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Caller to the Joe Pags Radio Show Told Joe the Truth

A man called into the Joe Pagliarulo (Pags) show on the radio responding to Joe’s question regarding the motivation of the media for all the lying and crazy stuff. The caller made the case that the media is owned by the very rich. The media does what they are ordered to do by the owners. Joe asked why they would do that. The caller told him that they are protecting and perpetuating their wealth and power and doing so by sowing division and perpetuating conflicts. Joe responded that he thinks the media is just trying to get good ratings. How dumb is Joe Pags?

I don’t know Joe, and I don’t listen to his show very often. So, I don’t know if he is too dumb to understand how the world works or if he was just trying to protect the wealthy. Possibilities are limitless. Anyone who thinks the people who have huge amounts of wealth are not involved in protecting it is suspect. To say the rich are not involved in using the media to protect the terrible and unethical hoarding of wealth is to say they are stupid. I doubt they are that dumb. What do you think?

The equality mentioned in the Deceleration of Independence has been tossed around like a philosophical football. No two people are alike. It is not possible. They are not equal in that way. They are supposed to be equal in society. Their rights are supposed to be equal. All members of society are supposed to be equal. Anyone can see that when it comes to the distribution of the products of society, there is no equality whatsoever. It is the long con makes is possible to take more than a just share and leave billions to do without. It is a con that has enslaved the people of America and the world.

I am stunned silent by the words I write. Almost! That was funny! I am stunned, though, that the people are able to live with the inequality that grips us all. Do you really care if your rights are equal, but your share of what society produces (the products of society, or the Gross Domestic Product) is not? It is insane. People are crazy to accept the reality as it is.  We in the USA work together to produce everything, be it products or services. It takes all of us. Only people blinded by the efforts of the cheaters can think for a minute that the rich are entitled to more than anyone else. Society produces endurable goods of many types that are legacy that should be to all people. This, too, is being hoarded by the cheaters. Even the land is being hoarded and fenced to prevent access by all but the cheaters. There is a huge effort underway to do the same to the water so essential to survival. Those things that are naturally equally in the possession of all, are targets of control and, thereby, control of the people.

The world we struggle in is the product of the cheaters. You are unlikely to understand the full extent of it. It is not easy. Easy seems to be the single most important thing to people. If it is difficult, they are averse to it. Those who are averse to difficult tasks don’t study and work to expand their consciousness, knowledge, and discovery. It’s too hard and there are too many other fun things to do instead. The cheaters count on it. They also produce countless ways to make sure you stay as you are, but dumber and lazier if possible.

You are a beast of burden. You do the work for the rich. How does that fit with the desire to have fun, avoid hard work, and be lazy? The rich are so much like you. They don’t want to do things that are hard to do, difficult and no fun, either. They are smart, though. Centuries have taught them how to avoid the labor and still enjoy all the labor produces. It extends beyond the products of labor into other realms. Luxury, leisure, control, and many other realms of human life are theirs. It is not an easy situation to keep. They know they have to let some have more and even allow some to become rich or their entire con would collapse. That single fact has prevented billions of otherwise intelligent people from realizing they are being cheated. As though it is not bad enough that the few are hoarding the wealth and dolling it out at their whim and intentions. They are preventing a world that every single one of them and you would want.

Our lives are what they are instead of what they could be. The world is very nice for the people who cheat society and hoard the wealth they acquire by an obscure method of robbery. They think they have it made. They are not smart enough, or they are simply too evil, to see that they too are missing out on the world as it could and should be. It is very unfortunate that most people cannot see how wonderful it could be. If they ever do, the world will change quickly. The opposition doesn’t stand a chance.

The opposition to improvement comes from the few who have all they want. Their wants are limited so badly they don’t understand any better than you do how wonderful it should and could be. Perhaps you have already realized that people do not want things they don’t know. Who wants something they are not conscious of? I’m laughing again, but it is not a joke. Consciousness of the wonderful possibilities and rightful things must come to all.  The alternative is not something the rich or anyone would like, and that, too, is something people rich and poor still cannot see. The vision is prevented by the reality being created.

As long as the rich can keep the people in check and can continue to have all the wealth they have, they do not want change. They don’t know what they are missing. It is too easy to become content. Even people in dire poverty find ways to be content. The rich are not exceptions to the contentment or the lack of vision as to what could content them. The factor that provides a lot of the drive of humanity is the apparent better circumstances that provide contentment for the rich. It is the proverbial incentive. To better one’s life and do more for loved ones. The rich stand in contrast evident to the poor and all the other levels of access to the products of society. This keeps motivation in line with the desired lines of the rich who must prevent motivation to destroy their riches. As long as people are striving to become rich, they are not striving to expand their consciousness as much as they could. The people must be prevented from realizing the con that holds them in subjugation to the rich.

It is not possible for the world’s many societies to survive if everyone becomes rich. This is obvious to me. Can you not see this?  All the systems that operate the societies depend on the hierarchy of the few at the top and the rest below. Just imagine the inflation of nearly eight billion people having a billion dollars each. Total collapse of civilization would result. This fact is being used against you and touted as the reason it must be the way it is, with few at the top. It is true, too, but only in the systems as they are now. We need not confine ourselves to them. It is like a game we can play or not.

Clearly the people do not comprehend the systems that control and dominate the world. I contend that none do. Not the people at the top of the pyramid and any other place in it. People are winging it. They are born helpless in a complex word in a complex universe and grow up in the family that bore them. The poor have labor to learn from their families, the rich luxury and leisure. They cannot be held responsible for the factors of their births, but they must be held responsible for what they do as adults. The systems were here when we arrived in life. We have one choice; play the games, so to speak, or not. The difficulty inherent in comprehending the systems well enough to decide to play or not touches the characteristic I mentioned earlier; easy. Even the most ambitious students fall short of the comprehension needed to fully understand the systems they inherit and fall even further short of the comprehension, imagination, and ability to design better systems. So, we just keep the old systems and try to be content. After all, why beat yourself up? Right? No! That would be wrong, for you are already being beaten to death. Rage against it.

In a world that allows no equality save those granted in theory, rage is the greatest threat. People have risen in rage many times. The French Revolution is a good example. The starving people attacked and executed the rich. It didn’t change things for long. It is still the same set of systems that we have always had. Only the packaging changes. The packaging is applied by the media in our time. The rich bought it. They are using it to keep the rage from becoming a threat.  That is why they have their fingers in every aspect of human society across the world. You don’t understand the full extent of their efforts. I don’t either, but I have discovered enough to know that it is not right. As I have discovered ways to make things better, the per-existing force that prevents it has become obvious.

I know you think that progress is a natural thing that comes as it will. That is not true, though. The only progress we are getting is what is being permitted. You think people invent things and they come to us. That is not true, either. They only things that come to us are those approved by the cheaters, the few who manipulate the systems so they can have all they want without contributing to the labor that produces it.

Our social systems add new things and ideas to society by means of investment in business. If the investment is not available for whatever reason, the things and ideas do not come into society. History shows us that many such things have been suppressed. If you try, you will find many examples. We all know that the investment comes from those who have something to invest. Then the business must be supported, and its product made known and distributed. It is a complicated process the public really should study. It is one of the most important things in our lives. That is why it is not part of the public education.

There are actually other more important things. Love is far more important. Freedom, too. Family. But society is formed, regulated, and operated by a complex system that is controlled by the people who have wealth. They make love, freedom, and family pitiful images of what they are naturally. That is because we are unable to escape the demands of survival. Those who control the means of survival have the power to create, regulate and operate the systems that dominate life. Time spent in expanding the control has made it possible for them to have global power over everything.

The time of free land is gone. We are all born into society. There is no way to escape. We are forced by the fencing of all the land to contend with society for survival. Control of society has been sought after since time began. Not everyone sought it. The few did. That is what we live in today. A global society controlled by the few. Their control is easy to see by pondering the inventions that have been introduced into society by the people who have the power to allow or prevent them.

They allowed television, computers, the internet, cellular telephones, bottled water, automobiles and the list is long. The people who have great wealth own everything of consequence. Let me add something here that you should realize. They own the means of production. Carl Marx wrote extensively about this. He wanted the means of production to be returned to the people. He was absolutely correct about that. He missed the boat in other areas. For example, he thought government was an honest organization that could control the means of production for the benefit of the people.  Surely you know that the factories and farms, ranches and stores, transportation and energy, and everything that produces the means of survival are in the control of the rich. The corporations are like their various military types. They command them and they do what they are commanded to do. There is a pretend public ownership to help disguise the great con that extracts what the people produce and hoards it in the form of money.

They are not going to put a corporation into action producing something that would take their wealth from them. Instead, they put great effort into protecting themselves from the natural human drive for equality. They apply their greatest effort in preventing the fair and equitable distribution of wealth. (see Progress and Poverty; Social Problems both by Henry George) That is why the media exists as it is today and why they say the things they say. It is why academia is the way it is. Education is a key ingredient in the conditioning of the masses. And you thought it was for your own good! Holy smokes! That would be like telling the marks that you are robbing them with your con game. It takes incredible effort to perpetuate the inequality that distributes the wealth the way it is being done. All the forms of media but those that crop up now and then only to be crushed are tools designed to perpetuate the inequality and prevent you from correcting it. Joe Pags is suspect. His refute of the caller could have been sincere or not. I will not take a stand either way. I will, however, support what the caller said.

People are becoming aware of the inequality. To curb the energy it is creating, deflections are seen everywhere. It is way to easy to turn rage over the inequality in the distribution of the wealth by producing propaganda points about racism, white supremacy, and other such things. The ease with which the media can refocus the attention of the masses is astonishing. This article on this site is my effort to prevent the deflection.

I see the potential of love. I want the world to come to it. We need but try. It is really rather easy, but the force preventing it makes it more difficult for some, maybe for many. I don’t know. I found it easy. So, I think it is easy. I have advantages, though. I lived in my unique reality as me. No one else can. It is clearly what make it possible for me to come to love unconditionally. I thank God. I am trying to help everyone, but I can do only so much. If I can help you see that the media is doing things to you, I will have done so. If I can help you understand that equality is still a hope and that equality in the distribution of the products of society should be our way, I will have done some good. Please explore the other articles on this site. The page titled How to Change the World Overnight could save us all.

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