We should be demanding that money be made illegal. Work for free. Get everything for working. It is just too simple for people to understand, I guess.

Right now, you work for pay. You get your pay. Everything you want has to be bought with the money you get paid. So, you can only get the amount your pay will buy. For over 99 percent of the people of Earth the pay is not nearly enough. For about one percent, seventy million, the pay they get allows them to buy anything and everything they want, including the other 99 percent. So, the one percent are ruling over the lives of six billion nine hundred and thirty million.

About seventy million people are running the world, and any fool who stands up high enough to get his head above the cloud of illusions that covers the world can see that they are destroying the world even they, the seventy million, depend on for survival. They depend on the systems that are doing the destruction for their money, and they have a deep seated defect in them that actually makes them want on a subconscious level to destroy the planet and kill everything on it. At the same time, in their conscious minds, they love the power and privilege they have. Rather than look at themselves and the things they have used the people to create for them, they are blaming the people.

You can read about it in countless books and article. Thomas Malthus wrote a book for them in 1798 that explained how the increasing population is the real problem with the societies of the world. The Georgia Guide Stones contain a pledge to dispose of about six billion five hundred million people. A seemingly endless supply of movies that will make you sure that society is going to collapse into ruin leaving the Earth in a post-apocalyptic mess are racking in billions of dollars and millions of viewers. The sources of information out there that clearly prove that there are people in power who are blaming over-population for the world’s problems are abundant and available to the public.

They are correct in one sense. The systems that provide their wonderful life-styles cannot support the vast population of the world.It is the systems they have invested in so short-shortsightedly that are destroying world, not the people.

Of course, in the plunge to the end, they are gathering as much power as they can by blaming the climate problems on a simple gas that the entire plant kingdom depends on for life, CO2, completely hiding the fact that their systems have destroyed the life-giving life forms that prepared Earth for them for billions of years and are indispensable in keeping it a comfortable and beautiful place that nourishes the countless living things that have miraculously appeared here and, so far, nowhere else in the vast universe our telescopes has revealed. But their systems are stupid. Just stupid! Superlatives are unsatisfying. The people who are using the systems to live so well are have become aware of the problems they have created. They are becoming so fearful of the population explosion they are preparing ways to escape what they see as the inevitable destination of the train of momentum hurtling toward the end of the track. You can easily read about their bunkers, seed vaults, artificial intelligence, and other preparations for the end of life as we know it.

They are preparing to save themselves, not the population or the other living things we enjoy life with. They see themselves at the top of a “natural selection” force of nature that as the reason they are in the positions they enjoy. No one comes up to their level because they are inferior. Any who show signs of rising up to their level are subjected to their attentions. No one reaches their level without their permission.

They have feelings of superiority that prevent them from allowing any hint that someone is better than they are. It runs so deep it fosters a deep and terrible disdain for all others. These facts are so obvious it defies belief that nearly seven billion people don’t see it and can’t seem to figure it out. They don’t even need to figure it out, though. It has all been written for them to read and made into movies and television shows for them to watch. Watching the people just go on with their lives as if they still don’t get it makes them all the more certain that the people are just trash to use and dispose of as they like. That is because they, too, cannot get their heads above the cloud of illusion that covers the Earth. They are products of their own experiences, just like everyone else.

Humans are psychological animals. The depth and profundity of the psychology of every human is overwhelming, but not completely. Love can fix it. Love can take anyone to heights above the cloud of illusion high enough to make them feel that they have seen the light, had an epiphany, been reborn, seen God. Love is all you need to become a person of your own creation and a master of your psychology. When that happens, the people will unite like never before. Petty differences will become the beauty of uniqueness. Trying to develop the picture in your mind is daunting task, maybe an impossible one. Only love can show it to you.

To combat any such eventuality and to channel the natural tendency of a human to protest and fight against evil, the one percent are manufacturing channels down which Life’s most powerful force, the quest for Truth, Justice, and Liberty can be sent down tracks to nowhere and controlled without ever posing a threat to real issues of which money is the most protected part. Money is the lynch pin, the weak link in the chains that bind us. What we see in the news, in our history, and what pervades the airwaves in a globally-connected technology world is the curtain in front of the little man pretending to be a fearsome giant.

I am encountering a lot of people who think they are fighting the fearsome giant, and they are, but not like they think they are. Instead, they are fighting a curtain while the little man behind it laughs at them and learns new tricks to use on them.

The little, inept, and psychologically defective little men behind the curtain are aware that money is the one thing that keeps them in their power. All we have to do is gather in a mass-movement brilliantly planned to respond to the reaction against stopping entirely the use of money is society. The French people are taking action and turning to the streets. But they will only achieve keeping the systems undisturbed and the seventy million in power. Let them unseat a few here and there. Let them get a law reversed or removed. Let them feel that they are exercising the power of the people and winning. They will then go away and feel wonderful while nothing meaningful has changed, and the chains that bind the people will have grown stronger and shorter.

I understand why people are so easily derailed. That doesn’t make it any easier to see them suffer and die in the desert right next to a beautiful oasis.

I am not alone. There are many who are dedicated to ending the use of money in all societies. Here you will find links to some of them. But don’t think there are not others. Don’t think that you don’t need to get going to help us. You stand to become able to get “paid” for your work with everything you want. You can work in a society that pays you for your work by removing the price, the money requirement, of everything, including services. Those who provide administrative services and those who provide garbage services will be treated equally by society. Crime will slowly vanish. War! We will wonder what was wrong with us before.

My first post about this idea is posted at

The Money Free Party of New Zealand is a great place to learn about stopping the use of money. You can find it at

Steve Saylor of the Money Free Party is doing a fine job and appears to have devoted his life to the cause. You can find him at

Hanna Holmen is carrying the cause long established by Jacques Fresco, The Venus Project. You can find it at

Peter Joseph has a complex and popular organization that is working for the end of money. You can find his site at He has had several books publish, too. Visit the site and read the books to learn some valuable information.

I will be adding to this list in time, which is something I have to budget even more strictly than I do the money I get for a life of hard work in a society that proves with every check that equality is an illusion so far.

Thank you!