My Globalist Conspiracy

I realized this morning that I am a globalist. Yep! All this time I have been unhappy about globalists. I conspire–as a single conspirator–for global objectives. (Can you be a conspirator if you are the only one involved?)

There are a lot of people who are globalists. Like me, they have global plans. I suppose we are all competing for dominance. I have spent considerable time and energy investigating the other globalists. I self-examine this one even more. It is not easy to determine precisely what the others have in mind. I only know that I have in mind to elevate the condition of each and every one of all life forms to fulfillment.

I do not try to share the opinions of other. I don’t want to “fit in” if it requires compromise. I care about everyone, but I think and feel what I think and feel independently. So, it doesn’t matter much to me that people don’t want to be concerned with the other forms of life. People who stand askance over my affinity for any and all forms of life would really balk if they realized that I have similar thoughts and feeling for inanimate things including energy. It is very difficult to explain. It is the way I am and I cannot find another way to be that feels right.

I think I might be beyond globalism. How about “universalism?” Words are such a tangle! I know I am taking this “down the rabbit hole,” but I am conscious of something that is not in the universe and my care about and for it is also part of me. I can’t find a suitable word that works as well as “globalist” to capture my outlook, conspiratorial intentions. Maybe “conscious” is the best word.

Consciousness varies : Some are not conscious of much and other conscious of a lot. Part of globalist conspiracy include the improvement toward comprehensiveness of the consciousness of every single living thing and all and every non-living thing. I have plunged over the precipice! Right? Not really. What seems wacky to you does not seem so to me. Human arrogance is likely the only thing that causes them to think they are the only sentient species and that sentience is limited to living beings. That kind-of flies in the face of God and all the transcendental beings and many don’t go there. Instead they attribute to God the ultimate sentience. But even those don’t grant that a rock can be sentient. That same of energy. Let me hit even harder. Prepare yourself! Feelings are sentient. Yep! Every feeling is sentient and reproduces. See? I told you I am not compromising to fit in. I am living the Kant’s Categorical Imperative.

“Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.” Immanuel  Kant Wikipedia Of course, he was all about humans being the sentient form of life and might have thrown a hissy-fit over my attribution of sentience to everything. For his time, thought, he was amazing. I love his Categorical Imperative and began to live by it long before I even heard the name Kant. It came naturally to me. I must add here that what comes to anyone comes through and by the accumulated experiences of the Universe including the transcendental one. I often stumble over words. What word includes it all? Megaverse? Sounds good to me. My thoughts wander during focused processes. I can do that without losing the focus. This one is about my globalist characteristics. (See? I told you I can come back to the point.)

I must surely be in competition with the other globalists. They must surely be competing with each other. Study of economics and socialism joins science, theology, philosophy and all other elements of our sentient abilities join resulting in a wide variety of competing globalist conspiracies. We may not get the opportunity to have a voice in the outcome. We may, though. It depends on many factors. Variables abound. The bureaucrats, technocrats, patricianists, imperialists, royalists, nouveau riche, and other have their conspiracies and I have mine. I will settle for nothing less than total and complete paradise, fulfillment, eternity, truth, immortality and other such things. That puts me in a conspiracy all by myself.

I actually thought that people would want to join me. It was a rude awakening, too. I encountered many people and openly, even candidly and frankly, stated my intentions. The responses I got are better called “reactions.” I mince words, but that is what happens when sentience discovers nuances. There is a distinct difference between response and reaction. The psychology and physiology involved is deep and vast. Wacky, too! I will avoid that morass at this time. Instead of experiencing hoards of willing and motivated co-conspirators, I got in lots of something like “trouble.” I got into trouble with friends, family, acquaintances and complete strangers. My laughter is shaking me right now. I know who far out there I am compared to other. I have already told you I am not interested in fitting in or compromising.

Until you are struggling to function under a rain of tears from pure joy, I am not done with my conspiracy. I seek this for everyone. That makes me a globalist and a conspirator. What you are reading right now is part of my global conspiracy. I don’t know the other globalists. So, I can’t say what theirs is.