The truth is like a bear sometimes. It pushes us toward things we fear. I purchased this picture as soon as I found it. It appealed to me instantly. The bear is the truth. The man is anyone. The bear is pushing the man to the edge and he is resisting. There is no room to get around the bear, so the man has to resist. The man fears the drop, which is how letting go of false things can feel–like a drop. He doesn’t know that the drop will bring him to life rather than injure him. But this bear is only pushing. It is driving him toward the truth. It is not attacking. The truth does not attack, either. The truth is always trying to help, but we fear it and resist it. For countless reasons, we fight against the push toward the truth. We are on a cliff of controversy struggling against the truth. I hope to resolve a lot of the controversy. So, I created this section for this site.