Tell Me Everything You Want

If you make a list of everything you want, you can include physical objects, services, physiological conditions of you and others, states of all kinds (world peace, religious fulfillment, etc.), and time. All these can be desired or wanted. I want you to have it all. There need only be some restrictions, like wanting to hurt others in some way, or wanting the world all to yourself. Maybe you want to be a bird! I say you can have that, too. It is your choice. You need only figure out how to change yourself into a bird. Strange as it may seem, it could be possible. Everything you want can be put on a list.

 To start with, the physical objects are easy. If you have enough money, and many do, you can acquire almost anything that exists. Some art objects and some possessions of others may be out of reach, but for the most part, enough money will get you what you want in the realm of physical objects. Food, shelter, transportation, clothing, luxuries, toys, tools, minerals, compounds, and more are readily available to those who have the money to buy them. So act as if you have enough money for a minute, unless you do indeed have enough money, in which case, you need not act, and make your list of all the physical objects you want, or just imagine it.

It might be a long list, and likely an incomplete list. It is pretty hard to think of everything you want and list them. As you change, so might the list. It doesn’t matter. You need only have an idea of all the things you want. The list can change.

Now, how much does it all cost? Sure, it depends on where you get the stuff, when you get it, and the quality. So you could construct a rough range of the cost. It doesn’t have to be exact. Just develop the list so you can have an idea of your desires for objects of all kinds and roughly what such a cache would cost today. Once that is done, expand it to cover the entire course of your life. A long list!

Unless you are something very unlikely, you cannot possibly produce all the stuff you want by yourself. A computer would surely rival your skill as an individual, and that is just one thing. Suffice it to say, you are going to need help, regardless of the amount of money you possess. You will find it rather difficult to build a new car all by yourself. Why, building just a small portion of the equipment required to produce one of the parts of a new car is too much for an individual. The ore must first be found, processed, and refined. In all the things we, as modern humans, want, the help of others is indispensable. To get everything we all want, we must apply efforts cooperatively. Cooperative effort can be considered a social effort, and as creating a society.

Society produces the physical things we want. You may want a pebble. Okay, society didn’t produce the pebble you want, and there are some other examples like this one, so don’t get sidetracked by exceptions. You can produce things all by yourself to some degree. If such things are all you desire, that is beautiful and I hope you find your fulfillment. The past is witness to many such efforts. If you desire the things that you are aware of in your world, you will have to enlist the services of others and society will come into existence. Don’t worry, “society” is not really a bad word and society need not be bad.

We live in society. Is it a bad society? Is it a good society? Maybe it is some of both. What fun it is to consider the relative quality of society! You may consider your society to be apart from the rest of the societies, the people, or even the world. Here, too, is a fun area of human thinking. I hope you find your thoughts fulfilling. Again, the past is replete with such thoughts in the minds of the people. None of this cancels the fact that we live in society. The fact is self-evident. Even two people constitute a society, albeit a small one. Society covers the Earth these days.

People function in society in many different ways. Throughout history complex societies have come and gone, some remain. The workings of human efforts in social settings are complexity that challenges the mind as easily as does outer space. Remember always that the work of society in history is our inheritance. A lot has already been done by society. Today we function in society perhaps more complex than any that came before. Our individual energy is added to the total of all the energy of everyone to society. It goes into society until we are no longer present in this life. Some can argue that it goes on even further, and I would not contend against them. By and large, we contribute as long as we live and leave behind whatever lasts. We all contribute, even the lazy and idle.

A person born into this world that never lifts a finger for more than personal biological functions contributes to society. In the United States just a person’s existence is counted and that count is used in many ways. A person that eats contributes to society as a consumer. In this country consumers are required. A person who does little is still doing something. You can judge against such a person, but little can be gained by doing so.

People are influenced to be the way they are by the world in which they form. The debates about this topic are many, but it is clear that the world helps shape the character of its inhabitants. Who among us is immune to gravity, the sun’s heat, the atmosphere? The designs of our bodies are heavily influenced by our world, and our world is heavily influenced by the humans that live upon it. It seems nearly impossible to live apart from society. The roles of society’s members are too complicated to contemplate. Even the least productive and troublesome may be filling a role that is vital. Who knows everything?  If your list of wants includes doing nothing all your life, you may do so. I hope it fulfills you. If your list includes doing something, that is fine also. May you find what you want to do and may it fulfill you. In both cases you will be playing a role in and contributing to society. Your compensation for that contribution can be unlimited access to everything you want.

Society is something we make. The productivity of society is something we make. As it has come down to us today, society is extending the work of our ancestors and producing incredibly vast amounts of products and services. Hunger is still a huge problem on this planet, but so is the production of things for violence and destruction. It has been said that the Iraq war alone cost around three trillion dollars. Do you think you could feed the hungry very long with three trillion dollars? There seems to be hunger only because the world society creates it. “Globalism” has become a popular word, but is seldom mentioned in the context of the large world society. It appears that many are not included.

There is no power that can separate some humans from the world society. Killing people only changes them to the casualties of society. The more we have of such members the more we make society different, but society goes on. It just has more dead. Making more dead makes society create different sorts of people. Who wants this? Some may! They would be few, but they could be powerful. It is really up to the people to decide. The power lies with the people.

The people have the power to produce the society desired. As we have it today, society appears to have slowly evolved to its present status. Nations, tribes, gangs, clubs, communities, systems, and everything else compose the global society we have today. There seems to be no master plan, no ingenious design… nothing. Ideas have been implemented. Plans have been made and carried through, but where is the master plan, the one that helps everyone everywhere?

There have been and probably still are plans to conquer the world. It always seems to be someone or some few attempting to gain control of everything and everyone for their own purposes. Such plans can be called master plans, but are rather plans to be masters. Your list is a better plan.

As in any endeavor, there must first be an idea. Let us endeavor to supply you with everything on your list. We need an idea. We can do it. We can come up with a vision of what we want to do. If that vision is to make everyone get everything on their list, we are already begun.

Have a vision! They are fun! And they are free! Take all you want. Come back later for more. There is an infinite supply. When one becomes “viral”, as we say today, it begins to become reality. It starts to take shape, have form, gain momentum, have sway. A global vision, one that everyone has, would be so transformative it would flash into existence. Everything you want and everything everyone else wants is already envisioned.

Who does not want what they want? Let that person or persons have not wanting. There may be fulfillment there. As for the rest of us, we only need to believe that we can have everything on the list. There are many things that turn us away from the belief.

The real problem has now been arrived at. The road block has been reached. The obstacle has interrupted the movement. Let us clear the path.

The reason we have trouble believing we can have everything we want is that the world’s societies are what they are and they are not working on plans to satisfy everyone. It has been this way for a very long time and people become conditioned, especially over long periods of exposure to conditioning, which could just as easily be called “living.” The problem with that is that some conditioning is intentional. I might even say a lot of it is intentional, and, if it is, is the intender benevolent, wise, intelligent, diligent, and so on. You can ponder that if you want. It might be fulfilling to do so, or not. We condition ourselves, but when others do it on purpose, that is something else. By now, people have been so conditioned to scarcity they automatically call the conditioning into consciousness when the right stimuli is experience, like me saying you can have all you want.  Other factors make it hard to believe you have your list of wants delivered.

Society is pretty new. Human history is pretty new. In comparison to the universe, it is too new. Still, by now a lot of work has already been done. Humans have been very busy. Just take a plane trip to New York or the like and see what they have built. It is all over the planet, and growing. Busy, busy, busy! You don’t need to go out into the wilderness and hack out a spot to squat. You don’t need to build the things that have already been built. You don’t have to be burned at the stake for saying the universe is infinite and the Earth is a planet. It has already been done for you. Your list is getting a little easier.

Now consider the means of production. My teacher said that Communism is a form of government in which the government owns the means of production. Well, that may be the way we see it manifest, but to me the way people live on a commune is communism. At any rate, the means of production, many, have already been produced, by the means of production. (just a joke) You may not need to build a car factory. In fact, a lot of the things on your list can be produced without any new infrastructure.

We already have a lot of roads, railroads, air transportation, communications means, and the list goes on and on. Think of it. A very large portion of the things on your list are already being produced. This is our heritage. We inherited it. You list is even easier.

One of the reasons you might think you can’t have everything on your list is because we live in a capitalistic system. Scarcity is vital to such a system. I don’t intend to go into the argument about this here. Another time perhaps. You can study the system to see how important it is. Some people even think that you will not work unless your survival depends on it. I wish those people would just speak for themselves and leave others out of it. They seem to be unable to factor into the equation the conditioning of life. Capitalism stand in the way of your list, but it will disappear when the list filling get started.

I feel myself going on and on. I can probably keep going for hours on why some think they can’t have what is on their list. The fact of the matter is that you actually can have what is on your list. You will have to work for it.

Don’t be too hasty! You will have to work for it. Yes! You are already working for it, most of us anyway. However, you are not getting everything on your list even if you work hard all your life. The vast majority of us don’t even get a very large percentage of what is on our lists even by working all your life.  Well! How about working two years and then getting whatever you want whenever you want it? Seem like a good deal?

An efficient system, planned by the good planners, without corruption, could make all you want available to you for a very small contribution to the work necessary. Just understand that as we begin to work on the lists, the things that can be put on the list will increase. We don’t know what we will discover. I think it will be miraculous by today’s perception.

The human race is making a lot of stuff and providing a lot of services already. Most of it is a pure waste. That’s right, a waste. Most of what we do is just make-work. We make things to fall apart. We make things to explode. When we eliminate the unnecessary work, the available human resources will greatly increase. When we start making things as easy as possible so we can do what we like to do, there will be far too many people available to do the work of supplying the lists. We will have to increase what can be put on the list.

We will have to make it possible for people to find what they are most fulfilled doing, and then make it possible for them to do it. That is the source of the power to increase the list. People doing the most fulfilling thing they want to do is a source of beauty, creativity, joy, and on and on. People doing what they must just to survive or to comply with the will of another have trouble being a source of such things.

I am here to tell you that what we can have, what we can live without fearing its loss, is fantastic beyond words. It is truly ineffable. The better society, the better the people. The more fulfilled the people, the better the society, and the more fulfilling the list.

Let’s decide we want to have this, and start the ball rolling. I am tired of waiting. On my list is; the end of crime, the end of war, the end of poverty, the end of destruction of the planet, the end of the destruction of the other living things, the ability to travel among the stars, the ability to be fulfilled, a world of loving people, knowledge, truth, and stuff. Yes, I want material stuff. My list is not fully stated here. I just want you know that your list can be more than stuff.