This is close to the foods I eat. I don’t eat roots, so it is not quite right for me.

From Love to Veganism

Food and Eating

From Love to vegetarianism was a short trip. I don’t know if I just got lucky or if my ways brought me there, but I found Love. I don’t mean for someone or something. I mean Love with a capital “L” like we read about in poetry. We hear it sung about in songs, and we find in the saying of sages as far back in the past as we can detect. My life changed instantly. I will write about it in another post. For now the issue is Food.

I became a vegetarian within minutes of finding Love. That was nearly fifty years ago. Since then I have lived a life of such bliss I cannot describe it. It is something within me that has noting to do with the outside world. Therefor, the suffering and hardships I have endured have never diminished or damaged my bliss. I have gotten used to it, maybe. It flares up often, but I try to focus on the mission I am on. I could not take my paths without it. It led me to God and Goddess.

For about fifteen years I lived by eating only what I can get without killing something. I took good care of myself and to do that I studied. I tried things and controlled myself. I never ate sugar or anything with sugar in it. I did not consume caffeine, salt, alcohol, or fast foods. I fasted often, two weeks once. I did cleansing diets and gave myself high enemas. I did not watch television or go to the movies. I didn’t eat in restaurants. I timed eating and drinking so that one would not interfere with the other. I observed food combining laws. I used medicinal and maintenance herbs extensively. I traveled around the world like a monk. I meditated and blissed out. I got so healthy I think I was going to leave the world as an ascended being. My love for Earth and all that live here kept me from leaving. Love had other purposes for me.

I realized I was removing myself from society and the people. I love all the people. I will write a lot about that later. It became clear to me that my loved ones need help. I became dedicated to providing it. I have been devoted to it since. I will never stop. I admit there are times when I just want to move to the giant sequoias and redwoods near Yosemite where I can meditate and seek my ascension. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Maybe someday if it looks hopeless I’ll make that move, but for now I am writing a blog trying to save everyone and the world. I can’t think of anything else worth doing.

In this section of this blog I want to write about food, eating, health, healing, and ecology. Appetite will have to be part of it. Old age and death will come into it. Long life, health, and love is the goal. It is the goal I want for you. I already have it. You are my loved ones. All that lives receives my love.

Symbiotic Partnership

The trees made Earth hospitable to our form of life. We owe it to them to start helping them. Some trees live many thousands of years. We can learn from them.

Human Ecological Shameless Living

Humans can live by means of life instead of death. To eat of dead things is to become one with death.

In 1985 I changed from a diet and lifestyle that can keep me young as long as I like. My body has aged a lot since then. I knew what I was doing. Worried about my loved ones and the realization they were destroying the world made me do it. What use would it be able to live forever if the world was going to become a nuclear waste land? So, I set out to save it and my loved ones.