t want. That is why we face nuclear exchange, starvation, and other horrors.

We are facing food shortages that could contribute to the insanity of a nuclear exchange. Check out this article from the Journal of International Criminal Justice. I cannot find a way to see America and the world escaping a global food shortage that potentially could end civilization as we know it. The global organizations that monitor such things are forecasting severe food shortages. The energy grid has been attacked so severely winter poses a huge disaster. Rolling blackouts are already happening in many places. When winter increases the demand for energy, blackouts could further decrease available food. Panicked populations seeking relief are dangerous in and of themselves, but when governments become involved, no bomb or military option is ‘off the table.’ Isn’t that a wonderful term! Humans are considering what will be done with the immense power of destruction that is available. That as if humans are angles.

History brought the world to this day and the days to come. Even if some have the power to destroy the world, they came to be the way they are due to the ways of mankind over its history. People have allowed great power to be created by their effort and supply to be wielded for millennia. It has corrupted the very fibers of humanity. Now we face our own obliteration or a slower destruction. And still there is no response from the masses. They are more interested in other things. The fires are consuming all life on earth while the people debate spiritual matters and social systems, watch television, indulge in astonishing acumen of sports statistics, and keep letting some humans wield power that should never exist.

There is an awakening happening. The wars in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia may be a powerful factor in the awakening. The people of that time are dying off, but there are still some of us around. The children of that generation were influenced by those who saw the troubles of governments. Slowly more people began to awaken to the ills of our world. Around the world giant gatherings of people have happened for decades. Maybe it started with the exploitation of the people being made clear by Marx and Engels, but everything is the real reason. It is becoming dangerous to the very rich. They know they cannot stand against the power of the people when it is focused, and passions are high. We are living in a time when the powerful are like panicked patrons in a burning auditorium. They are arrogant enough to think they are brilliant and deserve the world. But they are damaged just like the rest of mankind. The situation is dangerous. Petty matters must be put into storage until the dangers are eliminated. We cannot allow a nuclear war or the globalists to direct our path into the future. We must capture the opportunity that has come down to us from the recent changes in the circumstance of mankind. We can speak with people around the world as though they are there beside us. We can travel around the globe faster than ever. Most of the work of civilization has been done. The roads, buildings, dams, factories, tools, innovations, and more have given us the opportunity to unite as on incredible family. The family is the best social system. It can replace all the others. There is no longer a just need for giant power such as wielded by governments. There is more than enough of so much for everyone there is no justification for poverty. There is not justification for the riches of the few. It is now or much further in the future. Never is not real. Life will come to its true fulfillment. It could be soon if we simply start using all that is available to unite in the global family we have always been. Only the few kept that from happening throughout history. We know them as leaders who could take men to conquer, raid, and war. That so many people followed them is due to the influence of life’s circumstances and conditions at the time. People are easily influenced. Children are made into what they become. Let’s make them angelic.


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Voter Integrity

The work to ensure another illegal election is out in the open. They are not trying to hide it very much because they know they have the attention of millions. When someone relies on one or few sources for data, they can be cheated and manipulated.

They are going to keep cheating in the elections. I had someone on this site mention his doubt when he sees the pronoun used too much. So, let me be clear. They are the Democrat Party. Not all democrats are included. I have been a democrat all my life until the party went nuts. I was not loyal to the Democrat Party. I vote for individuals and base it on what they have done and what they say they will do. I am not fooled easily. I know, for example, politicians seldom if ever reveal their true nature. All we get from them is empty slogans, false promises, lies (which are intentional deception and not the presentation of believed information that is wrong), and a fake ‘representative’ for the actual person. The way Trump did not do that was part of why I voted for him. I am sick of politicians. They may have already ruined our nation. I hope it can be salvaged but it has slipped so low it may not be possible. The next national election will not be a legal election. That much seems clear. The other elections in states are equally corrupt.

The fact that anyone thinks that the elections are fair and legal is amazing. There may never have been legal elections. Cheating is not something the dishonorable balk at. The amount of literature out there about past elections is vast and reveals corruption across the board. Even JFK was elected in an illegal manner. LBJ was about to face prison over the Sharpstown voter scandal that got him elected governor of Texas. Kennedy was going to fire him but was murdered before he could. Bobby knew and was murdered, too. Naive Americans are living on past glory and circumstances that are long gone and some never were. Frankly, Americans are failing the Founding Fathers hopes.

When the Constitution became the law of the land, only people who could be confirmed to be smart and approved of the gang that battled England in horrible war to gain freedom from monarch rule were allowed to vote. Think about that. They didn’t want idiots and dishonorable people voting. They knew as well as I do that some people will do anything for money. Others are simply too ignorant to participate in decisions that affect everyone. That is just as true today as it was then. Maybe more so. But their requirements for eligibility to vote were beaten back until almost everyone can vote. It must not matter that few are informed well enough to even know what they are voting for or against. This is true for me, and I know it is true for most people. I have voted on issues I knew nothing about. Perhaps because I didn’t want to appear ignorant. That is not a fair election. Voting must be done by informed people sound of mind. In that sense, the American voting public has failed the Founding Fathers.

Jefferson wrote to William Johnson in 1823. In the letter he lamented the compromises that were made with people who were more loyalist to the king than independence. That is part of the reason their vision was never realized. Then people objected to their voter-qualifications. As most Americans know, the vote was extended to further and further over many years. Today, so many people are voting who are not even American citizens there is not possibility of legal election much less fair elections. As if that is not bad enough, uniformed electors cannot make decisions based on knowledge of the issue or candidate. To make matters worse still, as I said, only less than a majority of eligible voters even bother to vote. I know many people who have never voted even once. So, our nation is being run by people elected by a majority of the minority and even that is not enough for the people who intend to conquer this nation from within. They have to conduct massive propaganda operations. They had to spend about five years destroying Trump. Like me, they knew he was not one of the gang.

Politics in America has long since faded the line between Democrat and Republican. They are all in it together. The real issues, the most important ones, have been treated with bipartisanism. Only the smaller issues are contested. I think there is a lot of acting in it, though. They put on an act just to prevent the people from revolting, and they back it up with the most sophisticated propaganda network and techniques ever. The people in the federal government think they are above the rest of the people. That is my opinion of them, and it will not be easy to change my mind, next to impossible. I’ve seen enough to be confident. I have heard them say as much when they slip or think they are not being recorded. Like me, they think most people are not qualified to vote intelligently based on information that has been analyzed and studied. They vote for candidates on the most ridiculous nonsense you can imagine, looks, how they speak, who they are married to or not, and other such things. One of the biggest objections to Trump and was all over the propaganda and social networks was that he was not “presidential.” LOL That proves not just the fact but the extent of propaganda’s influence and susceptibility of the voters. They would never utter such words had they not been so conditioned to think there is a ‘presidential’ look or behavior. Trump’s lack of such a look was another reason I voted for him.

It looks like Trump might run again. I don’t want him to run. He is too damaged. But I might vote for him if it looks like someone worse could win the election. That was another reason I voted for Trump. I could not allow Hillary to win. That same motive was present in the 2020 election but against Trump. Millions wanted him out of office no matter who would take office instead. I think that feeling was so powerful that many cheated voluntarily in the election. Did you not see the people counting ballots on close circuit camera run others out using a fake emergency then, once they were out and locked out, pull suitcases of ballots from beneath the tables and continue the count using them. It was illegal if only because it was done behind locked doors, but the ballots they produced made it even more illegal. The election was stolen.

Efforts are now being made to legalize the methods used to steal it. Only someone who is sorely bereft of reason would approve of letting someone vote who does not present a legal identification as a citizen. The nonsense that is being used to get people to allow drop box voting and absentee voting that has not been approved ahead of time is just nonsense. It is not racists to require voters to register ahead of time and present identification at the polls. The fact that some members of a race are unable to register and identify themselves does not warrant dropping the requirement. Instead, it warrants helping them. I know good people who can’t even get a valid license or register to vote. They need help, but they also need to become informed and wise about each vote they cast. We live in a nation where senators and representatives vote on bills and things they have little or no knowledge about. They don’t even try to read them. That get some nasty stuff passed and some good stuff rejected.

Voting on packages of legislation should be ended as soon as possible. Every single issue must be hammered out by loyal people smart enough to do their sworn duty. Smart people must be elected, and they must be held accountable to the people for everything they do. That is democracy and that is what the current cabal that stole the election don’t want. So, they are trying to fool the people into thinking the party that opposes them are a danger to democracy, terrorist threats, and should be illegal, even imprisoned. That is exactly what is going on right now.

The many millions who voted for Trump are part of this nation. They have the right to select the people who take office and not be harassed or persecuted, much less prevented from voting. Wouldn’t it be great for some crooks to gain power over our governments and smooth their way to conduct their crimes. That is what we are now living with, and it is obvious. The emperor is naked, and many think he is wearing splendid finery. Come on! Voter errors is taking us to a high probability of nuclear war. It is time, if not too late, to face facts, but they alternative source must be consulted, before they are made illegal or to disappear.


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Pandemic, Nuclear War, and Deadly mRNA

There are many who do nor know that people around the world are dropping dead because of the mRNA shots. It was shocked to discover that some of my friends and associates are among those who have not been informed.

When the rate at which death takes people jumps forty percent, people should know about it. The ‘press’ should be screaming about it. Nope! Only independent news sources and individuals are informing the people. I have lost a dear friend already. Nothing was done to determine the cause of death before her family complied with her wishes and had her cremated. She was the picture of health although she was terrified of COVID and had taken the mRNA shots as soon as possible. Both the absence of an autopsy and her panic rest squarely in the hands of the propaganda network still being called ‘media.’

Millions of smart people panicked. It is the job of government to help the citizens. Instead, they added their support to the propaganda media, the pharmaceutical industry, and assisted in the creation of the virus. Now, if anyone does not realize that there are things very wrong in America, they need help right away. We the people are under attack.

Massive felony election fraud was committed by a cabal that has slowly been stationing operatives throughout the US government and stole the 2020 election in broad daylight. The overwhelming support for Trump stood in stark contrast to the dismal support for the Biden ticket was obvious to any and all who were able to view real media coverage, but treasonous accomplices, were able to hid it. They were also able to instill enough fear of Trump in the hearts of the millions, just as they did my friend who lived in Alaska without a computer and had relied on CNN for as long as I had known her, about 32 years. The media is the terrorist of the 21st century worldwide. The traitors in government are their accomplices.

Morticians, insurance organizations, and now even the Social Security administration are saying the death rate has jumped about forty percent the first time in known history. Not even the world wars or any other plague has caused more than about a twelve percent jump. This is global genocide. It is overt and obvious but obfuscated and countered in the media and by the agents planted in the government systems at all levels of our nation. Blatant miscarriage of justice has become normal proceedings in our legal systems. Censoring has been adopted by millions who say they must combat ‘misinformation.’ They pay no mind to the fact that someone must decide what is and isn’t misinformation. As long as the listener is committed to the false information being censored, they approve it. Fear of the looming results of taking the mRNA shots is bolstering their resolve and loaning their intelligence to the demonic people who brought the shots to the world in ‘warp speed.’

The data has leaked from Wuhan laboratory personnel revealing that the pharmaceutical was supplied with the genome for COVID-19 in 2017. That is when they began trying to sequence the mRNA to deal with the virus made there.

Many are not aware of what was happening at the NIH in the US. Fauci and company were discovered using taxpayer funds to conduct experiments that created the virus now ruining civilization. They were stopped by some in the federal government. They just moved the operation to Wuhan. A professor was caught spying for China and four Chinese were caught trying to smuggle dangerous biological materiel out the US. It was reported a little and I was lucky enough to catch the brief reports. I don’t know the exact timing, but the data was still available on the internet the last time I looked. That was quite some time back.

This is a social media site. Please spread the news. As the war in Ukraine escalates and the very rich are preparing for the possibility of it becoming a nuclear war, the mRNA shots are still being administered as though they are perfectly safe and effective. While the food supply is being burned and otherwise crippled, the mRNA shots are taking more people every day. More people are getting the ‘boosters.’ That may be the right thing for them to do due to the compromised immune systems the shots caused. I don’t know enough to make that decision. The virus is still out there. Two more people I know have gotten it according to antigen tests and symptoms. They never took the mRNA shots and are already recovered. They did it without being able to obtain the ivermectin cure. That is because Fauci and company made sure no cure would be available by buying the supply and warehousing it. You see, a cure would prevent the government from calling the outbreak a pandemic. There are established protocols that define a pandemic in US law. One is that there is no cure. The crimes against humanity are not limited to the government and its many institutions. There are private corporations and individuals involved. They fear no justice because they helped get agents installed to protect them. This has been developing for a long time and includes countless atrocities and crimes to get the war in Ukraine going.

The long-standing desire of what are being called ‘elite’ to install a world government they run has reached the point of no-return. Prepare yourself and yours. As far as I can determine, we can only mitigate the severity of what is too late to stop, but we must do what we can. That is why I take time to post this.


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Globalization for Riches, Not Peace

Globalization! Sounds like an opportunity for world peace. Imagine all nations and people disarming. I don’t mean disposing of nuclear ordinance. No! Think, I dare you, of an end to the production of all forms of ordinance of military use; the recycling or repurposing of all military infrastructure, releasing all military personnel: dispensing with all political support including electronics and systems; and all the rest. By now, the entire human population of the world has worked itself to death for many generations conducting and supporting military operations. Why, the loss of human life and the sustaining of human injury must be a horror that exceeds all imagining.

Now, welcome to the stage The Globalists. Boy, they really know how to sound like the answer to everything. They operate corporations that stand astride the globe with feet in many nations at once. They operate systems that create wealth beyond all that everyone on Earth could ever use. That is a strange phenomenon.

Most people I have known and know work at least five days a week most of their lives. Many work until they simply cannot do it due to physical wear and tear that causes them do suffer and die. I know many people in their eighties who must work just to survive in a pitiful level of living. They simply never accumulate enough money to stop working all the time. Most of my immediate family are not actually living. They are working. That’s nearly all they do. They don’t want to work so much, but they live in a global society that forces them to do it. It is part of the phenomenon I mentioned above.

Billions of people spend their lives at work. The toll it takes is unbearable. But they abide. They do their best for the most they are allowed. They, of course, cannot be allowed enough to stop working themselves to death. “Oh my god, what would that do to the work-force? People gotta be forced to work or they won’t.” As if such thoughts make sense, the speaker is usually someone who never once realizes that if too many people do well in terms of acquiring money the entire global system would collapse and plunge the world into a dystopic scramble for food. The loss of skillful and constant maintenance alone for the gigantic amounts of extremely deadly stuff would make the planet uninhabitable of most forms of life. The people who argue with me so much about the ‘lazy’ people, are keening to one of the aspects of reality that their psychologies select the way they select a butterfly in an inkblot. It is not comprehensive and actually rather stupid even though the people arguing it are not stupid. It is yet another phenomenon.

Phenomena are not so phenomenal when one become aware enough to dispel the ignorance and the psychological propensities. None of us know nearly enough. It is not possible for someone to know enough about all mankind does. There is only a small possibility that someone can gain enough knowledge about it all to do anything about anything. The population just keeps doing what it is doing without even knowing what it is doing. However, there are ‘think tanks.’

A compartmentalized system of experts assigned certain limited tasks in a hierarchy of cells that pass up to the top cell the kernels of information derived by the think tanks at the bottom of the hierarchy are refined at each level of the hierarchy can provide a globalist organization with enough information to accomplish things no single person could.

You could go to the site linked here and read what they want you to read. If you are not capable of rational thought enough to link facts known well enough to discover unknown facts, you might like what you find there. But let me toss a grenade into the haystack. Find, if you can, the work for world peace and prosperity for everyone. These globalists are not likely to do any such thing. Maybe I am wrong. Nothing would please me more. But I can discover things by putting knows together. It’s amazing. Suddenly, something becomes clear, and I have to spend days assimilating it. It’s another phenomenon. People can say or write anything. It is not necessary that it be factual or real. That’s what fiction is all about. Based on facts, the wildest fiction works better. The globalist who are so rich they have ruined the word (rich), are the very reason we all have to work all our lives for the paltry money they allow us. What difficult would it be to pretend to be all benevolent and altruistic. I am not going to trust them.

Seeing how things work will disillusion anyone sooner or later. There is a built-in aversion preventing such seeing. That, too, is no accident. Here is the thing I pray to become a central given in the thoughts of all people; the military stuff is the way the globalists keep everyone under control working their lives away for whatever lifestyles they get. That’s not all. But the other stuff is for another time. Just think, countless people have jobs (countless for me) in the entire social systems the conduct the military stuff. I generalize by using the term ‘military stuff.’ I hope you know what I mean.

“Build me about twenty thousand nuclear bombs with rockets to carry them.” The jobs just pop out of nowhere. Presto! People get to work. What does that work do for mankind or the world? It creates jobs and uses up resources. The people do the work and use the resources giving the globalist still more riches. This logic applies to all the military stuff. Most of what is produced by it gets exploded. The rest gets stored or repurposed. In every case, the jobs keep coming and the people never get to rest. When the resources begin to dwindle, new methods are developed. Take it from me, when the resources dwindle enough, outer space will be tapped. The universe has more than could ever be used up. But abundance reduces profits. Profits are the fuel of the globalists. Let’s bend our backs to the mill stone for them. What do ya say? Holy smokes! Come on. We are smarter than that. It just doesn’t show.

Oh how I wish the globalists had the wellbeing of the people at heart. They could make world peace tomorrow if they wanted to. They could end nearly every single human and life-form problem around the world quickly. They are not going to. But we can, if we will.

Have you seen the globalists on the internet or television or something? They are not imposing personal figures. They have only the power of money to wield. It does not matter what form the money takes. It is the power that is important. Money grants power because we live in systems that make it do so. Some people realize this and take advantage of it. I don’t care for the term ‘globalist,’ but that doesn’t matter.

When I look out over the world, I see billions of people doing the bidding of their rulers. Like accomplices in crime. Poverty is a crime. War is a crime. Riches such as some have is a crime when billions work their entire lives away for much less is a crime. The ‘general welfare’ is the ticket. The welfare of the few is a criminal pursuit aided and abetted by the general population. This is only due to what those people who decry the lazy to to be; inactive.

You go to work and earn your living from those to vouchsafe it to you. If you are lucky, you retire after twenty years or so. If not, you will die working. A few are a bit luckier. They get to have more. Those are like the house slave. They enjoy a bit better life. With the population we have today, the number of very rich is a large number but a very small percentile. Still, it’s enough to cause them to proclaim on global networks to ‘rule the earth.’ Did you hear that said the other day? ““You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy. What you want you’ll rent, and it’ll be delivered by drone.” Have you read the Reuters fact check about that statement? Sometimes those globalist blurt out stuff that causes a scramble of mitigation.  If you are stupid enough to fall for it, don’t waste my time replying to this post, please. It was a prediction. One that is based on the work they are doing. Reuters admit that while trying to mitigate the fallout. These are people who enjoy their station in the systems. They don’t intend to let it slip away. Enough money to live in luxury, leisure, and security is not even nearly enough. Slaves are desired. But that causes the slaves to revolt and is too expensive. “Why not let them think they are free as they send their entire lives working in the systems that provide us with these wonderful lives? We can even convince them they are working to provide for themselves.” I rest my case. Not because I think I have stated is convincingly or with enough stimuli to counter the trends, but because I am tired of trying right now.


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Doing Our Best is Not Good Enough

Everyone always does the best they can. I have no trouble living in unconditional love stronger than self-love knowing that everyone does the best they can. Their best is not good enough. Mine is not. We are far from even being good. The human race is so damaged and lost we are destroying the habitat we must have to live. We are killing every living thing thinking we are okay. The slaughter happening around the globe is hell on earth. Only the devil could approve. I don’t approve. I never will. Mankind must become a loving species that manifests the type of love advocated by Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, and countless other amazing people for everyone and all living things. Anyone who does not think that is what God wants is doomed. They doom themselves to a living hell never knowing the joy that true love brings even for a moment. It is heartbreaking.

After fifty years of living as a being of unconditional love enjoying bliss that none I have encountered can even conceive, I understand that people are doing their best. I just aint good enough. I do all I can to help. It’s not much, but it is the best I can do. However, I never stop trying to be better and it works. I live to see the day when mankind joins all Life in a beautiful symbiotic relationship guided by Love. I live as an example. I live in symbiotic relations with the plants. I make a living helping trees. I have not eaten anything killed in fifty years as of June 2. That means no roots. It means no harm to any thing that lives and does not attack me. I’m doing it, and that means everyone can. I am not special. I just tried to love everyone and did. My life morphed forever. Life is an adventure I live with glee. I know what it feels like to be immortal never fearing death and getting to know God better every day. I see the vision God has for Creation. Immortals have plenty of time, but I am still in a hurry.

I am very happy that you responded to something I wrote. Love is the answer for everyone forever. Once we attain it as a species, the universe will morph. Many think there is a heaven, or a place outside the universe where God is. I know there is. I want you to realize that we are not barred from going there and coming back here by anything but ourselves. So, our best just aint good enough. Not even mine. To come and go from the physical plane at will, to frolic with God and nap in his loving embrace, to manifest in any form we choose, to have abilities that are seen as magic, to play throughout the universe and heaven, to feel love from everyone, and to know that everyone is safe and happy. Those things and countless more await us. All we have to do is become sources of unconditional love for everyone and allow Love to teach us the secrets of the the Universe.

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Investments and the Power of the People

The power of the people is irresistible. That’s why so much money is invested in the things that people voluntarily engage. Social networks, smart phones, computers, movies, sports, televisions, and countless other obvious popular things present opportunities to influence the most powerful social force there is, people unified and lead by great leaders who have the welfare of the people at heart.
The fact that this escapes the conscious consideration of the people demonstrates the influences that preempt the power of the people and render unto the Caesars what they have always held, power. Our lives are caught in the struggle to retain what the powerful have and the inexorable power of the people. Almost everyone alive today and all those who have lived before have struggled to live. Throughout the whole of time a small percentage of the people have had all they want. Life has been the antagonism of the people by those who are able to extract their lifestyles from them. The people who raise the food and make the products have been forced to provide for those who don’t. This is the essence of kings, emperors, and others. It is the focus of the power they have wielded all along.
We all know the stories of the king’s men taking from the “peasants.” Those old techniques have only been improved. The people have rallied around leaders throughout history to oppose the techniques. Some great strides have been made only to be neutralized in time. The Magna Carta, the US Constitution, the Communist Manifesto, are examples of the power of the people escaping the control of the few who exploit them. The time has come when those few think they can dispense with the service of the people.
The past couple hundred years has brought about a possibility of robots. It seems likely that the indispensable labors of the people have become dispensable. The investments that are being made in things that prevent the power of the people from becoming a threat should alarm the people, but the investments have worked. The people are almost lost. They are over-specialized and over-influenced. Reality has been created and installed in the consciousness of billions. Life is so complicated it is probably impossible to truly comprehend it. Designed influences make it even more difficult. The power of the people is needed more than ever now.
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A Few Good Journalists Needed

Journalism could use a few good journalists. It is practically dead. The government has lost its monitors. Freedom of the press was protected in the Constitution because government needs monitoring. Investigations must be done regarding information produced by the government. Without it the government can say anything it want to say, even lie. The government can be turned into a communist dictatorship before anyone can notice without good journalism monitoring everything it does all the time.

What happened to journalism? I think it is a matter of money, but it is reinforced with recruitment. There has been an ongoing effort to recruit people for a cause we can see explained at the World Economic Form website and many others. Globalism appears to be an attractive inducement. But who will be in charge? The people? Nope!

Globalism is like the virus. Both use fear to get people to cooperate. The world is going to end soon if we don’t get behind globalism! Millions will die if we don’t let them modify our genetics. Pay no attention to the fact that it is not a vaccination. Don’t expect teams of journalists to investigate the facts and inform the public. All the media are corporations operating for profit. The stock holders must receive dividends! Everything in this world has been reduced to money. If the world is coming to an end, if millions are going to die, it is because everything has been reduced to money.

Are you mad at someone? If you have enough money, you can have trouble come to that person. You can even have them killed, even in a prison designed to prevent suicide. It is not the lust for money that is evil. It is the system that reduces everything to money then makes it impossible to survive without it. It is the system that makes one’s lifestyle depend on available money. There may be nothing else that deserves as much fear as money. If you think the virus is dangerous, you are not comparing it to money.

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The people of Earth have never been so connected. They have never been so completely subject to uniform propaganda and manipulation. The control of information is now possible across the globe. We all rely on reports for information from outside our own experience. That would be fine if our actions were only within our own experience. They are far reaching instead.
Global corporations realized long ago that they have the power to control the information that reaches a substantial portion of humanity. Guess who controls the corporations. What do you think they want? Don’t get confused. The corporation does not want. It is the people who control them who want. Broadcast media and technology corporations are huge. They span the globe like titans. The only thing more powerful is a unified people. That makes the people the enemy of those in power.
Old money! Have you forgotten that moniker? Were you born so recently you haven’t heard the term? Now you have. Alexander called them “wealthy and well-born.” It is natural for people who like the lives they have to want to protect them. That means the people are their natural enemies for the people will never settle for unfair distribution or access to the products of society. “The products of society.” That is what all wealth and means of survival are. There is only so much. When some have too much, others have too little. When some don’t want to work, others must. Are you too conditioned to see this? I think most of you are. You still champion terrible social systems as though they are sacrosanct. You defend the means that make the wealthy and well-born have little difficulty preserving their unfair access to the products of society and the people provide services. They have you by the subconscious which leaks into your consciousness where you stand in defiant disrespect against all that would help you improve your lot. I am so disappointed in people it is sickening.
I love everyone with so much love I think there have been few to none who have ever felt such love for anyone. Jesus probably did. But I am disappointed in everyone, too. Unconditional love is not affected by anything. I listen to people. I watch people, including myself. What I see is behavior that has prevailed throughout accepted history: wars, hate, violence, robbery, conspiracy, stupidity, false beliefs, ineptitude, overconfidence, and so many other forms of wrong behavior only unconditional love can love people. The beauty of people does not escape me. It may be the only thing that keep my hope alive.
We are a global society of humans. We have been combining in social organizations for thousands of years. We have been very busy. Look at our home! Even the blind can see what we have done. But none see it clearly. The subconscious does not allow clarity.

Living is a powerful influence. It shapes people. The world is a giant inkblot. The character of a person can be discovered by their reactions to it. But Love can also shape people. This is common knowledge to some very confused people who seem more demon than human. They are opposed to Love and fearful of the combined power of a unified people. They do not understand. They think they do, but they are so influenced by their subconscious they don’t see reality. Instead, they try to make reality fit their minds. They do not realize the joy and happiness that they are missing. The potential they are missing is a myth to them.

There are people who take pleasure in harming children, who enjoy stealing and robbing, who kill for pleasure, who want war, who cannot allow the world to come to peace and love for they have not evolved to that level of consciousness yet. They will, though. My hope is that God will put them somewhere else so they can’t hurt anyone who wants to be a source of unconditional love while they find their way to Love. I love them. God loves them. They are as much victims as anyone.

History is more than is now believed. Human understanding has been impaired from the beginning. But “human” understanding is what we have in the physical world. There is more than that. Whether you believe it or not, there is more. The truth does not require you belief, but you require the truth. It will come. Relativity cannot negate it. To those to whom it come in our time will also come some difficulty. That is why I recommend becoming a perpetual source of unconditional love before seeing it. Love will fortify you against the parts of reality that are almost unbearable. Indeed, completely unbearable for any who lack love.

So much of life is happening in the unseen, unnoticed, unadmitted, and denied. This is a necessary aspect of life. But by seeking and finding love, you will receive fortification and the unfolding of the truth will come at the right pace for you. You will feel what I mean, if you are a good person, simply by trying to fathom the horrors being done to the innocent and precious little children. Suffering of children. What a think to conceive!

For the Christians: “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” There is nothing in that quote that implies advice to make children suffer. Yet, we in America are watching a normalization effort for “pedophilia.” It is a horror so common there is a word for it. Now, tell me that there is no cause to be disappointed by mankind. Good enough is not good.

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False Hope Based on False Facts

Throughout my long life Americans have boasted a false belief. The cause of the misunderstanding is easily discerned. That it is necessary to enlighten so many people to something so easily realized is evidence of things much more difficult to apprehend. This gross misunderstanding has been stated in so many ways I am indecisive as to which to use here. So, I will simply paraphrase it. People think that in the good old United States of republican government and capitalism everyone has an opportunity to become one of the few wealthy. This is, frankly, so wrong it seems silly to think it and worse to defend wrongs by raising it.

Sometimes it feels that the rooting out of so embedded and deep rooted a mistake will require more than writing can accomplish. I must first remind you that the mule was made to pull the load by suspending a vegetable or a fruit on a long pole extended in front of the poor creature. It is so effective the world has been pulling the load for centuries unaware of their the futility of their hopes. It breaks my heart to watch as billions and millions of good people devote their lives to attaining the impossible and prohibited.

People pour their hard earned money into the lottery because there is a microscopic chance of winning large prize. They are doing the same when they aspire to join a long established and formidable faction that is so jealous of their circumstances they would stop at nothing to not only protect it for themselves but to be able to transfer it to their heirs. As the flames of anti-racism consume the times, the fact that the faction who are “wealthy and well-born” believe themselves favored by God and superior to everyone receives no attention. Many other facts defeat the misunderstanding.

Simple monetary considerations destroy the false hope of working hard enough to reach the carrot at the end of the stick. Everyone cannot be rich in a global monetary system. Is inflation only applicable to government spending? Nonsense. Price is determined by what the customer will pay. If everyone were issued enough money to be considered rich prices would destroy the status.

Time is limited. I cannot include enough of the cogent facts the negate entirely the false conception placed in front of the multitude of human beasts of burden. A few rich and all others not. That is the only way it can be in our systems. But there are other systems. Have you not imagined them yet?

Read more on this site to find the other systems. When you see the light, help others. We live in great danger. Only we can save us. The forces arrayed against life on Earth are getting dangerously close to their goal. Notice all the suppressed information exposing people in power as demonic monsters who find delight in raping, torturing, and killing children. Now, try to keep thinking that there couldn’t by humanoid things that want to end life on Earth. Then, realize that your mind is mostly subconscious. Stop believing everything you think and excusing yourself for all you like and dislike. You have not lived a day in your life when your mind was not being assaulted by those demonic humanoids.

The world is a giant moving inkblot in a Rorschach Test. Tell me what it looks like to you. Better yet, tell yourself. The movie is playing right before your eyes. It has captured you in the fantasy. Look away! Save yourself. There is little you think that is reality. You can free yourself if you try. You might become rich, but he odds are incredible against it. Many who have come close were noticed by the entrenched. They were either conscripted into the fold, stopped, or eliminated. The perpetuation of false beliefs is integral to their pleasures.

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The Problem That Is God

Today is Sunday. Even after seventy years, I still feel like communing with God on this day a bit more than on other days. God is real. What are God’s characteristics, history, desires, likes and dislikes? Those questions have caused unfathomable death, suffering, and destruction. They have led many to think God is not real. Religion has done more to damage the relationship between God and Man than any other cause. People believe what they think. Then they stand for it. They fight for it. They condemn others who disagree. Heretics will confirm this from the fires that burned them to death. The suicide bombers will confirm it from paradise where they enjoy many virgins. Need I draw more examples? “Confess Jesus or die!” Even as my love for God has no limit, I would think the world would be better off as atheists if we cannot stop the insanity.

We are now immersed in the “multiple universe” theory. The truth has become something that is not set. The past is fluid. God can be whatever one wants. What dimension are you living in? Evidently there are many and everything is relative. Reality has been tossed on its soft head. The effects on human behavior are very helpful to the few.

For as long as the people do not unite for the mutual benefit, there will be wars and rumors of war; God will be the biggest argument in the world. The potential of mankind will be held away out of reach. You can rely on suffering, toil, harm, depression, suicide, death and a long list of other undesirable things as long as you can be kept from the truth, from uniting, from realizing, and from fulfillment.

Fulfillment is something that has also felt the brunt of the assault against all that is right and good. Even God is said to grant fulfillment only to the “chosen,” and only if they manage to worship properly. Even then death is required. Paradise is in the afterlife. How wonderful for the few who get everything they could possibly desire.

I don’t know if it is an old and perpetual conspiracy or a natural consequence of human psychology, but it is a very old aspect of known history that some few get all they want while the rest provide it. Eventually that aspect will fail and people will realize that voluntary cooperation will help everyone, even the few.

God is real. We will all come to know the truth about God. It is only a matter of when. It will be as far in the future as we make it. As long as people cling with zealous determination to what they think is God, it will continue to be in the future. Immortals have time.

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Capitalists Join Communits

“The world may politically, as well as geographically, be divided into four parts, each having a distinct set of interests. Unhappily for the other three, Europe, by her arms and by her negotiations, by force and by fraud, has, in different degrees, extended her dominion over them all. Africa, Asia, and America, have successively felt her dominion. The superiority she has long maintained has tempted her to plume herself as the Mistress of the World, and to consider the rest of mankind as created for her benefit. Men admired as profound philosophers have,m in direct terms, attributed to her inhabitants a physical superiority and have gravely asserted that all animals, and with them the human species, degenerate in America–that even dogs cease to bark after having breathed awhile in our atmosphere.” Federalist 11 by Hamilton. SUPERIORITY! It is not limited to race. To attempt to relegate it to race is only to distract attention from the type of superiority at that is keeping the human race at toil and misery while preventing them from living in fulfillment with plenty of leisure time.

In 1787, when Federalist 11 was published, fraud was so common among nations it was mentioned only in passing here. Force and fraud are powerful chains to prevent the slaves from breaking loose and obtaining their freedom. The population of the world is enslaved today by methods more cunning and less recognizable than chains for the purpose of enriching the few who are already far beyond all luxury and leisure.

Working people are not working to earn a living. That is the false color being painted over the endless labor to further enrich the few. The land is deeded and owned. There is no place to exist free. All must serve the systems that enchain them simple to be granted grudgingly a place to be and a share of the products of production to sufficient survive. Like overt slavery, some of the enslaved are granted more than others. This is then used to invigorate the labor of the rest. All the while, a false promise of becoming one of the few is held out like the proverbial “brass ring.” And virtually none of you even realize any of this. Most of you will object to it and praise capitalism as if that is a system instead of a fraud. Watch now as capitalism mates with communism and eliminates the “inferior” thinking AI and robotics will replace them.

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Attaining Glory Upon Ruins

It took seventy years, but I am finally reading The Federalist. I finished Public Opinion by Lippmann, and it provided some valuable insights that are paying off in my comprehension of The Federalist. I think more people reading both would benefit mankind in general.

The US Constitution went into effect two hundred and thirty-three years ago, roughly. Since then, we have seen what happened. Of course, none of us saw it ourselves. We can only read about it or get information from others by some means. Today is very much a direct result of the ratification of the Constitution that was done before the electric light was invented, before the telegraph or telephone, and before travel was faster than an animal or ship. Neither of those nor any other development/invention has caused fundamental changes to the form of government those people, a small minority, setup so long ago. Well, none that were formally proposed and approved by the people the Constitution was supposed to serve and protect. The amendments do not constitute fundamental changes, in my opinion.

The federal government has definitely changed, though. The changes are the work of the very sort of people the opponents to the ratification listed as cause for rejecting it. Montesquieu ( foresaw the problems that took root after the ratification. Two of the delegates to the convention that created the constitution left in protest leaving Hamilton the only delegate from New York. He missed a lot of the convention, too. The two delegates, Yates and Lansing, were proponents of state’s rights. I think they realized, as did Montesquieu, that the federal government could not be kept secure from tyranny because it covered too much area and too many people.

We are living witnesses to the advanced results of what Montesquieu feared. He wrote, ” …an ambitious person soon becomes sensible that they may be happy, great, and glorious by oppressing his fellow-citizens, and that he might raise himself to grandeur, on the ruins of his country.” Even more than two hundred years ago people were aware of how to “gain influence by cajoling the unthinking mass, and ringing in their ears…” As we descend into abject tyranny, the mass clings to the cajoling noise that deceives their reason and intelligence.

People are waking up more every day to the tyranny we are under. They accepted the current level, though it was built on worse, in the name of protecting themselves and others from a virus. Though it cuts the carotid artery to the source of logic to yield to the nonsense derived from the virus, the intentions of the people were noble. It is time for the bleeding to be stanched and reason to return before it is too late. Tyranny for any reason will not feel good when the numbness wears off. Fear is such a numbing agent to reason!

I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of the advantages and the goals of the ambitious people who think they are rising to grandeur and power on the ruins of this nation. Anyone who cannot see yet that our nation is being ruined is too deeply immersed in the cajoling influence that dominates nearly all sources of information. Self-aggrandizing and extremely privileged people have become the true rulers of the world. They are only trying to come out into the open by their fear mongering over the virus. Other plans are being carried out as I write. Look for real pandemics and wars. Look for economic catastrophe on a global scale. The ruins of a nation are not enough to satisfy the type of person who can harm and kill a child, especially the type who can do so in quantity. Pedophilia and torture/murder of children is happening wholesale these days. That may be the only thing that can awaken the mass of humanity to reality, and that is sad beyond expression. But if that is the only way, at least it is a way.

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Shaped Like Clay

Yes, way too many. I wish the false reality was only that created by the media. The entire human race is living in la la land. The subconscious rules without logic or reason. Born totally helpless, ignorant, and exposed people are like lumps of clay on a pottery wheel. They come into life with some characteristic just as clay is already clay. Even before birth life reaches into the womb and starts shaping the baby. The trauma of birth if followed by the profound and unavoidable forces of living. By the time a person is considered to be fully grown, the hands of living have shaped the person so much the person has already become most of what it will be.

The forming hands of living act upon the impressionable child profoundly. The child is not given the opportunity to influence the shaping and could make nothing of it even if it were given. The parents quickly begin to add their hands to the shaping. Eventually, and ever so slowly, the child begins to make choices, uninformed choices. Trial and error experiences act on the clay of the child. Then formal institutions begin to add to the shaping. By the time the person is able to make informed decisions about its shape, it is too late. The shaping has already been so extensive informed decisions are more subconscious than wise and the information applied is so damaged during the process of maturing it is more often than not incomplete and/or errors.

Millennia of generations have lived in small areas of a vast universe. Astronomical forces constantly shape the world, and people are only recently learning about them. Even the planet is too vast for the generations to be aware of it all and most global events impossible to know by first-hand experience. By now, human events created by seven billion people are profoundly affecting the lives of everyone and even with modern technology most people cannot be aware of them by first-hand experience. We are forced to rely on information reported. Since all that is reported comes from humans who have been subjected to the same influences that affect us all with slight variations, informed decisions and opinions have been impossible. Even so, Americans must make very informed choices, especially in elections. Without being able to base choices and decisions on the information necessary, people make them anyway. All this and more add to a compounding confusion that has become so mixed up it is really quite crazy. It is no surprise that history has been so bloody and horrible, or that there are so many horrors, deaths, destruction, and suffering today.

Mankind has not risen out of la la land yet, but some have gained enormous power. There are millions of rich people now. Some are so fabulously rich they have the power of life and death over the whole world. To my knowledge, they are all just people like everyone else. Experiences vary but not enough to make anyone different enough to be considered anything other than just people. Nor does it qualify them for the power they have. This does not prevent them from using it, though. Decision and choices they make have profound effects on everyone and everything. No form of life or inanimate object is immune to the effects of their choices and actions.

We are watching some very rich people virtually take control of the world by means of a spreading virus. There is not way to know where the virus came from of what its effects are. The reports available are controlled by the very rich people who are taking control of the world in the name of protecting us from a virus. They have been dictating what business and group is essential, which are going to be allowed to continue. They have acquired the power to tell us where to stand, to wear masks, to take injections they have created, and the virus has been used to profoundly affect the election in the USA. The entire human family of Earth is under their control. Politics and representative government have been bypassed in the implementation of the will of the very rich, but not left unaffected. Throughout all branches of all governments the power wielded by the very rich is becoming obvious.

Millions, maybe even billions of people have been made terrified of the virus, and similar numbers were made to have panic level fear of a president of the United States of America. Neither the virus nor the president are topics the vast population can make informed choices and decisions about. They get only the information that is approved for them. It only comes from people just like them in the sense that they too were shaped by forces they had little or no influence on. They just were born rich or became rich. That alone does not qualify them as trustees of the general welfare. In fact, it might just disqualify them since they are living in a world within the world.

The people I know are not able to comprehend the way the very rich live. They have enough trouble comprehending the world that comes within their reach. They see some of the things the very rich have, but their lives are simply too different to fully comprehend by people who have not experienced it. It is as if the rich live in a world within the world. Unfortunately, everything anyone does has at least some effect on everyone. The effects my be less than the effects of a shooting star, but effects are effects. When the rich do things with their wealth, which is power in the modern world, the whole world feels the effects. It is so profound it determines far more than most realize the quality of life for the billions of mankind. They are making it more obvious by the way the last president and the virus have been handled. Both were used to instill panic in the hearts of millions.

Someday, maybe, the world will see what is really going on. The power wielded by humans will be seen for the history it created. It seems to me that there is an inexorable force acting over mankind and the planet that is taking us to some wonderful denouement. I sense it all around us. I see it in the changes of the past century or so. I have become blissful, and it has lasted fifty years. I think that would not have been possible if the future were not bright.

The production ability of mankind has reached a level that makes it possible for everyone to have all they want for simply contributing to the production for a relatively short time. Limited as we are today to the resources and energy of earth, we are making our way into outer space anyway. Once the solar system is opened up to us, the potential will increase beyond imagination. There are none but the demonic who will not benefit. The demonic hate the idea of prosperity for all. I don’t know what happened, but I have unqualified ideas, to create people who want to destroy. They will not be happy to see mankind solve its problems and create prosperity and time to enjoy it for everyone. People who do not impose the restraints of ethics, morality, and goodness upon themselves have not had difficulty rising in power by means of money. Many have done so. Much of history and current affairs are being caused by them. But they cannot prevail. Their disappointment will likely be traumatic. My hope is that many will realize the improvements they too can enjoy. No rich person in the world today can enjoy what is possible. If they could see what is possible, they would join the effort to realize the potential. Guess what! One we reach a certain potential, an infinity of greater potential will come within our reach. If I wrote out just some of the potential that is already being realized in reality but not in the awareness of many people, you would not believe me. Such is the result of being born helpless in a world that has not realized enough of the potential yet. Love will come and with it wonders beyond belief at this time.

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Democracy, Omnicompetence, and Money

Democracy means a lot to Americans. It is a cause worth killing and dying for to them. In the past several years, I have been studying to origins of democracy and its evolution. The founders of this nation were rather well versed in the tenants of democracy but there was plenty of disagreement. Given the status of human society at that time, it is not surprising that they formed the federal government the way they did. The history of human activity played a large role, too. When men were raiding and pillaging, when killing people was more common, and when the means of survival were hard to obtain the democracy envisioned by the democracy advocates appeared to be a solution. They did not see the future as it came to be.
The circumstances of life as they were when I was born seventy years ago hardly hinted at those that prevailed for thousands of years before nor of this day and time. The advocates of democracy two hundred years ago relied on the “omnicompetent” voters. The truth is; even then the voters were not omnicompetent. Today it is impossible for the voters to be competent at all.
Influences today are destroying the competence of the people. I have employed people for many decades. Training people to do things reveals people. What I am seeing today is stunning. Young people can be counted on to know video games and music of their choice. They don’t know what the vegetables are that I have in my refrigerator. They know almost noting about anything because they have spent their youth in the electronic world.
The long-term effects of cell phones and the internet are beginning to show. The effects of television have become clear already. All the values derived from millennia of human survival are vanishing, replaced by things that destroy the ability to survive. The number of people who are totally dependent on the social systems for their survival is nearing the total population of the planet.
We live in a world that requires of the people only the production of money for survival. The world has been conquered. Money rules. But money cannot sustain survival. Money is a social phenomenon. It has not nutrition. It cannot be used to shield us from the environment. It is not a weapon. If it is allowed to keep going as it is, there will be an adjustment. You will not like it.

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Texans and the Deadly Cure

Just one more day. Just one more day of the cure that is more deadly than the disease. Texans have been granted permission to stop being idiots. Do you think that will get them to stop? No way!

Texas aint so Texan these days. In the slow but steady conversion of this red state to blue, new arrivals from the failing blue states are beginning to outnumber the people who have Texan characteristics. To that must be added the Texans who had a liberal lean with conservative inclinations for the bedrock of humanity’s larger values, like family. Those people were too easily perverted by the unified media of the past decades. They might go along for a while, but when the bedrock gets damaged, they will be a force to recon with. Once a Texan gets teeth into the meat, they don’t let go until they hear a gun shot.

The media earned the trust of Texans back when there was journalism. Convincing then that journalism is dead and gone is near impossible. In a way, that is a virtue, but in the aggregate a failing. Discernment has been murdered in good people by the unified media. The poor Texans are being made to look like fools, and they are loath to permit that even if it kills them. By the time they hear the gun shot, it may be too late.

Then there is the corporate unity preventing the halt of the deadly cure. The media is a subsidiary of corporate unity. Politics and government are arms of corporate unity. Big money owns it all. The people who control the money are having their way with the lives of the people, and they like the cure for the not very deadly disease. Even without the Texan governor, the cure will go on.

The great state of Texas is being strip-mined. The bedrock of Texas holds gold. To get at it the big money is taking advantage of Texan strength. Texas may be a big state, but big money thinks globally. To them Texas is like a sticker in a paw. Just pull it out. Martial arts teach the means to utilize the strength of the opponent. Texans apply a lot of strength to their bedrock values, but that strength is being used against us. Texans are trying to shake off the strip miners, but Texas is just a small bit of their global mining operations. We stood against the might of Mexico, but we are falling to the global powers. It appears, the day before, that most businesses and many people will ignore the effort being made by Texans to rescue us from the deadly cure and just keep on cooperating with the strip miners. Texas has been inundated with non-Texans and foreign money, which is what we think of people from other states, foreigners. But Texans are friendly and helpful. We welcomed the foreigners, and they took advantage of us.

If you push a Texan too far, there is no telling what will happen. I was born and raised in the heart of Texas to parents born here who descended from Texans who fought Mexico for Texas. I know what I am telling you. Far too many Texans love to fight. My dad and uncle told me it was their favorite thing to do. Go to bars and get in fights. There are a lot of them still around. The bedrock values of Texans is hard to crack. That’s probably why so much big money has been being put here. There are so many high cranes here in Austin it is incredible. We are booming. Maybe louder than a gun shot. The cure may get us yet.

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The Right Love

Psychology! Everyone has one. Each is unique. It’s like having a limp. If you ignore it, you might fall over. “Know thy self first.” Sounds pretty good. A human is so immersed in its psychology knowing thy self is highly unlikely. All observe reality and the self through a veil of psychology. Knowing it does not prevent it. It seems more ignored than pondered. We gather and combine our actions until we have reached this moment without truly knowing what we are doing and without knowing thy self.

I rejoice when I find a sentence or a sentences in a book that puts words together profoundly and clearly. Such as this from Walter Lippmann in Public Opinion: “And when you think that each new generation is the casual victim of the way a previous generation was conditioned, as well as the inheritor of the environment that resulted, the possible combinations and permutations are enormous.” He is writing about the possible combinations that constitute a human psychology. This is a vital and essential insight.

We are all victims. From the days of total helplessness at birth, the world influences us. It shapes our psychology. We were not able to select or guide our development. I will dare to say none of us. So, we can go on in our lives doing what we do and hope we make it, or we can find the way to become something we want to become and set out to become it.

Once a human matures, grows up, it can take responsibility for itself, which it always is even if it doesn’t know it, but also for all its effects. I write here to suggest, to implore, and reason with everyone to make an intentional effort to build yourself on a foundation of Love. There is something about Love that works. I will dare another thing: people have not realized the world as it will be when we all love one another. When psychology is built on a foundation of Love, we will finally, at last, begin the adventure. It seems we have to go together, or none will go. If you really want to, you can become a source of unconditional Love. It will shine from you like the light shines from the sun, in all directions at all times and without condition upon all and everything. That is the emancipation. That is how one heals psychology. It must be the right Love. That is the tricky part.

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Love Will End It

There are so many things going on all at the same time! A human cannot even conceive it all and much less comprehend it. So, we probably need to find a way to cope. Things are building up to something. The power of man is far too dangerous to be in the hands of man. Listening to the opinions of the people makes hope a flicker in the distance. Eventually, or else, we must just stop and let things simmer down. It seems that people are forgetting the nuclear potential. It is time to stop all this dangerous nonsense and step out of this quagmire and into the garden. We cannot go on like this much longer. You know this. How long will we torment others and kill them over god? How long will we debate and battle over how to conduct society. D.C. already looks like a military base. Bombs are exploding across the globe. We are creating horrors unimaginable. If people could see what is happening, they would drop to their knees and stop. Eventually, we must admit that our opinions are irrelevant. Only the Truth matters. How long will we kill one another because of our opinions? It is totally insane. We have put ourselves on the brink and piled boulders against our retreat. It is not too late. I would not be able to write these words if it were. Only Love can save us now.

Love is the only thing that ever could save us. It is not liberty, democracy, capitalism, socialism, communism, economics, inventions, discoveries, education or anything other than Love. Only Love can set us free. Only Love can save us. How much love does it take to create Love? Ask Jesus. Ask Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, ask the many who have tried to show us, who lived the example. Many love, but too few Love. Love is the answer, but love is a way to Love. I know of no better way to distinguish between them. Capital letters! They work. Hurry to Love. We can graduate when we get there. People are getting there more every day, some before others, but all will. It does not put one above another to arrive before. Love doesn’t work that way. When you get there, you will turn to help those still arriving. Hurry!

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The Light at the Top

A long and terrible climb is behind us. From the caves to the skyscrapers, mankind has traveled. Most of known history has been struggle and strive replete with sorrow and tragedy. Little by little, mankind has managed to make life easier and richer. Many thousands of years have been invested by everyone without cataclysmic interruption. We have reached the top. All that is left is justice.

The means to reach the top were what they had to be. Granted, many wrongs impeded the ascent. The Dark Ages slowed us down and sent us back some. In the final analysis, it will be understood that all that was had to be to get us to where we are going. Deeply psychological beings working through endless errors and ignorance had to gain the experiences needed. We can see the top now. It is not an end to a journey. It is not a final destination. It is a beginning. It is an attainment that makes infinitely more possible.

Let us not waste the millennia of effort. We have come to a dangerous moment. Humans are now able to do great damage, even to the extent of extinction. We are balanced on the critical moment of all things. Let yourself see. Awaken to the potential. Don’t lose sight of what of what is now possible. If you haven’t seen it yet, start thinking about it. You will see what we can now accomplish and the flames of joyous passion will fire the engines that will take us to the “promise land.” We are all people. We are all together. Together we can realize the possibilities and bring the long climb to the beginning of the great adventure, the true awakening, the infinite possibilities, Love, and God. The family of man may pass through the gate together, but none shall pass alone. We are the key, not me, not you. Together we can reach the Light.

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Distractions Blind Us to the Light

The thief is forced to distract the guards. Everyone knows this. So, why are you taking the bait? If there was no reaction to the distraction, it would fail. The thief would get caught and justice would prevail. The simplicity makes it easy to understand. Complexity makes it something to avoid.

Politics and social direction are very complex. What will be done, and which way will we go? Those are the question that matter. But they are very complex and deeply divisive. This whole world is being robbed while we fight over the bait. The robbers are skillful and cunning. They have combined many into teams. The team members specialize in a narrow fields. The robbers employ them while preventing most of them from knowing the plans they augment and facilitate. The plans are craftily designed. It is the oldest theft in history. We see it every day and everywhere without being aroused and inflamed. The rich are robbing us every day in every way. They have been doing it forever.

When the veils of illusions and distractions are lifted, the scene becomes clear. That is what the thieves must not allow to happen. At all costs, the thieves prevent the knowledge that there is far more than enough for everyone forever with relatively little work. Until this fact is assimilated, the theft is safe. People need comparative elements. Without them, judgment is unreliable. We quickly compare this to that and accept one. If we don’t have the best to compare to the rest, we chose the better. Then it becomes the standard. I’m here to tell you the best is yet to come. It is yet to be noticed even though it is glaringly more obvious every day.

We are all people. Our minds are not perfect, and they are manipulable. That is why we tolerate people having wealth counted in the hundreds of billions. Between Musk, Bezos, and Gates about five hundred billion dollars’ worth of human production is hoarded. That is just a small part of the greater hording that leaves so little for the rest of us. To keep such fortunes growing and secure, we must work our lives away for what they are willing to permit us. Don’t let the thieves, con artists, and politicians distract you with racism, police brutality, wars, and media. Countless distractions are out there. Don’t fall for them. Ignore them and take care of yourself knowing you could and should have it much better. The best is yet to come. Try to break free of the distractions.

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Rally to Complain and Waste Time

A lot of people rally around Trump. It will be a waste of time until the rally become focused on something taken for granted so thoroughly it is being ignored, economics. People flocked to Trump’s refreshing and inspiring sincerity. He was a break from the phony presentations of politicians. I think there is something else at the root of the rally to Trump. I think it was the possibility that someone was actually going to sincerely try to help the people.

Trump and his supporters totally underestimated the strength of the opposition. The people were still under the illusion that the vote was a way to institute change. The vote has not been a mechanism for change in my seventy years. I think it has not been for longer than that. The confidence in the vote is not derived from intelligent and diligent effort to cognize everything that is happening. It is unlikely to even be possible. A human lives in its own little world. The rest of the world is far beyond the scope of any human, but some are able to put together teams to do it and proved the means to utilize the power of society for their pleasure and benefit. They long ago infiltrated the institutions of society and began to take their advantage. In a nation that is proud of majority rule and democratic representation, when criminals attain a majority, criminality can become legitimate. This nation can become a socialist Muslim nation legally. People who care for themselves and are willing to do anything and everything to serve themselves are now the majority. We live in a world they created.

The world is wrapped in a blanket of propaganda brilliantly designed and executed. It is so effective it puts people in opposition to satisfy a compulsive and subconscious need that human’s naturally exhibit. People need a cause, a mission, something to live for, purpose. This is known by the managers. That makes it part of the propaganda and part of the management of the people.

Management of people has become a well-developed art. Placing people in opposition is part of that art. We the people want justice. We want peace and prosperity. To get those things and others similar, we are prepared to go to war and just about anything else we believe will bring them. This is well understood by the managers. They know better than most that the people will rise up against injustice, war, and deprivation. Shortages motive people. Managers know it. They also know that the world is not just, war is ancient and ever-present, and the vast majority of the people live with shortages right in the middle of great wealth wasted on nonsensical junk production. Hey! Let’s build a gigantic stone pyramid to bury one of the rich in. Let’s let the rich create a war to go prove our manhood in. Don’t forget that if you work hard and smart, you too can become one of the rich. Don’t pay any attention to the fact that too many rich people will cause a collapse of society. The brilliance of the propaganda spinners is beyond refute. They know our subconscious. They understand how our minds work and they design the propaganda accordingly. To ensure that the propaganda works, they design it to appeal to our natures and include an enemy.

We look around at the world and we see. The rich and famous are public. The richest are not so easy to see, but we come to realize they are out there. Then we see our own stations. We are forced to earn a living. The disparity between our lives and those of others is simply too obvious and wrong to continue without some amazing systems designed to protect it. That is what economics really is. Of course, it is more complicated than that and there are many sub-systems supporting and perpetuating it. We are all enslaved to the systems. We serve the people in power. Illusions are created to protect them and manage us. They created economics as a central tool.

‘Neoclassical economics is the idiom of most economic discourse today. It is the paradigm that bends the twigs of young minds. Then it confines the florescence of older ones, like chicken-wire shaping a topiary. It took form about a hundred years ago, when Henry George and his reform proposals were a clear and present political danger and challenge to the landed and intellectual establishments of the world. Few people realize to what degree the founders of Neo-classical economics changed the discipline for the express purpose of deflecting George and frustrating future students seeking to follow his arguments. The stratagem was semantic: to destroy the very words in which he expressed himself.  Simon Patten expounded it succinctly. “Nothing pleases a …single taxer better than … to use the well-known economic theories …[therefore] economic doctrine must be recast” (Patten, 1908: 219; Collier, 1979: 270).’ Mason Gaffney, April 2007

Quotes from experts telling the world about the nonsense that is being held up as wonderful stuff can fill books. What is the use when people don’t read and/or cannot comprehend? I try. That is something I have to do for myself at least. When I get the thoughts of others, I see the imprint on them like dinosaur tracks. They stand in pseudo-intellectual opposition to the truth and defend their masters as though they are messiahs bringing salvation and miracles to mankind. After fifty years of trying to break through the conditioning, enculturation, propaganda, and subconscious controls I have grown weary of the repetitions. People have only a few things to say about it. Try it! See how soon the repetitions start.

There is no method that will exonerate Capitalism, but its proponents are legion. Its supporters and defenders are smart but deluded and psychologically disconnected from reality. They live in some world they create for themselves. They probably do it as a defense mechanism, but they also do it because they have been made to do it. In a human world that has been accumulating without interruption for some thousands of years, the complexity of life today amidst billions is far beyond the comprehension of anyone.

We don’t know much about what is going on. We cannot get a good grasp on what is happening to us personally. The rest of the world is so remote and incomprehensible it is a fool’s errand to even try to comprehend it. That has not stopped people from thinking they do. There are now so many trying to tell them what else is going on in the world it sounds like fifty radio stations tuned in on a radio all at the same time. People expose themselves to it and take from it what they are predisposed to take from it without ever realizing that they are not acting with conscious selectivity. The subconscious is doing it for them.

Born helpless and remaining that way for many years is a large portion of the causes of human behavior. It is also an avenue into which those who would control people can enter. Parents enter, but so do many others. There are some who have been entering that we would never allow in if we truly understood what they are doing and who they are.

Stealth is not limited to bombers. A pickpocket uses stealth. A bank robber, too. Stealth is real and effective. The historical legacy of wealth and power that has come into the hands of some has made stealth important to some. I already know you don’t want to go there, but that is not naturally happening in you. It is the way you have been ‘programmed.’ There is no other way you could accept as you do the disparity between the rich and the poor. You must be so effectively conditioned to accept it and react to it they way you do that you are not able to be in touch with what you do or why. This is made glaringly clear when you finally face the fact that everyone deserves a fair share of everything. That included land and money, but far more. And still people rally around the causes of their enemies thinking they are representing themselves and something good.

Capitalism and economics are so horrible it is amazing that anyone defends them. The people I have spoken with are not able to realize that those two systems are beating them to death and depriving them of the good lives they so deserve. I have listened to them speak passionately in defense of Capitalism. They site the good and ignore the bad. The opportunity to become rich drowns out all the things that would awaken them to reality. They never realize that mankind is so productive that everyone could and should have all they want for contributing a small portion of their effort.

The military waste of the world is enough to make the most inattentive aware that they are being deprived so that weapons, armies, infrastructure, bureaucracy, and all the rest that goes into war and preparation for war can be created. Vast acreage of planes, tanks, vehicles, and other military stuff around the world in countless places does nothing to dislodge the mental images that have been planted in their minds. They think we need that stuff. They think WWII saved the world. They think the rich deserve their riches and that those who don’t have it don’t deserve it. They never face the fact that society is cooperative work that produces everything. So, they never face the fact that they are being deprived intentionally of their fair share. It weighs practically nothing in their minds that the people who live the best in society do the least to contribute. They have been convinced that the rich are the ones responsible for the production of the people. It would be funny if it were not doing so much harm.

I am beside myself with consternation. What will it take? I have begun to think the only way justice and equity can happen is if the world rulers decide to make it happen. The people are not going to do anything but parrot what they have been made to parrot. I had hope that the rally to Donald Trump signaled an awakening. Then they just let the Democrats run over us like we don’t exist. We don’t. Not in a meaningful way. Soon robots will remove the last of or work and humanity will further diminish. There will be a lot of complaining and protests that do nothing just as the vote has done nothing.

The parties are a joke. The rich tend the rich. They are not going to allow a vote to take their power from them. That is why it has not mattered which party won. Both are owned by the rich. Little intelligence is needed to see the way into the systems. Who has not been exposed to the concept or even the facts of corrupt police? Who thinks the politicians are not susceptible to corruption? I’ll tell you who, the people who expose themselves to the media enough, the people who get enough controlled education, the people who can’t see past their reach. They are the people who spend their free time watching sports and ignoring their duty as a human contributor to society. They are the people who watch CNN and other propaganda media then take what they see as fact without even bothering to verify it. They don’t see what the other side has to say. They don’t even know that the riot at the Capital was instigated by agent provocateurs. They are certain that Trump is a demonic monster out to destroy them and the world. The believe Biden won fairly. The fix is in. It is in millions of people like a parasite feeding on the truth and excreting toxic waste into its host. This is true of Trump supporters and CNN zombies. There is no rational party, no voice of truth and righteousness.

While the Trump supporters complain that the election was stolen and the Constitution destroyed, they clamor in opposition to freedom of speech when it says something they don’t like. How is that different from the Democrats? Free is free. Free speech includes the freedom to hate the national anthem and express the hate. It includes the freedom to burn a flag and to say American is not great. The two-party system has long been a one-party system. The division of the people is along lines of trivial issues and irrelevant options. The real options are still out there somewhere waiting to be noticed. People don’t get the chance because the system was in place when they were born. None are exempted.

People get jobs and work. They play when they can and try to live in peace. They don’t need much and don’t ask for much. They don’t want to be bothered with the fact that they are working in a society or that society has been designed to funnel everything to the few who vouchsafe just enough to the workers to keep them alive and quiet. When Henry George published Progress and Poverty in the late 1800s, the book became a global sensation. It became second only to the Bible in book sales. It began to awaken the masses to the injustice and provided solutions. It became a global issue that caused a lot of activity among the people. Then the people it threatened with loss of wealth put a stop to it. In the quote above you can see a good explanation of what they did. The article is at But don’t read it. There is a game on tonight. That is what you need to spend your time on. I don’t blame you. There seems to be no hope. I might stop trying myself. Let God sort it out.

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Drowning in Nonsense

It is quite bizarre to live in a world the requires me to stand against nonsense. The use of reason and logic has been traced back to centuries before Jesus. In this age of scientific reason, it should be rare for one to act according to nonsense. False information has clearly become the foundation upon which many build their opinions. We are all familiar with the right to opinions and the universality of opinions. I will restrain myself from typing the vulgar ways to say it. The right to an opinion does not include the right to act on it.

There were those who were firmly of the opinion that some are born to slavery and others to civil life, that some are born to be slaves and some to be free. Aristotle wrote in defense of slavery about 2500 years ago. He clearly was of the opinion that slavery was natural and right and acted accordingly. He was compelled to defend slavery because there was a growing opinion that slavery was wrong. Failing to find the means to defend the opinion that exempted him from labor removed his opportunity to be a scholar and live on the produce of the slaves, he resorted to sophistry. The peculiar aspect of his defense bears upon the nonsense of our time.

You cannot be held responsible for the crimes of your ancestors. I am forced by the behavior of millions to defend that statement. I will attack opinions with reason but defend against actions. I am not going to pay for the enslavement of anyone’s ancestors. It is amazing that it is an issue. Are we witnessing the end of the age of reason? How much ignorance, false data, and illogic goes into the desire to be compensated for the crimes of history? I am trying not to laugh so much I can’t type.

“Suppose it were legal for a slave to be beaten by a citizen, it would frequently happen that an Athenian might be mistaken for a slave or and alien and receive a beating; since the Athenian people is not better clothed than the slave or alien, nor in personal appearance is there any superiority.” That quote is from a book quoting a quote from a book about something said by the ruling class of ancient Greece. Wow! It is very important because it is typical of history and negates the ridiculous idea that the white American owes the black Americans for the enslavement of their ancestors. There is no race or religious that was exempted from historical slavery. If black Americans deserve reparations, everyone does. And that is impossible.

Mankind has been horrible to mankind for as long as artifact can reveal. The treatment of other living things has been even worse. By the reparations nonsense being touted as moral and logical, we owe trees far more than we owe any human. We the people owe ourselves and each other reparations in the form of love for one another.

The world of mankind is so crazy we are facing the end of it. That is bad enough, but we are not just destroying ourselves. We are destroying a magical potential and the capacity of Earth to host Life. We could have world peace and tender loving care for all life forms. We could care for our planet and become worthy of moving out into the incredible universe. Instead, we want to destroy everything and fight over the most stupid nonsense ever conceived.

Reparations for the acts of ancestors would not be as stupid if it were the worst of human nonsense. It is far from that. Here again I must point out a far greater folly. This time I will try to approach it from a different angle. Voting is far more ridiculous than reparations. Your reaction to that statement should reveal great and deep embedded nonsense that needs to come forward and be known. Most of you cannot do it. I have been talking to people about it so long I have grown bored by the repetitive reactions, retorts, and arguments.

If I hold you underwater to drown you, will you fight against the ability to breath water or the fact that I am drowning you? Well, if you fight to win the elections, that is exactly what you are doing. How can you think of yourself as a reasonable and intelligent person when you cannot even realize that you are being drowned and fighting the water? It is true that breathing water will kill you. It is true that voting will kill you, too. You just cannot see it.

Mankind has been a horrible and murderous part of life on Earth so long people today are lost. They may have never been able to know where they are. To understand, hopefully, that voting is stupider than reparations for the wrongs of ancestors, one must be able to comprehend the power of a single person.

As I type, I fight the futility that fifty years of trying is giving me. I am operating in the hope that there is still or finally some capacity for reason and love in at least someone or even some. Sometimes I have doubts. Here I try to make sense to people who may not have the ability. Given the profundity with which people claim the ability, there may be some. But I digress.

A human is only so strong and can only do so much. It is by working together that the power to cause what we were born into was created. At I have attempted to appeal to mankind regarding many aspects of what we were born into. I add plans to realize more of our potential and grasp the fantastic opportunity we have. The name of the site was designed to get people to realize more fully and to think about the fact that the power to do more than an individual human can do is derived by people working together. The power of the people is the only power mankind can wield beyond personal power. Look at what it is doing right now. Look at what it has done.

You might be better equipped to realize the stupidity of the vote by typing a query into a search engine. Try “how many wars have happened.” If you use a telephone to search, you will scroll down the screen a long time with your finger to find the end and it will not even be the real end. The search engines return specific types of wars and limit the results by practical parameters. In other words, human have been horrible barbarians as far back as we can see. It was the power of the people at work. Rather than realize we have murderous barbarians working together to do horrible things with the power of the people; we fight over who will wield it. We vote. We are drowning in our own power and trying to save ourselves by struggling with each other over who gets to hold us under.

I almost stopped this discourse right there. I am weak. I cannot resist the temptation to expand, to continue, to try to help us all. We are messed up. In general, we are all so flawed and crazy the power of the people should not be allowed to continue. It has continued long enough; too long. It is time to reign it in, and quickly and hard. Throw on the brakes before we crash. Let’s vote to stop voting. Holy smokes! I restrained some more vulgar expletives. How can anyone just keep paddling toward the waterfall? We cannot manage the power we have created. There is no one who is capable of negotiating the complex and vast social organizations of man. It has gone on unwisely so long it has become an impossible task. We can stop it, though.

We are social beings. We work together naturally. But we have been stupid and ignorant a very long time. We have not been vigilant enough either. People who should never even have their own personal power because they do horrible thing with it have managed to gain the power of the people. If you need that expounded, there is little chance that I can help you. Goodness of character has not been a qualification to wield the power of the people. It has been an unspoken necessity with little to no mechanism to insure it. But the unspoken desire to have the power wielded by good people has been evaded by stealth and cunning.

I am constantly astonished by the gullibility of Americans. If the politician says it, he must be telling the truth; unless he is the other candidate. That is how stupid we have become. Furthermore, if the “expert” says it on television, it must be true if it is on the channel we like. You are facing people who have so much power our slave holding ancestors never even imagined it. They make the cruel slave holder seem kind.

Changes have suddenly come to man. Huge changes! Holy smokes! Can you realize how huge and dramatic? Just think of the time mankind was held to the speed of the fastest animals we can ride. All of a sudden, we can circumnavigate the globe in short order. We can communicate at near the speed of light. We can cause explosions powerful enough to destroy the world. The power created by social organization has become deadly to the whole world.

While nearly every single one of you would quickly defend the opinion that a three-year-old kid should not be allowed to play with a loaded gun, you, at the same time, defend the opinion that you can select and vote for a human to play with the “nuclear football.” A grownup human is not much more capable than a three-year-old kid. In fact, a grownup is probably more flawed than a kid. The profundity and complexity of flaws in modern grownups is clearly exemplified by the stupid debate about paying people for something our ancestors did. It is laughable, but far too deadly to laugh about. But, as I have said, there is a more deadly stupidity that would be funny if it were not so deadly.

It is so stupid to attempt to keep empowering people to wield awesome power it makes all other stupidity seem innocuous. There is one thing that we can do right now that will not be stupid. We can vote one more time to change the power of the people to the power of love.

The ancient Jews are thought to have received a command from God to love one another. As if you can command someone to love, Jesus came along much later telling people to love one another. He is said to have given his life as an example of love. To my mind, all of history has been the process of man becoming loving creatures. Until we do, we are not qualified to have the awesome power of the people. We are not competent enough to be trusted with it. If we can realize this in a visceral way and act accordingly right now, we can become qualified and worthy rather quickly.

I think mankind is at the brink of love and destruction. Poised on the razor’s edge, the future hold both promise and doom. It really is up to you. You had damn well better become a person who manifests unconditional love right away. No one can order you to do it. No one can show you what it would be like for you. But it is clearly the last possible way to save ourselves. It is your task, and none may accomplish it for you. I have written so much about it I have tired of it. I have spoken to so many I don’t even feel like trying any more. I look back at accepted history and I see God, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Plato, Mohammad, and countless others trying to get you to do it. I get a little solace from knowing about them, but not enough. It clearly has not been something easy to accomplish. With the growing secularism, ancestral guidance and God are being left behind leaving mankind with nothing but reason and logic to guide. That would work if people were capable of sound reason and logic. It would take us to the truth and, in my view, bring us to God and more. But love can bring us the truth as we are capable of assimilating it. It can guide us to reason and logic that works. It can solve all the problems we face by helping us be capable of acting in resonance with the universe including the one that is not made of atoms; the one from which the atomic one came. Wouldn’t it be great to finally settle the arguments about God?

I leave this session over the keyboard with optimism and bliss. Love has made life blissful for me for fifty years now. The anniversary of my good luck finding unconditional love for all was just last July. I am not sure of the exact date. But it has been fifty years at least. I wish you would join me.

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What is Happening

Trying to determine what is happening with the world is occupying my thoughts and study a lot. The various topics of my study continue to add to the data I can bring to the determination. There is still too much missing. For example, the extent of control being exerted is unknown. I have ideas, but no concrete means to verify or disprove them.

I write here some ideas that seem to warrant consideration. There are global trends now. It was only about a hundred years ago that air travel came to mankind after the arguable ten thousand years of history. The globe rather suddenly became something that could support global trends fostered by personal contact with people. It was not relatively earlier that radio and wire communications had set into motion the trend that air travel augmented. Then came the internet.

Internet services known as “social media sites” have made it easy to unify the people around the world in loosely organized trends. So, now we have radio technology and science brining us radio, television, portable telephones, internet, and social media sites. Facebook boasts more than two billion users worldwide. Others have similar numbers, and many have smaller numbers, but added together trending is now something that makes it possible for mankind to act more-or-less in concert around the globe. Can you imagine how this appeals to people? Sure, you can. Now, imagine how it would appeal to the people who live at the “top.”

It seems logical that there are some who are acting to guide the trends of the world. Maybe they are not well organized and exercise to guide only parts of the many aspects of modern life. Or, maybe there are more general trends that are being guided. All things must be considered. I tend to lean toward a global and general guidance. If that is what is happening, we can try to detect what the guidance is trying to accomplish.

Consider the new ability of mankind to fly. It started in small enclaves and individuals. Then it became a trend that swept the globe. The same is true of most innovation and inventions. Religion is another valid observation of global trending. Mankind is working together whether realized or not, whether intentional or not. If the collaboration of mankind is being steered or guided, we can only hope those who are doing it have the general welfare as the objective. This seems unlikely given the extent and strength of greed, competition, and fear mankind demonstrates. Add to that the class consciousness that has dominated human culture. There are people who never doubt that labor is beneath them. They believe as sincerely as you believe you are reading this that they are superior to most people. It is a condition. Some are so overwhelmed by it they have been known to think of themselves a gods and divinely appointed in many variations of the condition. To assume that such individuals and groups of such individuals are not at least attempting to utilize global collaboration for their own purposes is illogical. To understand what we are able to see for ourselves, we must consider as many possibilities as possible. Try them all and see.

The long and horrible history of war tells me that man has been organized into factions we think of as empires, nations, and other such labels headed by some individual or group who contest among themselves. It also appears that those who head the nations have been able to convince others to participate in the contests. This is going on now in many areas. It might be that the latest global trending potential is being used to relieve mankind of such conflicts and contests. If so, how? Can it be by eliminating the others? That would be consistent with history and human psychology. An ultimate “victor” might end the conflicts, but maybe not. A victor provides a focus for rebellion. It would just be directed at one point instead of having many contests directed at many points. If that scenario is being pursued, the general welfare stands to suffer. So, let’s look at the alternative, or one of them at least.

Suppose there is a benevolent person who can exercise enough power to guide the course of human events, to borrow a phrase. Or a group of such people who can. Would that explain what we are seeing? If so, it would have to be done with the old axiom of leadership that we have all at least heard of which says that a great leader must be able to sacrifice others for the greater good. It is often referred to as “making the hard decisions.” That would give us a partial explanation for what is going on globally. But it does not reveal the purpose or purposes the events are designed to accomplish. It neither explains the complex intricacies of modern times or the trending concepts that are getting a lot of “airtime.”

Malthusian concepts, class consciousness, wealth distribution, and countless other factors of life make the possibility of benevolent guidance unlikely. Not impossible, though. There is no rational means to discount the possibility. Intuition can discount is quickly. It is probably optimism that causes me to even consider benevolent guidance by human beings. History gives such optimism a ridiculousness characteristic. That would leave us to examine that some horrible people might be exercising the power that is being created by the collaboration of the global population that has recently become possible relative to human history.

Given my study of human history, human nature, psychology, and activities, it seems likely that there are people who are wielding the power who are not benevolent or even kind. We can hope someone such as Jesus would come to take the power and use it benevolently. God is a potential benevolent wielder of the power. The possibilities are endless, but the facts are set. The power is real and the global character of it is new relative to history. That mankind has suddenly produced some incredibly brilliant, capable, willing, and benevolent people who have managed despite all obstacles to acquire the power of the people in such a short period of history seems unlikely. Possible, yes. Unlikely, too. Hope is still possible. So, we can hope, but we had better see as clearly, deeply, and broadly as possible. I don’t know that is going on. I can speculate. That’s all. I am doing it a lot, and not just for fun. I worry for Life.

Earth is a place where Life exists. It is in a precarious situation because humans have developed global trends augmented by fantastic destructive powers. Does it seem strange to you as it does to me that wars have been the motivation for so much of human innovation, invention, and discovery? Be that as it may, the destructive power of man is at an all-time high. That being the “designed” destructive power. Bombs and other types of destructive power are only additions to the other destructive power of the people. Destruction caused by the pursuit of happiness is nothing to take lightly. Wow! The mere thought amazes me. Then there are many other destructive forces and means. They all combine to produce potential cataclysmic possibilities. But they do not constitute the total destructive power that threatens the Live of Earth. They are worrisome enough, but we cannot ignore natural destruction.

I don’t need to elaborate. The destructive power of the universe is known well enough to negate the need to elaborate. All in all, the world, this globe, faces immense destructive forces that can extinguish all Life. Perhaps that can explain what is going on in the global trends we are experiencing. It would not even require a benevolent guidance or an evil one, for the survival instinct, desire, and intention compel the people who can wield power to act benevolently as a side-effect of self-preservation. A comet set to impact the planet causing an extinction event would either unite the people who wield power or not. Maybe they would simply organize an effort to save themselves, perhaps with some others. This scenario explains a lot of what we are seeing, but not enough. A known cataclysmic event would prevent all the construction of multi-million-dollar projects, even multi-billion-dollar projects that I see going on everywhere here in Austin, Texas, though it might not. Likelihoods!  So, what is it? I don’t know. I am trying to figure it out. I hope you will help.

My best guess right now is that there are people who are able to exert some power over the globe by influencing large numbers of people and by utilizing the power that has been cunningly converted to a monetary system. These people are not likely to be able to unite with others like them. That would make the situation the one that has always been, the powerful contending with one another, be it individuals or groups. Organizations of man have become something new and unpredictable; I refer to corporations and similar types. Governments are not new, but they have new powers due to human innovation, discovery, and invention. There is ample proof that they sometimes and to various degrees combine in common purposes. There is a global trend that is arranging the interests of the conglomerates.

Religions have organized humans for a long time. It is still part of life. There are two large groups currently acting. Of course, there are many small ones. Christianity and Islamism are composed of the most people. Hindu and Buddhist people together compose near equal numbers. Atheism is growing. The actions of the Christian and Muslim population and their organizations are the causes and sources of a large percentage of the things happening world-wide. This is likely a determining factor in the direction of the use of power.

Another large factor is what we label economic systems. Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism have been playing a deciding and very influential part in the course of human activities. Global trends are well documented and studied as they relate to those three “isms.” Observation reveals a trend toward homogenization of all three. Recent developments in established communist nations such as the USSR and China are good example of mellowing lines of distinction between all three. Current socialist trends in the US government are mixing up capitalism and socialism. There are elements involved in the three that might explain the global trends and status. We might be able to understand and even predict trends in light of them.

To begin, consider the tenants of Capitalism. It has been toward freedom to operate business as one sees fit. History contains information about capitalist’s willingness, even their requirement, of government intervention, assistance, in the conduction of business and business interests. Mercantilism was a big factor in the industrial development of nations and the world. So, government is clearly useful to capitalists. But Communism as defined and proposed by Carl Marx and others put the “means of production” into the hands of the government. In other words, the government owned and operated the businesses. Communist China requires that all businesses to be part of the Communist Party. This is a simplification, but the fact that the government is conducting business is the fact that I want to add to the analysis of global trends. If the communists are beginning to operate like capitalists, the powerful capitalist might see it as a desirable development. This quote from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) brings this point to bear: “In a speech last month, Ye Qing, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, called for building a ‘modern private enterprise system with Chinese characteristics.’ According to Ye, this would include giving a company’s internal Party group control over the human resources decisions of the enterprise and allowing it to carry out company audits, including monitoring internal behavior.”  This appears to me to be part of what appears to be the homogenization of the three isms that have dominated the world for a long time. I think the capitalists are liking the trend. Apple and Google presence, even moves, to China lend this credibility. We may be witnessing and being subjected to the construction a new global system just as we have been subjected to the three isms for so long. I refuse to characterize such a system. I simply don’t know enough. I do know something about religion and have thoughts about how they are playing a part in this possible new system that is evolving from the homogenization of the tree isms.

Christianity is experiencing heavy losses and enduring heavy bombardment of human opinion. For thousands of years, it has been telling the people that the rich cannot get to heaven and the charity and love are the important parts of human conduct. Christianity was useful in capitalist evolution. The complexity of Christianity need not be added to this analysis for the concern is for global trends. The global trend for Christianity is complex and real. So is that of Islamism.

Coming about a half century after Jesus, Mohammad founded Islam. It is a global religion just as is Christianity. Like Christianity, it hopes for global dominance. There are many Islamists who are dedicated to converting man to Islam by any means necessary. Jihadist are utilizing all means at their disposal. With their views toward Judaism, a huge and horrible conflict exists with Islam on one side and Judaeo/Christians on the other. There is a global trend that comes into play in the conflict. Demographics.

Reproduction is essential to the perpetration of mankind. Despite the LGBT trend, the human race can vanish by not replacing the dead. The demographic that tells us how humans are doing so is what needs to be added to the analysis here being conducted. There are a lot of statistics available. Consult them. You will see that the various nations are not reproducing the dead very well. Declining populations are resulting. There is a global trend here, but let’s consider the populations of the Christian and Muslim religions.

According to sources, the Christian population is declining while the Muslim population is growing. While Christianity promotes kindness and charity, some devout Muslims promote brutality and destruction. Of course, Christianity has a history that includes similar actions. The USA tries to protect freedom of religion. Muslims try to eliminate other religions and seek to make all mankind Muslims. This is another oversimplification. With many nations already being conducted by Islamic tenants, it is clear that freedom of religion is not being practiced. Those nations include Saudi Arabia.

The 9-11 hijackers were reported to have been Saudi Arabians. Since the boom in the oil industry, huge amounts of many have been going into the Saudi accounts. Arguably, a lot of that money has been invested in spreading Islam around the world. While the USA and other nations practice tolerance and diversity, Muslim mosques have been installed around the world. If you don’t know what Sharia Law is, you had better learn about it. In democratic societies the majority is supposed to determine the course of the nation. If the majority become Muslim, they could legally become Muslim nations that do not allow any other religion or religious observation. Consider the details of the Muslim conquest of Egypt.

Military invasion has slowly been replaced by slow infiltration and conversion. It makes more sense. The death and destruction of invasion has been replaced by legal pursuits and demographic changes. Majority rule is an open door through which change can be legally established. The immigration statistics of the world these days trend toward such establishment.

So, we are seeing the division of the world’s people into two large religions. With secularism taking more and more people from the Christian population and the growing Muslim population, the Judaeo/Christian and Muslim contention for the hearts of the people is important. It is particularly important for the democratic societies to realize that the Muslim trend is growing. If it takes enough control, the capitalists adopting some communists and the communists adopting some capitalism may be facing their greatest threat. Reports say the China is cracking down on Islam. Is this because Islam threatens the Communist Party? Does it threaten capitalism?

Many factors must be considered if one is to gain some understanding of global trends. A human can consider only a small portion of them at one time. So, understanding what is happening globally is unlikely. It is unlikely even for global leaders. They are not super people. They just have organization that compensates for the human limitations. It may not be possible at this time to detect a global direction. There seems to be some global trending or direction, but there are many different trends contesting for global dominance. As far as I can tell, the monetary system may be the ultimate global trend control.

The world’s monetary system is mostly the same. There are many forms of currency, but it must be that there is no place left where money in some form is not used. If it is that global, control of the money may be the objective of powerful people. People who have lots of money have shaped the paths of history. They have secured for themselves, their descendants, and those they choose fortunes that are as old as civilization. They are what have become known as “old money people.” If there is some global controlling of global trends, the old money people would be likely controllers. What do they think of the growing Islamic population? That is the question this article was written to ask.

We may be seeing efforts being exerted to counter a growing Islamist threat. The old monster, communism, seems to have lost its appeal as a fear factor. In fact, some communist mechanism might be prized by the old money people and capitalists. But would they still be capitalists? Interesting semantics. It seems clear that suicidal Muslims are not going to bought off with money. Such commitment to a religion could be the greatest threat to the monetary system it has ever faced. Reaction to it explains a lot of what we can see.

I don’t know what is happening. That I know. I simply contemplate it and theorize. I may never know, or I may figure it all out. Not that there is anything that can come of it if I do. Who knows? Maybe realization by one has some unrecognizable influence on the universe. It seems to human nature to desire personal autonomy. There is also a trend away from autonomy that we see in group behavior. People are a mixed-up jumble of many things. There are so many people now living in civilizations divided into various sections global trends may still be just as mixed-up. There have been plenty of examples of people who want to guide the global population. I doubt such people have disappeared. If there is an effort underway to acquire global guidance of the human population, we had better hope the person or persons who get it are benevolent. We had better hope their efforts to get it don’t destroy all life and end the world for all of us. 

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Who does not understand that there are a lot of people who see themselves a far superior to everyone? The likelihood that normal human can grow up in my lifetime, or any for that matter, without realizing that people have superiority complexes.

Biblical teaching about humility have yet to take. The most normal people are at least subconsciously thinking of themselves as “better.” The Pope does not appear humble. The preachers of Protestant Christianity seem to lack the humility their sacred text teaches. But religion is not the worst of it.

The class systems of the world are nothing but approved superiority complexes. There are too many examples of the class systems to address. Consider, though, the one that caused the Native American debacle, the subjugation of black people, and, more profoundly, the superiority of the rich.

Superiority is a big item in current propaganda and mind-control. That is what it is! There is a terrible battle raging for the minds of the people. One of the bombs being dropped in the war is “white supremacy.” White privilege is just another way to put it. It must be noticed that the push against white supremacy is being conducted by the most privileged. Most of them are white. There are others, but that is because it is not about race. It is about superiority feelings. You know deep down in your heart that the rich people think they are better than those who are not rich and think they are each better than the other rich. It’s a class system on steroids.

Maybe you have noticed that the people we elect live rather well, to be kind. Some have publicly spoken of their privileges being greater than those of the people. John Kerry is fully convinced that the climate change battle permits his huge carbon footprint. Pelosi takes it for granted that her superiority derived from her post entitles her to a visit to the beauty parlor. She is using her post to stop others from getting a professional hairdo. Those are two silly examples of a deeper and sinister superiority complex. We are being ruled by people who are sure they are far superior to the people. So, how can you possibly be manipulated to think that racism and white privilege is the worst problem we face? It is so stupid the only way smart people can even consider it is because the power of those who think they are superior to us is being used to manipulate our minds and hearts.

Trump gave me some hope, but he dropped the ball. I will not lament his removal from the A team. We need someone who can pick up the ball and score. He may yet prove himself, but it does not look good. The Swamp is more feted than ever. The news is more fake. The elections are more rigged than ever. Trump must be removed from the obsession of the people. I, for one, did not vote for Donald Trump. I voted for some campaign promises. In fact, I did not approve of the man. I still don’t. He is deeply flawed and very rich. He represents many things I am against.

I have no intention of proving the rich right. The way people are behaving as though Trump is the messiah, his opponents are feeling totally justified in his destruction. People have some terrible tendencies. They gravitate to mental images instead of the light. All the hoopla about Trump’s “presidential” appearance is too much proof to deny the fact that people tend to vote for an image, an appearance, or to vote against them. It’s a fatal flaw.

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Perception, Power, and Love

Writing about the difficulties of communications, the only way for one to know more than what is personally experienced, Walter Lippmann alludes to the aversion for discussion of the larger topics. When to topic changes to something more familiar, “It is like turning from the landscape in the parlor to the plowed field outdoors. It is a return to the three dimensional world, after a sojourn in the painter’s portrayal of his own emotional response to his own inattentive memory of what he imagines he ought to have seen.” (Public Opinion) That statement make me laugh a lot.

We do the best we can, but it is not often as good as possible. I think there are no human exceptions. That is why we should not create great power. A person has only so much power. It varies some, but not much. But we do not live alone. The complexity of living together may have never been well comprehended, but it has been exploited. We cannot avoid living together and creating great power. We can manage it better, though. If we don’t manage it, someone will, or some will take advantage of it, more likely both.
Look out there. See the world. Can you see that humans have done a lot for a long time? If we had been capable of organizing our efforts as competently as we now can, we would not have done what we did. The world would not have become what we see. It would have long ago exceeded the most beautiful dream of the most wonderful world people can now imagine.

Every moment is a crossroad of life. The path we choose will take us where it goes with infinite crossroads along the way. With love we can choose paths that will take us to that place we only yet “imagine he ought to have seen.”
I wonder all the time about why people do not spend much time trying to comprehend love. All the poetry, song, literature, celebrations, and advice from messiahs and prophets about love have not been enough. “Love one another as I have loved you.” How many have told us the same thing? I think a person has to become capable of love, the love “as I have loved you.”

The love exemplified in a story of someone who could perform miracles and live a life of wonder and bliss but chose instead torture and agonizing death voluntarily to help those loved ones “who know not what they do” is a story designed to teach us a certain love. Love comes in many examples. The number of examples might equal the number of people living and dead. There is a certain love that is magical. If people would spend a small percentage of their thoughts sincerely considering such love, the world would transform faster than an Autobot.

Thinking expands comprehension. Thinking about love expands one’s love. We can attain the magical love by many paths. Since every single person has a unique path in life, it is brilliant that so many paths can lead to the magical love. The school of hard knocks is nothing compared to the school of heartbreak. But heartbreak can lead one to that special capacity or type of love. When Jesus took the cross, the desire to make the path to love easier was made something heartfelt simply in the telling of it. The wisdom of God!

Can you imagine the task God faces? How do you get people to love one another? Send them commandments etched in stone? Send them your son? Order them, punish them, destroy them and start over? What would you do if you wanted everyone to love everyone? I have been trying to answer that question for a long time. You just read my effort to make it happen.

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The Pharaoh Came Out to Help Drag the Stone

Have you seen the latest meme? It is astonishing in the fact that it announces the most rare and unthinkable thing ever. Read this.

“The Pharaoh-god of Egypt came from the palace this morning and took a position among the people pulling the eighty ton block up the ramp. The people were stunned that he would condescend to help, but when they saw how weak he is they pulled him from the line and kneeled at his feet. Most of them had never seen his divinity and none had been near him. Word spread quickly across Egypt and the Pharaoh has become the most worshiped and adored divine incarnation in history.”

Nope. I made it up. I didn’t invent it for fun. I want you to realize that the pyramid was not built by the Pharaoh. The US capital was not built by a president or any politician. In fact, none of this world we were forced to face as a consequence of being born was built by the people who receive the most and best. There is something terribly wrong.

The people who do the actual work built everything. Without them the people who get the most would not be able to survive. When has anyone seen Trump or Biden with a shovel helping dig the holes? I resist the compulsion to write out a hundred more examples of what the great mass of humanity does every day all the time to make it possible for Trump and Biden to live as they do. Don’t be so small you cannot extrapolate from the example all the rest.

The real power of this world is in the hands of the people who do the labor. They get the least for their indispensable efforts. But you are more worried about the LGBT and racism. You spend your life in la la land thinking you are something you don’t even resemble. If you think I just insulted you, you are living proof of what I am trying to get across.

It is highly likely that none of us live in the real world. But it is very likely that all of us think we do. Then we add to our ridiculous illusions the thought that we are the only ones who are correct and right. Though our bodies live in the real world, there is a wide gap between what we think and the reality in which we are forced like slaves to live.

I have begun to be frustrated with people in general. I look at myself and see how feeble my consciousness is. I can only take so much into consideration. I am only able to conceive at one time a small, very small, percentage of everything. Even then I face a constant challenge as I try to align the pictures in my mind with the reality that is inescapable and that bears constantly on my being. But there are things I have seen. With my own eyes and being I have noticed things that the general population seems to be blind to. The fiction above was written to help open eyes.

I have done the labor of society all my life. I have also studied and traveled. But as a result of becoming someone who manifests unconditional love, I have found my personal paradise and have lived blissfully for more than fifty years. You would put me aside and move on if I tried to tell you what those years has revealed to me. That is because of the pictures in you mind. It is the total your consciousness, sub-consciousness, and more that causes you to react to me. There is nothing that is exempted from exactly that. And that is exactly why the history of man is such a nightmare. It is why all that man is doing is causing what is being caused. Need I describe what is being caused? Probably! But you have to help yourself. I can’t do everything for you. What I can do is tell you that you don’t know what is going on all over the world. If you will study psychology and history enough, you might come to understand what I mean. You might not. That is the problem. It’s the chicken and the egg all over the place. How can you see what is real when you are already bound to seeing what your psychology lets you see, shows you, even makes you think? The only answer I have found I, once again, love.

Until you attain Love, I hope you will think about the fact that the work is done by what I like to call “the people.” All humans are people, so don’t get distracted by semantics. The people who do the real work are the real power. They have the power. All of it. They have let it be stolen.

I cannot argue against history. I must have been necessary to have the power stolen. I have read a lot about leadership. There are differences between individual humans, not many, but enough to have resulted in leaders and followers. After many thousands, maybe millions depending on what you think, of years, mankind has reached the results of history up to this moment. The opportunity to bloom has never been greater.

Mankind can blossom. The time is now. We must come to realize some very fundamental concepts. They are bulging in the edges of consciousness. Mankind is pregnant with them. You and I are the ones who have been born to receive the legacy of all history. Just look out there. Roads are everywhere. Mankind has been very busy. The accumulated legacy of mankind up to this moment offers us an opportunity that most people are not able yet to envision. They don’t need to envision it to make their lives a lot better. They only need to realize that it is the ones among us who do the essential work who have all the power.

I have wanted for a long time to write out all the necessary reasoning and facts that would make the “essential work” indisputable. There are simply too many other things preventing it. There is a huge confusion regarding essential work and non-essential work. The COVID-19 event is making it a hot topic right now. If you dig enough into things related to that topic, you might just come out the other side of the effort with some amazing insights. But to make things happen faster, you need only realize that society is arranged so that the people who are absolutely essential and who do the type of work that those who benefit the most from society could not, would not, and cannot do are at the lowest level of benefit.

Society is something! I have been flabbergasted about it for a long time. Trying to make sense of things that don’t make sense is not easy. The key is understanding the means by which things that don’t make sense come to be. We know of such things when we hear about the trial of a serial killer wherein the courts try to ascertain the psychology of the killer. What happened to make a person do such things. The same reasoning can be used to understand why the people who do the most essential work in society benefit the least.

Have you ever watched an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? That program filmed the benefits some get from society. They never filmed those rich and famous helping install telephone poles, building a skyscraper, or any other sort of labor. Of course, we are supposed to already know what they do and how they came to be so rich and famous. But I think we don’t know. I think the rich and famous don’t know how they came to be rich and famous. They are just people. No two people are exactly the same, but none are drastically different. There are humans who for various reasons are physiologically and mentally different enough be considered drastically different, but they are rare exceptions created by deeply studied forces. Most humans are nearly identical. So, how is that some get to be rich and famous without helping install the telephone poles? Why does the person installing the telephone pole not get rich and famous? You can easily see that the rich and famous would not live as they do if the people who installed the telephone poles had not installed them. This is true of all the labor that all the laborers have done and do. They are essential to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Never mind ideas of fair. They will only make it more difficult for you to be happy with your lot in life. That is what is being fed to the people with more saturation and force than anything else. It is as old as known history.

We could go down deep and far into the “rabbit hole” trying to unravel the knot of reality as it is right now. It might be fun for some. But we do not stop to think about how a bus came to be exactly where it was when it slammed into us as we crossed the street. Reality is a bus slamming into mankind. It does not care what we think. The pictures we hold as reality are not important when the buss hit us. We are not just facing danger, though. We are facing opportunity that is beyond expressing. It is time to focus on the important stuff.

It is such fun to know statistics about sports. Movies are incredibly enjoyable. Eating! Wow! How much fun does the human race get from eating? It is astonishing. You would think eating is just for fun and has nothing to do with health and living. It is fun to get on social media and sound off. It makes us feel powerful and important. I understand these things, but I also understand the opportunities that our predilections with fun let slip by. No matter what you position is in this world, you are missing out on things you would devote your life to if you could conceive them. You think you are rich and famous, poor and obscure, doing okay and happy, or any other self-assessment, but you have not realized what you are missing.

Most people would not give me a second thought. I realize this. It is an obstacle to overcome. That is what I am doing right now. I am writing almost frantically trying to grab the opportunity that has become available after ten thousand years of human development before it is too late. I cannot not do it alone. I can do it for myself and so can you, but a personal grasp of it will be greatly enhanced by a global grasp by all of humanity. Everyone has everything to gain and everything to lose. We are nearing the cusp between directions. We can go out or on. A personal vision of what “on” looks like might be enough. I can assure you that what we know as human society will become something that bears little resemblance to what it has been. The rich and famous have nothing even close. You don’t have to believe me. You don’t have to take my word for it. I don’t even want you to. What I want you to do is realize some things that you have not realized. For example, the people who do the most essential work of society are being held down at the bottom of the benefits of society and that the people who get the most from society are cheating themselves out of so much they will weep and gnash their teeth when they finally see it. Realize that to each his own will be the only distinction between us if we manage to grasp the opportunities that are now possible. Try to imagine being able to get every and anything you want, to do anything and go anywhere you want.  Now, imagine not being bound to planet Earth. The Universe is out there beckoning and there is more to it than anyone has imagined. You have to feel pretty good to see it.

Feelings depressed limits the view. Being rich and famous limits it. Being poor does, too. In fact, living limits it. Living in the world you were born into limits it incredibly. But not because it is the nature of the world. It is because of the nature of man. We are born helpless. Living forces us to be “programmed.” We have to rise above the programming if we are to see the potential, the opportunity, and, yes, even reality. Love can make it happen. Seek ye, therefore, to love one another as I have loved you. Jesus gave us some good advice. I echo his words. Love will show you how crazy things are. It will show you how wonderful things can be. It will exclude no one. From the poorest to the richest, love will make life so much better you will be amazed.

I have begun again to follow the impulses and ramble. I have spent this time of my life writing to you. I didn’t do it for fun. I hope to get people aligned. The power of the people can transform reality for mankind into something beautiful or end mankind. I know, you will want to think about what can happen between the extremes. That is just fine. After all, isn’t that what has always been? I think of it as languishing in mediocrity.

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Fiction Causes Reality

“The only feeling that anyone can have about an event he does not experience is the feeling aroused by his mental image of that event.” (Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann)

Can you think of something more obvious that gets more disregard? Millions to billions of people have mental images of what happened at the nation’s capital on January 20, 2021. Most were not there and of those who were there, only a small percentage were close enough to witness the crash through barriers and entry into the building. Then people who were able to witness the event are not reliable sources of facts.

Countless eyewitness reports have been studied of many events. We know now that people who see the same event see it differently and remember it differently. There is no reason to think that the eyewitnesses to the event at the Capital are somehow exceptions. Every person records their own personal impressions of events they experience. Those who do not experience the event do the same.

Life for us is filled with images of events we do not experience. The events at that Capital have been recorded by cameras and countless accounts have been told, written, broadcast, and thought. Yet, millions of people are reacting to what happened there as though they have some objective and factual understanding of the events that is not possible. People do not know much about what happened. Even the people who participated do not have objective images or memories of the things they themselves did. People are not objective creatures. They are subjective creatures. This does not stop them from acting in response to the images they form in their minds.

We are experiencing a reality affected by the things people do. The world has been affected profoundly for a long time by the things humans do. The events at the Capital were human actions. There is no means by which motivations of the actors can be determined. The best we can do is hear what the actors thought they were doing and why. Beyond that, all we can do is form our own images of the events using second-hand accounts. There are countless reasons to know that we don’t know what happened, but millions of people behave as though they do know what happened. Worse yet, they think they know why it happened, what the motivations were, and who the participants were.

The facts that can be proven are that people are not good sources of facts. They are, instead, good sources of fictions based on facts. We are doing things based on internal docudramas within our minds. That is why the world is in such a sorry state. It is why the nation is divided.

The character of human behavior and psychology is understood enough to make it possible for the media to plant and cultivate images they want to grow in the minds of the people. There may be few or no more important understanding to think about right now. The crazy things going on are caused more by the images planted by the media than anything else. It is time to realize that we are not qualified to wield power guided by images we have in our minds. Our actions take place in reality, not in the images. The fiction in the minds of mankind are killing us and every other living thing. Are we going to divide along some sharp line that has no other source of division than fictions that we know are fictions when we stop long enough to think about it and be honest with ourselves? The answer it not just “yes,” it is “hell yes.” Fools!

This is an edit of the post above.

I pray and beg that people will realize that we are combining to create too much power. Man has the power to carve away mountains, to conduct global war and detonate nuclear bombs, the power to end life on Earth, to imprison millions at any given time and billions over time for doing things that some think they should not do. Think about this. It is more important than the Super Bowl, the World Series, the elections, the economy and anything else.

That people allow others to be imprisoned for using drugs, gambling, and prostitution proves that opinions are putting people in prison. Historically, people were executed for witch craft, escaping slavery, and so much more that became known to have been wrong there must be some who are able to see that the same things in different forms are still happening. It is the power that make it all possible. The power it the power of society.

Social power has exceeded man’s competence. We are not capable of wielding the power that has been created by joining in societal organization. Freedom has become a myth due to the power of society to punish. Reason has been murdered by the power of society to make each generation conform to the society they were born into. In the name of raising helpless little babies, we brainwash them. We think we are preparing them, but we are transmitting our faults, too.

We are great danger. Not because the universe is a dangerous place. Because we have created too much power. We cannot be trusted with it. We are too flawed and there are no exceptions. The greatest leaders are flawed. History shows us our brutality and still people do not understand themselves. They understand social sciences even less.

We may like to think that the very wealthy people who travel in elite circles and around the world are worthy of great power. That is the problem. We like to think certain things so powerfully we lose touch with reality. We are not even able to hold on to reality in the micro social settings that are our contact with the real world. People are faulty regardless of the social standing. The future is in doubt because of it.

When a person’s faults affect only the faulty person, it is bad enough. When a person’s faults can harm, kill, destroy, ruin, even influence others, too much power has come to a person. Look at the world and see if you can extrapolate a realistic understanding of the real power some have. If you do it right, you will be fearful for Life on Earth.

People appear as though they have a deadly allergic reaction to fear. They don’t seem to be able to realize that fear is an ally. So, they avoid things that might cause them to fear. That is a deadly behavior that should be feared. Fear is an appropriate response to some situations, events, people, and other encounters. It is time to fear somethings that are being avoided. The power of the people in the hands of flawed people so great it can destroy Life on Earth is something to rightly fear. Let the fear compel us to save ourselves. It is nearly too late already. Do not panic. Move in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit. Wake up! The world is on fire!

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Misplaced Trust and Faith

The world is very strange. I write to improve my communication skills as much as to communicate. Something that can reach the people who have put their faith and trust in politicians, media, and the masters of the world is what I hope to write here.

I study every day. I search the internet a lot. I also read books a lot, especially old book. The books written back when America was still operating according to the Constitution are among my favorites. The internet could be a lot better, but the diabolical people quickly jumped on it. False information is so abundant finding facts is very difficult.

People should be able to sift through it, but millions cannot. They are more like robots that respond to programming than rational people. I listened to the propaganda that spread across the globe so fast it was shocking. People should have known better than to think it was factual when they said things like “scientists agree.”

When it comes to science that delve into the unknown, there is usually a lot of disagreement. A huge propaganda campaign designed to convince the population that carbon dioxide was causing our climate to change undesirably was so successful the susceptible think they should apply social pressure to those who did not comply. When they announced that a terrible virus has come about by natural mutation and required a global countermeasure, people jumped to the task and have already been seen attacking people who don’t think it is what they say it is. The number of climatologists out there are a very small percentage of the population. Virologists and immunologists are not many. People who think they know enough about climatology, virology, and immunology to impose their opinions on others are almost everywhere and in big numbers. They are all trusting some source of information. Learning the facts requires more effort than that.

We are so urgently in need of some way to get people to do their duty as sources of action it is getting close to the point of too late. To exist is to affect, to cause effects. There is no way to avoid creating effects. Not even choosing to starve one’s self to death is a way to stop having effects. Are you surprised to know that many ancient Greeks starved themselves to death on purpose? Isocrates, for example, starved himself to death intentionally when he was nearly a hundred years old. There were others. Their deaths are still affecting people. My inclusion of them here is proof. Degree of effect is important, but effects are still effects. (I still can’t get it straight between affect and effect.) I want our effects to be peace and love. Some don’t even agree with that. I am pretty sure there are people who think their duty is to murder, rape, torture, destroy, and cause mayhem. I don’t know any, but I hear there are people who take Satan as their god. I also do not know anyone who is a pedophile, but I know some of their victims. I never was one to take the idea of good vs. evil as some kind of design in reality.

People are fond of rhapsodizing about positive and negative. The ability to think that everything has an opposite means to them that there will always be bad people. They will teach their children that bad people will always be out there, and that life cannot be all good. I think it is just a cheap way to avoid facing the fact that they don’t know enough about enough. People don’t want responsibility. It does not relieve them of it. It only gives them over to those who would take advantage of them. We are all responsible for everything we do. We cause things. That is responsibility. Denial cannot prevent it. Ignorance cannot prevent it. Everything that exists in this physical universe takes up space and causes things to happen. But humans act. They do things both accidentally and intentionally. Do they know what they do? Not according to Jesus on the cross. Not according to me, either. I accept my responsibility, but I am not able to manage it enough. That is clear to me. So, I keep trying to improve. It might be something many people do not do. That is the point of this article.

Billions of people living in a world that has been modified by other people for thousands of years are causing a lot of effects. There is a lot of division and no two people are exactly alike or pursue the exact same goals, but huge groups have been mustered and set to common purposes. What purposes? I’m glad you asked.

Evidently, some are designing purposes for others. Can you think for a minute about that? If you are a person who voted Democrat, you are joined in a purpose you did not create. The same is true for the Republican, Libertarian, and other parties. If you work for someone, you are doing something to accomplish something someone else wants accomplished. Don’t waste your time trying to validate your self-serving purposes. What you do for yourself is not all you do. We all are contributing to purposes that are served by our efforts to serve ourselves. We vote for the person we choose for reasons that are personal even if they are intended for the greater causes. Choices are made. The ability to choose is something that cannot be improved until it is not possible to improve. There is likely no limit to improvement. That means a lot. Perfection may not be a static condition even if it is theoretically possible to think of perfection as a condition to attain. If we cannot improve all the way, we are left with a philosophical situation that demands attention. What is my purpose?

I know! It is not a new question. I want to ask you to accept a purpose. Victor Frankl survived the Nazi concentration camps. When he was released, he wrote a book titled Man’s Search for Meaning. It has become the founding philosophy for the second school of psychology. Logotherapy is accredited to him. He made the case for the human need for purpose. Read the book. It is a good one. I will not offer the meaning of life. I have my opinions, but I want to ask you to find a purpose. Why not choose to pursue love?

Love brings purpose with it. It is something that can fill your life. That being said, there may be humans who cannot have life filled by love. For all I know, there may be life forms from other world, universes, dimensions, or something. That is important, but I am trying to get the more common human to adopt a purpose. It is a purpose that will help me, no doubt, but I think it will help those who adopt it far more. Everything you do, think, feel, and your mere existence affects me, but it affects you more. I love you. I want you to be fulfillment. I want you to live long and prosper. I think that the human race can unite in common purposes that will deliver us to a status we would think is paradise on earth. It wouldn’t be, though. It would just be so wonderful compared to now it would seem to be. Wow! If you were able to realize all of what I think would come of it, you might think I am crazy. I may be. It sure feels good, though. It feels much better to me than what seems to be the feelings of many.

Today is the day Joe Biden is supposed to be inaugurated. The representation of hate, animosity, danger, and discord in that event is profound. It makes what I hope to make obvious easier. People are divided. They are not pursuing love. They are indulging in something else. None of the sides in the divisions of mankind are totally right. I see truth and value in all of them. But none of them are good enough. Improvement is sorely needed. Love will bring it. Until it does, it will help if people would stop having so much faith and trust in things they did not experience themselves. Even personal experiences is not trust worth enough.

The internet is riddled with contradictory stuff. The media is more uniform, but opposition is out there to find. The facts are difficult to find. I think they are being kept away by people who don’t want peace. There are people who are doing so well they don’t want anything to threaten their conditions. This is not the only reason to stop believing what we see and find, but it is a big one. It is way to easy to accept. Digging is not easy. But finding the truth has always required some digging, metaphorically. I think the bloody history of man was caused by many things, but the biggest may be not trying enough. In general, not trying enough has left mankind past and present do things they would not do if they knew enough. Knowing may not be possible without love. Thinking we know is. Mistakes are. Hurting those we don’t want to hurt is. Love is like a magic pill. It causes changes that are magical.

I have written extensively about love. I write here again that love is not love until it is love. The love that is like a magic pill is not just whatever anyone thinks love is. It is what it is. It can’t be quantified or accurately explained, at least I can’t. I can tell you that there is “a” love that works like magic. It doesn’t instantly make one know everything or something like that. It just puts us in a frame of mind. It helps us rise above the nonsense we accumulate from being born totally helpless and slowly maturing. When we consider the world, we can only consider so much at one time. Can you take into consideration things you are not aware of? Can you make mistakes? Is there someone who does not make mistakes? If not, why would be follow someone? We are all independent. Everyone is unique and exists in a personal time and space. We are responsible for ourselves. Following another was probably necessary or it wouldn’t have happened. But time has passed, and we are ready to receive its rewards. I would not be able to write this article if it were not so.

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Reply to a MeWe Post

I wrote this in reply to a good article posted by a Trump supporter on MeWe in a private message. I like where it went. So, I am posting it here. The private post was typical of Trump supporters. I am one. I have read many such posts. It had no new things to report, but it was sincere and well said. It follows:

I enjoyed reading this. The picture developed by it is fuzzy. That is because there is merit on both sides of the isle. Neither side can see the merits of the other side. Neither side will save us. In fact, the opposition between the sides is a greater threat to survival than the policies and plans of both.

The long and persistent opinions of this nation have little to do with reality. They are based on fictions that have been mistaken for reality. Capitalism is still not recognized as the worst system of social interaction ever devised. The pharaohs who wasted the energy of the people to build tombs were not as horrible as the capitalist system. I am fully aware of the opposition to these statements. I may have heard it all by now. It is nonsense and has always been nonsense. The comparison of this nation to others used to justify it is an exercise in fantasy. The left has a sense of this, but they too are living in fiction. It is necessary to keep opposing fictions locked in opposition in order to keep the few ensconced at the top of global society.

The important issues or our time are not the left or the right as we are seeing in the democrat/republican schism. It is not the decline of the middle class or the migration into this nation. The minimum wage is only a deflection. The entire world is operating as a system that is the real issue, the important issue.

We take the debate they make us take. Is it Capitalism, Communism, or Socialism? Is it democracy, monarchy, dictator, or fascist? If you are given a choice and do not recognize that the choices are not the only choices, you become a victim of a con that is global and old.

The opinions presented in this post are things I agree with mostly. But they are not comprehensive enough to prevent what is coming. They are not comprehensive enough to bring something wonderful. We have within our reach an opportunity to transform life on Earth into something so wonderful most people cannot understand it even when I try to explain it to them. The world is going to be transformed. That is certain. Change is inevitable and constant. Drastic change is looming that is not going to please anyone. Not the rich, the middle, the poor, the animals, the plants, or God. Mankind has surged ahead over the past six thousand years or so leaving behind a trail of blood, destruction, and tears to horrible to think about. So, people don’t.

It is normal and right to want to enjoy life. I cannot argue against it. I can argue about the best way to enjoy it, though. That is what I have been doing for fifty years last June. There is only one solution. There has only ever been one solution. There will never be another solution. Only love will solve our problems and make the infinite universe our provider. But too many people have no love and even more do not have enough love.

It is not enough love to love our children, spouses, lovers, or selves. The love people feel for them in not even enough love. Love is something like the water we put into a container. The size of the container determines how much water it will hold. There is more water than any man-made container can hold. There is more than the earth can hold. Love is like that. There is no limit to the love. Only our capacity to love is limited. I wish I could present a means to increase our capacity to love. I know only that experiencing heartbreak many times was part of what helped me to increase my capacity. I live in perpetual bliss that is invincible simply because I made an effort to love everyone with all the love I knew at the time. Since then, my capacity to love has increased. I now love every living think unconditionally. Love does not provide one with acceptance of loved ones. I disapprove of most. But unconditional love is just that. It does not have anything to do with the loved one. The sun light has nothing to do with the people it shines upon. It asks nothing and nothing those upon whom it shines can do anything to cause it to be withheld. So, unconditional love requires nothing of others. None do not receive it from me. My approval is something else entirely. It is for everyone and rightly.

If we do not approve of someone who murders someone, we can still love the murder. There are factors involved in all human behavior that are still far beyond the average comprehension of human beings. We are a species. We are almost identical. We are changing as a species. No two humans are exactly alike, but we are mostly the same. When we are able to consider everything involved in everything anyone does, we will be able to see that they had no choice. I have been trying to explain that point to people so long I already know the limited range of thoughts people have about it. I wish someone would come up with something new. Choice is too complicated for the average member of our species today to comprehend. People think we have free will because we can think of choices. What they cannot comprehend is enough of the factors involved in choice to see that there really is none despite the ability to conceive them. This makes it possible to me to love the most horrible person ever unconditionally. Everyone thinks they know what they are doing, what they think, and how they feel. Well, more or less. We don’t. We are not capable of it yet. We will become capable. Hopefully it will be soon. Just consider how long we have been going. But don’t take the narrative that is commonly held to be history as reality. People who are not capable of comprehending reality cannot know history, only their version of it.

I did not start this reply with the intention to go where I went. That happens to me most of the time. I feed my typing fingers with my consciousness. There is no end. Only stopping.

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Your Papers Please

The “land of the free” is rapidly being conquered. You will remember the movies in which the Nazis patrolled the streets demanding documents permitting people to move about. A “Vaccination Credentials Initiative” has been announced. It will make it possible for authorities to demand documents of people to “demonstrate their health status to safely return to travel, work, school and life while protecting their data privacy.”

There are enough people controlled by the media and criminal government personnel to permit such tyrannical measures to become a way of life in this land so proudly held to be a land where people are free. Many will rebel, but the control mechanisms have them checkmated. There will be no move to make.

Using a fake pandemic that has been propagandized so effectively most of the population is willing to comply with draconian orders, an organization of public players are moving to take this nation. The hate spewed across the world for people who wanted to see Trump drain the swamp and make America great again makes it clear who is involved.

Big Tech and Big Pharma are working together. They have the full support of a large majority of the media. The corrupt in elected positions are not going to help us because they are being promised great positions. If they refuse, their crimes will be exposed or worse will be done to them. If you wonder what “worse” is, remember that people can be hired to murder anyone. Many government jobs that do not require election are held by people similarly checkmated. They have no way out. Cooperation from within the justice, enforcement, and judicial branches is making it possible for the combine that is taking this nation. The fake pandemic is making it possible to prevent enough freedom loving Americans from preventing it. It is brilliant!

The moves that have been made while the people worship movie stars, rock stars, sports stars and focus more on self-gratification than the duties of self-government and the protection of freedom were well conceived and played. A quarterback’s passing statistics are better known than the in-your-face assault upon the liberty that has been fought for, died for, and briefly held. Now the same people are swallowing draconian rules from agencies that have no real authority because they have been told that it is all for their safety from a virus that has statistics after nearly a year that have proven to be no worse than the common ailments.

Anyone who has elementary math skills can calculate the mortality rate of the virus using the WHO and CDC published numbers. Even if the numbers are correct, which both organizations have said they are not, the virus is not bad enough to warrant the measures that have been put in place. No one want to get sick even if they don’t die from it. But this disease is not very deadly. It was never really about protecting the people from the virus. It was always about conquering the land of the free and installing rulers who can do whatever they want.

What needs to be realized is that the USA has been the last obstacle preventing a global conquering. You must realize what the powerful people think and want. Everything makes sense when you do. They are not sitting back on their great wealth and enjoying the good life. If you think they are, you are a fool, a blind one at that. Do you really think Bill Gates and the gang are just playing? Did you think that the “old money” was just aging? If so, you have not tried to understand why climate change, over-population, resource depletion, environmentalism, and a long list of “anti” movements have been funded. I know you are not stupid. All you have to do is try and you will realize why the money has been applied to eradicating racism. So much money has been spent helping the LGBT you would think they are the majority of mankind. Then there is the fantastic effort in promoting the “offense” culture. Don’t use certain words because someone might take offense. Don’t allow certain statues to remain. Don’t use the words him, her, she, he, father, mother, girl, or boy because someone might not feel good about their gender change or inability to relate as a male or female. Did you think the people who have the money to invest are really so endeared with the LGBT? Maybe you thought they want to invest in environmental protection because they love the salamander, the trees, the clean water while the systems that made it possible for them to acquire that money are the very systems that have nearly killed all species, cut down all the trees, and fouled the water, the air, the land, and the hearts of good people. If the football, basketball, baseball, and soccer fans of the world had paid half as much attention to other things, we would not be in the predicament we are in now. It’s CHECKMATE in two! It’s the final seconds and there is only one play left. The game is not over, but it doesn’t look good. We need the like of Roger Staubach to throw a “hail Mary.”

If you are detecting the contempt in my writing, you are perceptive. If people were stupid, I would not be so contemptuous. Soon it will be obvious how foolish and blind the good people in the USA have been, but they are not alone. Perhaps it will become clear just how long they have been foolish and blind. Every single human in the world has all the stuff they have to deal with in life. In some ways it excuses them. They do the best they are capable of doing at the moment throughout their lives. But improving their best should and could be the focus of their attention and the purpose for their actions. Improvement cannot be exhausted. The best is usually not enough.  Instead, they have been focusing on fun stuff like sports, eating, parties, booze, drugs, and all the other things modern life offers. Meanwhile, some megalomaniacs were gaining so much wealth they saw themselves as deserving and great. They see themselves as so great they think they deserve to have things done as they want them done. And that is what has made the world you are seeing right now. I realize you don’t see much of it. You haven’t even been trying to. If you look now, you will see that it is almost too late to save yourself and your loved ones from being forced to take a so-called vaccination that is an mRNA injection.

The fat cats want to modify your genetics. You are no longer entitled to them. You don’t have the right to them. If you do not submit, you will not be able to exist. Without the papers proving that you have yielded to the desires and demands of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bid Government, the weapons of old money, you don’t get to live. Your means of earning a living will be taken from you. You will not be able to travel and mix with the rest of the victims turned minions. Of course, once the mRNA injections have been put into enough people, new mRNA injections are easy to have administered. You will be lucky if they don’t decide to have you grow an extra set of arms and hands so you can entertain them better on the piano or get more work done faster. The “evolution” that provided you with the DNA you deserve as the heir to the genetics of the fittest are irrelevant now. They don’t matter. It was difficult enough to get people in sufficient numbers to abandon the idea of Creation, but it was accomplished. That effort is not needed now. They have control of your genetics and they intend to use it.

Reports have been surfacing for some time now that the mRNA injections, disguised as protection from a fake pandemic created by releasing a version of the common corona virus that has been modified in the lab for “gain of function,” have a chosen side effect. It sterilizes women. Other reports say other side effects include the destruction of the immune system. But the “vaccination” is only for your protection. Right!

The CDC website shows 23,653, 919 diagnosed cases in the USA so far. Of those 394,495 deaths have been reported. Simple division yields the percentage of deaths from the number of cases as 1.67778603%. What is 1.67778603% of 23,653,919? Is the math too difficult? I think it must be judging by the number of people who are scared to death. The answer is 39,4495, the number of  people reported to have died of the virus so far in the USA. That is a lot of people. They should not be trivialized. But it is not a high percentage compared to many others.

The avian H5N1 virus of 2003 had a 60% fatality rate according to a quick search engine return. “The 1957 Asian flu pandemic … resulted in almost 70,000 deaths in the United States and was one of the deadliest catastrophes of its time.” “The influenza pandemic of 1918, called the “Spanish flu,” killed over 50 million people worldwide, including over 675,000 in the United States. These are just a few of the historical records regarding pandemic anyone can find by using a search engine and doing some reading. The current pandemic is not producing deaths anywhere near them. It appears that the pandemic that is causing so many problems is not very deadly. There is no justification for buying a bunch of heroin and overdosing to escape reality. If over twenty-three million have survived it in the USA already, heard immunity is a far better defense than an untested and novel “vaccination” knows as an mRNA vaccination. Stopping business from operating, social distancing, mask wearing, and locking down the people is far too drastic. To follow up the response to the virus by creating “Vaccination Credentials” that will be required to work, travel, and mix with people is criminal at the least.

Where is the logic that causes those who take the mRNA injection to gain immunity to the virus to fear those who might be infected? Don’t they take it to keep from getting the disease? You would think they would consider those who don’t want to take the injection and get sick to deserve what they get. Maybe that is just too much liberty for them to allow.

There are so many elements of this pandemic and the responses to it we may never untangle them. There was a time not too long ago when we could do an internet search for information and get real results. That time has gone down the pike. Now we get filtered and censored search results. If you want to relocate something you saw on the internet ten years ago, good luck. If you are looking for something relating to the 2020 election, you can doubly forget it. If you want to find that site wherein Kary Mullis was spouting off again about the test he invented, the one that won him the Nobel Prize, good luck. I tried just that recently and was not able to check deeply enough into the vast number of pages to find it. Instead, I was able to find countless entries headlined with phrases saying he never did spout off about the test. I have seen two videos of him raving about how his test is not good as a diagnostics test. I read a transcript of another. I was able to find one he granted to the people in 1993 in which careful listening and comprehension revealed that he had been making waves in the media about the use of his DNA multiplier as a diagnosis test. The last one I watched, which I cannot find now, showed him letting go of all restraint. He denigrated Anthony Fauci and the current situation vehemently. He didn’t live much past that. If you look hard, you can find reports of his death that say it was “mysterious.” Of course, the official cause was said to be natural. Well, I suppose it was since it is now considered “natural” to murder any who oppose the official narrative. The PCR equipment is a big-ticket item. Very costly. The mRNA injection is too. Even a COVID-19 patient is a big-ticket item for hospitals. The numbers being reported are inflated and unreliable. The only thing you can rely on regarding them is that that are being used to develop an agenda some really rich people are developing. It includes “your papers, please.”

I have a feeling that there are people out there who are not going to allow our nation to fall. There is a global effort underway to consolidate control of all nations. A government of the world would facilitate the effort. The USA is the stubborn nut to crack. They have been trying to disarm Americans for decades. Remember what Admiral Yamamoto said, “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” When I did a web search for that quote the fist result that appeared was from Of course, it was! Further reading discredited Factcheck, but most people don’t bother to read and when they do, they don’t comprehend. They want very much to discredit the quote, so they discredited it with something that did not discredit it. It simply said that the quote source has not been found by an historian they asked. He did not say it was untrue. He said, “As of today it is bogus until someone can cite when and where.” I am laughing hard right now. It is such a foolish fact checking post. Clearly, reality is not part of fact checking for them. The agenda, though, is all-important. The business needs to make money and who pays for fact checking? They are well aware that perception is also all-important. As am I.

We live in a world so complex and vast people are operating as though they know things when all the have is a perception. How many people think they know what Admiral Yamamoto said? Now, how many heard him say it? See? It’s all perception and the people who want to rule the world know it. That is what made it possible for them to cheat in a federal election, release a modified virus and shut the nation down, and begin preparing the credentials everyone will be required to produce to even exists. Of course, you will not be able to get those papers unless you can prove that you have already complied with the demands of unelected megalomaniacal, egotistical, heartless, demonic individuals who are making no effort to eliminate rape and torture of little kids by taking the mRNA injection. I will not call it a vaccination. It is a DNA changer. We have a perception that it is good for us and doesn’t have any other stuff in it. Well, some do, that is.

If you don’t think perception is all I am making it out to be, consider the death of Jeffery Epstein. They only needed to release and publish an official cause of death to get millions to believe he killed himself in a suicide-proof cell at exactly the same time that the closed-circuit cameras were turned off and the guards were not paying attention. If Epstein were that talented, he would not have gotten caught. Heck, he would have not been a pedophile. There is something distinct between gullibility and downright stupid trust. It’s mind control.

It doesn’t matter how you slice it; the media and the government are working together at the behest of the big money people. As amazing as it is unbelievable, lobbying is legal, winning elections by spending the most money is a tried-and-true tactic, getting elected is the surest way to get rich, making organized crime happy is certain to help your chances in elections, presenting a fake image of yourself works every time, and the media can make people think they are ducks. Just notice how many people are running around quacking nonsense as if it was today’s new revelation.

My disgust is getting to much for me right now. I want to close this with a last point. The virus that is being used to conquer the world was created in a laboratory and released into the population for exactly that purpose. How do I know? I paid attention to when it first began, before the media was able to silence the sources of information and replace them with the nonsense that is being quacked. When last I was able to obtain real information, the COVID-19 virus has not even been purified. I doubt it ever will be. Perhaps some nation that is more resistant to the world conqueror’s control has separated it from the trillions of others, but it is not likely. The process is very difficult and requires a lot of funding. Who wants to waste good money on a virus that is already taking people from us almost as fast as suicide? Yes! I’m am not trying to be very accurate. So what!? It is not a lie, which must be intentionally deceptive, unlike all the lies Trump was said to have told that turned out to be generalizations, rounding, and not intended to deceive. He may have been called a liar more than any one in history. One more first to add to his list.

Feel free to respond to this. Just be sure to show me your papers first. The re-education camps need more people. I know, you are sure there are no re-education camps in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Perceptions! They are the things that sneak up on you in broad daylight and make you disappear. I realize that this article will not be approved by the censors. I might disappear. If something happens to me, let it get you to take a closer look with a more objective stance.

I found this posted at the bottom of a page about purification of Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19). You can read the whole think at: Note the “proof that sars cov 2 has been i” That is a title probably generated automatically. The “i” is the first letter of the last word in the title “isolated.” Like I said, it probably has still not been purified despite all media claims to the contrary.

Bartholomeus Lakeman left an annotation (13 November 2020)

The attached Public Health England’s article “Duration of infectiousness and correlation with RT-PCR cycle threshold values in cases of COVID-19, January to May 2020” is not a response to this FOI.

This article is proof of that PHE did -or can- neither cultivate nor isolate the Covid19 virus.

In this PHE’s article, their conclusions are based on a polysyllogism of postulations which are left unverified; which include:

1) A positive PCR test represent a Covid19 case, and an asymptomatic person is not healthy. However, most of those who tested positive are not ill and have no symptoms; and therefor they are not a case, and a healthy person does not spread a flu infection.

2) Samples from the Upper respiratory tract (URT) is representative of the whole body; as it being also infected. However, most viruses in the URT do not entre the body, e.g. the lungs; and apart from a cough or a sneeze; a URT virus will not cause a person to be ill.

3) As representative of the whole population are 75% of their samples from those older than 41 yrs. . Be it that the median age of UK’s population is 40 years: only 48 % is over 40 yrs. of age. Further, less than half of their samples were suitable for their research; which puts further doubts of their samples being representative.

4) The Rt PCR test does discern the RNA of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) from that of the 6 other corona viruses (the flu and common cold) and dead viruses and other RNA sources e.g. antibodies against said corona viruses, and the RNA from bacteria. However, PHE knows very well that said test is not a diagnostic and that it cannot made said discernment.

5) Of their samples, in the 1st week of symptoms the PCR test’s median Ct was 28, and PHE claims that a Ct of 28 proofs that the virus is virulent, contagious and the cause of Covid19. Yet ten days after symptom onset, the probability of culturing virus declined to 6.0%; as being non-transmittable. In the 2nd week the PCR test Mean Ct is 30.05. And after 2 weeks the Ct remains 31. There is no difference in Ct values between those with asymptomatic (median Ct = 31.2) mild-to-moderate (median Ct = 31) or severe (median Ct = 32.5) illness: the estimated probability of recovery of virus from samples with Ct > 35 is 8.3%. PHE concludes that low titres of infectious virus for human-to-human transmission remains uncertain. Herewith indicating that a Ct of 31 or more means that the virus is non virulent or non-contagious. Independent virologist claim that also a Ct of 27 means that the virus is non-virulent and non-contagious. Moreover, as of their samples the PCR test’s median Ct was 28; there is no proof that anyone was a covid19 case. Further, PHE found a higher proportion of asymptomatic cases in the age group 81–100 years; which was the group with about 80 % of the alleged Covid19 deaths. For which PHE had no explanation. Which suggest that they died from another cause.

6) Vero-E6 cells (isolated from an animal organ) inoculated with the respiratory fluid of an ‘Covid19 infected person’ and for its preparation also with other toxic substances; produces a Cultivable SARS-CoV-2 that can be detected by an enzyme immunoassay: herewith confirming the presence of SARS-CoV-2. However, this postulation skips too many uncertainties. There is no proof of that said fluid contains SARS-CoV-2, and it is likely that the inoculation of pathogenic and toxic substances in isolated cells: is on itself the cause of producing a pathogenic virus. Bearing in mind that many virologists claim that a SARS-CoV-2 like viruses are lab-made. And PHE concludes that cultivable SARS-CoV-2 from URT samples is only a proxy valuable for infectiousness: as a Cultivable virus is a hypothetical virus and is not the same as a cultivated virus. And it being propagatable is not the same as contagious: this depend on the immune status of the host. If PHE claims that the virus is Cultivable, then why didn’t they isolate it?

7) At the end of the article PHE admits “Correlation with observational epidemiological data analysing known infector–infectee pairs, and the dynamics of infectiousness and viral transmissibility are unknown. And yet PHE still holds-on that asymptomatic people are contagious: Which signals the motive of their article: promoting the Lockdown and its vaccine.

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The Coming Drama

I am excited about the coming week. The world is in flux. How will it go? I think we are going to see some drama.

I think our nation has been conquered from within for many years already. It was shielded with stealth and deceit. By now the work of the conquerors has accomplished some amazing things. Their confidence has been rising. In fact, their confidence has caused them to expose themselves. It has been noticed by some who can do something about it. At least, they can try. That means drama.

This nation is unique among the world’s nations because it was designed to prevent tyranny. It has built-in guards against government power becoming abused and used to subjugate the people. They are kicking in. The outcome is uncertain due to the international aspect.

Our nation is entangled with foreign affairs. It pays the way for many other nations. Most Americans are completely unaware of the number of services and the amount of goods and money being given to other nations by the USA. In most cases it has been going on so long the dependent nations have begun to decline due to a dependency. Social programs in England, Canada, and other nations have left them with aging populations and an inability to take care of themselves. Their need for American assistance is increasing as their populations become increasing older with fewer and fewer births to replace the dying. The figures are astonishing. It is all part of the depopulation efforts that began to be implemented long ago.

In his 1798 book An Essay on the Principle of Population, Thomas Malthus put forward the basic concept that the elite of the world took to heart. Too many people! Working behind the scenes where the public is unable to detect them, population reduction efforts have been underway for longer than I can ascertain. You can see evidence of it in the eugenics parts of approved history. Only the approved history is available. But flawed as humans are, the approved history was flawed. There are clues available by analyzing carefully and broadly. Specialized compartmentalization prevents the discovery of the clues.

This article is not intended to spell it all out for you. I write hoping you will take the time and apply the effort yourself. One of the big problems of life right now is the sheer number of people who take things to heart that they hear, read, or see. I invite you to consider the many well-known things that can be put together. Since the victors write the history, some of them are not easy to discover, but you can if you manage to release preconceived biases. The victors want you to know history as they tell it. But reality is more and different. The world wars, the rise of dictators who conducted pogroms, the global attack on Marxism, manipulation into and by religions are all part of the larger picture that people are not seeing. As the rise of technology has increased, things such as global warming, resource depletion, hate crime, anti-racism, anti-family, anti-Christian, monetary system debacles, and countless other known parts of real life that can be put together like pieces of a picture puzzle.  The picture is part of a future that is being orchestrated by the few, the financial victors.

Our world is hosting people who are so rich it is not possible to quantify it. They are the new type of victors. “To the victors go the spoils” has never been more true or more vital to the survival of life on Earth. The victors are not just writing the history, they are erasing history and taking each generation further and further from reality. The current events that promise so much drama due to the splitting of the people along a distinct line is part of that effort. It is not just something that accidentally happened. It will shock most people when they realize that there are those who make and execute plans that span hundreds of years. They conduct activities that are designed to accomplish goals by slowly affecting each new generation of people while at the same time negating the efforts of previous generations to hold the truth, the facts, and the big picture of history present for their children. This is a simplification, however, for the efforts of preceding generations are also part of the effort to accomplish the goals. The efforts have been applied so long now it has almost become impossible to find someone old enough to report how it used to be.  The method used to accomplish the goals is a slow rise to a boil. The victors are turning up the heat.

It must be too difficult for the average person to realize that the victors are not the ones who won a war or a contest. The new victors are the ones who become rich. Hardly anyone today is immune to seeing people who get rich as victors. People who become rich are the heroes. They are the ones who inspire millions. People who have done nothing but get rich are getting far more attention than the people who have been rich for a long time. Those are the people of “old money.” Keeping the attention of the masses on the movie stars, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, inventors, politicians, and others prevents attention from being directed to the people of the old money. How many bankers can you name? How many members of the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, or the World Bank can you name? People are not paying attention to those people. But they are the victors of this world.

People who have managed to gain power so immense the average person cannot even conceive it are the real victors. The are world conquerors. What they want is what gets done. You know it! You also know that politicians are using politics to become rich and join the victors. You know it deep down within and yet it does not shepherd your views. The effort of the victors does. You can’t imagine who much they love the internet and social media. It is rivaled only by their love of media in all its forms. What better way to manipulate the people and accomplish global goals?

Goals require operatives. A goal that gets no effort is only a plan. Accomplishing them requires action and action is only done by people. The power to muster billions to accomplish a task is made easy by the use of modern communications and money. You can pay people to do almost anything. If you can make sure there is no way to survive without money, your victory is global. Your power nearing absolute. Everyone knows that they must “serve somebody.” We all serve the victors. We don’t even have to know we are doing it. Social systems are designed to shunt the power of the people to them. There is no escape. Changing the system is the only way to make things better. This is well known by the people who need to know it and it is why we are about to see some fascinating drama.

The victors are human. They are not flawless. Their flaws have leaked into their work. They are unable to prevent it and have now become noticed by enough people to be threatened. Just notice the outrage being felt for the new social media operators. They are not in charge, though. They are operatives. Few of the people in the public light are not puppets. They were allowed to become rich and take the heat as rewards for serving the old money interests. To the victors go the greedy. For the lifestyles of the rich and famous there is not shortage of people willing to do anything. Many have been recruited. We are witnessing the work they do in service to the true masters of the world.

The masters of the world are busy. They are tying to accomplish the Great Reset, for one public example. The are global. Their interests are not limited to a nation. People who think the USA rules the world are just wrong. The USA is ruled by the old money people with the help of the new money people. The masters are trying to accomplish something. That is why they launched a global campaign to make people averse to conspiracy theory. Conspirators always hide the conspiracy. I have thoughts about the ultimate goals being pursued, but they go off into the esoteric and spiritual realms. This is not the time and place to go into that. It is the time and place to realize that things are coming to a boil.

I am looking forward to the future. I realize it could be a horror in a relative sense. I think it could be apocalyptic. Could be! I don’t think it will. But it can become very destructive and deadly. We can think of it as the forces of good and evil in battle. I don’t ascribe to that method, but it is an easy allegory. People think it is a battle between the Left and the Right, Democrat vs. Republican. No matter how you see it, you are going to see something. I hope you fare well.

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This is Our Chance

It is not surprising that people think their thoughts are the products of reason, logic, study, and experience. What is surprising is how little of what people think is a product of any of those valid uses of consciousness. People are far from rational these days. We can read about the ancient Greeks to find some examples of such thought, but even those were tainted with psychological usurpers of rationality and truth. The population of the world today is so heavily influenced what passes for reality is often total fiction.

The mind is an easy thing to mold. Helpless new humans require total care to survive. Many years of enculturation are applied to them. Love causes it. Good intentions often fail, though. When parents raise a child, they transmit to the child the foundation of it life. Upon that foundation is constructed the child’s added forms. Maybe you have noticed that children grow up to be like their parents and the society they were born into. If so, you have probably noticed the variations some exhibit. But all variations are built upon the foundation that began to be formed even before birth.

Modern man has devised plans for raising children. They take what they do from the various influences and do their best to do right by their cherished children. Some, of course, don’t cherish the children so much. That creates in the children a foundation that has an infinite number of characteristics. There are so many variations in people it is probably impossible for any two to be exactly alike. Similarities are more common than differences. This has not yet made it possible for all people to live in peace and joy together. That is why I am sitting here on this beautiful winter day typing as fast as I can.

I am convinced that mankind can attain world peace. That alone would be a miracle. However, I think there are attainments that make world peace seem almost trivial. There are far greater things to accomplish. I would write of things I am sure are withing our future that most would scoff at and think me crazy. But just like you, I think what I think. Unlike you, I am. That little phrase is amusing to me. I hope you enjoyed it.

Billions of unique individuals are dispersed across the globe that has sustained us without cosmic interruption for a very long time. We are lucky a comet has not crashed into the earth. In geologic-time, or universal-time, we have just begun. We have a golden opportunity. It will not last long relative to the time of the universe. The life of the sun is all too brief. Our chance is here, now.

I have yet to encounter someone personally who sets sights on things as grandiose as I want the billions of people to help me accomplish. This is not to say or imply that there are none. I have encountered a percentage of the people so small I would have to use exponents in mathematically quantifying the percentage. I have been hoping I am not alone in it since 1971. So far, I am. If you are reading this, and I know you are, your company is appreciated. Your help would be welcome. Together we can ascend from this planet and reach out to the stars. We can attain things I am afraid to even list here because I have already experienced the reactions of hundreds of people to them. The people are components of public opinion.

Elementary observation reveals huge similarities of public opinion. Who among us thinks death is inevitable? See what I mean. Who among us things that babies grow up to become adults? It is taken for granted so totally people do not even think about it. They don’t engage in thoughts about the fact of being born. Mankind is so homogenized milk envies us. Yet, we pride ourselves in the little differences. We find our identity there and never question “identity.” I chuckled just then from writing that statement. Not because it is funny, but because it is so astonishing. It seems to me that identity would be one of the first things consciousness would engage. Instead, study of history shows it to be one of the most important factors in such things as war, murder, crime, discord, suffering, sorrow, death and maybe all social problems. I must be but a part, though.

Life is such a miracle! We are all here right now. The stage is set and the momentum is powerful. Life on Earth is just being born. Perhaps there is life elsewhere. I hope so. If there is, I hope we are not in danger from it. If there are lifeforms out there that are like us, we are probably in great danger if we are discovered. It may be good fortune that planets are so far apart. On the other hand, maybe other life forms are already here and they are benevolent. Speculation is fun and frightening. That is the adventure of life. I am hoping that we as a people will realize our opportunity and finally rise above the little things that cause all the social problems. This is our chance. Let’s seize it. Love is and always has been the answer, the way, the reason. Just try it.

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Psychology is a Tool for Manipulating Public Opinion

Discoveries in psychology have shown us why people behave the way they do. The work of early scholars and scientists gave us some fundamentals, but their work has been continued by each new generation. By the early 1900s the field of psychology was becoming so profound offshoots began to emerge. Public Relations emerged and there was soon a public relations council.

In his book Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923), Edward Bernays wrote that of all fields none have “touched upon intimate and important aspects of everyday life of the world more significantly than the profession of public relations counsel.” Bernays was integral in the U.S. Committee on Public Information (CPI) in WW I. He was hired by the American Tobacco Company to break down the aversion to smoking held by the female half of humanity. His firm was able to nearly double cigarette sales. He assisted the CIA in well-documented campaigns that successfully overthrew the democratically elected president of Guatemala. His firm used the media of the time and other methods to reach the opinions of the population of that nation so profoundly he was able “manufacture public thought.” People mistake their opinions for thinking.

They are innocent victims of manipulation so profound it installs resistance to it that guards against reality. The incredible things people are writing on this thread and millions of others is profound testimony of near total subjugation to forces they desperately need to recognize.

Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, and Edward S. Herman wrote books long ago that will help the victims of opinion manipulation, but people who have been subjected to the hypnotic power of modern media, such as this social media application, are not going to read them. The people who have the resources to utilize the knowledge that has emerged from psychology over the past one hundred years or so know this. That is why they are not worried about being prosecuted.

I already know how the victims of psychological manipulation will respond to the various posts that come across the social media sites including this one. People are making fools of themselves. Eventually they are so deeply embarrassed they have a subconscious aversion to reality and begin to behave so irrationally they cannot function. Life never provides them with fulfillment and disease accompanies senescence until old age is a frightful decline into decrepit bodily and mental condition the makes death a desirable relief. They think it is normal and submit to it so profoundly they never even catch a moment’s glimmer of thought about another way. They take their enculturation from parents, family, and others and submit to the power of manipulation from those who want to use the power of the people for purposes until independence is so profoundly negated there is no freedom left. The human psyche is not able to tolerate it long. People kill themselves, take drugs, drink alcohol, and behave so irrationally they make history a horror, today a nightmare, and tomorrow a failed dream. So, go ahead. Post something stupid. Make fools of yourselves and be certain you are just fine.

I posted this on MeWe because people were posting some crazy stuff.

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The Family System

Studying history as I do every day has only further revealed the repetition of what is going on now and has always gone on. There have always been those who use the people like chattel. We are beasts of burden for them and history has shown what happens when the beasts try to break free.

Mankind has frequently become fed up with being chained to the service of some pharaoh, king, or other designation. The war with England that resulted in the USA was soon followed by the French Revolution. Unlike the Americans, the French executed their masters. Most people have at least heard mention of the storming of the Bastille in France. They don’t know what that means way too often. But a very small percentage of the people know that the people who stormed the Bastille (a prison) then stormed the palace and executed an estimated 1500 people, mostly by guillotine. The exact figures are not relevant to the fact that the people rose up and attacked the rulers. It didn’t really do much good. The things they revolted against eventually were back in place.

Whether by genius or accident, there are systems in place throughout time and place that have always kept the association of people arranged in a pyramid-type of hierarchy. Those at the top benefit from the work of the rest. As it has come down to us today, money seems to be the lynch pin. In the past, before the lands of Earth were deeded and guarded, money was not as totalitarian as it is now. When the New World was found, the kings and queens instantly made claims to the lands of about half of the world. This is the way they managed to ensure that they would be at the top of the pyramid.

A human must have a place to exist. This is so elementary most people have not considered it. Now is the time to do so. Every one of us requires land to stand on. Water surfaces do not negate the fact that we need land to exist. That means that control of the land subjects those who do not have control must ask those who do for permission to exist. You can die or you can ask for permission. There is really no alternative. This is an oversimplification, but too many people don’t have what it takes of follow more detailed descriptions. With the evolution of money, the permission to exist became something the people at the top of the pyramid didn’t need to be bothered with any longer. The money system (monetary system) became something like a robot that took care of the duties of the king and gave him more time to do whatever else he wanted to do. It is a perfect system of dominance. Well, it was for a long time that is.

Historical examples show us that the people enjoying themselves at the top of the social pyramids eventually make mistakes that rally the people. This is a simple problem of the few controlling the many. There has never been a means to effectively resist the people when they combine to right wrongs, or even to do more wrongs. The power is always with the people. It just lies unorganized until it wakes up. The royalty and nobility of eighteenth-century France did exactly that. They let the people starve and suffer while they lived in splendor and abundance. They could have continued to do so if they had not become so disdainful of the “commoners.” Once the suffering of the people became too great and the news of the attitude of the people at the top of the pyramid became known or thought to be callous disregard, they revolted. That is what we are experiencing right now.

The election of 2020 has made it clear that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Regardless of your place in the opinion ranking, it is obvious that people are opposed almost in completely opposite views regarding something that is not possibly both ways. Either the election was stolen or it wasn’t. Either Trump is worse than Hitler or he is not. Either the people protesting on January 6, 2021 in Washington DC were terrorists or they were not. The fact that there might have been some terrorists there does not negate the diametrically opposite views. There are many other examples, but the point is that the people, the general public, is divided sharply in opposing views. This cannot stand. It will not stand. What is happening is the human instinct to resolve controversy.

All but the most biased person realizes that something is wrong. People cannot be divided so dramatically. It is a mistake the masters of the people have failed to correct and failed to prevent. The causes of the failure is another book, but to put it into a brief statement, they were shocked. When Trump won the election in 2016, they couldn’t believe it. They had failed to recognize the facts and were not prepared. That caused them to make big mistakes.

They are beginning to calm down a bit now that they have managed to regain control of the government. But it is too late. The rabbit is already out of the hat. Nothing can be done to put it back. What remains for the people is the reunion in the family that is mankind.

Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and on down the list are all in the same boat. We are trying to live in the world as we found it when we were born and as it has changed since. We are serfs, subjects, slaves, chattel, minions to the few people who live what has been called the “lifestyles of the rich and famous.”

History has made it clear that the situation is old. That can be thought to mean that it was the way it had to be, but not that it is the way it needs to be now. Far from it. When you detach from the enculturation, or even when you make an effort in a specialized area of understanding, you can realize that modern life has lost most similarity to the past. It is now possible for mankind to live in overflowing abundance without having to struggle constantly at work, survival, and safety. The recent revolutions so fondly named, Industrial, High Tech, and many others have made the old norms obsolete. It is not necessary to have some few at the top of a social or economic pyramid. Working together for the mutual benefit of all can now perform a revolution that will make all history seem to have been necessary. What is possible was not possible before.

I hope that the transition to the new ways will not be too painful. I fear that the people who are at the top of the pyramids will not easily realize their own gains by changing to a family-style of social organization. The family of man is the only way we will survive the accumulated effects of human history. It is not Capitalism or Communism or Socialism. It is family. The limits being advocated of choosing between those three is just the people at the top trying to avoid having to change. The family of man is the future. There is incredible potential for massive destruction and suffering, but I personally do not think it is the future we will see. I think we are going to have a global epiphany.

There is no need for money now. We work without pay and we get what we get without having to pay. It is a familial cooperation that will make everyone live better than the richest of today can possibly live. Let me clarify that.

The world today is the world we get from the way we conduct or social efforts. The world we will get from working together as equals in the modern results of historical legacy will bear little resemblance to the world today. The crimes, wars, conflicts, hardships, dangers, and virtually every problem we have will be gone. New ones will come up as we leave the nest and go into the rest of the universe exploring and being amazed. This oversimplification is difficult for me to do. What I see in the future is far beyond the vision of people today, including me. I have a glimpse. My imagination takes that glimpse and builds a picture from it. I think things we now take for granted will become seen as foolish. It goes much deeper and farther than I am willing to share with you here. I have to guard against the psychological nature of mankind. People are not ready for a lot of what they could very well be ready for and actually experience in this life. It can come very fast. Or it can take more time. We all know that time is relative, and the universe seems to be infinite. One last thing, the spiritual promise is even greater. The people who enjoy that way the world is today may be the last to realize what they have to gain, but they will. The future is bright. Today is the promise.

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Absolute Tyranny

I think there are not many adults who do not know what tyranny is. I know there are not many who know what absolute tyranny is. I know because I see people. I watch them and communicate with them. The absolute tyranny they personify is horrifying.

People are a strange life form. Human beings! The great creation in the image of God. It must be looks alone. I sure hope the minds of the people are not like God’s mind. I want to think that God is far smarter and wiser. If he is, he must be so confounded with humans it defies omnipotence to remedy the folly of modern human beings.

Today is Sunday, January 10, 2021. The news is out that the new social media site Parler is being attacked by the people who operate the high-tech control of speech. Apple has announced they will remove the application from the Apple Store. They don’t want you to have it. “Parler has not taken adequate measures to address the proliferation of these threats to people’s safety. We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues,” said Apple in a statement on Saturday.

The people and organizations that have been pounding the minds of the people with indoctrination that makes people think it is good to object to certain words, statues, speeches, and other items in the free speech realm are not even trying to hide their crimes now. They think they have control so absolute they don’t need to hide. The 2020 election has fueled the misunderstanding that will be the cause of their demise.

Tyranny has come and gone among human societies since the beginning of time. Absolute tyranny has not been possible until now. Human accomplishments have advanced social systems and human consciousness for thousands of years, but the sudden changes of the past three hundred years have provided for all of humanity, even the worst. Just consider the sudden ability of a human to go from one place to another faster than a ship or an animal can carry them. Thousands of years of slow travel vanished into the past as mankind developed what we now have. We can fly! Fast! Then we have also the ability to communicate even faster than we can travel. Science brought us wondrous helpful things. Through it all access to the new inventions and systems were regulated. When the automobile, horseless carriage, came along in the series of amazing things, only the people who had enough money could have one. Noting has changed. Only the people who have enough money can have what they want. That is what made the world as we now know it. Tyrannical.

It was not enough for tyrants to regulate the acquisition of new things. They had to regulate the minds of their subjects. Notice the possessive character of the word “subject.” The tyrants think they own the people. In the most important aspect of ownership, they are correct. Only after mankind suffered the ups and downs of history for thousands of years did it become possible for the tyrants to gain the tools to fortify their tyranny enough to qualify as absolute tyranny.

Tyranny is absolute when the subjects of tyranny do not know they are subjects. The best tyranny is held by those who have subjects who believe they are free. The mind is a terrible door through which absolute tyranny reaches. You are reading this on the internet. It is part of a greater system of tyrannical absolute control. We developed radio wave generation and control. That may have been the beginning of the end of freedom. It made it possible to affect the minds of people in large numbers.

Radio, television, printed media, and the internet have brought about a means to reach millions of people with influences. Influences! That is a hell of a word. We are human. We have minds that are psychologically beyond our control. But they are not beyond influence. In fact, the past one hundred and fifty years or so saw the discovery and development of designed influence that can be used to attack the minds of millions with the same influences. You are already familiar, probably in a cursory and casual way, with the concept of propaganda. Well, propaganda was developed into mind control. That is what made absolute tyranny possible.

MK-ultra was a project that leaked to the public. It caused some irritation, but it soon went away. People get old and die. During the process their attention moves. Popular topics vanish. Old injuries heal. Irritations are soothed. But the ability to control the mind of a human being did not vanish. It didn’t even slow. It was jumped on like sinners in hell jump on a glass of water. The simile is intentional. I think the people who want to control the mind of another are evil. Mind control is absolute tyranny. Tyranny of the mind pleases tyrants far more than the chains of slavery or the rule of law.

In the United States of America people think they are a free people. It is only astonishingly effective mind control that allows them to think so. American are so far from free it seems it should not even require proof. But it does. Hundreds of millions of American prove every day that they are not free and still they do not see it. They use terms like “earn a living” as freely as they use the word “I.” They get jobs and go to work all their lives at the only jobs available without once thinking about the fact that a job is a service to someone or some organization, which is owned by someone; even when it is a stock corporations traded in the stock exchanges. There are countless proofs of the fact that Americans are not free people, but one that should make it obvious and doesn’t is the myriad of laws.

Every law is a limitation of freedom. Every single one. It doesn’t matter if the law is agreed to be necessary. It is a restraint, a limit. We can not be free and restrained at the same time. Heavily indoctrinated people are quick to prove they are not free when they offer the implanted knee -jerk responses that follow the same patterns: America is the greatest country there is; American have more freedom that other nations; laws are necessary; and millions of others. All those responses are proof that their minds are not free to even think.

People think. That seems to be true. Do they think correctly? Not very often. Are their thoughts really thoughts, or are they programming. We are all born totally helpless and ignorant. We have to assisted by adults. They teach us. In other words, the indoctrinate us. Call it “enculturation,” “acculturation,” call it “raising kids.” It does not matter if you call it freedom. It is what it is and that is all there is to it. I like to call it programming because it is so like writing code for software or robots. People program their kids and others. It does not need to be intentional. In fact, the unintentional programming has been shown to be more effective and beneficent. We like to think of it as “experience.” What a joke!

Experience is a funny thing. We have learned that eyewitness cannot report the same account of controlled laboratory experiments. People cannot pass a message along unchanged very far. All experience is filtered through the programming. That is why people do not take from the same experience the same lessons. It may be impossible to do so. Even if we become totally true and correct recipients of experiences, we may not take away the same experience. We take from our experiences a unique psychological effect.

Some incredible people have given us a new science known today as psychology. They use the word “ego” a lot. It is complicated, but what is not complicated is the fact they made clear regarding how people predominantly evaluate themselves incorrectly. Arrogance is evident in the Old Testament. Humans have long thought of themselves as something really special and endowed with greatness. Pedophilia, necrophilia, world wars, patricide, and countless other horrors of human behavior seem to have little effect on the arrogance. In it, and in countless known and unknown, human behavior the total lack of freedom is evident. We are at best prisoners of our own psychology. Most people, I have discovered, are not even capable of conceiving freedom. If I spelled it out here, most would write me off as a kook. It is what humans do to things that do not fit their programming. We burned heretics, witches, and others. We hung black men for looking at a white woman. We killed innovators. We transistorized people who are different, but we still think we are a free people in a free country. We can’t even separate the idea of government from our illusions of freedom. Governed is the opposite of free. Fools!

Writing this is an infuriating thing to do for me. I see the potential that we have and am angry that people are so lost. It is my way of shielding myself from the anguish caused by the knowledge of suffering and death in a world that is rapidly taking on the character of abject and absolute tyranny.

Our nation is experiencing the sharpest division since the war between the states. I don’t approve of the name given it. It was not civil. It was barbarity caused by differences of opinion. In a world of psychological beings who have yet to attain rationality, such things keep happening. Our hundreds of millions of people are standing in direct opposition regarding some very simple things; things that cannot be both of what they are thought to be on the opposing sides. There is nothing natural about the division but the psychology of the people. The division is man-made.

We all live in the world as it has changed since we got here. It was already greatly changed by mankind when we were born. Since then it has changed. Slow change is more difficult to detect. That is why the change from the constitutional form that established the government of the “new world” has become the opposite of what was hoped by the founders without people realizing it. The opposite has happened. Millions of people believe that the changes are good and necessary. They are cooperating in such things as removing gender pronouns from the language; tearing down historical monuments and statues, teaching their children that they are not bound by their biological sex. The number of insane things now thought to be the picture of rational thinking and sanity are too many to list. In a land that fought a war that abolished slavery, people think Americans are racists. Transvestites are invited to schools to normalize transgender and gender bending. Cross-dressing is being treated as a minority right of such importance it is beginning to rival minority rights of people who have handicaps. As if the LGBT have the majority power, the entire makeup of American society is being changed to meet their wishes. All of this and much more is nothing but the execution of long range plans by the tyrants who are not hiding any more.

All information is being censored publicly. They are announcing it for the world to hear and see. There is no fear that the “free” Americans will stop them. Why is that? It is because they have consolidated their control and fortified themselves against the free people. They no longer fear that we will “storm the Bastille.”

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Enculturation is the process by which people learn the dynamics of their surrounding culture and acquire values and norms appropriate or necessary to that culture and its worldviews. As part of this process, the influences that limit, direct, or shape the individual (whether deliberately or not) include parents, other adults, and peers. If successful, enculturation results in competence in the language, values, and rituals of the culture.” wikipedia

Is it possible that you do not fully understand the profundity of enculturation? I think it is. In fact, I think it is probably the largest failing of the human species in its entire history and today. If people fully understood it, the world would not have transpired as it has. If people realize it today, the future will take a sharp turn, and for the better.

Maybe we needed to be enculturated. I don’t know. It could even be that we still need to have our “values and norms” written into us. I think it may serve a purpose I cannot understand or detect. Who know? I was subjected to it just like everyone else. Maybe I am just a product of it. Anything is possible. On the other hand, I had a dramatic experience in 1971 that could have broken me out of it.

I have written extensively about my experience way back then. I have lived blissfully since, so I am glad it happened. One thing about being blissful is the lack of company. I have spent all my life since that day trying to help everyone or anyone become as blissful as I am or more. I have had to learn a lot, and there is still so much to learn I realize I cannot. I am seventy years old right now, 2020, and worried about the survival of life on this planet.

I think we are perilously close to exploding a lot of nuclear bombs. Then there is the ungodly volume of nuclear waste precariously sitting somewhere. Even human caused changes to the atmosphere threaten. Even if we avoid such pitfalls and even if I live to five hundred years old, I probably couldn’t learn enough. There is a not of accumulated knowledge.

I have boiled what I know down to a few points that I think will help. This post is to that end. If we can realize that we are not really independent individuals, it might help. We have to realize that we have been enculturated, (sometimes spelled acculturated) and find ways to become better. It is not enough to parrot our culture. We are in dire need of new ways.

I am convinced that by letting love become what it can within you, that you will be “reborn” in some way. I rather like to think of it as a way to rise above programming, the programming that is also known as enculturation. Doing so makes it possible to recreate ourselves as we would like to be. Love has an effect, at least it did on me, that could be the same for everyone. The problem is that love is different for everyone.

“Love is love and not fade away.” That lyric is a revision of the original Buddy Holly song. The Rolling Stones revised it this way. It says to me that love is love and is does not fade. There are probably as many version of love as there are people. We need a more concreted definition. I don’t know what it would be. I can tell you this, there is a love that can put you into a bliss that will not fade, cannot be destroyed, and comes with so many wonderful effects I cannot list them. That is the love we need. Maybe I was luck, or maybe something caused it for me. Regardless, my experience revealed it, to me at least. I was dramatically transformed.

As the experience unfolded, and there must have been about fifteen minutes involved, I felt myself to be an infant suspended in the air above my twenty-year old body looking down at myself. I realized that I was not a product of my own creation, that I was just full of crap unable to explain most of what I was and what I thought. It was very realistic. I was an infant looking down at me. Subsequent reading has made me aware of “out-of-body” experiences. Well, I was having one, I think, but I was in a body, a baby body. From there I decided I had to start over.

I made a decision to remake myself as I thought I want to be. I was not very old, so there was not a lot to redo. I reentered my body and was almost instantly launched into a feeling of overwhelming joy. It was so powerful I thought my heart would fail. So, I went to the sink and splashed water on my face and calmed down. Since that night, I have lived in the joy that frightened me so much I thought I couldn’t handle it. I call it bliss. I wish it for all.

The years since then are beyond this post. I just want to say that my original intent was to love everyone in the world the way I loved a girl. I loved her so much she was far more important to me than I was to myself. She caught me when I was fifteen and broke up with me two months later. Then she took me back. That happened six times. When I wanted to see if loving everyone was The Answer, I asked myself what is love. I chose the love I had for that girl. I think that was a key element in my transformation. It has evolved a lot.

I now love all living things, the world, the universe, everything that has ever happened, everything that is happening, God, and everything else. What ever that is. It is unconditional love. It has no “because.” It needs no recipient. It needs no return. It is just a general and dominating love. I could write a book about it. Perhaps I will someday. Unconditional love is exactly what the word implies. It makes it possible to love the worst of humans. It makes it possible to understand that everything is unfolding the way it has to. It also makes it possible to influence the way things unfold. That is what I am doing right now.

I hope that it will not be necessary to explode the nukes. I hope and intend. We have to act. Life demands breathing and many other things. This proves the necessity to act. Beyond that the necessity to act becomes so complicated it has defied human consciousness for thousands of years at least. Even doing nothing is an act. If we must act, we must have the power to influence things. If we have the power to influence things whether we do so intentionally or not, I choose intentional. All I want is the total fulfillment of every living thing and a lot more. I will not settle for less. If you knew what I hope for, you would likely write me off. So, I will keep some to myself. I’ll add this, I don’t want anything that is not the absolute best I can hope for for everyone and everything. I am a close son of God. So, I trust him. I do not feel separate from God. I think we can act to assist him. I think we urgently to act. Even if all things blow up, it is not the end, but I don’t want to take that path. We don’t have to. It is really up to us, all of us. I can’t do it alone. Join me.

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Successful Election Theft

There are two reasons the theft of the election is so successful. Corrupt politicians and fake news. If we can get one important politician indicted, it will provide the information on others for leniency. I think it is likely that it can happen. Fake news is altogether another matter and more difficult to address.

People are born, live, and die. I know you know this. But consider new generations not understanding what journalism was fifty years ago or more. I study the media by reading books and other methods. I am convinced that the media has become the most formidable weapon to use against the people. By that I mean, the entire population of the world. The People. I have seen by watching the broadcasts that what passes for journalism today is not like it was fifty years ago. I have read in books that modern education of  students in the field of “journalism” teaches them to present the news in ways that “prevent the wrong information from being publishes,” and other proactive ideas. They are trying to take control of the people on grounds of protecting them. Information that can lead people to conclusions undesired are not being allowed. When they do occur, they are “fact checked” and messages are added. Anyone can see it for themselves by looking at some Twitter feed, Facebook page, YouTube, or other high-tech source. Even the printed media is involved. The way they are able to control public opinion has reached a level I think it brainwashing.

It must be understood that enculturation is like brainwashing, but the media is not enculturating people. It is controlling them like they are robots that can be programmed and made to respond according to predesigned programming. It is insidious and criminal. The criminals who are able to use the media to control the people are obviously the very rich. The minions who serve them are protective cannon fodder. They are victims mostly, but there are recruits as well. The very rich are able to get people to join them willingly. This is made dramatic in movies about hired assassins. Many people will do anything if it pays enough. Some want to be on the winning side. It varies, but the fact that we are under attack using an information weapon built upon the relatively new power of psychology.

In the early 1900s, and obviously earlier in less profound ways, humans began to learn how to affect the opinions, feelings, thought processes, and actions of great numbers of humans. They extrapolated the knowledge and created the massive propaganda history of World War I. They used it to get females to change their attitudes regarding smoking cigarettes almost doubling the market for the tobacco industry. Psychologists had already delved deeply into the workings of the human brain. Reactions were categorized and analyzed. Psychiatry evolved from it. The use of such information seemed academic to most people, but there was a select group who saw a use for it.

Control of the masses has been long desired by the very rich. Kings could have benefited greatly by knowing what makes people “tick.” Consider, please, the way the military of the world uses psychology to manipulate people into becoming soldiers. This entire post is telling you something you already know but have not carried it to it inevitable revelations. To shorten this message, the media today is a result of more than a hundred years of developing the ability to control the opinions and behavior of people in huge numbers. We are seeing it in action in the election and other things.

Millions of people are so afraid of Trump they are willing to do anything to protect this nation and its people from him. They are totally justified. I know that sounds crazy to Trump supporters. So, consider the information that caused them to fear Trump. It all comes from the media with a small dab that comes from association with other people. If you believed all the fake news says about Donald Trump, you would fear him too. They are doing the right thing as they understand it. So are you. So am I. Unless you have made the decision to be evil, you do what you do because it seems to you at the time and place to be the right thing to do when your desires are factored into it. I am fighting the urge to go into this too far. I just want you to realize that the “never-Trumpers” are totally justified because they base their opinions on the information they believe, which they got from the media.

Where can we get information? Few think of this question. So, I will tell you, we get it in two way; direct experience and form communication. We watch videos these days, but they are a from of communication. Anything you do not experience yourself can only be considered using communicated information. Even the awareness of something you do not experience yourself must come from communications. To be thorough, we can think of things we do not experience and that have not been communicated to us, but it is rare. I think the entire universe can be deduced. I just don’t know anyone who is doing it. Surely, there are things we realize by mental means. If they were a larger percentage of human opinion building and actions, I would delve deeper here. For now, just think of the complexity of the world, especially the world of human activity, by seven billion people and you will see clearly that few people are able to cognize it. Even the most travelled, educated, and connected person alive can only see the world in a view greater than as though looking through a pin hole in blinders. Opinion formation is a deep subject with a precipitous learning curve. That is why specialization, compartmentalization are being used by those who have nothing more expedient to do. Most of us are too busy to endeavor in such things even if we wanted to and have not the money to do so if we did. But the very rich have all they need. All but a heart, that is.

I can’t think of a more urgent mission than getting control of the media back. It used to be journalism that provided the facts and let the people decide. Now it is mind-control weapons. It is, as Trump said, the enemy of the people. The first thing that must be done is getting people to think about it. Then to reach out to the victims of the media and help them. It is not easy. I know. The programming of human minds by the media includes resistance programming.

If you are shocked by the behavior of never-Trumpers when presented with facts, you have seen the programmed response resisting it. It is all very complicated and there is so much I want to present it is impossible. I have to settle for what I can do and be happy with that.

It is not enough to fight for Trumps election. It is not enough to praise him and denigrate Biden. We can post trillions of pretty and cogent pictures with captions without getting anything done. People who consult the posts are the ones who don’t need the information. They already know it or agree with it. The problem is reaching the people who are under the control of fake news. How do we reach them? If Trump prevails and takes another four years, we will still have these problems. His presidency is not going to change it. The problem is too engrained in the fabric of human societies. We must become better people. All of us. We must stop allowing our enculturation to form our opinions and outlook. We have to find a way to love. Love is the answer to it all.

I have written my fingers numb trying to relate to people how love works. I will not go further here. You can read some of my writings at

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Christmas Day 2020 Anguish and Hope

The depths of anguish are unplumbable. Learning is fraught with knowledge. The bliss of ignorance is attractive. There is no sanctuary for ignorance, no safe place to ignore the facts. The bliss is dangerous. Somehow, the mass of humanity must be imbued with the facts all at once. A snap of a magician’s fingers would do it. God’s overwhelming of human minds with a total and perfect consciousness of all that has ever happened would surely plunge everyone into the depths of anguish do deeply we would suffocate and vanish from the universe. Can that be the only way to stop the unconscionable behavior of human beings?

Anguish pulls me deeper as knowledge come to light in my mind. I study every morning with rare exceptions caused by the exigencies of life. It is 2020 years since Jesus, arguably. Life today bears almost the exact same look as it did when Jesus walked. There are more people now, an estimated 7 billion. Estimates range around 300 million when Jesus was alive. After all that time, people have not changed much. The world they live in has changed a lot while affecting people in many ways mostly imperceptible.

Mankind seems to be slowly grinding the world into dust as they grind ahead and then fall back repeatedly. I think there is a slow advancement in mankind, but the slightest moat of dust seems to have the power to erase it instantly. How long can it continue? Questions demand attention despite aversion to them.

Question increase as facts come to light. I sit here trying to splash my feelings and thoughts across the keyboard. They assail my being with inspiration mated with anguish. I learn things. Horrible things. They are not the deeds of hideous monsters from fairy tales or fiction. They are things that humans have done. I would vomit my heart into my hands and sooth it if I could. Strangely, but not surprisingly, my heart is well equipped to cope with the anguish. It is simply part of me to be able to feel all feelings within my invincible bliss. Without it I would probably not be learning as I am. Something would hold me away from it. Some guiding hand, some subconscious reflex, some better consciousness of my soul. Instead, I feel and think a guiding hand is showing me. A hand that guided me to the bliss that makes it possible for me to withstand the knowledge. I feel God’s hand upon my shoulder, but I feel too small to even try to know him. My little mind doesn’t feel up to the task. I rely on love.

I may not be able to know God, but I have love. I can realize God more as time with love unfolds the universe before me. His love enfolds me at all times. Nothing can take that from me. Love became part of me, and my life embarked in a new direction. It feels like a journey to knowing God better. Knowing the facts of history must be necessary. Why else would they be coming so hard and fast? I ponder these things and more this morning in response to an accidental lesson I would like to share. Even if none dare read my words, the writing of them feels right to me.

I was studying a book by Walter Lippmann written sometime around 1914, Public Opinion. I have read another by him, Drift and Mastery. Public Opinion opens with a story that mentions the trial of Madame Caillaux for the murder of Gaston Calmette. I couldn’t understand what I was reading, so I went to the computer and looked up Madame Caillaux. It turned out to be an historical event. I had thought Lippmann had invented the whole thing to develop a point. No. He had made up a story that included the historical event. Well, the event led me along a path of discovery that ripped at my heart. One thing leads to another when you don’t pass over something you don’t understand, as I do.

Mr. Lippmann was writing his book a few years prior to World War I. The world will never be the same after that war. The trial of Madame Caillaux, in which she was acquitted even though she did actually murder Mr. Calmette, reflects the general mood of the times. I think mankind would benefit greatly by gaining a better comprehension of that part of time. The Industrial Revolution was pounding down the track of history and the world was on the verge of “the war to end all wars,” or so they thought. Trying to better comprehend Mr. Lippmann’s words lead me into more research about World War I. The anguish overcame me quickly.

I inadvertently, though it is my way, followed the information by looking up everything that seemed to need comprehension I lacked in sufficient quantity and quality. I saw a reference to emigration in the material regarding the conflict between the belligerents of the war. I don’t remember why I clicked on the word. It was a link. You click on it and another page opens on the screen. I like to check out such links. This one opened by eyes to horrors. Of course, the links about WW I did too. But, for some reason, this one hit me harder. If you are not well acquainted with the history of WW I, you are part of the problem. History must be known by everyone if we are to survive. It wasn’t that long ago. You will understand how relevant it is to your life if you follow this writing and/or if you do the study regarding WW I. At least, I hope you will understand. That may be a “pie-in-sky” foolish hope. I realize that. But I can hope.

As I poured over article about WW I this morning, I read a lot about the various people and nations involved. That led me to the link to emigration. The word itself required deeper understanding. So the next thing I knew, I was reading about “population transfer.” That is when it hit me.

Population transfer is a part of our history. Believe it or not! Humans have forced entire populations of like people to leave their homes. Look it up! Don’t you dare not look. You are part of the world I live in. We are obligated to each other whether we like it or not.

Today is unlike any other day that ever came before. But there is one think that has not changed and probably cannot change. We all live right here together on this planet. You make up a part of the world, as do I. Your contribution and mine are the business of both. We seem to like to pretend that we have our own business and that mine is mine and yours is yours. Reality includes you and I. So, our very existence makes the world we both are forced to inhabit. If you follow the logic, even if you move to a distant planet, you would still be part of the universe, of reality. You cannot be out of my reality nor I yours. The effect we have on one another varies, but the fact of effect cannot be abrogated. Isn’t that a fact we should be able to assimilate profoundly enough to join together in common cause? I think it is, but reading about population transfer and “push and pull factors” tells me joining has not been the way for too long already.

My heart aches with the knowledge of historical population transfers. As a man of Cherokee ancestry, I feel, somehow, a deep pain when I think of the Trail of Tears. Reading about the ancient Assyrian population transfer of about three thousand years ago, the 800, 000 Albanian deportations of 1999, and 12 million Germans expulsed after WW II tears my heart. I commiserate even with the dead. I cannot help it, nor do I intend to. I see the lack of such commiseration as one of the greatest crimes possible. But when I live in a nation that is the recipient of massive migration, the relevance of the crime is immediate. As the clues accumulate indicating human capacity for horror even worse than population transfers, relevance weighs upon every living thing and the earth, too.

The urgency of our time is not being recognized fast enough. Especially in the United States of America. The other nations of the world are not known well enough to me. I cannot, therefore, know how fast the urgency is being recognized there. I think, though, that they are at least similarly unaware. There has been a homogenization of human social groups that holds promise of greatness while at the same time a possibility of total destruction. The world has become the product of the characteristics of the human race.

In the popular history of mankind, true or not, the population is said to have steadily increased from about a million 12,000 years ago to about seven billion today. I personally think the history of mankind is still incompletely known. Twelve thousand years of continual activity by increasing numbers of people has transformed the surface of the land, the composition of the water and the air. Even outer space is littered with things put there by humans. The planets of our solar system now bear the marks and burden of human effort. If we had our way, we would already be doing the same to planets orbiting other stars. We are poised on the razor thin edge between survival and extinction. You are not entitled to your own facts. You are obligated to know the truth. There is plenty of room for different opinions even when all know the truth about everything. I have some difficulty rationalizing them, but I can entertain the possibility of differences of taste. Given the fact of “identity,” differences must be part of reality. However, I see not way to abrogate the exigencies our near identical existence demand. When taken in their full measure, the differences between the divisions humans have constructed between the many forms of life are almost trivial. “Life” is clearly a commonality we all share. I would go so far as to conjecture that matter and energy comprise all we know. What is the difference between a rock and a whale? Not much. We think of the differences because we are psychologically bound. Our perceptions are the foundations of our discernment between rocks and whales. We like to give ourselves profundity because we are conscious. The possibility that most of our consciousness is subconsciousness seem to have little influence on our self-aggrandizement. And this completes the circle.

People have easily available evidence of massive and horrible human behavior. We have forced entire population from their homes. We have hurt children for some form of twisted pleasure. We have killed 108 million of us in the twentieth century alone. According to an New York Times article, in the past 3400 years only 268, or eight percent, of them have been entirely at peace. We have unearthed mass-graves in Germany near Herxheim that dates back to about 5000 BC. There are more, and older. Humans have a horrible history as we now understand it, again, not a very complete understanding as I see it. Living today is more hell than joy for far too many people. We are killing everything that lives and destroying everything around us. We are now in what scientists call the “Holocene extinction event.” For nearly every human on earth killing animals and eating them is done with almost total detachment. The plants are disregarded so thoroughly and given so little consideration we are facing a change in the atmosphere that could destroy the entire human species as it destroys all other forms of life. I can continue in this until I make myself sick. It is necessary to recognize reality, for we are balanced on a razor thin ridge. We will go one way or the other.

On one side is an end. On the other a beginning. After some million years of human development, we have finally reached a time when we can begin. I do not want to be explicit about the beginning. Most people would not be able to understand it if I tried. I can barely conceive it. The ability to communicate it is still beyond me. But communication is a two-way activity. If I could communicate the beginning with superb articulation, who would be able to understand it. I can say things using vocabulary that is precise without one person knowing what I am saying. How, then, am I to communicate something that is till unclear to me? It is imperative that we all understand a lot of things that are very lacking.

I look to God. As I wrote at the beginning of this Christmas Day article, I hope he will guide all to a total and perfect consciousness. I mean to communicate a quickness. It seems to me that the entire universe has been working toward that very denouement for at least billions of years. That is fine, but I want it yesterday. I would love to have some company in the bliss that I enjoy.

Not to toot my own horn, I have no company. I don’t know of anyone who shares my outlook. I have lived for fifty years in ways that no one else does. I have found various people who embody some part that is as I. I do not know loneliness, but I enjoy company. I fear, though. I am invested in life. I seek the answer in life, not in death. Here again, I can continue down this line far. Suffice it to say, I fear the killing of life even though I think there is no way to end it. Death is but a change of the old for the new. Still, I fear it because I want to attain in this life. I want everyone to. If not in this life, it will come in another. I have no fear that it will not. Love can make fear an ally. Allies work together. Love is still the answer.

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The 2020 Election

Political maneuvering is a terrible way to conduct the power of this nation, or any other. Strategy! I read that Nancy Pelosi is a shrewd political strategist. That explains a lot. Just look at her elections and her electorate. Realize, too, that she gets elected by people who are not required to prove they are citizens of the US.

With the open borders and sanctuary cities, politicians are strategizing ways to win elections by getting votes from people who have no right to vote. There are those who think it is perfectly fine for people who are not citizens to vote. Some even think that people who cross the border illegally should be able to vote in the US. In a nation where some states will not allow a convicted felon to vote, the unequal application of the rules and laws is criminal. It even happens in the thinking of some.

The USA has about 24 million people who are felony law breakers that have been caught. Every single one has been subjected the punishment of laws of the land. Removing their right to exercise a power to change the laws is a flagrant denial of the principles of this nation. Throughout history laws have changed. Intelligence and discovery have rendered laws barbaric and stupid many times. Heresy and witchcraft, for example. The trends of human opinion have made alcoholic drinks illegal and now make consumption of countless substances illegal. That voting could permit this is vivid proof that political strategizing has defeated the very concept of free people governing themselves. In the land of the free people are punished by the law for consumption of many things. The personal aspect of consumption has been negated on the grounds of the greater welfare of the state. Rights be damned. This in a land now at the brink of forcing the population to take a vaccination that alters DNA. And virtually on one even notices the profundity of it.

People are too easily fanned into mobs. Trends determine opinions far more than facts. Reason is a volatile variable that rises and falls. The “good sense” of today may be the folly of tomorrow. This fact is obvious and noticed by the political wranglers. Fools in incalculable numbers can be manipulated by them. Now that the news has been converted to propaganda the fools have become victims more than idiots. With modern media all hope of reason has been stomped into the mud and replaced by Manchurian auto-response.

I am clinging to the last thread of confidence in people. It is a thread rapidly unraveling. I don’t blame people, though. I see what has happened to them. They are innocent. Manipulators are to blame. There are many aspects to the manipulation and the manipulators. Some are just plain evil. Others are dupes. Most are idiots. Every person standing around the fire as the witch burned was duped or stupid. Life dupes people, but some, realizing how life dupes people, have developed the ability to dupe them for purposes. That is what politics is in America.

Honesty in politics never existed. Honesty! The term itself is dishonest. Human psychology disqualifies us from attempting the definition. At best, we can attempt to hold powerful people accountable for damages, but we cannot expect them to be honest. They thought they  were being honest and righteous when they burned a witch or heretic. How can we do better? It sure will not be by voting for politicians. It will not be by voting for policy or actions. It is clearly not going to come from judges.

When judges make decisions that fit perfectly with the political party that make judges of them, it is made too obvious that truth and honesty are not possible. I doubt that judges even think they are being objective and wise. They want what they want and have stopped pretending to be impartial. This nation, the world, is in big trouble. “Ruling from the bench,” is just what it implies. Who rules us?

There is a root from which it all grows. The root has many forks and branches. The people are like the tiny hair-like roots out on the ends of the forks and branches. They do all the work for the plant and are changed out annually. The analogy is born out in the long list of human wars and violence. Human consciousness is the root. It is the source of it all.

Billions of human consciousnesses create the world of mankind. Man did not create the planet or the rest of the universe. But on Earth, they have made some substantial changes. The 2020 election is the result of thousands of years of human psychology survival. The human race has been around a long time. They have been busy. The factors involved in life still elude mankind, but opinions about it are as numerous as the people. Here we are after all those thousands of years trying to appoint a human to unconscionable power.

From a history only the devil can boast about, we are trying to select a flawed human to exercise power that could easily destroy all life on this planet. We are doing it as if we are all-knowing and wise. Millions of people in the USA and billions around the world are lined up and pulling on a giant rope. But it is a rope tied to our doom. Like lunatics we are pushing a plunger that detonates a bomb. There is no candidate that is worthy of the power being fought for. The issues are not even being considered. All thought is being diverted into a pit from which there is no escape. Political machinations. Political activities. That is all we are about right now. Who gets the power of the presidency? It matters, but not nearly as much as countless other things.

We must conduct the selection of the president because the momentum of combined human consciousness has forced it upon us. If nothing else comes of this election, realization of the power to manipulate the human consciousness could save us. The way Trump has been demonized is proof. The media has the power to whip millions, maybe even billions, into a rabid mob. They can muster the people to lynch an innocent person. They can make them feel as justified as the people watching the witch or heretic burn. How far have we come? We have come far! In the wrong direction! The power is too great to exist, but the fight is upon us. The division of the American people has set the troop deployment.

It is not a fight for a president. It is a fight for freedom from the manipulation of our minds. It is a fight for the light. It is a fight for peace. Nations oppose nations. Weapons that could destroy all life are waiting for someone to drop the feather onto the camel’s back. When it breaks, it will make an atomic sound that no one will hear. As Americans stand divided over a presidential election, war looms.

We are facing too much potential for war, even civil war. When Trump said he would drain the swamp, he probably didn’t know what he was saying. It probably seemed simple to him. Indeed, it should be simple, but it is not. I think his greatest accomplishment is his awakening of the people. He made us see that the media is manipulating everything. He brought corruption into the forefront of thought. He made it clear that our elections are rigged. He, in essence, stood a torch between good and evil. The light is shed on both. It reveals imperfections in both. It set the world into motion. From recumbent confidence in our nation, people have gotten up. On both sides of the divide, the people have been shaken from their repose. It is clear that we have been too relaxed. Now, after so long, the fight for life and light is brewing. The entrenched swamp critters are scrambling. They are making scraping noises that have caught the attention of the people. The people became too used to the dark. Their eyes just dilated, and they didn’t even realize it was getting dark. The sides of the election are both important in the awakening. For contrast increases perception. If we are luck, this election will cause enough people to stand up and pay attention.

We have not paid attention. Our nation has been infiltrated by our enemies. They have been among us so long and in such numbers that our nation is almost lost already. This is not about Trump or Biden. It is about realizing what has happened while we relaxed. It is not too late. I is close, though.

Corruption has always been. It has had enough time. Now it must stop. There are ways to make the world a wonderful and magical place where everyone is safe, comfortable, happy, and fulfilled. That is the real issue. It is not the election, but the election is the focus that may bring the real issues to mind at last.

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Live Long Enough to Learn

I had to live seventy years and apply all my powers to gain an understanding of people and human society that has now become began to shed some light instead of a hope confounded by bewilderment and futility. I have been obsessed with it for the past fifty years. I can’t even guess as to the number of books I have read, and the number of other things I have read dwarf the number of books. Knowing that printed material receives more forethought than spoken material has not been enough to deter decades of talking with people almost as an anthropologist, sociologist, psychologist, brother, and earnest seeker. The myriad areas of human activity defy all attempts to know everything. Seventy years could not be enough time, but two hundred would not be enough either. Specialization has exceeded all possibility of an individual attaining comprehensive knowledge and understanding. When added to the long history of mankind, the possibility is even less. Over the past decade or so, study of old material and thought regarding the beginnings have given me epiphanies that keep on coming.  Insights are bursting in my mind like bolts of lightning. Sometimes it feels like I am going to break through again.

We are human beings. There are billions of us. Our history has been unfolding for at least many thousands of years. We have accumulated knowledge, materials, power, social systems, and history. Mortality has been bridged by language, writing, artifact, art, music, legacy, and the simple love of family. When humans pass on, they leave influences behind. Each generation receives something of a stamp on the next. Tradition is passed on with a small element of rebellion. Little changes for thousands of years until about two hundred years ago, arguably. It all brought us to today and will bring us to tomorrow. When things began to change in the recent centuries, the lack of knowledge and understanding we all exemplify has become both dangerous and promising.

It appears to me that humans have changed little. They evolve some. They have more complex experiences and greater power, but basically, they are still the same as they were during the days of Socrates. One could make a case for some degeneration of development, but not enough to change the assessment much. People remain the same. This has many implications and ramifications. One can deduce all sorts of things by understanding the unchanging character of people. Some of those things have hit me like a ton of light.

Knowing and understanding people is a circulation if it does not bring helpful insights that result in positive changes. It is like pumping fluid from a container back into the same container. Yes. It is work, but it is silly. People have been trying every conceivable method to live. Individuals have lived alone in the wilderness and throngs of people have lived in association.  The knowledge and understanding, which are distinct things, that is available in the simple comparison between the two might be infinite. Infinite or not, they are sorely needed right now.

There is absolutely no such thing as freedom. Not as a human. A life form cannot be totally free. All life is subject to the laws of the universe, or whatever you would call the forces that act on us whether we know them or not. The forces we cannot escape negate freedom. All the noise human create regarding freedom, liberty, are fictions understood only in vernacular givens. That is where a huge source of human suffering lies. Too much is taken for granted when they are nothing even resembling forces that bind us. Living is identity within the vastness of the universe. Identity is a limit to freedom. This fact is vastly overlooked. The entire everything would be a soup of undifferentiated nothing without identity. When something or someone defines an identity and attempts to sustain it, liberty becomes relative. Relativity is a limit. To be without limit is impossible. Creation means definition. Definition means limits and limits mean loss of freedom, or liberty, if you please. Even if a human has an immortal soul, even if heaven is real, even if God is real, there can be no true liberty because identity is limit. We are limited to being who and what we are where we are and when we are. God’s existence is no different. God is a limit. Maybe you can imagine a primordial nothing from which all came.

The primordial noting was something. It was nothing. Nothingness is something. Before there were stars and planets, before there were laws of physics, before there was God, there was the something that had no definition. When the nothing defined, all began. This is funny to write, but it is vital to comprehend. I hope you can realize that there had to be a beginning of everything including what we think of as the astral plane, heaven, and countless other words. If the universe was the defining of the something that had no definition, it was already something that had no definition. See how circular it goes. Comprehension of the undefined nothing may be beyond human ability to know and understand but knowing something of the beginning of the reality we are bound by is not.

As much as I enjoy contemplating the beginning of the universe I am trapped in, the conditions that now presents are expedients that compel me to sit here typing my thoughts. Instead of sharing the seemingly endless thoughts I have about the beginnings and the before, I want to use the same method of thought to analyze current conditions and develop methods to benefit us all. Where does that bring us? To human beings living in the wilderness and in associations. Society is an association. But when there is more than one human in the universe, there is no possibility of being free of the association. Living in the wilderness while another lives in the wilderness on a distant planet is by definition a human association. Everything each does makes the universe a little different, as does the mere existence of the other. This may seem esoteric circulation, but it is not. It is vital to our lives right now and tomorrow. It is imperative that more people realize that we are unable to live free or die independently of others. Nothing can negate the interconnection. So, if we are forced by the laws of the universe to live together, maybe we should devise ways to do.

I think humans have yet to think of ways to live together. Sure, thoughts abound. So does fiction. In fact, fiction is the only thing that can be infinite, in my opinion. The word “if“ implies infinite possibilities. We, the humans, have tried so many ways to live together consciously it may not be possible to remember all of them. We have been at it so long our planet bears the scars. Peace has still not been attained. In fact, war is still more common. You see? Even with thousands of years of association, people have changed very little. What happened to learning from experience?

Though experience is said to be a wonderful teacher, it is also a conditioner. This is a fact. It is not something that is relative or that can be applied to one case and not another. Experiences does more conditioning than teaching. I think this is obvious. When one of my men introduced me, he told the person I taught him everything he knows about trees. I objected and said I taught him a lot more than he knows. It was funny, but true. We cannot expect another to learn all we teach. We cannot expect a person to learn all that experience teaches. Indeed, experiences teaches fiction far too often. This is an easily observable human phenomenon. I don’t think it is necessary to attempt to prove it here. The examples already analyzed to death should make it unnecessary. Learning is a difficult thing to do. It is fraught with pitfalls. People learn things that are not true. They learn things that are detrimental. They believe things that are fiction. People still lack the ability to pass along something successfully. Even experiences become distorted by the effort to communicate them. Communication is a faulty system at best. It works some. Now that we can write, it has improved some, but not enough for one can write fiction. Learning and communication are hardly reliable. This has shown in all human association methods as far back as I can see. I will say it goes further back than the universe. That is because I think there is a history that preceded the formation of the physical universe, but that is not what this effort is designed to address. There seems to me to be one thing that outranks all others. How can we live together in peace and prosperity? How can we live utopically?

One of the things that love does to a human, and any other life form, is it compels them to empathize with loved ones. Degrees do not negate the fact. Some empathize more, some less. Some love this way, others another. Love is one thing to one and another to another. But love makes me want to see and end to suffering and death. I want to see people frolic in bliss fulfilled and robust. I cannot lie down and let the universe roll over me or us. Death is not acceptable and all the suffering of life isn’t either. That may sound strange to you, and that is the problem as I see it. Experience has conditioned people to accept things they have no desire to accept. When I challenge the acceptance, I see the same limited set of reactions. People don’t change much. They never have. This means the problems are old and persistent. So what? It only means we have nearly exhausted all methods to deal with them. Maybe when we all learn at the same time that we have tried everything but the right thing, we will finally solve it. Unfortunately, experience doesn’t prevent trying the same things over and over. Even in a single life, trying the same wrong things again is all too common. In mortal beings, how can learning from experience fix the problems? The answer is simple, love.

My intention here is to address some issues that plague us while love remains in the future. I think there are several problems that are holding love in abeyance. At this time in my life, many things appear to be simple enough to understand well enough to help present solutions and realizations. Survival, for instance. War. Suffering. Controversy. Hate. Evil. God. Society. Government. Thought. Many things seem to me now to be within my reach. If I die without effecting a step toward the light, I will come right back and try again. The drive is that strong. I feel your pain and sorrow. I want all the good and best for all of you. The potential you have is beyond my ability to communicate. It is beyond my ability to conceive. It is beyond yours, too. I have had a glimpse, though. Let me liken it to paradise. But it is better than my best conception of paradise. I know that much.

I will post this now. Stay tuned.

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Closures to Catastrophe

As more and more business are permanently closed due to government orders, catastrophe beyond pandemic fatalities becomes more likely and more obviously worse than fatalities by disease. The fragility of civilization should be obvious to average intelligence and knowledge. I fear this fact is lost on the people. Seven billion people convulsing in panic is a horror to contemplate, but it is becoming a horror to contend with. Since average intelligence and knowledge can realize that government is shutting the economy down around the globe, it should be evident to the least intelligent and uninformed that it is being done intentionally.

Can the economy be shut down by orders from governments unintentionally? Are the consequences too difficult to comprehend? As is always the case, you may think what you will. But I remind you that even God cannot save you from your own will. You can think there is no possibility that some would like to see the global civilization collapse. Sure you can. You can be an idiot. You can ignore fire and burn to a crisp. You can tie others to posts and build fires beneath their feet when there are enough who want to join you. To think for a moment that the economy can suffer the damage already sustained by the orders of the government without catastrophe is also something you can do of your own will. How many times have those who intend to do harm to others been successful because they were able to surprise their victims?

There is a massive effort underway to dispose the people to fail to notice a surprise attack coming. Fools and idiots are not alone in the failure to notice. Few are exempted. Even when population reduction is publicly advanced as a necessity and a desire by those who have wealth and power beyond average human comprehension, the people remain oblivious. They have been assaulted stealthily long enough to ensure the surprise.

Modern technology has been put to the purposes of those who have power. They find themselves living in great luxury and leisure threatened by population growth. Feelings of superiority and entitlement have given them deep disdain and hate for the people. In a world only a couple of centuries into the abolition of slavery, the characteristic that allows a human being to own slaves, has not had enough time to disappear. It is not just alive and well. It is thriving. Modern technology has been purposed to the control of the people. The people in general do all the labor that provides the luxury and leisure of the self-proclaimed superior entitled. This translates to enslavement. The investment in modern communications technology, be it television, radio, telephone, computers, internet, social media, or even the media in general, was voluntary. Even is some college student or garage computer builder brought it to the world, the investment came only from those who had it to invest. That is the way of things in this world.

Only the most conditioned and enculturated are incognizant of the fact that money is invested to bring new things into popular use and acceptance. It does not happen any other way. The sanctity of business has been manifest in modern man using the power of conditioning and enculturation. “It’s only business,” is a con. It is a hypnotic spell. Countless atrocity has been committed in the name of business and a builtin acceptance was preinstalled in the hearts and minds of the people who serve those who use business to perpetuate the luxury and leisure they enjoy. The poor masses have missed the building cataclysm. It is not too late.

People are far more than modern brainwashing techniques can dominate. The words you are reading right now is proof enough. My first and most urgent desire of everyone is that they realize the innocent pleasures they enjoy are fueling their worst enemies. It’s business that supplies them. it is business that can defeat them. Nearly everything we do in this world is a source of money for those who have orchestrated the world of business. We are like solar panels that create great power by buying things and activities. We must come to understand this and decide what we want to do about it.

It is clear to me that everyone in this world can live better than the richest people in the world. That is something that is not being permitted the masses of humanity to know. They must, instead, hold a fiction up to be reality that there is simply not enough nor can there be enough even to sustain at survival level the huge human population without destroying the natural world, much less provide them with the luxury and leisure those who hold the fiction up enjoy. It is not true. The universe is infinite.

Notice that the space programs are put on hold. Notice that technology that can control the people is receiving more funding. Even technology that can dispose of billions of human dead is fully developed already. The Georgia Guidestones announce and vow to eliminate about six and half billion people. The cry of alarm is ringing across the planet. Hopefully, this post will help more to hear it. The shutdown is going to bring billions to their end, and soon. We must stop it. Those who are perpetrating it are few. We are many.

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Schizophrenic News

I watched two news channels on television, CNN and FOX. Switching back and forth between the two was like being schizophrenic. The total and undisguised bias was frightening. Both were little more than editorial broadcasts. There was a time when the news was purposefully and adroitly objective. Facts were reported and opinions were offered only in editorials.

Maybe some young people are not aware of the difference between fact reporting and editorials since the distinction has been abandoned by news services for a long time. I urge everyone to make an effort to learn the difference. News is supposed to be the report of facts. Editorials are supposed to be the report of opinions. It is quite simple, but evidently not simple enough for millions of Americans. Both FOX and CNN, as well as all the others, have completely lost the distinction, though FOX a little less. They are partisan. They report their opinions as facts and their opinions are based in their desires. CNN want Biden to win the presidency and FOX want Trump to win. Instead of being news stations, they are agenda stations. In other words, they are infomercial stations. This has made them the enemy of the people, just as Trump said.

The constitutional protection of the “press” was written as an amendment. It was not included until the colonies rejected, failed to ratify, the constitution. What we know as the Bill of Rights was amended to the constitution in order to get the thirteen colonies to agree to institute the federal government. It worked, but failed in many ways to address the future.

Freedom of the press was important to the colonists. The only form of the press was printed media. That is why is was called the press. Printed media was created by “pressing” the letters of text onto the paper. The colonists had too much work to do in order to survive in those time to be able to stay informed about government by any other means. No more than we are able to be involved in the decisions and actions of government, the colonists could not be an “informed electorate” without having some printed media to help them. If false information was printed, the publishers faced the wrath of the readers. It just didn’t happen much. It was a matter of honor to produce printed media that presented only verifiable facts. There are many instances reported of publishers going rogue and printing opinions. They are topics of some good movies because it was so unusual, even revolutionary. But the media was the way the people obtained facts they could use to form opinions and express their choices, which was available in the vote. We are living in the aftermath of the destruction of the press.

What we have now is editorials. They are opinions mixed with facts. They are not able to completely abandon the facts. No one would hear the opinions if they did. That would not serve the people who want their opinions to influence the vote. They are bound by some natural human tendencies to report some facts. The people want to know the facts. This opened the door to corruption of the media, or the press, as it was protected in the first amendment. It was simple deduction that the vote could be influenced by influencing opinions. Common knowledge was and is that trust can be used to influence opinions. Back during the days when the freedom of the press was being forced into the constitution by amendments, the people trusted the press. But the press had already become part of a complex system beyond the comprehension of the masses.

We were all born into a complex of systems that affect our lives so profoundly they dominate the quality of our lives, the length of our lives, and the opportunities available to us. I have a though time trying to get people to comprehend this simple and easily seen fact. It is astonishing that it is not fully understood already. My research and soul searching have provided me with the causes of of such blindness, but that is another topic. It remains that people do not understand the nature of the world they were born into. It is a form of blindness. If they ever see it, they will change it.

I have made the case on many time, so I here simply state it simply. Mankind has become fully capable of providing luxurious lives of leisure for everyone. Peace should be so common it wouldn’t even be noticed. Safety and security should be the norm, not the exception. Adventure should be available to all who want it. None of these are going to happen in the systems that we found fully in operation when we were born. This election of 2020 is nothing but a symptom of a sick and terrible heritage mankind has failed to comprehend.

Mankind is like birds that never even spread their wings and realized they can fly. There are many reasons it is this way. What is important right now, though, is finding the way to spread our wings and fly at last. My analysis of causes are important to me in that they help me find ways to help people. I fight the urge to write a long book that exposes the historical facts that have made the world we have today and provide the momentum that is carrying us into the future. It is not easy to resist. I feel like a hyper thoroughbred horse in a starting gate trembling in anticipation of the start of a race. Better sense prevails. I will limit my explanation to one simple and obvious fact that at least nearly everyone already knows; violent people have shaped history right up to today and threaten to keep shaping it.

What passes for news in America, and the world, is what has evolved from primitive times. Buckminster Fuller wrote his theory of history in a book titled, Operation Manual for Spaceship Earth. I urge all to read and understand his theory. Make up your own mind. Read the book. In it he explains how marauders invaded villages robbing and killing more effectively after they became able to sail out of sight of land and return. The Great Pirates, he called the men who did such things. Most people are familiar with the stories of Viking arriving in ships too invade the island of England and Europe. The tales are so violent they are disgusting and abhorrent to me. Such heartless violence is an ever-present thread in human history. From the days of early man violence has been a means of survival for man. Arrowheads were found in human skeletons found in mass graves from about 12,000 years ago. It is simply a fact that violence is an old human activity. According to Fuller, the Great Pirates were attacking and looting with a new twist. They were setting up social organizations for the conquered people. It included an early version of information control. That could be the root of our modern version of news.

The Great Pirates theory may or may not be factual. However, we all know that something very similar is going on in our time. We have removed heads of states and installed our own. Of course, the call them America friendly heads of state. What they are is something like puppets. The Great Pirates are said to have done the same thing. The idea was to establish a system in the conquered settlements that would make it possible for the conquerors to return and take what the conquered people produced. It was done by installing a king they could control and having him appoint specially brilliant individuals to specialist tasks that would prevent them from become competition; royal mathematician, court physician etc. This made it possible to supervise the raising of children so that they would grow up to be helpful instead of trouble. No matter what validity the theory deserves, it is a fact that information is being fashioned today to shape the opinions of the people so that they will provide for the few at their own expense.

Even in European history there is a common theme of royalty sending soldiers into the surrounding villages to take the harvest, the dry good, and animals, and even the children by force. It was all taken back to the royalty to provide luxury and leisure for them. Often so much was taken from the “peasants” they were left starving without the means to save themselves. The class system that dominated the times is still part of human social systems. The nobles and the peasants, the rich and the poor, the proletariat and bourgeois are all the same. The masses of the people do all the work to provide for the few. Any objections meets the same treatment dealt to the villagers by the Vikings, death and violence. Suppression of descent has always been part of the social systems. Today they are just hidden better. In fact, they are prevented from even starting.

Only the most ignorant today are not aware of censoring on social media. It is a means of influencing opinions. But there are many others. I have been beating the drum for a long time now. I will include here only the titles and authors of some books that make this point very clear: Crystallizing Public Opinion, Propaganda, both by Edward S. Bernays; Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann. There are many others. Bernays and Lippmann published their works during the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1988, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky published the report from many years of examining the news agencies of the world. It is titled, Manufacturing Consent. The title alone tell us what the study revealed. I’m telling you and supporting my statements with literature from both the inventors and the researchers who studied the results of the inventor fifty years later. It is the same today, but worse. The news media, the entertainment media, the educational systems, and pier pressure are now being used to make you think what you think and do what you do. It is all information control and, by derivation, behavior control. To what end, you might ask; to make sure the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. It is a power play and we are losing.

CNN and FOX are deeply involved in the effort to perpetuate the status quo of life on this planet. It is the only thing that has not changed. Fortunes today are more numerous and bigger. Conversations about the one tenth of one percent are common. The one percent receive a bit more, but the wealth of religions is not even included in the percentages. The status quo is the one that has always been, the rich and the poor.

There are no poor people on CNN or FOX. There are no poor people in government, none in banking. Hollywood has poor, but the powerful of Hollywood are rich and famous. The lesser rich are probably good people. I don’t know any, so, I cannot say one way or the other. The people who work as hosts for the news channels are that type. They seem to be good people, but they are working for their living. Their bosses tell them what to do. They get fired is they don’t. They also get told what to report and how to report it. This election is no exception in that regard, but it is an exception in a different regard.

The hosts of the news channels are probably so influenced by the stuff they are reporting that they think they are telling the truth. I can’t know, but there could be some who know what they are reporting, the way they are reporting it is not right. They like their careers and might be willing to do things they think are wrong to get and keep the jobs. A mixture of both is more likely. They might have misgivings about what they are doing but are willing in order to have their careers and fame. The one point that remains is that many of them might have been convinced to participate in a global agenda.

I have listened to people on the radio say they were approached and persistently persuaded to join the New World Order. Of course, they refused and that is why they were able to report it. If they had taken the offers, they would not be so disposed. If it is true, and if it has been happening broadly around the world, as they were told, there could be many people who are willingly deceiving and manipulating the public. That is what appears to be the case in the media.

I am not able to believe that people who can speak to so many issues as well as the new anchors, article writers, and professors, with the backing of experts in just about any area of expertise are not able to detect the corruption. They probably think it is just the price that needs to be paid to accomplish a greater good. Is that their good or that of the world? I don’t know, but I am very skeptical.

Skepticism is not disbelief. It is not belief, either. The agenda the potential candidates were told about sounded pretty good to me. Many desirable changes were held forth as the causes of the New World Order. Just think, in a world of one nation, instead of many, war might not occur. Efficiency might be improved. Borders would vanish. Many good things could be the true intent of the New Word Order, or the globalists, or the Illuminati, or whatever it might be. However, in none of it was there any mention of the end of the division that has persisted since time began, the rich and the poor.

It is not enough to improve the conditions of the poor. There must be an equalization of the distribution of the products of society. More capable people can acquire according to their ability. That is fine, but we are all working together to create everything. Merit and industriousness can provide benefits only when all are sufficiently provided. That is the thing that escapes people. The rich are rich at the expense of the rest. No one is out there building things in a vacuum. It is society organized and operating that makes it possible for people to have anything other than what an individual can provide alone. That is what the development of social systems was all about.

In the days of free land, a couple, male and female, could go into the wilderness and establish a home. They could do pretty good, but they could not fly down the freeway to get an hundred miles away in an hour. They couldn’t build a city. They had to have help to even have some rest. That is why they had so many children in those days. They needed the help. Villages grew from those pioneers in the Americas. From them grew cities and the rest is history. Try to let it sink in. The only way a king can have a palace is if the people build it. The only way for the rich to be rich is if the people produce the wealth. The wealth of the very rich is something totally different than the wealth of the merely rich. Both, though, can have no wealth without using the infrastructure, systems, tools, resources and labor of masses of people organized as a society.

I have gone on until company arrived. I will put this to rest. I hope I have helped.

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Whoever you are, it is time for you to face the facts. The USA has become the flagship of corruption. This nation has been the seat of unfair, illegal, seditious, brainwashing, anti-human agenda for many decades. In my seventy years of life, I have not seen an election that even came close to seeming fair and legal. Not one. I am so sick of the brainwashing forces trying to deter my notice and refute my comprehension. It is time for real human beings to cut the puppet strings and take charge of themselves.

The American people are not cognizant rational free individuals. They think they are, though. The forces arrayed against self-realization are formidable enough to make people think and believe whatever they want. It is worse than being puppets for it is the theft of reason. Without true and accurate reason, people be made to perform by manipulating what they believe. As conscripted believers they automatically take action to assist the forces arrayed against them, to defend those forces and assume attitudes of righteousness, moral high-ground, and superiority. Only the most indoctrinated and brainwashed people are unable to see that obvious truth. We are the American people, and we are guilt of countless atrocities committed around the globe for many decades because we think we are controlling a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. What we have is demonic people controlling the very minds of masses of people. It is not the other way around. Our governments, all of them, are of, by, and for some of the people. They have managed to get us to give great power to the people of their choosing so long now that there are career politicians who have forty or more years of experience in elected potions. It has become a closed segment of society like a gang of criminals working together. They protect the system that they exploit and each other knowing that if the facts ever become the ingredients of reason for enough people, the whole system will be destroyed. When they were surprised by the election of someone from outside the network, they immediately deployed all their forces to protect the system and remove the threat. That threat is embodied in one Donald J. Trump.

The history of US politics and society over the last four to five years should have already given enough people the hidden facts to affect some much-needed changes. It has not. The proof is now quite obvious. The system is working. It is corrupt and dangerous. It knows that if the truth ever escapes their chains, the end will soon follow, and many people will have to go to prison and many more will have to get different jobs. Their only defense, the only way they can protect themselves, is to tighten their hold on the minds of the people. The news stations around the world have been deployed. The politicians have gotten in line. The agencies at all levels have joined forces with them to attempt to overturn the realization of corruption caused by some stupid actions of some very corrupt people. It is working fairly well, for there are many people already believing that the 2020 election was fair and legal.

Donald Trump told the world in 2016 that our elections are rigged. That is the word he used. He was correct and I have known it all my life as an adult. Millions of us know it, and millions more would if they had the courage to face it. Talking-heads are neglecting protocols they themselves created so they can refute the charges of the president to the American people. They would not presume to attempt to refute them to the president. They don’t need to if they can convince enough people that there were no improprieties in the election. They think can, too. They know things that I know and that they don’t realize I know. I have been forced by paying attention to know that our entire social system with all its levels of operations is riddled with corruption so thoroughly that it has become a closed system that protects itself and those who are part of it from the justice honest people demand. It is just a part of the problems of life, and the other ones are even worse. They have done greater harm far longer than this nation has existed. I am going to attempt to get you to know them right now.

Millions of people, I know many of them, have been so heavily indoctrinated they are psychologically averse to realizing the truth. They self-medicate against all input that would help them like junkies taking another shot of propaganda. I was forced to recite a pledge in school starting in the first year of school. In a world of billions of people who believe whole-heartedly that a child of less than about eighteen years of age is not competent to enter into a legal contract, parents have been happily, even proudly, forcing their children to make vows to a fictitious entity. You don’t even realize that the “one nation under God” is a fictitious entity. If it were not we could take it by the neck and strangle it to death. The Pledge of Allegiance is just a minor fraction of the brainwashing. A far greater one is the brainwashing the parents are committing by allowing their children to be indoctrinated the say way they themselves were.

In a world that has millions of people who are sure that God is a fictitious entity, the governments are taken as real and vital things that are there to protect and serve them, to give them national pride so powerful it is easy to get millions to take up arms and commit acts of violence in the name of something that has no physical form at all but has immense power. As is typical, the profundity of what I am trying to express staggers me still, and I have been trying to express it for fifty years. I wish the problem was limited to the mindless empowerment of fictitious entities. That would be a manageable problem. It is so much deeper and complex than that, the momentum may be too great for any human power to avert annihilation.

Current estimates indicate thirteen thousand four hundred and ten nuclear weapon worldwide. The power of each is far greater than the ones this nation dropped on Japan in the last world war. That is the proud number made public as a decrease from over seventy thousand. The number is decreased but the power of each has increased along with the delivery systems. There is enough nuclear material to end all life on this planet, to make it more like our moon, a lifeless globe. The bombs are one-time sources of trouble, while the nuclear power plants are long-time sources. The nuclear arsenal of the world is a minor fraction of the total global investment in violence.

The military might of the world is created instead of other things. That people are not forcing global peace upon the entire human population for no other reason than the fact that we could be doing things that make our lives better instead is a visible symptom of mass insanity. The people of this world are crazy. That is just a hard fact. Peace is the result of sane people doing sane things together. There has never been peace. Never. Moments of reduced violence is not peace. When military might is the focus of human effort, peace is not present at all. The insanity that has given us the world we have is systemic.

The world did not grow cities, conduct global wars, establish governments, or develop technology. The world did not cover itself with roads, buildings, and parking lots. Nature did not destroy the vegetation so rapaciously for so long that the average mean temperature of the planet increases. Man did it. Man did it all, the good and the bad. I say the bad far out weighs the good, that it is insanity that caused it, and insanity that prevents people from realizing it.

Let me ask you a simple question; do you think you know everything? Unless we know everything, we are not capable of joining together to create power greater than one human body can create and managing it sanely. Let me put it this way; it is like building millions of vehicles that a monkey can operate, putting monkeys in them, and letting them do what they will. No offense to monkeys. They don’t know how to drive safely, but they could be taught. I can’t say the same about people. They don’t seem to be able to be taught or to learn. That is why we have had many thousands of years of violence, conflict, suffering, and death. No matter how bad it gets, we just keep on going without ever realizing that we are destroying ourselves and every other living thing. That is why we are a global population of nations, races, beliefs, and opinions. We are so crazy we can’t even make peace. We are so crazy we can’t even have religious and spiritual beliefs peacefully. It has become so bad millions of people have opposite beliefs.

Mankind has murdered countless people (the number could be in the many millions) for having religious beliefs contrary to those of the faction in power. In one historical incident, “On Friday, 13 May 1239, 183 men and women convicted of Catharism were burned at the stake on the orders of Robert le Bougre.” This was done at the end of a long war that razed towns and killed as many as twenty thousand Cathars for having religious beliefs that differed with the dominant Catholic beliefs. Don’t take my word for it. The information is easily found, and it is not the start of the end of insanity regarding deity and religious practices. None of it was done by nature, not even human nature. None of it was sane. It has not stopped yet.

The violence over religious beliefs continues today. But the violence is actually not the worst of it. If all we have to rise above is religious controversy, we would already be at world peace. We are not even close. We are facing a world populated by many billions of people acting in accordance with psychology that is totally off the scale of insanity. Just go the internet and search for the list of wars. We have records that go back thousands of years. It has been constant wars. The list is unbelievable long. That is not the behavior of same people. It is the opposite. The degree varies and it manifests in inconceivable numbers of ways, but history makes it very clear. Until the degree of sanity is one hundred percent, insanity is the diagnosis. Until people can determine all the effects of their actions and thoughts, they don’t know what they are doing. And until them, they should not be given great power. You don’t give your one-year-old a loaded gun. But you will give a politician the nuclear football. You will give yourself to the military and your devotion to following orders. You will vote in an election without once stopping to think about the fact that you are giving tacit approval to a nation that is giving unfathomable power to faulty humans. Only people of Angelic perfection can be trusted with such power. Tell me, is it Biden or Trump? Wow! That question falls far short of the issue of the day.

The election has revealed the corruption of our nation. It is saturated with corruption beyond the common faults of human beings. There is systemic corruption that is being protected by deflecting attention to systemic racism. While the people struggle over racism, the corruption that threatens the lives of all living things including us goes on without notice. When something happens that brings it out into the open the forces of brainwashing go into overtime to make sure it does not result in too many people seeing it. Before it is too late to prevent the realization, the indoctrination forces plug the leak of truth like submariners plug water leaks. It is as old as the Kennedy murders at least. The system protects itself. The people participating in it might be so crazy and biased they think they are doing the right things, but they are not. They could be people who willfully choose evil instead of good.

I can go on like this beyond the time available to me. But I must close this with mention of the pedophilia that has been exposes across the globe. There is no excuse that can remove the stigma of willful evil from people who hurt babies. I will not elaborate but to add that those people are also victims of the same insanity that has dominated the lives of humans since the beginning. I hope that the awareness of the pedophile rings is enough to help you realize the evil is among us and that many are choosing it willfully.

I know that many people are confused regarding the word evil. It has been attacked by evil until even the concept has become lost on the people. If you are so confused you are unable to grant willful choice of evil to pedophiles, that is why. Evil tries to stay hidden and unnoticed. Evil denies evil so efficiently and adroitly, and for so long now, that the very concept is clouded, and evil has taken the dominant positions of power in this world we were born into.

It was like this when we got here. Each generation is subjected to the world as it was when they arrived, and it has been so insane for so long that most people are simply insane and don’t realize it. Instead, they think they have the moral and ethical high ground even when millions of others think the same thing from completely opposite views. We must meet regarding the matter of pedophilia and cooperate to put a stop to it. That might help shed light on our insanity and bring it to an end. We are all crazy and we had better find out exactly how and where. Strive for perfection. Strive for unconditional love beyond love for one’s self, which is at an all-time low right now. You can see it in the hate that affected the 2020 election.

Millions of people were whipped into hate for Donald Trump. None of them actually know the man. Many of them don’t even know their own spouses, but they think they know Trump well enough to hate him with enough passion to commit crimes against him. The feel totally justified in their hatred because they believe what the system that protects the corrupt and ensures great power will remain available tells them. It is a travesty overtly demonstrated by people who don’t know what they are doing or what is going on. I say that is insanity. There is a small chance that Trump is powerful enough to prove that the news if fake, the elections are rigged, politics is a swamp of corruption, and that the educational system is part of the organized criminal gang that is committing unfathomable crimes against humanity and life itself.

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Big Election Trouble

This nation is in big trouble. This election was one of the worst in American history. Many millions of Americans are angry and rightly so. There is a huge effort to discount suspicions of voter fraud. That fact alone is cause for panic.

Any politician, media pundit, expert, lawyer, voter, or other should be happy to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if there was even one fraudulent vote. Instead we are witnessing a massive coordinated effort to make sure it doesn’t happen. The politicians, included some Republicans, are doing what they have always done, lie.

Politicians have always said that the protection of the government is their primary motive. In the first place, that is the antithesis of the purpose of government. People do not sacrifice their rights so that the governments can protect themselves. They do it so the government can protect them. They do not do it so the government can provide for them, either. The philosophy of John Locke, who inspired the Founding Fathers, clearly makes the case for the commonwealth, his word for governments including monarchies. Many others have made this case, and today the population is so ignorant of the founding principals that made the USA something unique. So, let me give you one of the facts.

Volunteering to submit to a government deprives a free individual of some of his freedom. He has to agree to abide by the rules of the government. If he felt that doing so would not make his life better, he would not do it. If he is crazy he might. It would be stupid. Who would want to give up some of his money and submit to the rule of the government subject to its punishments without thinking he would be better off for doing it?

Every single person alive today was not asked to voluntarily sacrifice some of his freedom and property and submit to the laws of the government. We were born into it like slaves born on a plantation. That aside, we are now living in a nation of government run by people who think their primary function is to protect the government. They like to call it the sanctity of government. The have expensive plans and preparations for threats to the government, even those that nature can provide. If there is a massive comet strike on this planet, the people in the top positions of government will retreat to underground bunkers designed to protect the people in it and provide them with all they need to survive for many years in relative comfort. They will have data banks stuffed with information they will need when they emerge to reestablish the government. In the USA it is called Continuity of Government. It is not there to protect the people. It is there to protect the president and others in government. The rich of the world have similar arrangements. They don’t intend to protect the billions. They intend to protect themselves and the government. That is not all.

Those sorry excuses for representatives of the will of the people will lie and cheat to hell freezes over to make sure the people never turn against the government even with it turn demonic. That is exactly what has happened and it happened many decades ago. That is why the told you there was no conspiracy to kill the Kennedys. They told us a Muslim millionaire conducted the 9-11 attack. They have told us since before I was born in 1950 that there is no serious voter fraud. There has always been serious voter fraud and most people know it. This time they went too far.

If you are a person who thinks this election was fair and legal, there is something seriously wrong with you. I don’t want to associate with you. You are in bad shape and dangerous. Dangerous people had best stay away from me. The people in this nation, even the world, who are not trying to do something about the corruption that is taking this planet are guilty of travesties innumerable. The blood of innocents is on your hands. It is your duty as a human to know what is happening and stand for the right and the good, to fight corruption and horror committed by the corrupt. The wars have put blood on your hands as surely as if you slashed people with a knife. You have ignored it too long and now you are facing something you are still not seeing. It is coming.

Mark my words. There are times coming that will make you feel really rotten about yourself, but you will feel worse because of the suffering that you are going to experience. Some very bad people has some very bad plans for this world. They are already out in the open because they think they have noting to fear. If you allow this election to go, it will be too late.

It is the last chance we have to make the corrupt accountable. We will have hell when we bring the corrupt to justice. It will not be pretty. It is too late for that. They will not submit to justice. They would gladly start a global war to avoid justice. They are already destroying the economy. Mark my words. They may not come again. The economy is already crashing.

You were so frightened of getting sick you willingly shut down the economy and put millions of business out of work. You willingly broke the links in the chain the turns the wheel of the economy. It may be too late already. I hope not. But it is a weak hope. The governments of the world are going to clamp down. Biden has already said he will do it. There are worse viruses available if this one is not enough. They set it upon us. It was not an accident. You are an idiot if you are not suspicious at least. While millions celebrate the media victory for the corrupt, the flames are growing.

There is only one reason Biden did not campaign more. He knew the fix was in. He knew he would win even if he stayed in his basement and even if his corruption became widely known. The people who actually run the world helped Biden acquire his fortune illegally. Any fool can see that. There must be a lot of people who don’t score high enough to rate the status of fool.

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Is Trump Worse Than Hitler

Though I don’t have the time, I will attempt to get some solace by writing about my dear friend living in Alaska. We had not communicated in some years. So, as I am usually the one to keep the association alive, I called her. When we finally were able to talk, what started out as a tender reminiscence turned into a horrible experience totally and criminally created by the media.

This lady has a heart of gold. Her biggest hindrance to her fulfillment is terror. She has lived in terror as long as I have known her. It lives beneath the surface influencing her every thought and feeling. She ended her marriage because of her fear of earthquakes. Her husband refused to leave California, so she left him to move to Texas. I found her now living in start terror of the virus and Donald Trump.

I wish I was kidding. The virus is enhancing her loneliness and Trump is getting the anger she is inclined to express instead of her terror. I had no idea that she hates Trump. She was a strong supporter of Sara Palin of Alaska. I tried to tell her that she need not be so worried about the virus and all hell broke loose.

She began to screech and insult me. I had to hang up on her. She would brook no words that did not reciprocate her hatred for Trump or her fear of the virus. She hurled the words conspiracy theorist at me like a racist would hurl the “n” word. At some point in her screeching, she mentioned FOX news with a big dose of hatred. I was not able to say anything. When her vituperation against me became intolerable, I hung up. We have not communicated since, and it has been a few days.

I love this person and it is not easy to know she is distressed. I wish I could help her. She is the same age as I and fears her mortality sharply. I don’t know what I will do, but I will do something. There is one thing that I would like to do that I cannot.

She does not know anything about Trump that she did not get from the media. That is the case for nearly everyone. This is vivid and terrible proof that the media can overwhelm a person and drive them crazy. The power of the media since the invention and saturation of electronic communications has become the favorite weapon of some very bad people. Likewise, good people are using it for their purposes with equal fervor. This is something that cannot be allowed to continue. It matters not if good or bad people use it.

The power to reach into the psyche is a millions must be stopped. I don’t care if it is for good causes. There is only one good cause, and that is love. Until people become sources of unconditional love, such power should not be available. This world and its history is a testimony of the failings of human beings. Imperfect and even evil, people are destroying themselves without even realizing their part in it. Goodness in people is real, but it is overwhelmed by the new developments of the past many hundred years made worse by those of the last hundred or so. Invention has made too much power available.

I have written and sounded warnings. I discovered some books over a hundred years old that proudly boasted of the power to make people think and act. I put titles and authors everywhere. I was so happy to be able to provide proof of things I had realize in my thought processes I must have let hubris come over me. I thought people would read the material! Wow!

My Alaskan friend screeched that Trump is Hitler over and over. She said he “has blood on his hands.” She doesn’t have time to read due to her financial burdens. She works all the time and has no computer. She probably only watches some television news, and not much. She was never much of a television watcher. Yet she has come to hate a man she doesn’t even know personally. It is bad enough that such power is out there, but it is worse when it is being used as a means to vendetta.

If you cannot understand that the media Trump said was fake news is out to destroy him, I don’t know what to do. If you cannot realize that the conspiracies are vast and horrible, we are doomed. Please, look into the Great Reset. That conspiracy is being made public more every day. There are not books about it. One is title, if memory serves, Covid-19 and the Rest. There are people who have global designs. They are so powerful and their plans are so developed already they are making them public. It may be too late already, but I think we might save ourselves.

You must realize that they are the same types who have always hated the people, the poor especially. They are determined to reduce the population to about five hundred million. Getting rid of 6.5 billion people is not going to be pretty. There are many ways to get the information, but here is one:

Let your future be bright. Stop the pogrom.

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The Isms

The “ism”s have it. The philosophies of economics are being framed in choices as if there are no others. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism, of course, being the three that occupy the conversation, debate, and, ultimately, the mind. Any way you ism it, “ism isn’t it.” (John Lennon) However, if you cannot escape the mindset, try some new isms: loveism, shareism, cooperationism, helpism, familyism. I am quite sick of all the nonsense mankind indulges.

We have allowed ourselves to be charmed like cobras to a pipes. We are given the parameters of thought and seldom go beyond them while never exhausting even that limited area of thinking. Let me give you something to think about so that we can break the hold that has us in hypnotic grips. “The answer is easy if you take it logically.” (Paul Simon)

John Locke wrote in the late 1600s about caring for the poor. He seems to have been under the hypnotic spell too. Evidently, and who can say with certainty, it did not occur to him that something was terribly wrong with his reasoning, for I found no mention of the inequality that creates poor. To him and many of our time, the poor are simply the result of laziness, debility, drugs/alcohol, age, or some characteristic of the poor persons. What never occurred to such a brilliant man seems all too obvious to me. The system creates the poor.

Mind you, the systems of Locke’s time and most before evolved from many centuries of violent conquest. I find the history of man so deplorable it amazes me that we are still here. Maybe the systems that evolved were necessary for the times and circumstances. They are not necessary now. I don’t think they were ever necessary, but the result of characteristics far worse than those despised by men who put the cause of poverty in the lap of the impoverished. Time prevent my list of outrages regarding those characteristics, but you can find them in some other of my writings. Suffice it to say the systems of social interaction impoverished people. Idiots saw it as something the system only needed to remedy instead of cause to abandon the systems, and they are many.

We are all together in the planet. We share almost identical needs and characteristics. All we have to do is take the measure of those needs, calculate the means to supply them, and divide the work equally among the people. Now here is the mind-blowing part, prepare yourself, we share equally in all the work produces. I’m laughing my ass off right now. Something as obvious and logical as that is alien to mankind. I already know the limited number of responses humans have to that. Don’t bore me with their repetition, and don’t assume you have something I have not thought of already. I will dare to say I have spent more of myself studying the issue than you have. You’ll never catch up. Which is not to say someone might have something new to offer. I’m just tired of people giving me the same old crap. It is revolting, and I have gotten to the root of it, a root you would not enjoy seeing. It must be a cause to do things better, and none of the isms or the enculturated parroting has done that.

It really is simple in the planning of a better way. The challenge is getting it put in place of systems that are thousands of years old. Those characteristics I mentioned that are worse than those ascribed to the poor as causing their poverty are not going to be easily extirpated. They will have to be pulled out by their roots. That will not be easy at first, but as it progresses it eases. I have been doing what I can about for fifty years. I am now embarked on my fifty-first year of dedication to the issue. It is so simple.

Each brings to life the characteristic manifest in each. Time “programs” each with experience of living in all its complex and unfathomable variations. A list of needs met with available resources and abilities fairly distributed with the results fairly distributed will give mankind experiences that will make people the kind that can take us into the rest of the physical universe and give us the ability to move between it and the others.

The first thing to do is understand the mission, the goal. We can do it. We need the mission to spread among the people like smoke until it creates a movement. A simple goal to work together and share the results. Is it that hard to fathom?

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Wisdom From the 1900s

I’m reading another book from the early 1900s. This one is by Walter Lippmann titled Drift and Mastery, published 1914. It is an incredible display of rational thinking and articulation. Wow! Talk about make me feel inferior! I can aspire to write so adroitly, but I am under no illusions. I do my best and strive to improve. What else can I do?

I bought this book to expand my understanding of the progressives. I hear the term often in the “news.” It seems only right to learn more and he was a central figure in the movement. He even may have been the one who coined the term. In the introduction he presents it in quotation marks and writes that he thinks is would be a good name for a trend happening during that time.

Lippmann and the progressives of his time espoused a different version of progressive ideas than I am seeing today. Naturally. Times change things. Some things don’t change much though. We are still under a heavy burden placed upon the backs of mankind by accumulation over history. Lippmann and others considered themselves to be rebels, and they probably were, but the term is too general. More definition is needed. Still, they were attempting to take the temperature of the time and change it, so, they were rebellious at least. After more than a hundred years, their cause is still unattained.

It seemed that they had some good ideas and a will to see then put into action. I wonder what Lippmann thought about the depression that followed his book. Maybe I can find some record about it. One thing is a logical derivative; the Great Depression had a dramatic effect on the movement of the progressives. It seems quite obvious to me that there are people with fabulous wealth who have strong incentives to protect it.

Our world is one in which wealth is power. Make no mistake. Only those of “invincible ignorance,” as Lippmann put it, cannot see that money is power. That being said, it must also be said that even the not-so-ignorant and even intelligent people do not grasp the full ramifications of the fact. As I ponder the intricacies of reality, understandings assail me like lightening flashing in my mind. Linking together one bit of data with another and then another until it becomes like a train of many boxcars, a long train of thought, insights begin to add more boxcars and more boxcars until my ability to articulate falls far short of justice. Sharing these things using available means of communications is proving a greater challenge than the achievement of the insights. Lord help me!

I realize that people don’t understand all about everything. That is by definition ignorance. Our long and horrible history is proof of our ignorance and terrible ways. If God would snap his fingers and banish all ignorance, things would be very different. Alas, I doubt God has such power. The long history of mankind seems to be valid proof . We are caught in the throes of sharp contrast among Americans. Opposites contest. Opinions lack unanimity. Even though we all live on the same planet in the same time with virtually identical needs and forms, tensions are reaching the snapping point. All hell could break out any minute. It is a powder keg out there. Are we to take to the same old solutions of our past, violence? Many are thinking it will be necessary. It will not be necessary. It will be folly so great it could be the end of all life.

Man has gone beyond. He has the power to harm everything. We ARE harming everything! This is something that scares the hell out of me. Not simply because we are killing and destroying, but because the powerful want to do something about it.

You would have to have just arrived here from Mars or some distant planet to be unaware of the vast and rampant pedophile atrocities going on around the world. It is something that spans all “classes” of people. But the rich are able to harm more children and have already been captured in commercial “clubs” of child molesters. Do you think the powerful people who could hurt children are just sitting idly by while mankind destroys the world? They are not. Fools who can’t resist the brainwashing that makes them use the words “conspiracy theorist” as a pejorative are minions. Unwitting victims of their own misplaced trust. Which is something that I deeply want to write about for it is one of the leading causes for the debacle we are bringing upon ourselves.

Instead of typing another round of polemics and explanations, I will simply call your attention to the Great Reset. Notice the similarity the name has to the Great Depression. Great is not used here in the sense of something good and positive. Sure, those who invented the term hope you will take it that way, but the term is used to relate the size, proportion, extent, and effect as well as the value they ascribe to it. As for the misplaced trust, one need but get a smattering of expression of one’s political views to know exactly what stations they watch and listen to. They go to the ones they trust. FOOLS! Why would you trust any of them? There is only one answer, you have been conditioned.

I hope to develop this more, but time bears down upon me. I hope you will try to take a step back and let love open your eyes. You can do it. You just have to truly want it and believe it can happen.

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Not Capitalism or Socialism but Love

America is still arguing over capitalism and socialism. I see value in both. But I see both as undesirable, even evil. I have come to the conclusion that the argument is being set upon us like a harness. The arguments over capitalism and socialism, with some communism thrown in, are economics arguments that are more like fussing over which type of harness is best. The issue of liberty and rights is being obfuscated by economics arguments. Mankind has flourished despite wars and countless horrors so long there are over seven billion people. Peace is moments between wars, but those too are plagued with violence, hardship, injustice, arguments, and death. It has to stop. Now!

People are the problem. They don’t know what they are doing, but they keep doing it anyway. This planet is the generational ship that carries us all through space at speeds we are unable to duplicate. Generation after generation people come into life here and blink out like firefly lights. Relative to the universe, the time of the light is not long enough to illumine the way. Before a humans can develop significant consciousness, they die. Slowly over thousands of years they increase their number without increasing wisdom enough to stop kicking and nipping at each other as they pull the wagon like so many mules harnessed to it. If you can interpret their language, you can hear them arguing over which type of harness is best. It never even inters their minds that they have been trapped and harnessed to work like slaves at the hands of masters who are no more conscious than they are but have the reigns and the whip. Where they are driving the people is a mystery, but a mystery even to the people doing the driving. None can admit their ignorance and none dare let it be noticed. People are the problems because they like to think they know what they are doing and where we are going. Just a small burst of the light of truth would be enough to open the curtains and reveal the wonders and imbue the bliss that is there to be had.

The arguments about socialism and capitalism are all total nonsense. As if there are no other choices and man must take one or the other, people split themselves into passionate factions opposed to each other. Just a little light would reveal to anyone that both concepts of how to conduct an economy are unworthy of approval. Neither removes the harnesses strapped around the people. Neither pulls the team driver from the seat and puts him in the harness to help pull the wagon. This defines the real issue. It is not one of capitalism or socialism or even communism. It is one of power.

Great stone pyramids still stand to be marveled over by modern man. Minds boggle over the idea that great numbers of people were put to labor carving huge blocks from the stone and dragging them far away where they were ingeniously stacked to form pyramids that amaze mankind even today. None are immune to the amazement. They even marvel over the facts to be deduced from the pyramids. But that marveling fails them where it could benefit them most.

People have no trouble realizing that someone was able to get many thousands of people to build pyramids for them to be buried in. Monuments to ego and arrogance is what they are. But they testify to a division of people that is as old as humanity, maybe older. People have been divided since the beginning between those who drive and those who pull. I think it was a necessary period of experience, but the articulation of the details is not appropriate for this article. What is appropriate is the articulation of the details regarding the ancient division of people into masses who do the providing and those who receive it.

I have yet to encounter someone who has the least bit of difficulty realizing that the pharaohs got people to serve their every wish. They know that he received while the rest of the people provided. Likewise, I have yet to encounter someone who has translated the present to reveal the past. I grant that my experience of mankind is minute. I have met few of the billions. But the present tells me that people are still providing for those who receive. The people are still working to provide like slaves or like mules harnessed to a wagon that pulls the pharaohs. While people argue, fuss, and fight over economics systems, they do not notice that they are still harnessed to the pharaoh’s wagon. This is the one issue that matters.

Who out there is unaware of the people who have their own jets, yachts, mansions, and anything they want? The pharaohs no longer want stone monuments to be buried in. They want luxury and freedom from labor. I think everyone what that. They can have it, too, but only when they realize some obvious truths that have evaded them for thousands of years.

You must realize that there are people who have the power to force billions of people to serve them. I think a lot about the character of such people, but I know little or nothing that could reveal the truth about them. I can only speculate, and I keep speculation where it belongs, in the Unknowns column. It is enough to see that some get all they want and billions struggle to get by as they provide for those who have power over them.

I recently read in a book from 1914 about the socialism/capitalism argument the words, “the cost of living.” It hit me like a ton of garbage. Living does not cost anything. It may be difficult to realize this fact. So, think about it. How much does it cost to inhale? How much does it cost to take a seed, a fruit, or a leaf and eat? The cost of living is simply what someone demands of you. Who can demand it? It is so simple! The cost of living is being imposed on the people by those who have seized all that is needed to survive.

Recently people demonstrated hoarding that shocked the world. Fear of a pandemic caused people to gather all they could of commodities including, and astonishingly, toilet paper. It was soon unavailable. Of course, the unavailability was a simple supply and demand problem. There was never a real shortage. But that should be a lesson to mankind. When what we need is seized, there is none for the the rest. That is the trick that is as old as humanity. Simply take control of the land so that people have to come to you for even a place set their feet on the ground.

I want desperately to expound. It just seems to me that people could benefit by some understandings that they lack. None are living long enough to gain them. If people could live a few hundred years in good health without the plague of senescence, I think humans could become a blessing to the universe. Instead, we are still parasites, predators, blights, and pestilence. As a whole, we don’t know what we are doing. We keep going anyway. Something is stirring, though.

Mankind is young when compared to the time it took rain to carve the Grand Canyon. The domination of the people by some is old, but I have seen it. Many others have seen it. It is an awakening that promises beauty and wonders never even approached before. I think, and I am vigilant for arrogance and ego, that this writing is proof of the awakening. How could I write it if I didn’t know what to write? I don’t think I am alone or that I am something great because I can write it. I do, however, think I am lucky, blessed even.

I give all credit to love. Love came upon my fifty years ago and caused me something of a rebirth. The changes that happened in me made me happy beyond anything I have seen anywhere else. They brought me to God, eventually. But that is personal. The revealing of unseen facts is not. It is imperative that each one of us realizes that we are being controlled. There is no liberty. Freedom is actually a myth. We are all slaves. Even the ones who think they have power over the people because they live in fabulous luxury and leisure. We are all trapped in the legacies of our history and it is time to shuck off the harness that binds us to the past and find the love that history has incessantly told us we need.

Love is greater than socialism, communism, capitalism, democracy, monarch, or any other method ever tried. We have tried everything but love. Why? Well, that too is a topic too vast to answer here. We can all answer it, though. The truth will indeed set us free. Please realize that you were born into this world totally helpless and that you became what your experiences made you. All you experienced was the legacy of thousands of years. Let love give you a rebirth and become what you want. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. Love is coming. Why not make it today?

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Good People Commit Fraud

It is becoming clear that volunteers who worked processing votes in the 2020 election were heavily involved in fraud designed to get Trump out of office. People have been made to think that Trump is so horrible they are willing to do anything to turn the results to Biden. The reports are astonishing. Read this article and/or watch the video.

This is not just a software fraud. It is not just Biden supporters committing fraud. I have little doubt that Biden was not being selected, but that Trump was being stopped. People can vote against a candidate by voting for the other candidate. They don’t have to like the other candidate. Simply hating and fearing a candidate can be enough to get people to vote for the other. It is obvious that the people who were involved in tabulating the votes or conducting to process in some other manner are just that sort of person. According to the man in the video, the volunteers conspired to make sure Trump did not win the election. In video recordings made by bystanders, they are clearly seen committing fraud against the people appointed to monitor the counting. That is an amazing human behavior, but there was more.

During the night trucks were arriving at the tabulation centers with trash bags full of ballots for Biden. The media has the power to make people commit crimes. The problems such people embody is staggering, but they are innocent. It is the media that is culpable.

Hate speech is being presented as just cause for censoring. Offensive statements are being touted as something that must be stopped. Political correctness is being enforced by civilians. This and much more is the work of the media. The media is the property of some very rich people. That is a conflict of interest. What is passing as news is agenda programming. The people who own the media set the agenda and all the well paid employees love their jobs. So, they go along. Some probably even think the agenda is a good one. That they manage to cooperate with the agenda of the owner is incriminating and flies in the face of the concept of government of the people. The owners are people, but that does not make what they do government of the people.

Media owners know better than most that how much power they have. The evidence that they hold the people in disdain is overwhelming. Could that be why they are working to defeat the power of the people? I think it is. I agree with them in many things including the opinion that the people are not reliable. They can’t be counted on to monitor the government well enough to execute the government as designed by the founders. But that is not because of them. It is because of the systems that overwhelm them every minute of every day. What systems, you ask. All of them. Take for example that the systems give some unfathomable wealth and everyone else has to do without and labor their lives away. It goes deeper and wider, but I don’t have time to go into it here. The people are good and wonderful. The rich who despise us are fools. I wonder sometimes if they too are victims of the systems. After all, the inherited them like we all did. Reason is sorely missing.

The volunteers who were counting the votes are just like everyone else. We all inherited the world as it was when we were born. They differ in one critical aspect, though. Many, maybe most, are regular watchers of the media. One can easily see who they are by simply sampling their opinions. The people who have to work all the time just to get by don’t watch the media much. The don’t expose themselves to the manipulation of the media enough to fall under the spell. The amount of media effort exerted to make Trump into a dangerous demon attempting eat the children went beyond all others. No period in history has seen such massive and widespread assault on the character of Donald Trump. That so many people went along with is terrible testimony against them, but not against their innocence. It is the power of the media that is guilty. All who cooperated with it are people who are less innocent.

I do not have a method that can be used to remedy the problems. I know that love would solve all our problems, but we need a way to remedy the problems the media presents before people finally attain love. Maybe just making it known that the media has spell casting power. If people would stop believing everything the media says and stop exposing themselves so much, maybe it would help.

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