Climate Change and Related Facts

When claims are made that “scientists agree,” you can be confident the claims are false. Some scientists agree regarding the simpler matters, but things such as the weather are not getting widespread agreement from scientists. There can be tens of thousands of scientists who agree, but that would me a fraction of them. Evidently there are about 9 million of them globally.  Check out his quote from Gateway Pundit regarding a Nobel Prize recipient in physics Dr. John Clauser. I think he is wrong, by the way. His opinions that there is no climate change are false, but his opinions regarding the clouds, CO2, and other things are correct. The earth is undergoing atmospheric changes caused by mankind. Of that I have no doubt.

Nobel Laureate in Physics, John Clauser, lashed out at the science heretics who continue to push global warming and who “threaten the well-being of billions of people.”

Clauser criticized the prevalent climate models as being unreliable and not accounting for the dramatic temperature-stabilizing feedback of clouds, which he says is more than fifty times as powerful as the radiative forcing effect of CO2.

Clauser believes there is no climate crisis threatening the planet.

The lower atmosphere has been severely polluted my humans in Europe for many centuries. Smoke from heating fuels became so bad in the early the 16th century. The rest of the earth had people doing damage in different ways. Those areas have since joined the rest. It increased in spurts since. Today, the world supports so many things and operations that heat and poison the atmosphere (the world in general, too) it seems to be miraculous that Life is still managing to hang in there. Everything from internal combustion engines, electric motors, turbines, industrial production facilities, roads, parking lots, and buildings are only a some of the things mankind uses to make the air hot and toxic. The asphalt and concrete structures of the world gain heat during the day and radiate it into the lower atmosphere at night. Every paved road and parking that covered arable land has added to the heat radiation into the air. The myriad of ways and means mankind uses and has used over time to destroy the atmosphere are far beyond listing here. The destruction of the plants of Earth may be the greatest aspect of the changing climate.

It is obvious that the cities of the world are constantly clouded with pollutants and heat. How much does it take to heat the entire global atmosphere? Let’s think, 200 cubic inches x 2000 time a minute x 200,000,000 x 150 years + heaters + cook stoves + factories and plants + all mammalian forms of life – all the plant life = ?. Dang! The calculations here are just a demonstration of what must be considered. Let’s add some other things to the equation. Every vehicle that has ever existed, maybe, uses brakes to stop and slow, many use clutches to shift gears. Most know this. If you look it up on the web, you will see it as “friction materials market” and similar words. It is a market that produces things that generate a lot of heat, and, much worse, billions of tons of microscopic toxic dusts. (Diatomaceous Earth is used as an insecticide. (What does friction material dust do?) I had difficulty getting past the economics of friction materials value globally. That is the factor that gets the attention. I understand that, but most do not. The industry seems to be oblivious to the environmental impact. Like cigarette smokers worried about the environment tossing their cigarette filters on the ground, the people are walking contradictions. They depend on the economic systems for survival, convenience, play, entertainment, and other things without knowing the first thing about the overall picture they perpetrate and perpetuate or what is causes and what else could be done instead. People drive into to the city to work and see the cloud of pollution obscuring the views of the tall building without feeling the requisite feeling needed to do something about it. I get it. The collapse of civilization must be prevented. It would be the greatest ecological disaster of all. And civilization has become very fragile. A thirty percent unemployment would be more than enough. The consequences should be in the front of human consciousness, but it is far from that. Perhaps the rich and powerful are thinking about it. Economists know that unemployment must be keep near total. The average person is likely to be amazed to read this here. They don’t give it much thought if any. Oblivious! Billions of oblivious people are causing global dangers. This must end. That is why I am writing again this morning. We are destroying the world and the means we employ to do it are so stupid it rivals all stupidity ever done. You can read more of my thoughts about it elsewhere. I will mention again here and let it ride that capitalism is the leading cause of human horror the world has ever known. Don’t bother me with the canned arguments you all have been taught to repeat ad nauseam. By the way, it has become obvious to me that most people are only repeaters rather than thinkers. We stupidly call it “education.” LOL What is blunder! I don’t have time to prove it here. Back to the topic of this effort.

The earth has a thin atmosphere. It has been compared to the thickness of painted letters on a lottery ball in comparison. The figures offered are 1.57% of Earth’s radius. Thin! Get it?  It is the reason we have liquid water and enough heat for life to exist here. That is called the “greenhouse effect” by scientists. Notice in the article that CO2 is said to be 0.4% of the 2023 mole fraction. Without the atmosphere, the surface of the planet would be very cold and solar radiation would prevent all forms of life we know of. Also, water vapor is a greenhouse gas, too. The topic is fascinating. I will not go deeper here. The topic that must be comprehended and must become an obsession among all people is the effects mankind has on it. But we must not stop there. The effects of mankind on the other parts of the earth are vital aspects of the future of Life in Earth.

Life on Earth. Those are some amazing words. It seems mankind needs some serious study and training about those words and the topics they encompass. You can think what you want, but it is quite obvious that the solar system at least is devoid of Life except for that found on Earth. It is likely that life exists elsewhere, but it would be rare compared to the Universe. Aliens have come back into the media lately. But I have never seen one unless they are indistinguishable from the humans of Earth. Just abide for a moment in the possibility that Life is rare. Why? Because the conditions that allow Life are rare in the physical universe, the energy/matter universe. There is a lot of science that holds the earth to have been formed billions of years ago and going from a hellish ball to what we have today over vast amounts of time. The idea that Life evolved over time is something I cannot accept, but those who do have not been able to prove it. They seek Life elsewhere in the universe in an attempt to prove that Life evolved accidentally. Creation theories are spurned by them. The fact that this topic is debated is a sign of human ignorance and poorly developed intuition or psychic abilities. This relates to the science that holds the brain to be the source of consciousness. It is a terrible controversy that has a solution. Some things are one or the other and cannot be both, like what happens after we die. One thing that is not debated is that Life is abundant on Earth. Well, not so much now.

The fossil records are everywhere. That Life has been here a long time seems to be a safe concept. An article that was on some website about ten years ago seems to have vanished. It was about atmospheric analysis done with the cores of ice extracted from the icecaps. There are those who would not like to see that article read by the people at large these days. It included a research result that showed the atmosphere long ago had a CO2 content of about 2000 parts per million (ppm) when the world hosted the greatest fauna ever. Fauna! That means all forms of Life. It was not excessively hot. The nonsense being used as a fear tactic these days is built around an atmospheric CO2 content of 400ppm. As an arborist, I will tell all who will listen that the trees need more CO2. They are being destroyed for lack of it. All plant life builds their mass by taking one atom of carbon at a time from carbon dioxide. That is a simplification, but it is one that holds the gravity of truth more than the gravity of Earth holds the atmosphere. Plant created the atmosphere that supports Life as we know it. But man has not problem destroying them.

This man, me, I, am horrified by the brutality of humans. Most people I know or to whom I reveal my thoughts, which I do to anyone who will listen, think I am strange and most just pass over my thoughts and grant me my space. I believe plants deserve as much respect and love as parents feel for their offspring. Of course, the same should be true of one human for all other humans. We should love one another unconditionally even more than parents love their children. Love is something that comes in a variety of “strengths,” “degrees,” or some sort of gradations. But people who say they love plants and animals are happy to eat them. They don’t even understand why anyone wouldn’t. LOL That seems crazy to me. When we observe the way mankind kills humans, tortures humans, and makes horrors for others, the fact that there is so little reverence for other forms of Life is not surprising. That it is monstrous is obvious to me. If you are participating in the deaths of other forms of Life, you are a monster of some degree. Since 1971, I have lived just fine without eating any animal or plant. I eat only what plants grow for me and provide for me in symbiotic relationship. There are those who contend that mankind cannot live without eating meat. I stand as proof that it a false belief. The people who have never eaten meat in their lives stand with me. There are many. But brutality is a way of life for some. I think most of them don’t see themselves that way, but that is just psychology dictating. The way societies accept dictations is a reflection of this. Even that is unrecognized by and large.

The dictates man imposes on others is a phenomenon of incalculable consequences. It is mostly unseen and most are unaware of it. The sign says, “STOP.” That is a dictate. “Speed limit” does not mean the highest rate of speed possible. It goes far deeper. Consider speaking. We speak in dictatorial terms and fashion. We may agree on the definition of words, but then we require others to know them like some dictators that forbid other forms of words. Even that is not the end of dictates that mankind does not even consider or, much less, realize. Consider the fact that that every single one of us are trapped in our forms, places, and times. Is that not a dictate of Life, a creator, or something? The universe seems to be dictating to us. We are all trapped. If you don’t agree, show me how to change form, to leave Earth by means other than devices. Add to that that the entire globe is covered with human societies. Within each the dictates of that society imposes on all who live there and come there. Trapped by Society is an article I wrote quite a while ago and posted here;  (Wow! That is the first search result in the list provided by Firefox. Good placement.)

I went into the eating of plants and animals for a reason. It is making our planet inhospitable. Raising grazing animals has turned the land not covered with roads, farms, and other constructs into pastures. The only plants growing in them are those plants the grazing animals will not eat. Cactus, sticker plants, burr plants, poisonous plants, and countless other plant most people gladly call “weeds” (I hate that word.) are all that can be found there aside from the food plants good ranchers let return by rotating the pasturing of livestock. To make matters worse, a lot of land is devoted to growing grains and other plants for livestock. Human food plants are kept to those that are guarded for making money. That makes the growing of food to feed mankind something that is adding to the problems with the weather and other ecological things.

Seventy-two years of living and working outside in the weather has shown me that the weather is changing. I have no doubt at all. One year here in the heart of Texas, I was unable to work outside for about 130 work-day due to rain. It was unprecedented. Mother exclaimed many times that she had never seen this part of Texas so green due to so much rain. She is gone on ahead of me after living into her eighties. She knew as I do that the weather is changing. As I type, the USA is experiencing the hottest weather on record and for the most days. It is incredible. Climate change is real. It is not due to the CO2 content of the atmosphere.

What can be done? I think the people who have power are using CO2 as a fear tactic and justification for efforts to deal with climate change because they can’t use anything else without admitting that capitalism, the source of their power, it the real cause. They want us to sacrifice. They want us to feel guilty for climate change. Many have said publicly that the population of humans must be reduced drastically and quickly to “save the planet.” The rich and powerful are not saying, “Save the planet form us.” The fact that capitalism is destroying the world is obvious, but not to everyone. Those who benefit fabulously from capitalism would rather kill off most of the human population than change the world to something they fear would deprive them of their lifestyles. It is one of the largest factors in the ecological trouble of our time.

The number of factors that are changing the weather are too many for this article. I must give mention to volcanoes and lava as an atmospheric heating factor but say no more here. Lightning is a factor, too. Natural causes are likely the greatest factors in atmospheric changes, but mankind is increasing its contributions every day. However, greater awareness has already begun to reduce it. But nothing short of ending the capitalistic commodification of everything humans need, want, do, and don’t want is a huge factor now. What do you think the world’s military actions are doing to the atmosphere? How about the waters and the lands? Come on! Face it. Even the production and transportation of military weapons, infrastructure, and so on are damaging the entire world. We have detonated nuclear bombs in the atmosphere! Mankind cannot deny our influence on the weather and the entire ecosystem of the world. Clauser is probably over-specialized.

I write every morning. It is done spontaneously. I don’t create outlines or other things to make the writing better, I could and sometime do, but spontaneous writing is something I seek to become more adept with. Written communications are more permanent. The lack of written material by Jesus has always bothered me. I don’t intend to let that be the case with my life. I often don’t even read my writing to check for mistakes or poor structure. I make mistakes and wander, but I am improving. Thanks for reading. I realize that may be no one or few.  

_Petition To Get Money Sent To The People (1)


MONEY! This is a topic that evokes a wide variety of thoughts and emotions. This site will contain a lot of information and discussion about money as time goes by. There is a lot to know and understand about it. A survey shows that most people are not very informed about money. There are many books available about it ranging from history to the future, and despite the immediacy of and the profound influence of money in the lives of the people, the vast majority of the people have invested little time in its study. We know what it looks like, in its many forms, and we know what we can do with it, but this is not enough. Something that has become the overwhelming driving force of the world warrants more. The people would help themselves greatly by taking the time to study the literature available about money. The information found there is indispensable, but there are some things about money that seem to be missing from the literature, vital things.

A fundamental fact about money that demands understanding seems obvious, but is mostly overlooked is the fact that money is what we use to access the products of society, and regardless of the form, money is a means to limit your access to the products of society. If there were no limits to your access, there would be no reason to have money at all. If you think this sounds like everything would be free in such a case, you are simply making a mistake, an understandable one, but still a profound mistake.

“Free,” like “freedom,“is something that has little or no meaning when analyzed deeply. There is no such thing as “free,” nor, as has already been written about on this site, “freedom.” These are just words that represent no physical object and as mental abstracts have only relative meaning within certain contexts. Nothing is all that is free. No object of human production is truly free since it must be “paid for” with time and energy/effort. The air you breathe in comes at the cost of time and effort inhaling. When the universe is considered, devoid of life, everything in it is a product of time and energy, and, therefore, not free. This train of thought has no end. The products of society that we currently buy with some form of money are certainly never free. They all require time and effort to produce. So, even if there were no limit to your access to the products, nothing would be free. The amount of time and energy required to produce the products and to gain unlimited access would be the cost, but money would have no place. You invest time and effort; in return you get access to all the products of society. You will not be given anything. You will have to purchase what you get by contributing to society. What makes this so desirable is the fact that your pay for your effort is everything you want as long as you live. That is pretty good pay, don’t you think?

Yes, your money will disappear. You will have to give up money entirely. There will be no money and there will be no need for money. There will be no savings, no stock market or stock, no banks, no financial institutions, no artificial value, and there will be virtually no need for lawyers. All these things exist only because we use money to conduct the operations of our society. Of course, such a system serves some, and very well.

In terms of everything that is produced in the USA, including services, the financial industry (a name it does not deserve) comprises nearly half. Things that are being done in the management and manipulation of money have become a huge portion of the total work people do. It also pays very well. In fact, it appears that the financial jobs are among the top paying in the country.

Banking is something that we all see. But do you realize that every penny that goes into the banking system is a needless expense for society. It is like paying someone to follow you around holding your money and taking care of your payments, but much worse. It is simply an unnecessary expense, and it is an expense that has taken the top tier in the pay scale. Can you see that if everyone worked in the financial sector there would be nothing to eat? Can you see that the more we spend dealing with the onerous burden of money the poorer we become? It is imperative that society use its time and effort wisely. Our work must help us as much as it possibly can, and the cost of money is too high and totally unnecessary.

Nothing we need and want requires money. We have just become so inured to it that we don’t understand what is happening. If you want to build a house or a factory, you can’t build it out of money. You build it out of tangible building materials. Money doesn’t fertilize crops. It doesn’t fix your leaky pipes. When you need building materials, go get them. In a society that pays you unlimited access to the products of society as compensation for your work, that is all you have to do; just go get the stuff you need. It seems insane to first have to convince someone that you are worthy of the money required to get the stuff you need. How did this happen? Open minded study easily answers that question, if you can get to that condition. It is not easy, perhaps even unlikely. Try it after reading this article. You may find it more likely.

There is a lot to fathom about money and how it has transformed the very essence of life in society. Consider crime. Money is the motive nearly every time. Show a hungry animal food and them put it out of reach. You will see the animal behave in ways similar to the way people behave after they become aware of what is available in the world that they are unable to obtain. Food is a prime example even amongst humans. Just look at the starvation statistics. The food is out there, but many cannot gain access to it; they don’t have the money. Who can be confused now about the frequency of crime? It is a natural occurrence in a society that limits access to it products.

It has already been suggested that there is not enough for unlimited access for everyone. This is an old response and it has no substance. It comes from the psychology created by the system that has dominated life on Earth as long as history is available. This system cannot abide abundance. This system requires for its very existence shortage, scarcity, and deprivation. We have been subjected to this so long we have unconsciously accepted it as a natural condition of life. Nothing could be further from the truth. The waste that goes on in the world today is essential to this inhumane inane system.

Here is the next fundamental fact about money that beats you down every day all the time and still goes unnoticed. Somehow, at some point in time, it became accepted by the people that their time and effort does not deserve as much as that of another. You get paid more or less than someone else. The people have accepted the judgments that value their contributions to society at different levels. These value judgments and their enforcement have become such that the most essential work of society are the least valued. The people who work to build and maintain everything are granted the least access to the products of the society they build, while those who contribute things that we could easily do without are granted the most access; movie stars, high end athletes, and those who deal in money and laws, though the list is longer still. Only a very few, percentage wise, have unlimited access and, guess what, those few have virtually unlimited access to you as well.

If you and I get stranded on a deserted tropical island and I quickly gather all the coconuts and put them where you cannot get them, I can get you to do things for me that you might not otherwise be willing to do in exchange for coconuts. I would have access to you. The hungrier you become the greater my power over you becomes. My behavior in that case would certainly be subject to criticism, but such things are going on every day all over the world while the people idly accept it. You see it all around you, but you may be unaware of it.

Society is overflowing with products and services. Production is a staggering abundance. Even food has become a commodity that is bought and sold, rather than something personally grown, hunted, or gathered. It is a product of society and to get access to it money must be obtained. Again, the person with the money has power over you. If you want something besides food, the same situation exists. In the world today, your desires for things other than food are being created by some of the greatest human effort ever done, which is another topic, but you will see what I mean by considering advertising, marketing, and invention, the last of which creates desires that previously did not exist, like laptop computers. Then there is medical care.

Medical care has become big business. You can get your heart replaced. Well, you can get it replaced if you have the money; otherwise you are likely to just perish. Medical services are not provided to those who have no money. Sure there are charities and some medical service provided to those who have no money, but people are suffering and dying all over the world, even in the USA, because they don’t have enough money to get available medical help. Now, how does this compare to the coconut story above? You might do many things for someone to relieve your hunger, but when you are in the grips of excruciating pain, or your body is badly broken, you are likely to be even more motivated. What a wonderful way to make money! Just refuse to grant access to a product of society known as “medical care” unless money is provided. In a system that bases price on the strength of demand, how could you ask for a better means to set prices high? “Does it hurt bad? We can fix it for the right price.” It sounds very much like the story of coconuts. All this is going on today, and worse, while the least amount of notice and effort reveals that medical care as we have it today is only because so many have contributed to society so long.

The cost of education is not just books and tuition. What university exists solely as an island in society? They all use the roads and every other system that society provides. Without the vast amounts of time and effort supplied by the people, there would be no hospital or medical equipment, and no university. People would not be able to devote their time to the study necessary to become medical professionals. No doctor acquired the requisite knowledge to be a doctor without vast help from society. What would a person eat while spending the necessary time in study if there were no people making food available? The more one goes to school, the more one owes society. Ah, but that is backwards. The more one goes to school the more one deserves more money. This current attitude is devoid of reason, and absolutely oozing the worst form of discrimination.

Somehow you have accepted that you are not worth as much as someone else. That is the cold hard fact of the matter. You have accepted this lie, this delusion. If this is not your attitude, why then do you accept the limited access you have to the products of society? Even the highest paid doctors are getting less than some. Even they have accepted that they are worth less than someone else, if not consciously then by behavior. We have, nearly every one of us, accepted the delusion that some are worth more than others. The proof is in your pay, your profit, your returns. While you work away, even contentedly, you accept that you are not going to get full access to the products of society when there is no physical organic reason for it. It is discrimination.

You are being judged. Your value is being determined. The quality of your life is being set upon you through the instrument of money. You contribute to society and your contribution is compensated with some amount of money, which is, again, simply your access to the products of society. You are granted some level of access, but limited access, as represented by your money. Your value is being set for you.

You live on a planet that has had humans working incredibly hard on it for centuries. Humans have been very busy. The amount of work that has been done is beyond comprehension. We see remnants from thousands of years ago in the form of pyramids and such of the work that has been going on continuously for all these thousands of years. Everyone alive has inherited the products of the work done by the ancestors. In the USA there are few roads left to build. Lakes have been created. The list goes on and on. Surely you can understand this. A lot has already been done. We have inherited a lot of stuff, and the new born even more. Yet the work must go on. We must be ever productive, more and more all the time. It gets harder and harder to do enough work to satisfy our survival needs. Many perish because they cannot keep up the pace, or they cannot get back into the pace after the system has let them fall out of sync. Where does it all go? When is it enough?

In the USA, and the world at large for the most part, the people are required to work all their lives to provide for themselves. You must have a job and work at it to get money to buy the things you want and need, because you are not going to get access to the products of society unless you have money. There is retirement, sure there is. For most of you it is after you are so old and worn out that you don’t even have long left to live, and your retirement is an austerity demonstration. The exceptions to this are too few to make the situation acceptable. The exceptions, of course, are the wealthy, and in truth they only have it a little better than the rest of the people. In fact, there are ample reasons to claim that they do not have it any better, but worse. They only have access to the products of society and to the people. They don’t have greater access to peace, happiness, fulfillment, or any of the products that humans can create in a better world. The wealthy also have the burden of responsibility for the prevention of the fulfillment of Life on Earth.

When I get all the coconuts and prevent you from gaining access to them on the desert island, I am holding you down, back, and out. Money is no different. If I get all the money and prevent you from accessing it, I hold you down in much the same way. One source stated that corporations in the USA are sitting on nearly two trillion dollars, the exact number being unnecessary, and the the exact form being equally unnecessary. This number is above and beyond what they call “illiquid assets,” like buildings, real estate, machinery, and such. It also does not include the inherited work already done by humans. Those corporations use the roads, the utilities, and everything else. They hold enough money to eliminate hunger here, to provide medical care to those without access, and so much more. But they have no intention of any such actions. They hold their money while they claim they need more confidence that any use they apply the money to will result in even more money coming back to them, a return. They are held in high esteem. They are successful. They are seen as paradigms of the hope we all have. There is no hint, other than from this writer that they are hording the coconuts.

There is only so much money. If money is a “store of value,” as they put it, it must represent tangible products or services. People who have wealth are keeping you from getting better access to the products of society and they are using you to do their bidding, which is all the essential work and the work of increasing and protecting their wealth. They know that people desire better access to the products of society, so they must be ever vigilant against the people. You may have noticed the law enforcement and military expense in today’s world. If you think they are there to protect you, consider the nuclear bomb. The wealthy have plenty of protection against the nuclear threat. Do you? Do you think the military of another country would invade to get more people? In this densely populated world more people means more mouths to feed. Invaders are after land and wealth, usually. Furthermore, would you require a military if everyone had unlimited access to the products of society? A society that successful would be the inspiration of rapid duplication around the globe. The kicker is; such a society is not only possible, but great effort is being applied to prevent its inevitable manifestation by completely natural organic means.

There was a man named Thomas Robert Malthus who wrote some books in the late seventeen hundreds that spun a bit of sophistry about over-population and scarcity that have been invaluable tools in the suppression of the human spirit ever since. Today the world is in apoplexy over the growing population and the depleting resources. Malthus was a reverend in the Christian faith and a philosopher economist. He studied societies both present and past, and then postulated their extensions. He went against many well know persons who postulated quite the opposite of his views believing that humans could and would perfect society even unto utopia. The fact that Malthus worked solely within the parameters of society that operates in the usual manner was a great flaw in his thinking. His views assumed that there would always be money regulating access to the products of society. He saw how prosperity caused more births until there was less prosperity that slowed the birth rate. It was a fine bit of sophistry, ingenious. It was totally devoid of any true vision and comprehensive comprehension of society. It appears to be just a way to protect the wealth of the wealthy and to continue the perpetration of a terrible social system, the one that has a king at the top and peasants below.

People began to dislike the idea of Kings and Queens and the social system was modified so that those royals could have their positions without causing the people to revolt again. It was a clever move, and it has everything to do with your money. They merely stepped out of the spot light and temporarily increased the people’s access to the products of society while they devised ways to control the people. For the people was their only threat.

A person was no threat to the wealthy. Killing a person was easy. Killing or imprisoning a lot of people, though more difficult, was easy enough. The real threat has always been The People. Large numbers of people united in a cause stormed the palaces and executed the royals many times in history. This fact was not lost on the wealthy or the royals and they have been at great endeavors to use their wealth to get people to devise ways to prevent such things. Yes, they got the people they wanted to control to devise the means to do so.

Today the people are so outgunned it is ridiculous. The wealthy can bring to bear the unimaginable force of the world’s military might in defense of their wealth. Or maybe you think the military is not at the disposal of the wealthy, like they want you to think. Are those in power wealthy? I rest my case. If you are unable to see that the wealthy can bring to bear the might of the armed, just try to do anything against their wishes. You can end up in prison even if you have lots of money if you go against the greater wealth, or you can end up dead. It has happened many times, whether you are aware of it or not.

It stands as fact that money can get people to do things that a sentient being would find unimaginably horrible. We all know this. There is only one reason this condition exists; access to the products of society is limited. Discrimination is being done that shows the people that there are some who get more and this keeps a false hope alive in the hearts of the people, the hope to rise up to a similar level. The wealthy realized early that hope was essential to the maintenance of a strong and peaceful population of servants, though now they feel crowded by too many servants; yet another topic for later.

People who can get everything they want and need are difficult to manage into doing horrible things. Theft is a rare occurrence in a society that provides unlimited access to the products of society in return for a short term of service. The very character of the people in such a society is something altogether different than that of people in society as it is today, worldwide. When basic needs are met and access to the means of attaining personal fulfillment are readily available, beautiful people occur. In such a society the products of society become beautiful things, works of art, utility, and durability. People become productive in pursuit of their own personal dreams, health, well-being, and community/family desires. A society that is that successful generates generations of ever greater quality and beauty. Vistas become visible that have been shrouded in darkness, invisible to the minds that struggle for survival. The vastness of outer space becomes a beckoning frontier, and that frontier is likely limitless, as are its resources.

On Earth today, resources are being used to operate society. The world over societies, together comprising the super family of our species, operate in such a state of inefficiency that people like Reverend Malthus seem lucid. But the availability of resources and space are only a concern within the systems that operate society as it is today, and there is no reason to continue to operate society as it is today. There is, in fact, overwhelming evidence that the super family of man is headed to its own destruction if the current systems are allowed to continue. Now, do you think you might like to break your mind free of its limits and at least try to envision a better way? Perhaps you could just consider the one you are reading about right now with a mind free of brainwashing that life has done to you since you came into this life.


This article is testing the waters, so to speak. I have quite a bit of fear around presenting it to the world. Change frightens some. Some would like to see thing continue as they are. So, if I suddenly commit suicide, I really didn’t. Some things are worth dying for, as some things are worth living for. I fear those who oppose egalitarian altruism. I fear those who argue against utopia. The psychology of those people is hard to fathom. The “it can’t be done” crowd, don’t remember Edison and many others. That something doesn’t seem possible to you is not proof of your opinion. Opinions are limited to the scope of the consciousness of the opinion holder. They see reasons why something can’t be done instead of the obstacles that must be surmounted to reach the goal, or they have darker more sinister psychology. I fear there are those who have very sinister desires and who do such things. That is a subject for another time. I do fear that though. I do not fear to fear. Fear is a good thing. It helps me survive.

Anyway, I debated this article for some time. I wrote it quite a while back. The fact that you are reading it tells you what I finally decided. I want world peace, but I want even more. I want everyone to be fulfilled, provided their fulfillment doesn’t require sinister stuff. I want to live in a world of people who love everyone and everything, of happy people who are enjoying the adventure. I want to live in a world of people united in Truth. I am sick of the multitude of arguments on every subject of any importance. I want to live in a world of infinite diversity and possibilities. I do, actually. It just needs to be unfettered.

Money-Free! Not “Free.”

Nothing will actually be free in the money-free system. You will earn your livelihood with your time applied to the needs of our society, our family. Time is our most precious resource and the only thing that can be contributed with equality. Your pay for your time will be all you want all your life. Access to the products of society will be equal. Service to society will replace money. How long will your service be? How long is it today? Answer; most of your life, and for far too little. We all work in service to society. Our work is performed with the use of all that our predecessors left for us and what we create is added to the total we leave to our decedents. In the monetary system that has conquered the world, we must work a long time. Most people never get to stop working. Those who do are fortunate to have spent only twenty years in service. The money-free society promises to reduce the amount of time required of each person. The more people there are to help and the more our systems are refined for efficiency, the shorter the service time. At first it might be a long service very much like it is today, but there will be an end in sight. The objective will be to reduce work, not increase it; not create jobs, but eliminate them. Granted, there will be many new jobs, maybe even more jobs at first, but the reward for your work will be everything you and your family want all your life and a society that seems a dream to most people right now. There is a lot of cleanup to be done and we will have to devote considerable effort and resources to it. We will be able to clean the lands, the waters, and the air. We will even have to clean up the space around our planet. There is a lot of work to do that must be done to save ourselves and our planet that we can do in a money-free system. We will have to tear down and build. A lot of work will be required to remodel our technological societies to meet the new paradigm and to bring the rest of the world into the societies they want, technological or otherwise. It will be a planned purpose to provide all that everyone wants to our best ability and with the least amount of effort. It will be a purpose to create utopia as nearly as we can. New systems will be set up in almost all areas of manufacturing, distribution, transportation, energy, communications, mining, refining, disposal, research, exploration, entertainment, and everything else. It will be a lot of work. As the cartoon says; “What’s gonna work? TEAM WORK!” Service to society will become something in the future that takes little of your life. After that you will be able to play or do whatever you want; including working at something you really like to do, something you like so much you would not consider it work at all. Some are that fortunate already and the rest of us are next. From there the universe is the limit. We will be going out amongst the stars and delving into the mysteries of everything. We will be finding answers that have eluded us and begin to find new questions. More avenues of endeavor will open. There will be far more to pursue than there will be people to pursue it. We will have to have many more people. Society will continue to rise in prosperity, beauty, adventure, excitement, and pleasure. Life spans will become longer and longer. Human consciousness will expand and intelligence will improve. People will be able to find their personal fulfillment and from fulfillment will be produced beautiful things of virtually magical helpfulness. People will become our best friends. This is the intention of the plan. Can you see Love coming alive? We will apply the brakes before we careen over the cliff. Then we will take the necessary steps to realize potential we have not dreamed of yet. Happy fulfilled people will create a gigantic loving family that can reach out to the rest of the universe; even the universe that is not part of the physical one. Yes! I am aware of a universe beyond this plane.

Most people have a sense of the other planes. They demonstrate it in their views of the soul, heaven and hell, God, and many other ways. I, for one, am in agreement. It is a mystery that has divided humans for far too long. The truth will come. We will unite in the truth. I think it will come when we unlock the door that can only be unlocked by Love. In other words, we must unite in Love before we can unite in the truth. It is something we have not yet tried. I can’t wait for the door to be unlocked for us all.

Help Wanted:

I have been unable to get my friends and family to ponder the situation of the world very much. They can’t even seem to find time to read the things I write and I am doing this all by myself. Many have religious views that they are devoted to with zealous piety and have little concern for the world. They are not interested in helping me and leave it all to God. They explain the horrors that have happened and those that are going on now with the contention that “God works in mysterious way.” Others are so overwhelmed with survival and caring for offspring they cannot find time to endeavor in other areas. I understand all this but I would love to have help.

I am not interested in negative attitudes. I am interested in problems with the plan and ideas on how to solve them. If you want to just turn away and go on with what you are already doing, so be it. Over a thousand people subscribe to my writings including at least one in almost every nation on Earth. Some will come forward who will help me. I know they will. We will get this figured out and then start the process of bringing it into action. We all do our best. This is obvious to me. Sometimes our best is just not good enough. We would not have the history or the current conditions we have were this not true.

A worldwide initiative by the good people to dispense with the unnecessary and impeding social phenomenon we know as “money” can bring about the greatest improvement humanity has made so far. Even an initiative in a single nation would get it started and the rest of the world would follow. It would be more complicated for one nation to be first, but we have plenty of organization and systems to see it through. I can’t even imagine good people being unwilling.

There are many indications that the good people have become interested in uniting with common cause. The perception that something must be done is growing and the power of the people is stirring. The timing is just right! This document would not even be possible were it not so. There is a growing sense of doom, and it is well justified. The people know we have to change, but exactly what it do is highly debated. Getting rid of money will end that debate.

It is time to see through the fog of social conditioning to realize that we are doing everything we do because it provides us with survival, security, and prosperity. We don’t do it for money and we can do it much better without it. Money is a manmade phenomenon that has caused uncountable horrors for thousands of years.

Money As Social Phenomena (1)

Money As Social Phenomena

I hope people will spend time contemplating money as a social phenomenon. This does not mean think about how to get more or how to manage the money you have. Money is a social phenomenon. There is so much literature available about money it is overwhelming. In fact, money is the reason the word “economy” exists. Think about that and what is has done already. The ‘economy is down.’ There is no work because the economy is down. So, all who don’t have plenty of money already will have to suffer. But money is a social phenomenon we create or not.

Money has become the means of survival. It was not always that way. In fact, it was not relatively long ago when people were able to survive independently of money. They could setup on a tract of land and tend to their needs independently of money. There are still small tracts of land available free provided improvements are begun within certain timeframes. The days of vast miles of good land are gone. The Homestead Act of 1862 and others were government moves to get people to develop land. Free land was available under certain conditions. Millions of people were granted deeds to millions of square miles of land until the early to mid-nineteen hundreds. Today, the possibility of living off the land without the use of money is gone. Even though there are free land deals available to some extent in the USA and even though there are other such opportunities in some other nations, the possibility of living without money is gone. 

As people spread across the Americas bringing the cultures of their heritage, the land became claimed and used. The process turned land into a commodity to be bought, sold, leased, traded. Pockets of cultural ways from other continents formed until self-sufficient living became impossible even for the natives that lived there before without using money. Money is now required to live nearly everywhere on earth.

Consider that- Survival has become a matter of getting money. Simple subsistence survival requires money because of taxes and bureaucratic management. The ownership of land has been destroyed by taxes levied on the land everyone owns. Even if someone manages to subsist on land paid for, money is still necessary due to taxes. But if one desires to live with the conveniences and pleasures brought about by the scientific, industrial, technological, and other so-called revolutions, money is required. Money must be produced to get virtually anything. That includes, of course, medical help. People die in millions due to the lack of money for medical help. That is just one of the horrible consequences of living in a world that requires money to live.

The quality of life is bound to the amount of money one can produce. Some have so much money they cannot even give it all away before their lives end. Others die miserably of starvation, disease, accidents, emotional intolerance, and hopelessness due to their inability to produce money. Wealth and poverty exist side by side like the black and white keys on a piano. The wealthy are a very small percentage of the population. A bit larger percentage live better than the poverty stricken. That and a lot more is due to the fact that money has become the means to survive with the quality of survival determined by the amount of money that an individual can produce.

What might have started as a convenience that eased the burdens of trade has become the means of survival and quality of life. Little time in terms of cultural development was necessary to make money something the governments create out of paper and ink. Today the USA counts money in trillions. Total money in use is incalculable. Figures for the USA alone are supplied by the Federal Reserve and total around twenty trillion. The rest of the world also creates money. The totals are simply impossible to calculate. But there is no valid need to know who much money there is to be able to contemplate money as a social phenomenon. It is not a set amount because it is removed and replaced constantly. The factors involved in money are so complex and so many, people become specialists in certain limited areas of money’s myriad characteristics.  According to one report, the world has about 2.7 quadrillion dollars.  None of the data is reliable due to the variables inherent in the phenomenon of global money. It leaves out so many aspects of value inherent in all aspects of social phenomenon, like the value of assets, currency, and other forms of monetary phenomenon. Trying to read about all the things related to money and how much there is takes more time than humans have. Simply dealing with currency in the USA employs a veritable army of people, infrastructure, assets, and social organizations the convenience said to be the cause of money is clearly gone. It has become a huge drain on human time, energy, and life. All of it is overhead. The more overhead a business creates—or a society–the less time, energy, and resources there are available to created the things money is supposed to make available for purchase. It is crazy. People make huge amounts of money buying and selling money. Stock markets are similar. The logical goal of production is efficiency, producing with the least amount of cost, or overhead. Then marketing is added to the process. All total, the cost of money to the earth and mankind is far greater than its benefits. There is a direct link between the fact that money is used by the global societies and the damage to the environment. Whether we think in terms of Capitalism, Communism, Socialism or other form of monetary system–and that is what they all are– money is more the cause of weather problems than any other man-made cause. But weather is not the only cost of money. The physical damage to the world is an even greater cost. Money is destroying the possibility of life on Earth. It is now doing it quickly. All that and more and worse simply because of a stupid social phenomenon we call “money.”

There is so much to offer the people regarding the phenomenon of money, it is a daunting task to even think of ways to help people comprehend money well enough to attain some degree of informed and intelligent comprehension. In the final analysis, it would be a waste of time were it not for the dominance, prevalence, and cost of money worldwide. We all inherited it as part of society. We must deal with it. To do that, we must think about it as a social phenomenon and how it has become an onerous phenomenon impossible to justify. It is not a convenience. It is a monster. Mankind is addicted to it. It is as though money is a living entity everyone serves.  Are we here to serve money or one another? It appears that we are living to serve money. It requires so much time, energy, and resources there is no justification. That alone should be enough to cause thinking people to at least want to attempt to enhance their awareness of money.

The factors involved in mankind’s lives today are so complex and so numerous there is no way whereby a person can grasp it all within the limits of human consciousness. We are only capable of so much. With more than seven billion people and thousands of years of accumulated history and changes to the world, we have long since lost control and understanding of what is going on and what will happen. The feelings of hopelessness and futility have spread out over the generations with ever increasing force. There is no valid reason to think things will be alright without global changes within the social phenomena and the individual characteristics of the billions of people. Change is inevitable, but intelligent changes are the best. But intelligence enough to include all the aspects of life today is not likely to exist. It becomes a factor of capacity quickly. How much can we consider intelligently? How much is there to know? How do we find the data we need? These and countless other questions debunk the hope that someone will be able to understand everything and help mankind rise out of the rut that leads to its destruction. BUT! It is not necessary.

All we need to do to alter course and begin a journey of security, pleasure, fun, plenty, and endless other wonderful things is to first start trying to comprehend money as a social phenomenon. Second, see that we don’t actually need money at all. Mankind can slowly and kindly begin to stop the phenomenon known as money. We are all people. We all work together already but divided by factors cultural. We are all mostly the same physically. The only things money can buy are the things produced, created, and discovered within the global human society or family. Everyone plays their part, even the homeless, poor, lazy, crazy, and whatever. It takes all to operate the global social structures. It is time to accept that and stop segregating people according to how much they are worth in terms of money. We are all equally deserving. If that is not easy for you to accept, the effects of living in a society that uses monetary systems has made it that way for you. The fact cannot be negated that society produces what we need and want. That means we all do it. That means we all are entitled to share and share alike in everything we produce. When we share and share alike all we produce, money has no place.

Money is used to allocate each person’s access to the products of society. We are only allowed to access those things for which we have money to purchase. The injustice of that is enough, but the lack of compassion and love is demonic. How easily we accept billionaires and poverty side by side! Can we really live well while others suffer and die needlessly all around us because they don’t have enough money? The answer is yes provided we have no hearts, love, compassion, commiseration, generosity, or any other virtue. The power and ability to live with it must not be confused with virtue. None are exactly alike. Each has strengths and weaknesses. But each is equally deserving of our love and equally entitled to the products of society. To facilitate the manifestation of the entitlement, we need only stop using any form of monetary system. So many people think money exists so we can get stuff. The truth is that money exists to prevent people from getting stuff. If we are producing for everyone equally, what role would money have? None!

The days are coming. What will they bring. One need not be a prophet to see what is obvious. There are people who have enough power by means of having so much money they can direct the work and lives of billions of people. The future will be what they make it. It will not be what the people want. In fact, it appears the people who have power want to reduce the number of people. They can do it, too. They began to formulate the plans long ago. When monarchs and such live in wealth and power, they feel special, better. They treat others as vassals, minions, pawns, fighters, and anything they want. They can deploy the people to build fantastic tombs for themselves. They can conduct world wars. They have power over the lives of everyone, including themselves. They can decide there are too many people and take steps to reduce the number. They have deployed mankind for so long now we have made it to the moon and other planets, albeit in very small numbers. They have put the people to work building things far more splendid than the Great Pyramid. So much of the earth is covered with the things the people have been deployed to build the future of life is threatened. This is known by the people who deploy mankind. That is why they are so intent on convincing the people that CO2 is causing the weather to change. But the real intent is to reduce the number of people. They think that will solve their problems. Such people have always been dominant throughout history. Life today is the result of the evolution of that factor. History is the story of nations and the rulers of nations. Include in the nations the religions and tomorrow comes clearly into view.

To avoid panic, changes must take place slowly and intelligently with knowledge and love. We know that. What better way to slowly change the world than by gaining better understanding of one of societies phenomenon that can be ended to transform the global societies into one global family of loving caring people of intelligence, wisdom, and virtue? When money is ended, people will be relieved of the burdens of survival and security. The effect on the coming generations will cause the transformation life for all forms of life on Earth. It could be the easiest thing in the world to do at this time. We have the legacy of the ancestors to work with already. We are already doing what is necessary to provide all that is being provided. We can refine the methods used at this time and increase the area of the galaxy we access by ending the use of a social phenomenon known as ‘money.’ Think about it.


For many centuries humans have been working in social organizations on this planet creating things that have been passed on to the succeeding generations. Cities abound. The rivers have been tamed. Roads lead everywhere. Need I continue? A lot of work has already been done. Humans have been very busy for a long time. We have many old societies and their work has been added to the inventory of mankind. Much has changed since the days of tribes.
The changes in the lives of humans over the past few hundred years or less brought about by such things as the industrial revolution and invention have caused society to strain at its confines. People are living longer and the planet is hosting near seven billion of us by now. The systems that got us where we find ourselves today cannot maintain the population; not because the planet cannot support us but because the systems that have us cannot. They are too inefficient.

Most of us have to work to live in society but the mechanizations of production have reduced the need for our labor while increasing the amount of production. There is more available now than at any known previous time. Abundance has come creeping into the pyramid, monetary, and class systems causing systems to falter.

In case you don’t know already, let me tell you. Abundance is bad for business. The value of something in the monetary system is determined by the demand compared to the supply. When many want something that is rare, it commands a higher price than those things that few want and are abundant. Diamonds are expensive because they are rare and many want them. It is not nearly as simple as I am putting it here, but the fact that abundance is bad for business is what needs to be shown—not the subtle aspects of commercialism in supply and demand. The profit to be earned with diamonds would fall precipitously if there were more of them. Scarcity is good for business.

The systems that control our lives depend on shortage of the things we want and need to get us to do what they want us to do. Starving masses will go to war. To feed your family, you will go to work at a job you hate for most of your lives. If food was plentiful and easily acquired, things would be different. Have you ever wondered why plants that produce food are not growing everywhere? If we wanted, we could have fruit trees and edible plants growing wild across the planet. But then, how could food be used to make money and to get people to do things? Such abundance is undesirable in the monetary system. So, we just accept the things we think we cannot change. Getting you to think you cannot change something is a good way to keep you in line.

To fight the advent of abundance, terrible things are in play. War does a lot to dispose of abundance, including an abundance of males. Waste works well, too. Inefficiency is wonderful. There are many such things. You can discover them for yourself, if you want. It is becoming harder and harder, though, to keep the lid on abundance. Robotics and mass production keep increasing it. Invention adds to the ease with which we create things. The ability of the systems to create jobs for the growing population is being diminished by the very things that are making abundance grow.

In a monetary system, jobs are essential. Too few jobs causes disaster. You know it as “unemployment.” Creating jobs is a highly publicized mission of government these days. We live in a world that requires that everyone works all their lives; for the most part. The only way to get the things we need is to buy them with money and the only way to get money is to work. The work can be operating a business or being employed by one. When too many people have no money, things start to get crazy. Those at the top know this and have been very ingenious in their ability to maintain a delicate balance.

Unfortunately there is another method of acquiring money, and it pays very well. Speculation. Money is used to earn more money. Now, I have to fight the urge to go into too much detail about this avenue to money. It is complicated and its effects on the lives of the people and the world are dramatic. There seems to be a glaring ignorance about the world of speculation and financial wizardry. One thing, though, is easily seen when your view is pointed toward it. That is the fact that those who make money by manipulating money are not contributing to society. They are taking without giving. In 2012 approximately 45 percent of the GDP was this sort of earnings.

I am aware of the convoluted reasons that some of you will give to support the sophistry that the money speculators are bringing something to society. To you, I say this: let’s all do it. Let’s all make our money by manipulating money. Let’s buy and sell debt to make money, for example. We will just teach everyone how to do it and pretty soon no one will have to work. Everyone will be happy. Right! Making money by manipulating money is pure theft made legal and acceptable. Wake up! When people get lots of money prices go up and when they are getting the money without producing anything, scarcity is maintained in a world where abundance is trying to occur naturally.

Furthermore, the outcry that comes from the statement above are further proof that the ability to reason has been murdered. People will say that the application of ones earnings to speculative ventures is the way things get done. Okay! I know how it works, so what else can you determine? Can’t you see that it will only work in the systems that have you trapped throughout your lives, that provide well for a few and terribly for the many, and that are propelling us to our own destruction? Can’t you see that such systems require poverty, wars, destruction, waste, crime, and discrimination? Religious conflicts serve such systems. Racism is good for those systems. Crime is great for the systems. I can go on and on.

You can make your money by managing money if you can and if you want to. I will not begrudge you for it. I will applaud you. I am happy for you. Just don’t try to tell me that it is going to create a world of peace and happiness for everyone. It will not be that way in the systems that make it possible for you to make money by managing money. Only a small percentage of us can acquire our money that way without bringing on the apocalypse and we are already dangerously close to that limit.

Our systems must not be allowed to collapse for there is too much destruction that will come from it. I am referring to manmade global disasters that will end Life on Earth. We must carefully change the systems without letting the complex systems that control thing go down in flames. The work has been going on so long, we have set the sword of Damocles over the head of Life itself.

Endless Labor

People work and work and work. They often hate what they have to do and it has been going on for hundreds of years in greater and greater proportions. Many have just resigned themselves to their tasks and work five days a week for forty years or more at tasks such as folding the laundry at a hospital or selling mattress at a retail store. The work has to continue. It is grinding away the surface of the planet and the spirit of the people. There is no end in sight as things are today, but for doom. We have got to change things! The work must be reduced while increasing our comfort, security, abundance, and quality of environment. Would that not be nice?

As it is now, there is no work security. Your job is not going to be safe, not ever. Even tenured professors will be out of work during a depression or a war. What is tenure then? A social status that is dependent upon horrible systems that must die.

Many have lost their jobs after decades of loyal service. Military people are walking the streets homeless and destitute. The systems that govern our lives are heartless. They care nothing for us. How wonderfully this must match up with some of the characteristics of some people! Do you think that there may be heartless criminal types at the top of the pyramids?

In the USA, where jobs are essential, the jobs are moving to other countries and the international corporations are lining themselves and things up for a global pyramid. Meanwhile, we in this country are finding it harder and harder to get work, especially good work for good pay, but the systems don’t care. It is likely seen as a good thing by beneficiaries of the pyramids and their plan for global government with international corporations in control.

Business is considered an excuse for inhuman behavior. “It’s just business. Nothing personal.” Such nonsense has become a commonly accepted axiom. Crime and heartlessness are but two of the innumerable problems inherent in the monetary system and the class systems where the lack of ethical, moral, and loving restraints secure the top positions and facilitate the paltry rises in both. Time has turned them into old dying monsters. There is not enough room here to go into many of the inherent problems with these systems. I would like to write it all out, but a better mission is the one that this work is dedicated to; and that is a plan to change the world quickly. Maybe even save it.

Expansion of the Top

By now we witness the accumulation of power of such astonishing proportions that more people have been allowed to have great wealth. It has gotten so big help is needed in high places. People are being allowed to come up from the bottom. We all know some of the stories. Someone starts a business and gets rich or someone finds a treasure or someone hits a big lottery winnings. It will not happen enough to break the system that they rise up in, but it will happen some. When it does, the people are again baited to think they can do the same. People at the top die, too, making room for others. Despite all we see, the number of people at the top remains within the one percent range. It’s just that one percent of six billion is more than one percent of two billion. Those who come up are the ones those at the top a willing to allow to rise. Sometimes they make mistakes and someone who rises up begins to make trouble for the systems. We are aware of the sudden deaths by “lead poisoning” or some other means of great men who appeared to be able to make good changes in the systems.

Do you ever wonder why hardly any of those we are aware of who have come into vast amounts of money never seem to do anything that causes the established systems and their controllers any trouble? How about the fact that some people get so wealthy they could fund the elimination of poverty but never even seem willing to relieve the poverty of the people they know?

I am stunned by the fact that musicians and actors who become famous and wealthy never seem to write about the pleasure they get by rising from pennilessness to pennifullness; an experience probably overflowing with feelings worthy of songs and prose. It is just skipped over in their autobiographies. You will find in their books no shortage of words about their struggle and poverty. They will have you feeling it right there with them, but when they finally make it and you expect to rejoice with them as they relate the joy of finally getting that first big payday, of being able to get a nice place to live , plenty to eat, and buy whatever they want, they just skip it altogether. Of late, rap and hip-hop writers have written some about it, but nowhere near the heart of the matter. If these things have not entered your mind, think of it now. Where are the best parts of the stories?

It could be that those who get lucky enough to rise toward the top are brought under control by those with greater power. Would you just enjoy your good fortune and make no waves if making waves would get everyone you love killed? For those who have no behavioral restraints, killing the loved ones of those who make trouble for them or don’t cooperate with them is nothing—the same absence of behavioral restraints that make the rise to power in the pyramid easier. Rising up in the systems might be a very disillusioning and frightful revelation. Especially when it then becomes so obvious that there can be only one at the top, or perhaps a few due to the size of the planet and its population. “A few at the top!” Sounds like the seeds of battle to me.

Money Manipulation

When society’s budget is coopted to money, it becomes possible to artificially manipulate the prosperity of society—among other things despicable. The depressions and booms of the past were just such things. The depressions of the early twentieth century were contrived, ruthless, power plays as much or more than the consequences of stupid systems. The work force was still present and ready to work. The infrastructure was still in place and the resources had not vanished. So, why was there a depression? [Spare me the old answers that have been hammered into us. I have already been there. It’s all junk designed to satisfy those who are curious.] It was intentionally created. That is what must become known by the people. If your ancestors died due to the depression, you certainly should know this. The suffering and death it brought about were simply casualties of the financial manipulation against society that was intended to gather more power by those who perpetrated it and, even more so, to preserve a monetary system that provides the desirable lifestyles enjoyed by those at the top; but, we must not overlook the lifestyles of those near the top; the slaves who get to live better than the other slaves but not as well as those at the top.

The depressions did not ruin all the moneyed people. In fact, it simply reduced the prices of everything so that those who were not ruined could buy more; things like companies, stocks, politicians, governments, and so forth. It was a time of the best “sales” in history. Everything was available at new and unheard-of low prices. It was no accident.

The times of social prosperity are likewise artificial manipulations designed to maintain control of the lives of the people and to increase and consolidate power. The real work gets done in prosperous proportions and the people enjoy better lives. Once the prosperity becomes sufficient to placate and pacify the people, to distract them from the more vital aspects of society, and to accumulate more power, the financial screws get turned and the wealth gets sucked away from the people into the hands of the controllers. The up and down flux has nothing to do with the real budget of society.


The savings you accumulated over the past fifty years or so has been stolen. Your pay in the sixties was much lower than the pay for the same work today. Minimum wage was about $1.25 per hour and things cost much less than they do today. You paid into social security from the pay you got back then; whether you wanted to or not. You saved, perhaps, some of your earnings after paying your taxes. You could buy a nice new car for around $2500.00. I know because I was there. Over time you continued to work and to save what you could. Meanwhile inflation is happening. By now a nice new car costs about $20,000 or more and everything else is much more expensive. The money you put away in the form of savings and social security, however, did not experience inflation. Your savings have lost value. The value didn’t vanish into thin air, it went into the hands of someone else. This is theft. You have been robbed by the monetary system.

It is a convoluted and complicated bunch of schemes that rob the people in broad daylight so effectively that the victims of the robbery never even realize they have been robbed. You can learn all about it if you try. I will just say that it has a lot to do with the printing, coining, and distribution of currency; what we know as money. Banking and government are integral parts of the process. I would like to spell it all out so that I could be sure you understand, but, alas, only so much at a time. I hope you will not just take my word for it and do your own research and study. If you do, you will join me. Mark my word on this.

Proof of Abundance

Do you think there is not enough for everyone to have everything they want? If so, have you measured the output and the demand? I mean, have you done it yourself? Maybe you have heard someone who knows someone who knows someone who read something somewhere that said there cannot be enough for everyone. There are, however, things you do know that will convince you that there is too much for everyone and that great effort is being put into making abundance seem impossible.


How much has the human species squandered in wars? I thought so! You know that the waste due to war is beyond measure. But we can’t prevent war, you say! That is just wrong. Not only can we prevent war, war has been perpetrated upon us by others. Wars have been desired by those who have the power to create them and the means to benefit from them. They have their own reasons to want war.

Do some research and learn about the money that went into the hands of the villains who are portrayed to have been the ones who started the world wars. You can easily learn of money going to Hitler. See where the money came from that Stalin used to gain control of Russia. Check the Chinese rise of Mao. The true controller of the world like war. They fund all sides.

War prevents abundance. It creates jobs. It is commonly believed that WWII ended the depression. War keeps the population down, especially the male population. Do you think none so evil could have risen to power in this world, so evil as to make a world war happen? Follow the money, and you will change your mind if that’s what you think. War prevents the people from becoming aware of who is really in control. They depend on war.

What about religious wars? If you trace the money, you will learn some details about the rise of religious organizations that will disillusion you. Conflicting religions are a great tool of the controllers of the world. Religious conflict prevents the people from becoming united. Those at the top of the pyramid, the world controllers, know that when the people unite in common cause the control of the world will be wrested from them. They don’t want that to happen. A lot of money goes into the sides that would fight.

I will resist the temptation to spell out some of the places where money is being applied to the causes of wars and the prevention of the people uniting in a common cause. There are so many! See for yourself. It is not that hard. Again, follow the money. I will say this; it is being applied to religions, politics, ideals, racism, and much more.

The people hate conquerors. Just let some country try to conquer some other country, like Germany did, and the people will go to war. It takes something that horrible to get people to war, but even then it is not easy. There are ways well known by those who need the knowledge for their purposes to get the people to fight wars. We can take the power from them and have peace. The way to take it from them is to stop using money to conduct our work.

Do you think that the prevention of war alone will not make such abundance as to make plenty for everyone? I disagree, but that is not all we can do to make abundance. There are many things that can create abundance by getting rid of money. How about all the effort that goes into the creating, distribution, containing, and management of money?

Money Management

According to the 2012 figures released by the government, about forty percent of the GDP was financial. Do you understand that? It means that almost half of the money was gotten by those who deal with money. Banking pays very well. Stock broking pays pretty well too. There are financial instruments that most people are totally oblivious to; things like derivatives, and much more. You can study to learn about them if you want. You already know that a lot of money goes into the hands of those whose only jobs are directly related to money and that by eliminating money those jobs will be eliminated making the burden of providing for our abundance easier for us all by increasing the help available.

I still want to tell you of other things that will make abundance obvious. Advertising is only needed in a monetary system. We put a lot of money into it. We will need no such systems in a world where money is not used. We will simply make the stuff the people want and operate distribution systems to get them out. The commercialism of retail business will change to functionalism and vast savings will be gained.

[I do realize there will be some need for publicizing, and the advertising industry will be very helpful in that. New inventions will need to be promoted. Public issues will need to be described to the public. There will be a type of advertising useful in a money-free system.]

Will you please add to the list the end of producing things below our best level of production and the end of producing things so that they wear out, break, or fail before they should? Planned obsolescence is an accepted part of production in our word. We make things of inferior quality because businesses need sales, factories need orders, and so on. Production cannot stop in a monetary system. Unemployment would rise. Too many people hungry and desperate causes revolt.

I have already, in this work, written about the savings that the people can enjoy by the ending of crime and all its associated systems. So, I will simply mention it again here in support of the fact that we can produce far more than everyone would get if they were allowed to get everything they want.

The universe, why, even our solar system, are rich with resources. We are not going after them because we live in a monetary system. We can’t acquire those resources and maintain the many systems we are dependent upon in the current system for jobs and protection of vested interests. Our abundance will shoot off the charts when we are freed of those old impediments and allowed to reach out to our immediate surroundings.

Why is our factory production not done in outer space? We can’t afford it. In a money free system, we will move into space around our planet, moon, and star. We will find energy to be an abundant and easily acquired resource from out there. We can have our planet be a place of distribution, reclamation, residence, art, parks, and socialization while we do most of our work in the empty space where there is no competition for room or with other forms of life.

That is not all I can mention. There are so many ways that a moneyless society would save time and resources that it cannot be logical to list them all. Do some thinking and seeking for yourself. I know you don’t have time, but that is really not a good excuse because you have almost no time at all as things are now and even less by the time you learn how things are going to go if we don’t do something about it. Maybe you can whittle out a little time by forgoing some of the things you do for fun. I think you had better. With your nose to the grindstone and the needs of your family grinding your lives away, you are not seeing the end of your lives looming. You may live your life without seeing catastrophe, but what about your children and grandchildren? Worse yet, you are not seeing how wonderful you could actually have it.

In the USA and many other parts of the world, people are working feverishly. It has been going on for so long we have changed the face of the Earth. People work all their lives, most of us anyway. The work must never stop. If you don’t work, you don’t get money. You know what that means. No food, no nothing. It’s work or perish. The amount of work needed in our current systems is beyond the ability of those systems to create. The controllers are scrambling for ways to deal with the problem. Remember war? War is very effective in dealing with the system’s inability to create jobs; as I have said above.


Has it ever occurred to you that savings is only possible through abundance? People have been so productive that they cannot consume everything they produce. Luckily, money has been able to be a means to store the extra production; rather unluckily in my opinion.

The rich and wealthy are only so because they are able to inherit or accumulate what is not consumed; again, in the form of money. If we had to store our actual products, there would be far less wealth. The unfortunate aspect of the accumulation of unconsumed products is the fact that much does not get consumed because it is being removed from the supply and stored as savings.
As I have said before, you can’t get it if you can’t pay for it. Money is really a way to prevent us from getting stuff. If the products of society were equally everyone’s right, there would be no need for money because there would be no limit to impose. Now, can you see some abundance showing up?

The world’s top ten wealthiest people, hold about 552.4 billion dollars. There are thought to be 1,645 billionaires in the world; that is, they have at least one billion. Most of them are so-called “self-made.” The royalty and dictators of the world are not counted in the numbers. There is a lot of excess production in the world; especially in the USA.

There has been a lot more produced than is obvious and abundance for a long time, but it has been horded preventing the masses from enjoying it. It must be understood that in our systems there is only so much to go around and if someone or someone gets a lot of it for themselves there is less for the rest. Is that said well enough for you to understand? I’ll tell you, I have had a rough time getting it through people’s heads. Such inherent problems will not exist in the money-free systems.
In this money-world, it made sense to get rich and then get even richer all the while doing one’s best to hold on to the riches. To provide for the self and family, it is a little easier to ignore the deprivation of the masses. When one’s circumstances are in constant jeopardy, the money-world demands accumulation and protection. A lot of people have done this and it has been done for a very long time. We can remove the incentive for this behavior. Money.

We are going to start a new system that preserves the access to the products of society for all and in greater quantities than the wealthy can obtain with all their wealth.

Realize that systems become obsolete and discarding them can be treacherous and trying. I am aware that the new systems are not exempt. This is not a panacea. It is only a step in the right direction.

People have become more and more convinced that there must be some calamity. They will tell you, if you ask, that something horrible will happen before things can get any better. They seldom will say that something wonderful must happen. (I have written about it already.) Pessimism is everywhere. But the fact remains that something wonderful can happen to make things better. That something can be the elimination of money from society.


How to Create Utopia Quickly

Change is one of the few things that is inevitable and constant, but it is still meets with heavy resistance and denial. The right incentive should counter these tendencies. People will do just about anything for the right incentive. Unfortunately, they are more likely to do nothing without it. Even dire conditions have proven to be amotivational, especially when those conditions have occurred gradually. Even the approach of the “end of the world” is not cause enough for action. Things are changing whether we like it or not. We can just let it happen or we can use our power to direct the changes. We can even change intentionally. If we decide to, we can do some wondrous things.

There is something we can do right away that will sweep the glob fixing problems such as corruption, crime, and poverty facilitating the resolution of the more exotic problems like bigotry, social oppression, and war. It’s true! One vital change that will heal almost all our ills is now possible. Once that is done, the way to Life’s fulfillment will be rather easy. Let me unfold the plan as clearly, fully, and carefully as I can. Timing and presentation are vital.

I want you (everybody) to think about this idea and give it a fair consideration. I know how people are and fully expect such a consideration to be a rare phenomenon. Still, I think it will catch fire eventually because of the reward that can be had and just as fully expect those who are distinguishably intelligent and wise to see the merits of the idea and join me in taking it “viral,” or making it a meme.

Maybe you will think it can’t work or that it would be great but it just isn’t going to happen. I know how you are. But! Do you have a better idea? I wish someone would. If nothing else, this idea will get people thinking about a better way. Do you see what would prevent this plan from working or happening? If so, share those thoughts with me and help me find a way to do something about it. Talk about it with your friends and family. Don’t be too quick to dismiss. You just love to make snap decisions against things and turn away offering nothing better. It is easier to shoot something down than to build something and launch it.

It’s a simple plan, but it’s a very big and complicated process that will shake the foundations of civilization when put into play. It is a plan to accomplish the satisfaction of all your earthly needs, desires, and dreams. All of you! Then it goes way beyond those things to do virtually miraculous things. Does the prospect of getting everything you will ever want all of your life sound like a good enough incentive? I am not kidding!

Our species is about to become so enthralled with the excitement of finally achieving our survival, safety, security, plenty, and the so-longed-for lifting of the burden of endless toil that coping with pleasure and joy will become a real concern. Biological and psychological altruism will win the day. The fetters that have held the human spirit in check will be severed releasing upon our world angelic beings of vast capability, curiosity, adventure, and virtue. It is us. Us as we have always been trying to be during our long tough journey.

As we reaffirm our desire to live with each new breath, we steadily approach the sudden explosion of advancement that will be ignited when this plan is activated. It will ignite the beauty that awaits the spark. It will bring on changes that are needed more urgently every day and none will be able to remain unaffected. The effects will be the stuff of songs and dreams as old as the human species, probably older. Fantastic benefits will pour forth like answered prayers. Our oldest desires will be attainable at last and the journey will finally begin in earnest.

A burgeoning new world is straining at its confinement to burst forth. The gestation period we call “history” is over. The birthing is at hand. We are coming into the beginning. The time for denial is at its end and we can now dispense with the pain and suffering we have endured for ages in our effort to try every other possibility.

Everything that has ever happened has brought us to this time and made our wonderful future possible. It is nothing more than the direct result of Life having time to experience living on Earth. The metamorphosis is at hand. We will join hands and step up to greet the morning of our tomorrow. The Light is dawning.

A miraculously wonderful achievement of every person’s desire for fulfillment, regardless of who they are or what they want and expect, is the solution and the method is so fantastic it satisfies all. I am not exaggerating! That is what we have to look forward to. I struggle to contain my excitement.

This Universe is vast and beautiful. It is a complex frontier that excites our longing for discovery with infinite possibilities. Our understanding and awareness are unborn infants. We have been carrying these babies for a long time, but time is such a relative thing. All that is left is a surge into the light. In the satisfaction of a deep old drive and an effort to midwife the birth, I offer here an inducement that I lucked upon. If you please, read on and see for yourself if I am just full of bunk or if I have finally stumbled onto something wonderful.

The words you are reading are the gifts of Love and my gift to you as expression of the deep unconditional love I have for you. I see how beautiful you really are. I feel the magic you bring. I understand why you do what you do and realize you always have done the only thing you really could do. I long to commune with you and frolic with you in the heavenly bliss that is our destiny.

The Plan

It may be the only thing we haven’t tried yet: No money. Remove money from the system. That is basically all we have to do. In phases, money can be entirely eliminated from the human condition, but we can select a day, after considerable preparation, to stop charging for products and services, and to stop getting paid for our work. The world will be changed overnight. It will be like suddenly getting rich, but even better.

The endless labor and stress you have been enduring in order to pay the bills every month will come to an end once-and-for-all. They will just disappear. You are going to have time to play and be with your loved ones, who will inherit the most wonderful society humans have created. You will be able to go to the stores, shops, dealers, and any other supplier and get what you want by simply proving your identity. Theaters and stadiums will not require money for entrance, though there will have to be some system such as “first-come-first-serve” employed since there is limited capacity. You can go to any restaurant to dine by merely proving your identity. Need a new car, truck, or parts. Go get them just as you would today, but bring your identification instead of money or credit. As a member of society who contributes time to the countless needs for human effort, you will have virtually unlimited access to the products of that society.

There will have to be some limits, of course. We couldn’t provide everyone with their own space shuttle, nor can we be unreasonable in acquiring the more simple things. It does not make sense, for example, to have a million bars of soap. It will be a new world and new systems will be created to deal with the multitude of situations that billions of unique individuals confined to a single planet in a subjective relative reality presents. When money is removed from the equations, solutions will be easier to formulate. Trust will flourish and the desire to work together for the mutual benefit will relegate today’s seemingly unsolvable problems to the “solved file.” Dealing with the mountains of decisions necessary in society will be nothing like it is now. It will just be a task, a job for someone to do to secure unlimited, life-long access to the products of society.

The management systems and government systems we now have will be adjusted to serve this new paradigm. Our experience with both has rendered information and wisdom beyond value that will readily meld with the operations of the new world. It is astonishing how much more beautifully the systems that regulate human interaction perform when the primary intent of people operating them is free of the competition for advantage, prestige, wealth, and power. When management and government are the work of gifted caring people doing their best to satisfy the needs of a society that is composed of individuals who are working for the rewards to be had in a “team work” society, they become beautiful contributions to humanity. They are indispensable assets.

Before you get crazy, realize that you will not have to give up your possessions; rich, middle, poor, royal or anyone. This is not a socialist redistribution of wealth. It is not a communistic government takeover, though it will resemble the family style of community from which Communism got its name. This is not a return to the barter system or an alternative form of currency. It is simply the elimination of money. We just keep doing the good things we are already doing and carefully begin adjusting our systems to operate in a new way. In time everything will have changed, even us.

There will be a lot of adjustment required and the complexity of it is fantastic. But you will still have everything you have now, even the currency if you want. Your personal life-style may or may not change for a while. It depends on many factors, but those of us who have little will surely suddenly have plenty. As I understand it, that means about 99% of us. Life on Earth will certainly change, beyond recognition eventually, and all for the better.

By simply eliminating money, a virtually endless list of benefits can be had. One of the greatest benefits to be enjoyed is the release from the struggle for survival, prosperity, and security. When that single achievement is reached, living will sculpt a new type of human, a human fulfilled and productive while contributing to the expansion of the limits of human consciousness, virtue, endeavor, and reach. We will be able at last to trust one another, even to be able to rely on others. The ruthless merciless competition for survival will give way to the cooperative, caring collaboration for survival and the team work for the acquisition of dreams.

The benefits of eliminating money seem limitless. It will virtually end crime. It will destroy a lot of the motives people find for war. It will purify governments, business, and religion. It will open the door to innovation and invention. It will streamline the operations of mankind. It will reduce our demands on the environment. It will make it possible to restore the planet to its natural purity. It will open more of the universe to us. It will release the use of automation to relieve humans of toil. It will relieve much of the stress within the family and between the members of society. The list goes on and on.

Poverty will finally be eliminated by eliminating money. This age-old nemesis of the monetary system will go away once and for all. Hunger and need will be no longer. As the new paradigm takes root, most of the complex factors of regional conflicts that have created so much terror, so many refugees, and so much destitution will unravel by the removal of causes. Conflict caused by the disparity of religious, social, and political views will be easier to negotiate for peace. Multi-factional conflicts will settle by the appeasement of grievances, the removal of the incentive to fight for money, and the elimination of the need to jockey for position in the stupid hierarchy systems that control life on Earth. The destitute of the world will be succored and assimilated into the world family. I know how happy that will make all you generous and beautiful people who have been helping people around the world. The intentional change to a money-free society will free up the abundance that has been unable to get to the poor due to the profit motive, the arrogance that sees the poor as inferior, and the violence of repressive self-serving groups. All this is at least a good start toward achieving the resolution of the horrible situations that have captured so many. In a money-free society there can be no poor unless all are poor, which we can never be in a universe of such vast abundance unless we do it to ourselves. We don’t want that. Bye-bye poverty.

Can you imagine unlimited medical care for all? I can. It will be a rudimentary part of the money-free system. The repair of damage to the human body and the curing of our many ailments will be unfettered and medicine will become what it should be; a calling to the humanitarian healers of the world.

I want to assure you that the advances in health we have in store are too miraculous for you to hear about right now. You would laugh at me if I attempted to tell you of them. I have already tried, but time and experience have only confirmed my findings. I have put a seed in your mind. That is enough for now. Let it grow.

The education systems of the world will become unrecognizable by today’s standards. It will be available to all who desire it and the techniques for teaching will undergo changes that will leave us thinking our current education systems were in great need of education. Knowledge is the friend of societies that have the well-being of all at heart. The thirst for knowledge will never be slaked, but the opportunity to drink all you want will be readily available. I think the liberal/conservative conflict will vanish when education becomes what its potential promises and when it is no longer necessary to fight to survive.

The class system, the pyramid system, racial division, ethnic division, religious division, and bigotry will evanesce in the money-free world. Getting rid of money will heal it all. I think I don’t need to guide you through the thought processes that prove this statement. It seems obvious to me. Hopefully it won’t take much longer for society to heal those destructive social ills. When living conditions change, behavior changes too. Charles Darwin noticed this in animal behavior. I noticed it when my ex-wife and I were caring for rescued birds. Release from the struggle for survival causes behavioral changes. Wonderful personalities begin to bloom. The peace and security that we will have when we know with certainty in our hearts that everyone is working for the well-being of everyone else will put an end to the menacing behavior and systems that plague us in this “dog-eat-dog” world we have created.

The equality of people will express itself in the compensation for time… at last. Disparity of compensation refutes the virtuous axiom that “all men are created equal.” No longer will the unfair, judgmental, bigoted hierarchy repress anyone or exalt the unworthy. The opportunity to distinguish oneself will be available through true humanitarian deeds and true extraordinary ability. We will witness the end of exaltation from being the most ruthless, cut-throat, cold, greedy, person in the business. All this by ending money. People will be freed of the tyrannical monsters that have usurped the power of the people.

I can imagine many things going away and many things changing by eliminating money, and it is likely you are deeply involved with them. You may even be dependent upon them. Unfortunately, there are many who depend on jobs in systems that are the spawn of horror. Consider the executioner who only has that job because people commit acts of heinous barbarity. So, I ask you, would you be happy to go into a different type of work if the elimination of poverty made your job obsolete? What if the new job paid a million dollars a week?

Eliminating money will change the job supply deeply and permanently. Many types of work will become obsolete and many new types of jobs will emerge. You will be able to choose another job if the work you currently do becomes obsolete and it will “pay” you all you want.

Do you work in a factory that makes bombs? Maybe your job is taking people’s houses and land away from them when they can’t pay the mortgage or the taxes. You might work in the astonishingly vast prison system. Many of you have jobs that are nothing more than those created by the use of money. These jobs and a great many others will eventually become obsolete. Surely, you will not object to changing jobs when crime, poverty, and war are eliminated if it means you will get a lot more for a lot less of your time and effort in your new job. None will be left without a job.

The human species has more than adequate grounds to unite in common cause. There is an abundance. We are all bi-pedal humanoids with virtually the same needs. We are all together in this time in this place. The divisions we have created amongst ourselves are the stuff of opinions regarding things beyond the reality of living on Earth in the now. There is no valid reason to remain divided in our satisfaction of the requirements of living. We all inhale and exhale to live and with each breath we reaffirm our desire to satisfy the requirements of living. We can unite to develop and implement techniques that will avail us of satisfaction with the greatest efficiency and efficacy possible to relieve us of the endless toil that is grinding us and our habitat to dust. We are the heirs of the accumulated legacy created by our ancestors. They got us to this time and these circumstances in which we can finally achieve the security of survival, safety, and prosperity. The elimination of money is a simple and opportune target around which the people around the world can rally putting aside our differences for the moment in anticipation of the fantastic rewards to be gained. The entire face of Earth will morph like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. Beauty will prevail. Peace will become the norm. People will become fulfilled and the disparity of opinions will mellow. The end of the conflict is the beginning of peace. The children are counting on us. Let’s stop the quarreling and fighting while we change the world overnight and see what happens. This is our chance.

_Petition To Get Money Sent To The People (1)

Petition To Get Money Sent To The People

I write and publish on my website all that I have come up with as answers. It is at I hope you will at least subscribe even if you don’t read any of it. I need all the help I can get. I am trying to do some good for the people.
Below is my effort to correct an injustice and enrich the people of the United States of America at the same time. My intention is to have all moneys collected from fines be distributed to the people and to have fines be determined by “ability to pay.” A fine is a form of punishment that has different degrees of severity for various people due to their ability to produce the money. The severity of punishment must be leveled for all people. Please, study this petition and help me. I have spent considerable effort and time trying to accomplish something good. Help me take it from here.

Petition to the Federal Government of the United States of America

The government of the United States of America was founded to protect the lives and liberty of the American citizens. Since it was founded the federal government has found many ways to fund operations. Taxes are not the only source of funding. It is now being funded by punishing the people. They are being fined and the money collected is being added to the operating budgets of the many forms and levels of government. A dependency has developed that is defeating the founding principle the people accepted when this nation was adopted by them so long ago.
The government of the United States of America was founded to protect the lives and liberty of the American citizens. Since it was founded the federal government has found many ways to fund operations. Taxes are not the only source of funding. It is now being funded by punishing the people. They are being fined and the money collected is being added to the operating budgets of the many forms and levels of government. A dependency has developed that is defeating the founding principle the people accepted when this nation was adopted by them so long ago.
The government of the United States of America was founded to protect the lives and liberty of the American citizens. Since it was founded the federal government has found many ways to fund operations. Taxes are not the only source of funding. It is now being funded by punishing the people. They are being fined and the money collected is being added to the operating budgets of the many forms and levels of government. A dependency has developed that is defeating the founding principle the people accepted when this nation was adopted by them so long ago.
Fines levied by the courts have become a source of funding the many governments of the nation. This form of funding creates an unavoidable conflict of interest for the legislative, judicial and law enforcement agencies. It also creates a conflict of interest in the representative form of government we want. We further believe it removes the incentive to seek funding by taxation.

We believe that government funding should be requested from the general population to ensure the liberty of the people and to prevent government’s natural tendency to slowly become tyrannical. Furthermore, we believe that law enforcement funding should be requested from the general population so as to insure against:

1.Unfair enforcement of the laws

2.Selective extraction of funding instead of uniformly from all of the people

3.To insure judiciary objectivity.

We hereby petition the government to cease and desist with the practice of adding the funds collected as fines to the general budgets of any government agency or entity. Since the laws are the social agreements of the people, the funds collected by fines of any and all types should be distributed annually to the people of the district or area of jurisdiction in which the infraction occurs. Federal fines will go to all American citizens. Fines collected by state governments will go to the state residents. Fines collected by county agencies will go to the county residents. Fines collected by cities, towns or other municipalities will go to the residents of the respective city, town, or other municipality.
It is further believed by the undersigned that the “ability to pay” a fine should be the determining factor that sets the amount to be paid as a fine. A fine is a form of punishment. It is unfair for a poor person to suffer more than a rich person for the same offense. Since money is paid and possessed differently by people, imposing punishment as fines is not equal and fair punishment under the law. It is agreed by the people that “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.” Obligations as fines must be equitable in terms of hardship imposed instead of amounts. It is well known that the poor suffer more severe punishment when they are fined than a rich person when the amount of the fine is the same for all. All fines will be set as a percentage of ability to pay.
The courts will determine the ability to pay individually using guidelines set by the elected congresses of the various governing bodies. The congresses may, if so ordained by the people who elect the congress, the people can vote to select the guidelines. A percentage could be determined by consensus of the people as fair for all. That a person who has little is forced to pay the same amount as a person who has a lot is unfair because it is not uniform punishment. To level the punishment for all people, the ability to pay must be the determining factor for all people, business, and organizations.
We are in the time. It is time. All we need to do is to do it. That is why I created the site and that is what I have been devoted to for nearly fifty years.
Let_s Use the Power of the People to Get a Better Deal (1)

Let’s Use the Power of the People to Get a Better Deal

In the USA, we operate our society using Capitalism. In a capitalist society the price of a product or service is determined by the market. The price is going to be the most the provider can successfully get. In other words, things and services will cost whatever we will pay. If we don’t like the price we can refuse to buy. Or, we could organize and decide what we will pay.
We could force interest rates on credit cards to be very low. All we would have to do is organize an effort and do it. If we don’t want to pay the interest being charged, we can stop using the cards until the interest rate is as low as we want it to be. The people who get paid the interest can either lower the rate or stop providing the credit. We can be reasonable.
On this site we can begin to organize. It is vital to the people that we can access the things and services we need and want. Unfortunately, most people cannot produce the money to gain access to what they want and need, because the price is too high. Let’s change that. It will be relatively easy. Let’s be fair.
If working in society does not qualify us for equal access to the products and services we create and we have to produce money or credit to get them, let’s use the power of the people to set the price so we can all share equally.
Surely you are aware of the rich. They have unlimited access to the products and services we provide. Why should we all have unlimited access? There is not valid reason that sharing in the wealth of society should be anything but equal. Let that sink in.
Imagine being able to get anything you want for working in society. It would be like getting a raise in today’s systems to millions of dollars a year. It would probably make the rich feel a little less special, but they should feel special for their special characteristics instead of their access to what we all work together to create.
The Purpose of the Power of the People dot org (1)

The Purpose of the Power of the People dot org

You compose your comments as questions. (I replied to a Facebook friend.) I find that interesting. It conveys your concern and caring. I have been asking your questions for many decades.
I write and publish on my website all that I have come up with as answers. It is at I hope you will at least subscribe even if you don’t read any of it. I need all the help I can get. I am trying to do some good for the people.
Part of the plan is to organize the people. I want to form some consumer groups that do things to get better deals. For example: we could organize credit card holders to force the credit card company to give better rates by not using them until they do. That and many other things can be done. The power is in the people. It always has been, but some have found ways to master that power for their own benefit.
A lot of people are angry over hording. Toilet paper and many other things are being hoarded. I hope that will help people snap to the fact that the rich are hoarding the wealth. It is the worst and greatest crime of all time. We can put an end to it. Someone posted a statement that Jeff Bezos could give every American $10,000 and still have 80 billion left. Let that sink in.
In a world where the people are convinced that there are too many people, that we are the cause of global warming and pollution, the real cause is the people who have the people believing such nonsense. The only reason the world is in trouble is because the hoarders of the wealth cannot be satisfied. They live in opulent splendor and leisure with the power to do anything they want without having to work. There will never be enough for them and they administer the global population to keep them working themselves to death generation after generation to increase their wealth until the world is destroyed and blame the people they command for it. Consider corporate wealth and religious wealth. We are killing ourselves and all that has life as we toil destructively to make the rich richer. The Power of the People is my effort to break the cycle.
The rich people are not even close to the opulent splendor, leisure and power they could have. They just don’t have what it takes to realize it. The people are just as bereft of vision. Every generation receives the training of the parents, family, friends and society. Nothing really changes. The forms change and discoveries are made, but the people develop little. The only revolutions ever conducted were window dressing on the same old same old century after century. But we stand today in the time when real change is possible.
Unlike all previous times we can study in the geological record and the archeological record (records, by the way, that provide nothing like a complete record), we have reached global consciousness. We know the whole globe and we have had a few centuries of rapid discoveries. You are reading this on one of the latest. It is finally possible for mankind to promote the general welfare so efficaciously that we can create for ourselves something truly revolutionary and wonderful. Everyone will be able to exceed even the most ostentatious lifestyles of the “rich and famous.”
We are in the time. It is time. All we need to do is to do it. That is why I created the site and that is what I have been devoted to for nearly fifty years.

The Power of the people

It should be very obvious to everyone that humans work together to create power greater that an individual can create. We organize societies that create power for the benefit of the members of the society. In the times of our lives, the amount of power that is created is so great most people are totally unaware of its strength.
The power of the people is the power of society. To wield the power, we have created many sub-systems within society. Throughout history the sub-systems have ranged widely. We are all familiar with Kings and Queens. They are and were the ones who wield the power of the people. In the USA the power of the people is wielded by a very complex and complicated set of systems
US systems include a republic government with democratic selection of people to operate it as established in the Constitution. The myriad of sub-governments are subservient to the constitutionally founded and adopted republic. It is the Federal Government. It is very powerful. Some say it is the most powerful of all. But the Federal Government is not the only system that wields the power of the people in the USA or any other nation.
It should be very obvious to everyone that humans work together to create power greater that an individual can create. We organize societies that create power for the benefit of the members of the society. In the times of our lives, the amount of power that is created is so great most people are totally unaware of its strength.

"All Power resides with people"

The power of the people is the power of society. To wield the power, we have created many sub-systems within society. Throughout history the sub-systems have ranged widely. We are all familiar with Kings and Queens. They are and were the ones who wield the power of the people. In the USA the power of the people is wielded by a very complex and complicated set of systems.
US systems include a republic government with democratic selection of people to operate it as established in the Constitution. The myriad of sub-governments are subservient to the constitutionally founded and adopted republic. It is the Federal Government. It is very powerful. Some say it is the most powerful of all. But the Federal Government is not the only system that wields the power of the people in the USA or any other nation.
Clearly, the use of money in the societies of the world creates a power of the people that is wielded. The people who wield it are hierarchically arranged and there are many hierarchies involved. Governments are involved as are banks, corporations, private individuals and many others. We all know about money. It may be the second dominant topic among humans.
This site is my effort to put the power of the people more firmly and completely into the hands of the people. It is not something I can do, but together we can. It is the most urgent and most beneficial thing humans can possibly do today. The general welfare is best accomplished and protected by the general population. “We the People”.
The power of the people has been wielded uninterrupted for many thousands of years. By now the power of the people has created the world we live in today and will live in tomorrow, if we don’t get interrupted. The people who create the power of the people are mostly ignorant of the complex and complicated world. The immense power we are creating seems unrelated to us individually. We see it being used and take issue or condone its use by those who wield it, but few understand it. But we are creating it and providing it. Those who use it do as they want. Oversight is not being conducted enough to protect and promote the general welfare. A long and horrible history has made it clear that the power of the people is being used against the general welfare instead.
World wars is an example of the power of the people being used by some. Only a small percentage of the population have the chance to use the power of the people. We think of them as the nobility, politicians, and military personnel. There are incomprehensible agencies within our Federal government that have immense power. There are so many agencies within our many governments it is beyond comprehension by an individual. They do all sorts of things with the power of the people. Some of the things they do help the people, and some don’t. It is not all wars and prisons. Huge improvements have been achieved.
We the people can get started saving the world. Let’s create a movement. This site is nothing but my stuff. There is no advertising and none will come. We can form a conspiracy to establish world-peace. We can end political corruption. We can negotiate better rates for credit, cars, and more. We could even unite all the people of the world. All we need to do to get started is join together. By submitting your email address below, you are joining a movement for world peace, prosperity, egalitarianism, Truth, justice, and all good things. It is just a beginning like everything else.
It should be very obvious to everyone that humans work together to create power greater that an individual can create. We organize societies that create power for the benefit of the members of the society. In the times of our lives, the amount of power that is created is so great most people are totally unaware of its strength.