A New Transportation System

I have been hoping for decades to see a plan I created put into action. It is not easy for one who is as limited as I am to do much more than work all my life to make a modest living. I am restrained by humility and awareness of the psychological tendencies of my fellow human beings from putting the ideas in front of the world. So, here is where I choke down my reticence, dam the torpedoes, and launch into that vast sea. Try to be more than you already are, please. If you don’t want to help, try not to be a drag. I have been dealing with people who are for a very long time.

Try this yourself: tell someone something they have not considered before. It works best if it relates to something that refutes or modifies something they already are sure they have the right understanding about. Make something up if you need to and try some sophistry. Everyone should have a sound understanding of sophistry. You will have to be able to be observant and have a tough skin. Doing this will put you into a situation that is very much like the psycho analysis brought to us by Hermann Rorschach in which he showed people inkblots to see how they react. If you are presenting them with something you believe in or believe and think you can convince others, you will be doubly emerged in something that has been labeled “human psychology.” Frankly, I am quite sick of it. My life and my thoughts are so far out of the norm I have had to face it for nearly fifty years. I am about to do it again. This time with something that I think could and should be monumental. I will always know that whatever I think could be wrong. It makes sense to be that way, but it doesn’t mean I have no confidence. I have no doubt that what I am going to present here will work and can be done. I just don’t know if the human race is smart enough as a whole to get it done yet.

I may not be the smartest man in the world, but the comparison means nothing to me. It is everyone else who is into that sort of nonsense. I have defects, limitations, and faults. I don’t know much and certainly not everything. So, I always try to keep an open mind by not being blind to the possibility that I am wrong. When I discover my mistakes, I learn and correct them. I am not invested in being right. I am only invested in the truth, in wanting to know the truth and thereby being right without all the psychological garbage that has plagued mankind since the beginning. I will say that psychology is the bedrock, the foundation, of all that is wrong with the society of man. If we were not so screwed up, things would never have gone as they did in our long history and it would be much nice in the world today.

I had to write this personal part before writing out my ideas. I have presented them to many people already and seen the nasty underside of too many. Many have been able to see that this idea is a good one, too. So, let me get going. I don’t mean that in the “run away” sense. (laughing here) My courage is needed to do this. There are many reasons.

The Concept

Here you will find a simplified description of the system I have been conceiving since the early 1970s. I invite you to help me perfect it and make it happen. I have no desire for psychological malfunctions or negative feedback, especially if you have nothing yourself that you want the world to consider. I am doing something. At least I am trying. What are you doing? I know I sound sanicle and, perhaps, mean. You would too if you had experienced some of the things I have.

We can create a giant project that will go so far in the right direction it might become an historical milestone. Ground transportation vehicles, roads, transmission systems and other systems can be combined. Vehicles can be all electric and we will be able to ride most of the time instead of driving. Robot cars are not going to be acceptable. More and larger batteries are not acceptable either. Cutting down trees to make “telephone poles” and mutilating trees to keep the lines clear will have to stop. Deforestation and herbicide spraying along the large powerline corridors will be stopped. Friction will become minimal and the noise we now create when we drive will be reduced substantially. The system will make traffic jams a wonder of the past. We have already scraped away every living thing already there to build the world’s roads. We will put them to better use.

The infrastructure built around the internal combustion engine will be morphed and much will be eliminated. All these things and countless others that are a scourge to life and the planet will be stopped. The benefits will accumulate and domino. The future will be forever rearranged. The one unfolding right now is unthinkable.

We will have a new set of vehicle designs and an update of the road systems. Transportation will be faster, safer, quieter, and environmentally friendly. It will be beautiful, too. The benefits of this system are too many to list here. You can use your own mind to discover them. Maybe.

I can’t imagine there are many who have not seen the electric wires bearing electricity everywhere. You have been driving an internal combustion driven vehicle down the roads parallel to those lines for a long time. Sometimes they cross the roads and sometimes they are far from them. The power lines, the television lines, the phone lines, and all the lines that we have installed to server whatever function they serve are ubiquitous. They each are independent separate systems and a terrible waste of resources and human time. They are too vulnerable. It must have been required that they came about that way, but it is time to combine them with the roads so we can tap the electricity to propel our vehicles and to make one efficient system of transportation.. The power lines are nothing but a means to transport something other than biological beings. I think that is a little funny to think about, but I digress.

I will add to this blog as time permits. It doesn’t permit me to write much longer right now. I will take the time to draw the picture some, though. Take down the power line and install them in the traffic lanes. Let the engineers work out the details. We can put the power lines in the lanes in a way that makes the electricity available to the electric motors of vehicles attached to the road or riding a rail. Many ways to do this have been considered by this man knowing that there are others and maybe better ones. I need help. I am just a guy who saw a thing.

While we are putting electric lines in the roads, we can at least prepare them to receive the other transmission hardware; natural gas, water, television, telephone, sewer, and so on. The design engineers will have to study the infrastructure and determine exactly what will work best. Then the people will have to have input and an opportunity to approve or disapprove. It is time to examine all the systems and muster the people to build smarter systems combining where right and not where it isn’t.

It is necessary to explain that when the electric lines are installed in the roads, we can also build the means to attach the vehicles. We all watch the driver-less trains going along the tracks, the engineers are not actually driving them like we drive our cars. How is that no one ever thought of making the cars travel that way? I don’t know. I think someone did. It just got done differently anyway. We can have a rail to ride on and let it guide the vehicles. It is not my favorite method for many reasons. I’ll leave them for later. I want to attach the vehicles to something. I don’t want vehicles to come off the track. A slot like those in toy cars might be good. Ultimately, I would like to have the vehicles be attached so that they can be allowed to come off the ground and not fly away like the air transportation vehicle do. Make them more like kites tied to a string in a kid’s hand who is too heavy for the kit to lift. The vehicles can be built to have lift like planes do. That will minimize friction, reduce noise, and make the vehicles way cool to look at and fly/drive/ride.

I don’t know enough to design it, but I think we could use magnetics in a slot that propels the things the vehicles are attacked to. Couldn’t they be suspended in magnetic fields? That would be great. Then we could simply have an electric grid serving other needs that also pulls our jet-like vehicles that operate on batteries or some other means when off the grid.

I have already fielded responses that question the source of the electricity. I am not an electrical engineer. I am not an engineer of any kind, unless you want to consider me an engineer of ideas. I seem to be overflowing with them. One in particular answer the question often posed to me: “Where will we get all that electricity?” I am probably going to knock you to the floor with this answer: we will generate it by using gravity. Gravity cannot be exhausted. It is virtually free and everywhere. The means to do so are old and unnoticed. I noticed a very long time ago and developed better ways to do it. I am not going to divulge the system. It is for another place and time. But I will tell you that we can have far more electricity than we can ever use, and it will be free of pollution and provide a bounty of other stuff as byproducts. I like to call them side effects. Now you are probably experiencing that psychological stuff I wrote about earlier. (laughing again) It is just one of many I have somehow stumbled upon in my quests. Let me give you a clue. I’m feeling rather jocular at the moment. It feels good to get this out there and off my mind somewhat. The clue is nuclear power plants.

I am not proposing using nuclear. Never! I see the nuclear stuff as the stupidest thing ever. A four and a half billion years to become half as radioactive seems to be enough to prove this point. No nuclear anything. How we will handle what we have already done is going to be tough enough. We can do, but we need to be able to get off the planet and run about in the universe. Yes, the clue. A nuclear power plant is just a stupid steam generator. Can you believe it? I’ll bet you thought our species had really come up with something remarkable. You would be right if you were thinking so stupid it is remarkable. I’ll toss out the way to generate electricity soon enough. I may take the monetary approach and build a working model and make some money. I am deeply opposed to money, but if I had some, I might do some good. I might even be able to get money removed from the world.

Go to work and don’t get paid. Go to the store and don’t get asked to produce money for the things you get, and that includes all the products and services of society. See what I mean? I have been dealing with people over things that they have never even thought about for a long time. You have not seen much of what I have, either.