Who does not understand that there are a lot of people who see themselves a far superior to everyone? The likelihood that normal human can grow up in my lifetime, or any for that matter, without realizing that people have superiority complexes.

Biblical teaching about humility have yet to take. The most normal people are at least subconsciously thinking of themselves as “better.” The Pope does not appear humble. The preachers of Protestant Christianity seem to lack the humility their sacred text teaches. But religion is not the worst of it.

The class systems of the world are nothing but approved superiority complexes. There are too many examples of the class systems to address. Consider, though, the one that caused the Native American debacle, the subjugation of black people, and, more profoundly, the superiority of the rich.

Superiority is a big item in current propaganda and mind-control. That is what it is! There is a terrible battle raging for the minds of the people. One of the bombs being dropped in the war is “white supremacy.” White privilege is just another way to put it. It must be noticed that the push against white supremacy is being conducted by the most privileged. Most of them are white. There are others, but that is because it is not about race. It is about superiority feelings. You know deep down in your heart that the rich people think they are better than those who are not rich and think they are each better than the other rich. It’s a class system on steroids.

Maybe you have noticed that the people we elect live rather well, to be kind. Some have publicly spoken of their privileges being greater than those of the people. John Kerry is fully convinced that the climate change battle permits his huge carbon footprint. Pelosi takes it for granted that her superiority derived from her post entitles her to a visit to the beauty parlor. She is using her post to stop others from getting a professional hairdo. Those are two silly examples of a deeper and sinister superiority complex. We are being ruled by people who are sure they are far superior to the people. So, how can you possibly be manipulated to think that racism and white privilege is the worst problem we face? It is so stupid the only way smart people can even consider it is because the power of those who think they are superior to us is being used to manipulate our minds and hearts.

Trump gave me some hope, but he dropped the ball. I will not lament his removal from the A team. We need someone who can pick up the ball and score. He may yet prove himself, but it does not look good. The Swamp is more feted than ever. The news is more fake. The elections are more rigged than ever. Trump must be removed from the obsession of the people. I, for one, did not vote for Donald Trump. I voted for some campaign promises. In fact, I did not approve of the man. I still don’t. He is deeply flawed and very rich. He represents many things I am against.

I have no intention of proving the rich right. The way people are behaving as though Trump is the messiah, his opponents are feeling totally justified in his destruction. People have some terrible tendencies. They gravitate to mental images instead of the light. All the hoopla about Trump’s “presidential” appearance is too much proof to deny the fact that people tend to vote for an image, an appearance, or to vote against them. It’s a fatal flaw.

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