There seems to be no possibility for a human to free of being governed. Long held attitudes about people have given the world powerful restraints that are imposed on the people within the governed society. This site is devoted to putting an end to both the need for and the presence of all forms of government.

Organizing people living in a society is not the same thing as governing people within a society. The need for organization may always be part of social organizations. But the need to exercise power over those who do not want to be governed will someday become unnecessary. Even democratic majority-rule governments are exercising power to force the minority to comply with the will of the majority. The population of the world and nations is so large the inevitable discontent of billions would arise from majority-rule. This is not acceptable. There should be no descent. Power to do things with the power of the people must be granted by all who are affected. That is possible despite opinions to the contrary.

This site will attempt to examine social structures including governments and address the matters involved. The intent is to find the reasons that some are forced to submit to the will of a majority, dictator, monarch, or any other form of power wielder.