Petition To Get Money Sent To The People

Below is my effort to correct an injustice and enrich the people of the United States of America at the same time. My intention is to have all moneys collected from fines be distributed to the people and to have fines be determined by “ability to pay.” A fine is a form of punishment that has different degrees of severity for various people due to their ability to produce the money. The severity of punishment must be leveled for all people. Please, study this petition and help me. I have spent considerable effort and time trying to accomplish something good. Help me take it from here.

Petition to the Federal Government of the United States of America

The government of the United States of America was founded to protect the lives and liberty of the American citizens. Since it was founded the federal government has found many ways to fund operations. Taxes are not the only source of funding. It is now being funded by punishing the people. They are being fined and the money collected is being added to the operating budgets of the many forms and levels of government. A dependency has developed that is defeating the founding principle the people accepted when this nation was adopted by them so long ago.

All the power produced by society is the rightful possession of the people. It derives from the people and must be used for the people. Funding social organizations such as governments independent of the people opens the door to tyranny just as the Founding Fathers warned against and tried to protect against. When a government does not have to petition the people for funding, the people will have to petition the government for liberty. Therefore, we the undersigned do hereby petition the federal government and all other of the many governments that exist in the USA to change procedures to bring them into alignment with the principles and desires of this petitioners as stated below.

Fines levied by the courts have become a source of funding the many governments of the nation. This form of funding creates an unavoidable conflict of interest for the legislative, judicial and law enforcement agencies. It also creates a conflict of interest in the representative form of government we want. We further believe it removes the incentive to seek funding by taxation.

We believe that government funding should be requested from the general population to ensure the liberty of the people and to prevent government’s natural tendency to slowly become tyrannical. Furthermore, we believe that law enforcement funding should be requested from the general population so as to insure against: 1. unfair enforcement of the laws, 2. selective extraction of funding instead of uniformly from all of the people, insure judiciary objectivity.

We hereby petition the government to cease and desist with the practice of adding the funds collected as fines to the general budgets of any government agency or entity. Since the laws are the social agreements of the people, the funds collected by fines of any and all types should be distributed annually to the people of the district or area of jurisdiction in which the infraction occurs. Federal fines will go to all American citizens. Fines collected by state governments will go to the state residents. Fines collected by county agencies will go to the county residents. Fines collected by cities, towns or other municipalities will go to the residents of the respective city, town, or other municipality.

It is further believed by the undersigned that the “ability to pay” a fine should be the determining factor that sets the amount to be paid as a fine.  A fine is a form of punishment. It is unfair for a poor person to suffer more than a rich person for the same offense. Since money is paid and possessed differently by people, imposing punishment as fines is not equal and fair punishment under the law. It is agreed by the people that “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.” Obligations as fines must be equitable in terms of hardship imposed instead of amounts. It is well known that the poor suffer more severe punishment when they are fined than a rich person when the amount of the fine is the same for all. All fines will be set as a percentage of ability to pay.

 The courts will determine the ability to pay individually using guidelines set by the elected congresses of the various governing bodies. The congresses may, if so ordained by the people who elect the congress, the people can vote to select the guidelines. A percentage could be determined by consensus of the people as fair for all. That a person who has little is forced to pay the same amount as a person who has a lot is unfair because it is not uniform punishment. To level the punishment for all people, the ability to pay must be the determining factor for all people, business, and organizations.

We further consent and agree to the appointment by the Congress of the United States of America of a suitably qualified body of individuals to develop, implement and promulgate the procedures and methods used to levy fines, collect fines, accumulate fines, and distribute the funds accumulated by means of collecting fines to the citizens for their examination, suggestions and acceptance. A popular vote of at least two-thirds of all eligible voters of the many states and participating extraterritorial jurisdictions will be required to enact the new system.

We the undersigned do hereby petition the government for the redress of grievances stated in this petition; a guaranteed right established in the first Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. We demand action and we demand it be taken in an orderly and timely manner.

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