A Lucky Discovery

I thought for a long time that all that is needed to arouse in you dedication and devotion to the cause of Love is to get you to envision the world as it will be after we have had some time living in unconditional love for one another. It seemed so obvious to me that I thought anyone and everyone could easily see it if they just tried. My picture should have been in the dictionary next to the word “naïve.” Doubt of Love did not find me, though, not even after years of living the proof and lavishing words upon the undeniable picture that Love paints. But diffidence slowly began to get a hold on me. I realized there was a lot I needed to know and understand about humans.

I am approaching the anniversary of the 43rd year of a journey that has led me to places, people, and experiences that only the achievement of my purpose could have possible allowed. You will be able to read about it in my biography, which I will resume after this. My picture will not be allowed in the dictionary with the word “naïve” any longer, not even any variation of the word, for I have been tutored by the best tutor in the world, Experience.

I have been observing and studying you for a long time. People from many so-called “classes” have communed with me. I have stood beside you in many types of study, work, and play. I have been a prisoner with you and been subjected to the treatment you have given your prisoners. I have poured myself into the study of your past. Death has drawn so near I have seen through the veil Life uses the hide the other side. I have made monumental discoveries both personal and worldly. I have traveled about the world and seen what has happened. Know that I have seen. Not everything! But plenty. You can only demonstrate a dearth of perceptivity and an abundance of ego by thinking I am not aware of my world. Even still, I know some of you will simply think, or even say, that I just don’t know how it really is. See! I know how you are.

A lot of what I have seen is not easy to contain in a loving heart, but enough of the right stuff has been found to sustain hope. Religions that rely on documents proclaiming Love as the answer have histories of murder, torture, terror, greed, prejudice, and lust for power and money. Some have had armies. Their prophets are believed to have sacrificed themselves in the name of Love and commanded of us to love one another. Yet, “religious wars” are more the rule than the exception. Leaders of nations have acted like the “devil” incarnate killing people by the tens of millions. The wealthy have allowed the poor to starve. Economies have been depressed intentionally to drive out competition and reduce the population. There seems to be no end to the list of horrors that humans have committed, but at the same time they have done so many wonderful things that that list too would be impossibly long. It is time to perform the world’s greatest act of kindness; let Love live through you.

Love will live when we breathe life into it. Think of Love as a living being that lives through us. In this earthly existence it appears that Love can only be manifest by living beings. Even my limited understanding can imagine other possibilities, but the immediacy of living takes the priority. By all the suffering of Life, we need an answer. By all that is sweet and beautiful, we need an answer. Unconditional Love is it.

Love will free us, for we are bound in our time and place as biological life forms living and dying in the quest for restoration. It need not be so. We know this in places hidden within ourselves for time immemorial. The chains are locked and love is the only key. Mysteries haunt us like ridiculing phantasms bent on torturing us in internecine battles to unlock the chains with the wrong key. Time has ground away our stamina and hope has begun to falter. Now, in the last possible moment, we must reach with all our might and determination for the only key that can free us.

Love is a panacea, for it will cure the plagues and problems that we have endured in a miraculous healing that will make us wonder why we took so long to swallow such an obvious remedy. Broken hearts will mend and soar in the ecstasy missed in the failed attempts to find fulfillment in loves lesser forms. Prejudice will vanish. Equal rights will flourish throughout society. Social oppression will be no longer. Class divisions will disappear. Love cures all, even broken hearts and grief.

Love is the way, for it guides our hearts and actions to the place we are inexorably compelled to come to and can never stop striving to reach until we get there. Virtue becomes automatic with Love. It rules Truth and Goodness with saintly benevolence. It is a brilliant path through awe and adventure to magic and miracle. All other paths have been tried over and over leaving us in the same place from which we started with little more than information about the wrong ways.

Love is the answer, for it will satiate hope’s eternal longing for the truth to the mysteries that have led us through countless battles and unfathomable journeys. Comprehension will unfold like the petals of the eternal blossom of beauty when love opens the door and we will rejoice in the longed for peace that has ceaselessly urged us toward the light throughout the ages.
Today is the day. Now is the time. Let your hearts be at peace knowing that love will care for you when you finally take the steps to get there from wherever you are regardless of what you have been through, no matter what condition life as left you in, and despite any failures or mistakes you have ever made. Step forward! Open your hearts. Let love enter. It is a personal choice. Only you can do it. Even if no one else is wise enough to do so, you still can. There is a way. You can do it.