Business is not good. As a means of production, business is a bad idea. It is not a good way for people to endeavor. It causes things that are not good and prevents things that are good. Business is grinding the world up and spewing it out as trash and pollutants. People are being eaten alive by business. Business forces humans to live as they would never choose to live if they had a choice. There are so many things to realize about business I can’t realize it all at once.

I’ve been operating my own business for about 27 years. I have owned other businesses. I would get behind a movement to stop allowing business to be a part of our social organization. Mankind is so invested in business it has become entrenched in societies around the world. Establishing a better way to deal with the world we all inherited is not going to be easy. Just the task itself is a daunting project, but people to enlist in the effort is the most difficult part. Better ways and means are available. Finding them is made more difficult by conditioning.

I am a bit stunned by the fact that I never even considered this before. I didn’t stop to think of what a business is. I didn’t consider the sociological, philosophical, and psychological factors. It took less than a second to realize the ramifications and take a stand against business.

This demonstrates the power of conditioning. B.F. Skinner and others revealed conditioning, and I still did not detect its power over me in my comprehension of business.

Using the structure and techniques involved in business have done a lot of damage to the human race. It has wiped out countless species of life and damaged the rest. It has increased the competitive nature of man. Using the business model to conduct the affairs of human activity has brought us to the end brink of disaster that could end all life on earth, including human. My mind is racing to keep up with the cascade of realizations coming from putting my attention on this matter.

People work together. We don’t work together as a whole, though. We work together as families, clubs, nations, religions, businesses, and other types of organizations. That is what all working together is, organizations. The ones we have been using since long before I was born have been large factors in the world I see out there.

I see beauty and horror out there. I want to end the horror and increase the beauty. How does that make you feel? Believe me, I have seen it make people feel things that would shock many, but I consider the whys and that leads me to other realizations. Today, realizations about what must be considered a phenomenon have lighted my thoughts. Business is not a good idea.

A better idea is working together in cooperation instead of competition. This I have thought for decades, but I had not considered how business defeats cooperation. From the boss on down cooperation is overruled by the competitive aspects of running a business the way it is done in this world. I see no valid reason we can’t join together to do all the work that needs to be done and enjoy the products of that work together equally.

If you don’t like the inequality that hits you right between the eyes when you get paid, let’s do something about it. All men are created equal, but there is little equality in compensation for our time and effort. I now see how the social system we know as business has made it that way and keeps it that way.

It’s just business. Don’t take it personally. Those words are too often heard.