The Court of Public Opinion

The Court of Public Opinion

From its lofty pedestal, the court of public opinion hurls opprobrious disdain in righteous indignation upon the lowly plebs who dare to entertain heretical thoughts. Conformed opinions! Nothing less will be tolerated. Greatness be quiet! Millennia of progress in institutional justice can never trump the ever-present social persecution, and it thrives even still. Persecution of the heretic by social pressure pales other forms.
Public opinion is beyond reproach. The masses form gangs to quell any fresh ideas that spring from the fertile soils of inspiration. In total arrogance and self-righteousness, the erroneous opinions of the public persecuted to death such greats as Socrates, Jesus, and countless others. Galileo spent the remainder of his life in prison for daring to controvert the prevailing opinions about the solar system. And still the court of public opinion squelches all who dare to even discuss the most important areas of human awarness. Even while claiming conquest of the tendency to persecute, the worst sort of persecution flourishes; social pressure. Who will brave the countless jurors who have the power of persecution?

“To discover to the world something which deeply concerns it, and of which it was previously ignorant; to prove to it that it had been mistaken on some vital point of temporal or spiritual interest, is as important a service as a human being can render to his fellow-creatures, and in certain cases, as in those of the early Christians and of the Reformation…(some) believe it to have been the most precious gift which could be bestowed on mankind.” John Stewart Mill, ON LIBERTY

An Exchange With A Reader In Greece

An Exchange With A Reader In Greece

I am enjoying a good reception in nations across the world. A young man in Greece is chatting with me on Facebook. Below is something I wrote to him today in response to his messages. I think it is worth repeating (so to speak) here. I put explanations in brackets so that it will be easier to understand.

Okay! So, I had best address you as Either. [He has a Greek name] My computer does not type Greek. I do not know of any significant meaning for my last name, Bishop [He asked about it.]. It could have something to do with Catholics, but not that I know. I do not find people boring. [He asked if I find them boring.] I find them fascinating. I have been trying to understand them for a long time. I am 65 years old and the past forty-five years have been dedicated to my research and investigation into people in general. I am limited to the people around me, so I have a lot to learn. I am not happy about many people. They seem to lack virtue in too many cases and they seem to be misinformed far too often. Also, people seem to be unable to discover reality. In fact, they seem to even think that reality is a relative concept and that they create their reality. The truth that can be found in such an idea eludes them, in my opinion. Still, I have come to recognize many aspects of reality that make me think that everyone always does the best they can do and that movement in the development of humans is constant and inexorable. (Pardon any English that makes this hard for you to read.) I have found that very few people share my view on this topic. I have written about it already, but I intend to do so again.

I have found meaning for my life. [He asked if I had found the point of life.] I wrote an article about it and posted it on my site that bears the article you read. [He responded favorable to my article, How to Save the World Overnight.] It is called. “My Epiphany In Love.” There are a lot of articles on that site that I have written.

I fear for the world. I see that there is a likely cataclysmic consequence for the ways of mankind. That is why I write for The Power of the People and others. I have no doubt that if we do not take the right actions, the Earth may be made virtually uninhabitable. The nuclear powers in both explosives and energy production are enough to destroy the conditions that make life possible, but we are doing more. We are covering the planet with human things and destroying the planet’s ability to prosper as fast as we can. I feel the urgency and want to rally people to the danger while bringing them to the reality that we now have the ability to make life far better and more beautiful than people can believe.

The people have attitudes, psychology. It is steering the work we do. People seem to be unable to see the beautiful potential we now have. It is not like it was for many thousands of years. We are not struggling to survive like we had to before the industrial revolution, the evolution or morality, and the growth of knowledge. We can make life for all living things beautiful. To do that, we have to overcome the attitudes that people have guiding their beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Corruption must be recognized and removed. False beliefs must be seen for what they are. Truth must become common. I think the truth will unite us for I think it is mostly the same for all of us. We differ in the smallest ways and have almost all characteristics in common. We are all here and now. The world is what it is. The truth does not require your belief and the truth is that we will come to know that we are all in this together living in a reality that is the same for all of us. Our unique aspects are simple matters of location and constitution. You see the world from your place through your eyes, but you are looking at the same gigantic thing that I am looking at. When we communicate effectively, we can construct a more accurate and detailed personal awareness of reality. We have fought over opinions throughout history. Now is the time to find the truth. We can do it if we will open our minds and let go of the things that prevent us from seeing the truth.

Sir Thomas Moore Understood

Sir Thomas Moore Understood

It can be frustrating sometimes to discover that the things one has gleaned for oneself were already gleaned by others long ago, but the frustration is only temporarily, for conformation and verification such a discovery brings is highly satisfying. Sir Thomas More and I are of like mind, as seen in the quote below.

The economy of the Utopians is of particular interest. Their markets are nothing more than supply houses where everyone is free to go and take what he needs without payment. They are able to produce an abundance of food, so that they can export their surplus to foreign countries, which they exchange for gold and silver for the state treasury. There is no private property among the Utopians and they have no money.

The objective of The Power of the People is uniting the people of Earth who want to make the world more like the one Sir Thomas Moore wrote about in the above article. The important thing for now is hope. We all need hope. It is getting harder and harder to believe there is reason to think things can get better without first getting much worse. It does not have to be that way. We have the power to engineer society to serve us better. As it is today, society is just something that came about virtually by accident. There are, however, those who would engineer society so that they have great advantage over everyone else and even so that only horrors come to pass. They are few, and we are many. If we do not command our energies, someone else will.

What It Is All About

What It Is All About

Claudia sent the quote below to some of her people when they thought my Facebook post about my website The Power of the People was spam and I asked her to tell them about me.

“He is my cousin and I don’t know what it is about. It is not spam, so do what you like. I’m not doing it because I,m computer dumb.”

When I saw her post, I wrote the post you see below in response.

Thank you Claudia. I appreciate you taking time to come to my aid. You can log into Facebook and use it just fine. That means you are not so “computer dumb” that you can’t add you name to the list of people who subscribe to the website that I use to post things I write. I am doing the small things that I can to help the world. I have spent decades trying to find solutions to problems that are hurting us all. I have ideas that might work and I publish them on a website I built and pay to have on the internet. Also, I have realized things about some ordinary things we all deal with every day that I never realized before and that most people still don’t realize. I write about them and put them on the website. These realizations are all things that might help us have better lives and even a better world. That is “what this is about.”

I am trying to get more people to take an interest in “saving the world.” Maybe you don’t know, but I’ll bet you do, that this old world is on the brink of destruction. So, let’s say it is not on the brink of destruction. Okay! Well, there is a lot of injustice and way to many hard working people who can hardly make enough to survive. You and I came from a long line of people who have worked very hard all our lives and have little to show for it. I am trying to change that, because it is not fair. People who are virtually worthless horrible people live in wealth for doing nothing we need in this world while the people who do all the things that must be done get virtually nothing. The only reason it is that way is because some have found a way to cheat the system and to cheat you and me.

My love for people, especially you and the others of my family, drives me. I cannot stop and I never will. All our lives we have struggled to get by. Yes! We do get by, but that is not enough when you consider what is going on in this world. Yes, you and I have things those who are cheating will never have; the love of a good family, the peace that comes from knowing we work hard and do not cheat. I know all that and more, but I also know that the system is cheating us and that it is driving the world to the brink of destruction and over that brink. The only way to stop it is to get the people organized as a family and stand up to be heard. We the people have the power. I am trying to get us organized.

It is not an easy thing to do. I thought it would be very easy, but I was wrong. People drag their feet. They find reasons not to join in. Just as you said you are not going to do this because you are “computer dumb,” others are finding similar or other reasons. That cannot be permitted. We have to do something! Please, Claudia. Join me.

Subscriber Update

Subscriber Update

I received a lot of new subscribers one day and it seemed suspicious. I checked it further and found that they were all spam. This prompted me to inspect the list of subscriber I already had and I found that over half of them were spam. I deleted them. It took a long time. I am not sure if the ones that I left are real or not.

I set up a new subscriber system that requires a confirmation email which I hope will solve the spam subscriber problem. If you were deleted, please, sign up again.

It was a sad moment for me when I realized I didn’t have near the number of subscribers that I thought I had. Oh well. I do what I can. There are a lot of people who know me who are not subscribers. When I checked with them, I learned that most use only a cellular telephone to access the internet. Understandably, they don’t care too much for reading long articles. What can I do?!

I have a spam filter that removes spam comments. It has removed over twenty thousand. I am not able to fathom the mentality that does such things. Too many people are not dedicated to doing only good.

The Power of the People site has not been promoted at all. I suppose you could consider a Facebook page advertising, but if it is, it is the only advertising there is at this time. I plan to do something to promote the site, but I have not decided which way I want to do it.

There is no end to my confoundment about the slow movement of mankind toward better ways. It seems to me that the plans set forth in this site would virtually go viral quickly. I’ll keep trying.

Thanks for your time.