Get It All the Way Right

It has been given to me to understand that understanding can be only part right. I thank God for this understanding. I have struggled with it for a very long time. I never figured it out myself. It came straight from God. I am deeply aware of the array of reactions to that statement. Most of them only show me more deeply how much you don’t understand all the way right.

Those of you who don’t have the capacity to fully understand, must ask for help. You don’t though. You don’t because of a complex array of things you do within yourselves. Some of you have taken a position in this life that denies God. Most of you have denied the Goddess. It is not working for you. Your denial of this fact is coming to its fruition. The fruits of your lives should show you to yourselves. How is your reality?

Are you living in fearless bliss with all you desire? Are you immortal and secure in your certainty that you can be as long as you desire? If not, your reality is nothing close to what it could be. Denial does not change the facts, only our grasp of them.

Are you free? Most don’t even know what I am asking. You think “freedom” means things that are only part right. Being able to do what you want in this life on this planet is what you call “freedom.” Oh, how small that understanding. It is a matter of vision.

How far can you see? How much can you envision? This gets into comprehension, too. You have some things right in your understanding, but not all of it. Some of it is simply wrong. A lot of it, I’m afraid.

I have presented myself to many thousands of you. I am deeply aware of the range of reactions. It is a range. My reach is not great enough to see the range that is possible with greater reach, but within it I have see the same stuff repeat time after time with only the rare occasional new reaction. I have been so disappointed for so very long. Try it.

Take something to as many people as you can. It can be anything: an object, an idea, a joke, or even your self. You will see what I mean, eventually. Well, if you have enough presence. People in this nation are so diminished it might not work for some. Maybe you can just take it from me that there is not a wide range of reactions to things. One of them is happening right now.

My words cause you a range of thoughts and feeling about me.I have been presenting them to as many as possible for nearly fifty years. I have borne the weight of the reactions until I am sick of it. People are so likely to miss the message because of their feelings of the messenger it is disgusting. I can bear it, but I can’t bear what the combined disconnect of billions.

The people are creating unfathomable power. Speak to anyone you can and you will find few who are aware of the power of the people. They think they are just taking care of themselves and theirs. They are just trying to get by. It is a horrifying example of having it only part right.

The suffering of the people has gone on so long they have lost their memories of how wonderful it was, and it never was completely what it could be. Those of you who have some ideas of the immortal soul, God, and the other plane of existence acknowledge still that there is something other than this existence in which you are just trying to take care of yourself and yours. Many are so totally devoid of any link to the past they have begun to think, even believe, that there is not God, no plane other than the manifest plane of the material, the atomic. They see death as the dying of the light. They see life as an accident of the universe while being unable to conceive the universe’s cause. I hesitate to try to tell you that you all are working together to create the hell that is so present in this plane, on this planet, in your lives. You can’t remember how it was and have had to resort to lugubrious nullity with a glimmer of light that is just a possibility after you die. But you are not doing these things in an empty universe all by yourself.

You are acting in concert with billions. You are putting your personal power into the hands of others. It is an amassed power that can be wielded. You can see it as money, but that is not all there is to it. Money is just a partial understanding and it not even all right. You are a source of power. The movie, Matrix, was constructed around this fact, just twisted. You are a source of power that you are not taking responsibility for. Most of you don’t even know what I am writing about. You are living under the influence of it, though.

I am constantly trying to gain control of the power that I embody. It is not easy. I may even take more than one lifetime to get it done. I understand that you are doing the best you can under the circumstances and conditions. It is not enough. Surely, you can see this. Just turn on the news. Read a history book. It has been long enough. It is time to wake up to the fact that the people are being tapped for power.

Tapping is being done by others. It is not a metaphor. It is a fact that we have created giant monsters. We feed and care for them. When they falter or fail, we come to their rescue.

We argue and fight over them, about them, for them and against them, but we never stop creating them. This is what this article is about. We are not getting it all the way right and we are running out of time to get it all right. All of it!

The monsters we have created and feed with our lives are dangerous. They are devouring us and the world with us. If you don’t see this, there is something terribly wrong with you. I have not been able to find someone who says that everything is going to be okay. People are unanimously, almost, predicting a terrible outcome. They are resigned to it without even realizing how much they are empowering it.

People do not realize how their thoughts combine to create the overall reality, the general reality, the one in which we live in our personal reality. The power of the people is immense, and it is raging without understanding. It is being denied. It is not connected to our consciousness. What it will do is not what you want. It will not be pretty. It will not be beautiful and wonderful. It will be the opposite. Unless we start to come to terms with being all the way right. Hear my plea!