Love is the answer. Who has not heard that said or seen it written? The term is beautiful, but far too ambiguous. It neither defines love or says what it answers. Those issues will be addressed on this site. When it comes to controversy, love rates at the top of the list of contenders for the top spot. This writer considers Love to be the most important aspect of Life on Earth. It is also rating at the top in that other “dimension” humans are preoccupied with today and have been preoccupied with it as far back in history as we can determine.

That God is Love is not a new idea, but it one that has returned to the current issue status. John Shelby Spong writes about it in his book Unbelievable. There must be countless books, poems, songs, and other sources of the concept. In this article, the focus will be defining Love and what it is the answer to. As Love relates to God is a topic for a different article.

There is no shortage of articles that attempt to define love. It is not written with a capital L in most cases. There is, however, a good case in which the word deserves the capital letter. That is when Love is unconditional.

That being said, Love is still undefined here and another word has been added that requires more defining. To put something into words always seems to diminish that which is written about. What alternative is there? We can experience things, but we can communicate about them too. That leaves us stuck with words. It is like talking about God, something that is beyond the adequacy of words.

I hope to bring some assistance to the problem. I have had experiences that might have made me able to do so. You can read about it by clicking here. It is a recounting of something that happened to me in 1971.