All men are created equal. I like to think that means both sexes. The originator of those words may have meant men alone, but I do not know, and it doesn’t matter. Human are all equal. It is time to truly realize this fact. Doing so will end a lot of suffering and problems, starting with racism. Then it can do something about class society.

Human history is a lesson in the failure of class structures. Feelings of superiority are delusional mental problems that are closely tied to emotional problems. Segregation of people into different classes in hierarchical orders is a social malfunction. If you find this offensive, find someone who can help you. Don’t bother me with it. I have no patience for it any more. The division of people into classes has failed. Face it! We have thousands of years of recorded history and still there is no peace. Social structures that do not create world peace are failures. If you don’t feel good knowing that you are equal to everyone and anyone, you need help.

We are more alike than different. We are all alive and living our lives. We live together on the same planet with virtually identical biological characteristic. We are together in time and we are heirs to human history. The individuality of every person cannot be removed, nullified, mitigated, or negated, but the things we have in common are also permanent and indelible. We are both individual and alike at the same time. That is one of the beautiful aspects of life. It means that we can be united in common cause while expressing our individuality in infinite ways; beautiful ways.

It appears that no two people can occupy the same point in time and space and that no two people are exactly alike. That everyone is an individual derives from these assumptions alone. That is why we have communication. From your unique individual experience, you can communicate to others what you are experiencing. We can share our unique perspectives and experiences. As this ability improves, so does the understanding that we are all together and very much alike. Common ground is being recognized more every day. This common ground is the place we can unite in common purpose.

Uniting in common purpose does not mean we give up our individuality. It means that our individuality can be better expressed and explored. It means that we can free ourselves of the onerous, until now, burden of survival and exert more of our time and energy to other purposes; including personal fulfillment.

Everyone is alive. We all have life in common. The life we have is the great equalizer. It is the ultimate value. It is the value that makes us all equal. Life is something that does not differ between individuals. Being alive is being alive. In mortal life, people exist at different points along the path from birth to death, but at all points all are alive. Precious life is the most valuable possession. It is not possible, apparently, to possess anything without possessing life first.

The many mysteries of life never seem to remove us from the first requirement of life: survival. No matter what you think of the after-life, other dimensions, other universes, deity, or anything, survival is the first imperative. We all have the option of death, but death is not life and can only be achieved through life. To survive, we all are required to spend our effort in many common pursuits. Again, all are equalized.

We are all at the same time equal and individual, but our individuality in no way compromises our equality. However, our individuality can easily be compromised by our equality. There are many aphorisms that express this aspect of life. They all represent the fact that when survival is threatened, we all become very much alike and our individuality evanesces. This alone is all that is required to prove that we are equals.

One person can run faster than another. A person can be more intelligent than another. In all actions people show various degrees of differences. These are all aspects of individuality. A person can be born a king, a queen, rich, powerful, or poor and all that come with it. These are all aspects of society. None of these aspects of a human life translate to a human life being superior to another. They only translate into superior ability or social position. Augmenting and enhancing the individuality of a person is part of personal fulfillment. Creating a society that favors some is part of the impediment of personal fulfillment.

Society can be made the way we want it to be. It is a product of human effort, even if unconsciously. It can be designed to assist the personal fulfillment of all its individuals. There needs to be only one constraint to this personal fulfillment: harmlessness. It seems very strange to be making a case for being harmless, but the presence of those who think they can only be fulfilled by hurting others necessitates it.

There seem to be humans who like to hurt others. Maybe it is not true, but it seems to be true. One can only speak for one’s self. If there are malevolent people, it seems reasonable to assume that they would gravitate to positions in society that avail them of power, wealth, and protection. Which bring into focus the concept that society has been designed or modified to manifest the class structure and superiority concepts that prevail today.

Something went wrong long ago. It has been wrong all this time and it is time to fix it. It is time to come to the understanding that we are all really equal. Even the monstrous people who do terrible things are equal. Their behavior makes them monsters, but their lives make them equal. Behavior is not a factor to consider when considering a person’s equality. Sure, behavior must be part of our understanding, but not in ways that create discrimination. All living things possess Life, whatever that is, and it is quite obvious. It is a much larger aspect of everyone than the differences that can be discerned.

Abilities and attributes vary among people. For some reason people tend to develop attitudes that are based in these varying factors. Good looks and great abilities might be the cause of a person thinking and feeling that they are better than others. The reverse is also possible. Attitudes are mental and emotional positions that influence behavior. A superiority attitude is a condition. An inferiority attitude is a condition. Both have no substance. They do not exist in the physical universe. A person’s attitude must boil down to psychology. The psychology of a person who feels superior or inferior is one that does not understand enough about life one Earth.

For some reason, we have the ability to compare ourselves to others. The efficacy of this ability could be questionable and the motivation to make the comparison could be the subject of much study. The purpose of the comparison is a fascinating topic. What difference does it make? So, you are not as pretty as someone else. So what? It would make no difference if people understood the world very well. As things stand today, it makes a lot of difference. The ability to do something better, to look better, the think better, to be in the better religion, to be anything better than anyone else only makes a person better in one, some, or all of these things. It does not make a person better than another person. It is totally subjective. The distinction must be understood. One is a specific comparison, the other is a general comparison. A person who is the best in all ways, is still just a person; still mostly like everyone else. Regardless of the comparisons we can discern, we will all always be mostly alike.

We can as easily compare our personal conditions to ourselves over time. Can you run faster today than you could yesterday? Are you smarter and wiser today than you were in the past? These are important comparisons. They can be helpful. But what does is benefit a person to compare oneself to others. Society can reward and punish in accordance with the differences in people, but this will not change the inherent similarity of humans. It will not make one immune to the forces of the universe. The psychology, the game, the nonsense, of separation based on differences of people is a legendary atrocity of history.

I hope I don’t need to remind you of our history. People committing horrors to others based solely on the feeling of superiority/inferiority are too disturbing to contemplate. This indicates to me that such things are not very good, are not what I would like to be guilty of; and I am not. I have always felt that we are all equal in the comparison that counts.

Uniqueness and individuality are universal. It may be impossible for two anything to be identical, even people. But, the differences can be just as impossible to discern. Think of two automobiles of the same make, model, year, color, and everything else. Still not exactly the same. The may only be one bolt tightened tighter than the same one on the other vehicle. When it comes to people the uniqueness is inescapable and irreplaceable. But, the similarity is just as inescapable.

Let’s make society one that revels in the uniqueness of everyone while satisfying the needs of everyone as easily and beautifully as possible. Let’s have a society where love governs feelings and behavior. Then we can start the real adventure that awaits those who make the grade. Love everyone unconditionally, do your best behavior, and learn. There will be no inequality and cherishable individuality.