Money-Free! Not “Free.”

Nothing will actually be free in the money-free system. You will earn your livelihood with your time applied to the needs of our society, our family. Time is our most precious resource and the only thing that can be contributed with equality. Your pay for your time will be all you want all your life. Access to the products of society will be equal. Service to society will replace money. How long will your service be? How long is it today? Answer; most of your life, and for far too little. We all work in service to society. Our work is performed with the use of all that our predecessors left for us and what we create is added to the total we leave to our decedents. In the monetary system that has conquered the world, we must work a long time. Most people never get to stop working. Those who do are fortunate to have spent only twenty years in service. The money-free society promises to reduce the amount of time required of each person. The more people there are to help and the more our systems are refined for efficiency, the shorter the service time. At first it might be a long service very much like it is today, but there will be an end in sight. The objective will be to reduce work, not increase it; not create jobs, but eliminate them. Granted, there will be many new jobs, maybe even more jobs at first, but the reward for your work will be everything you and your family want all your life and a society that seems a dream to most people right now. There is a lot of cleanup to be done and we will have to devote considerable effort and resources to it. We will be able to clean the lands, the waters, and the air. We will even have to clean up the space around our planet. There is a lot of work to do that must be done to save ourselves and our planet that we can do in a money-free system. We will have to tear down and build. A lot of work will be required to remodel our technological societies to meet the new paradigm and to bring the rest of the world into the societies they want, technological or otherwise. It will be a planned purpose to provide all that everyone wants to our best ability and with the least amount of effort. It will be a purpose to create utopia as nearly as we can. New systems will be set up in almost all areas of manufacturing, distribution, transportation, energy, communications, mining, refining, disposal, research, exploration, entertainment, and everything else. It will be a lot of work. As the cartoon says; “What’s gonna work? TEAM WORK!” Service to society will become something in the future that takes little of your life. After that you will be able to play or do whatever you want; including working at something you really like to do, something you like so much you would not consider it work at all. Some are that fortunate already and the rest of us are next. From there the universe is the limit. We will be going out amongst the stars and delving into the mysteries of everything. We will be finding answers that have eluded us and begin to find new questions. More avenues of endeavor will open. There will be far more to pursue than there will be people to pursue it. We will have to have many more people. Society will continue to rise in prosperity, beauty, adventure, excitement, and pleasure. Life spans will become longer and longer. Human consciousness will expand and intelligence will improve. People will be able to find their personal fulfillment and from fulfillment will be produced beautiful things of virtually magical helpfulness. People will become our best friends. This is the intention of the plan. Can you see Love coming alive? We will apply the brakes before we careen over the cliff. Then we will take the necessary steps to realize potential we have not dreamed of yet. Happy fulfilled people will create a gigantic loving family that can reach out to the rest of the universe; even the universe that is not part of the physical one. Yes! I am aware of a universe beyond this plane.

Most people have a sense of the other planes. They demonstrate it in their views of the soul, heaven and hell, God, and many other ways. I, for one, am in agreement. It is a mystery that has divided humans for far too long. The truth will come. We will unite in the truth. I think it will come when we unlock the door that can only be unlocked by Love. In other words, we must unite in Love before we can unite in the truth. It is something we have not yet tried. I can’t wait for the door to be unlocked for us all.

Help Wanted:

I have been unable to get my friends and family to ponder the situation of the world very much. They can’t even seem to find time to read the things I write and I am doing this all by myself. Many have religious views that they are devoted to with zealous piety and have little concern for the world. They are not interested in helping me and leave it all to God. They explain the horrors that have happened and those that are going on now with the contention that “God works in mysterious way.” Others are so overwhelmed with survival and caring for offspring they cannot find time to endeavor in other areas. I understand all this but I would love to have help.

I am not interested in negative attitudes. I am interested in problems with the plan and ideas on how to solve them. If you want to just turn away and go on with what you are already doing, so be it. Over a thousand people subscribe to my writings including at least one in almost every nation on Earth. Some will come forward who will help me. I know they will. We will get this figured out and then start the process of bringing it into action. We all do our best. This is obvious to me. Sometimes our best is just not good enough. We would not have the history or the current conditions we have were this not true.

A worldwide initiative by the good people to dispense with the unnecessary and impeding social phenomenon we know as “money” can bring about the greatest improvement humanity has made so far. Even an initiative in a single nation would get it started and the rest of the world would follow. It would be more complicated for one nation to be first, but we have plenty of organization and systems to see it through. I can’t even imagine good people being unwilling.

There are many indications that the good people have become interested in uniting with common cause. The perception that something must be done is growing and the power of the people is stirring. The timing is just right! This document would not even be possible were it not so. There is a growing sense of doom, and it is well justified. The people know we have to change, but exactly what it do is highly debated. Getting rid of money will end that debate.

It is time to see through the fog of social conditioning to realize that we are doing everything we do because it provides us with survival, security, and prosperity. We don’t do it for money and we can do it much better without it. Money is a manmade phenomenon that has caused uncountable horrors for thousands of years.

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