Welcome To The Controversy

I titled it Controversy because the people are deeply immersed in controversy. We must resolve the controversy before it is too late. The only way to resolve them is by gaining a universal agreement. This site is my attempt to resolve the controversy in all topics. Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, and all the others. Aim high and hope it helps. That is ultimately the guiding principle. I am under no illusions. We can do our best knowing we can benefit if not be launched into the heavenly spaces of Truth.

Life has taken me on a journey that resulted in my adoption of an ideology that few share, if any. Controversy is woven into the fabric of my life. I have lived for decades honoring and abiding by ideas that few share. It is my own philosophy, though I feel guidance brought me to it.

Living by it brought me to many understandings that appear to be unique to me. It is something that came to me slowly after an epiphany in 1971. Let’s call it “my truth.” I feel very alone in my truth and in my ways, but I never feel lonely. There are those who share some of the different aspects of my truth. Ultimately, no one shares my ways entirely. After all, I am a unique individual, so are you and everyone else. (I have a ton of stuff to write about that fact, but later. Individuality, what a concept! It is more important than you might think.)

The unique identity of every person on Earth does not prohibit our unity or our adoption of ideological concepts that are the same. You may find that hard to believe if you have examined history at all. I will contend that history is proof that controversy is something very old but dying. It must die away and fade away into history. The dangers of controversy have become too great.

Uniqueness will keep controversy alive in ways that we will love, but when it comes to the truth, the truth must prevail in the hearts and minds of everyone. I could write tons of text about how that would look going into the future, and I intend to crank it out until it is no longer necessary. I think you don’t realize just how wonderful the future can be. I wish someone would show me otherwise.

There are countless things I think are true that many do not think are true. I have been examining this situation for nearly five decades. That’s how long ago I found Love, Unconditional Love for everyone. By now, I am ready to share my thoughts and feelings. The truth is what matters. If I am wrong, this blog will help me correct myself. If my readers are wrong, this site may help them. Let’s help each other. Let’s bring new life to Hope.

If you know the truth and I don’t, show me. I seek the truth. I want the truth far more than I want to have it already. For me it is not about being right and you wrong. When I find I am wrong, I rejoice. I love to find out that I was wrong. Do you see what I just wrote? Do you understand what I am saying? I wonder. Let me put it another way just to make sure. When I discover that I am wrong, I am no longer wrong. If I can’t admit I am wrong when I am, how can I get better? Maybe, like me, you have discovered the ways many people feel and react to being wrong.

When it comes to things that are controversial, psychology is probably a vital factor. I am not going to attempt psychiatry. I am simply going to present what I think and let you deal with your psychology. After all, it is the personal job of every human being. However, none of us live alone. We are all together on this planet. There seems to be no way to be free of psychological influences from others. If nothing else, that makes controversy important. We need to unite in the truth. As the world gets smaller from the pressure of increasing population, we will be together united or not.

The truth is the truth. I have found that even that statement is controversial. Equally, one equals one is controversial. Mathematics can handle that controversy. My concern is Truth. I hope that the ‘truth will set you free.’ Since even that idea stimulates controversy, I will leave it as a hope rather than a given. My thought is that when the people are united in the truth, we will go far beyond mere freedom.

If you are willing, we can tackle every topic humans can conceive. No topic is taboo or forbidden. No subject is to be avoided. What will be avoided, prevented, taboo, criminal, and many other adjectives is the common modus operandi of far too many people. We all know what it is. Since it is broadly applied and varied in versions, I will use the term, ‘being rude.’ I will be polite and I will expect the same from everyone. Please expect some further parameters to establish the qualities of being polite. All are welcome to engage in the effort to resolve the controversy, but I will enforce a policy that demands courtesy and other protocols. I can delete comments and block people completely. So, avoid terms such as: stupid, ridiculous, idiot, crazy, and never even intimate anything about violence.

There might be people out there in the wide world who are not scholars of website design and the myriad of computer programs that go into it. So, please notice that you are looking at what the program I used to create this calls a Page. Furthermore, it is a static page, meaning it is more constant, less changing. It doesn’t mean undesirable noise like the radio can produce. It also doesn’t mean viewer noise such as is usually found on pages that allow comments. Just kidding, but true. I have seen some horrible comments back-and-forth. Let’s avoid that type of exchange.

Now, there is a place on this site for user input. It is my Blog page. You can see it in the main menu at the top of the page and in the one on the side, which may be a slid-out menu. My blog page is dynamic, that means it changes as we use it. Just click on a blog to read it and go to the bottom to write your comments and to exchange with other viewers. The things displayed on the blog page are called Posts by the application I used to create site and maintain it.

Since I intend to post many entries to the blog page, I will eventually install a method to search posts from the past. This site is still new as I am typing right now. So, there is not as much need at this time for a search tool.

I have so much to say it will be a while before I begin to slow down a bit. I will say those thing on the Pages. I hope you will take the time to read them. I know reading has become something people don’t do much. Reading things that are available on the internet is especially difficult when the reader is viewing the text on a cellular telephone. It can be done, but I have found that the length of the article is exaggerated when viewed on a little four inch long screen. With all that in mind, I am probably going to put the articles I write for the pages into a form similar to that of audio books. I’ll record them so people can listen to them. I hope that will help. I have my doubts. What I write might not flow easily enough because it is not fiction and can be complicated and complex. Hope remains, though.

So, please read the pages and then go to the Blog Page to write a comment. I will make sure each page has a blog that goes with it. Let’s have some fun that is beneficial. If you can’t see that the world is being wrecked by controversy, just let me know. Maybe I am wrong.