This menu item takes you to many different articles about many different topic. They are not categorized yet and may never be. It is such a large task for one person, I just do what I can.

Primarily, the articles you will find here can be found in the sub-menus that drop down when you click on the word “Article.” There is on sub-menu I titled “Blog Articles” because they are mostly just things that I was inspired to write. They can be on any topic and range widely.

It is my opinion that people only need to become aware of things they don’t know already, don’t know enough about, or have false information about to make the world a better place. It follows for me that if they can discover what they can do, they will take the steps to do it. We should be living in a utopic world already. The fact that we are not tells me that the people don’t realize many things and the some realize things they use to prevent the utopic world that is bursting at the seams to get out and spread across the globe. Here you will find things I have written to support what I have written here on this page.

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