Your Money

It is not what you think! No matter how money is defined, no matter how money came into existence, no matter what its history, no matter what you do with it, no matter how complicated it is, and no matter what else you can find out there to retell me about it, money is simply a means of discrimination used to limit your ability to get the things you want/need and to control the very moments of your life. Money is the bit in your mouth attached to reins someone else has in hand. But not just you, it is happening to nearly everyone, even those who have lots of money. There is ample reason to suspect that no one is running free, even the most exalted elite.

If there was no limit to your access to the products of society, there would be no need for money. But your access is limited. You can only get what you have the money to get. Arguments to the contrary are ridiculous. I have already heard them and I don’t even want to address them again, especially here. Your limit is set to the amount of money you can bring to the deal, but that limit is only in access to the products of society, goods and services. There is actually very little available in this system. The true potential is way beyond the dreams of most people. How easily you are contented in your prison! Even a prisoner in solitary confinement can choose to sit or stand. Does that mean he is free? If you could imagine the true possibilities, you would not be content.

I am having a hard time keeping this article short enough to hold the interest of the people of this age. Time and attention are too short! I have a lot to say. So far, I am on draft number seven of this article. It wants to be about forty thousand words or more, and that is just on this topic. The desire, even the need, to explain things has to be squelched in favor of appealing to the masses, who need short bursts. It is not a video game that you can play for hours while your world is crumbling around you. It is not a movie that thrills and excites you. It is reading. How boring! You will work two thousand hours a year at a job you hate, but you can’t be bothered to read an article that could unlock your dreams and put them in your grasp. It would be funny if there were not so much death and suffering.

It is so tiresome to hear all the usual responses people give to the information I am presenting. A surprise has been long absent. I have been presenting it to people in person for over forty years. The responses feel canned. It is as though people are programmed with the same data and nothing new is said, and nothing they say changes the fact that money is a control placed upon you and an unnecessary limit; even by your own assistance while being unaware of what you are doing.

Ask yourself this one simple question: of the things you hold to be true, how much of it have you actually proven for yourself? We say Columbus discovered the American continent, but we have not examined the proof. Far too much is like that. We are understanding money in the same way and missing the most important aspect of it.

Your money is made available to you by the system that pervades society the world over. It is made available in the worst form of discrimination; your pay. Most people are deemed by the system to be of little value. That is why a person who toils at the most undesirable and difficult task gets little money for the effort. A laborer is the most indispensable member of society, but gets paid the least. How wonderful it is for the rest! They get to be paid more for doing things that are more pleasant to do. Would you take the job of cleaning out the septic tanks or digging the ditches with a pick and shovel for less than twenty thousand dollars a year? I didn’t think so. So don’t try that old reply that your work is hard too, or that you had to study and train a long time. I have already heard it. You studied and trained in the society built by the laborers. Without them there would be no school, no food, no roads. So why does your education mean the laborers have to be paid so little? All work is hard to some extent, but the things that have to be done to make our lifestyles available are things you wouldn’t want to do at all and they are being done by people who get the least amount of access to the products of the society they make possible. If they get paid twenty thousand per year, they have to pay two thousand five hundred and seventy-five of that to the IRS. It is not enough to live on, much less thrive; and you wonder why there is crime. It is a horrible injustice and the worst form of discrimination! Still don’t feel bad? Are you comfortable in your world of fifty to a few hundred thousand dollars a year? Never mind the tax you have to pay. You are enjoying your life. Does the suffering going on all around you motivate you? How about this? Does the fact that you don’t have a fraction of what you are worth bother you?

If you are getting millions of dollars per year, you are not coming close to what you are worth. Those getting even less are really being ripped off. In this modern world, there is so much abundance no one is getting paid what they are worth. The richest people on Earth can only use their wealth to get the products of this society and the services that are available at this time. Well, that is but a glimpse of what is possible.

The human species is being held back. We function as a society of systems that are so old and defunct they stink of decay and ignorance. It must have been shocking to those who know to learn how little it takes people to become content. I know people who have worked for over forty years at menial tasks in relative contentment for a life style just above the poverty level. There is nothing wrong with that, if that is what they want to do, but if they want to do it because they can’t do any better or they can’t comprehend any better, it is far from good. It is evil!

People are born into society and from the first moment they are subjected to the influence of that society for the rest of their lives.span> Society has systems designed to put data into the minds of the people, even to put feelings into the wills of the people. Feelings are more often than not just something that happens without any true understanding or expression. Suppression and denial are the most common method for dealing with them, because that is the way society trains us to do it. We don’t think for ourselves. We parrot our programming. We don’t realize that what we have and what we can do are only hints of our true potential. Such understanding is not part of our programming>

Have you noticed that those who have spent the most amount of time being programmed are the ones who think they know a lot? They are confident. They think they know what is going on and they think their opinions are worth something. Don’t pay any attention to the little man behind the curtain. Don’t notice that they have such a specialized programming that they can only do a small number of things and they only know a lot about a small area of human understanding.

Specialization is a valuable tool, but it must never be thought to be more valuable than any other area of social endeavor. No one is more valuable than any other person. Society functions by the hands of all the people, even the lazy ones who don’t work. I have already tired of dealing with all the mindless objections people have to lazy people. It is just a form of discrimination and judgment learned mostly unconsciously from the system that holds everyone down. The system produces the people that populate it. Change the system and you will change the people. It makes no sense to criticize the people without understanding all the complex things that cause people to be the way they are. Life is a subjective reality. It is subject to many circumstances and influences. Everyone must bring to every moment only what they have. No one can do more. If you could consider all the factors another person has to deal with, you might be more understanding. Do you want to judge from your position, or do you want to understand from theirs?

I am well aware of those in power thinking they are better than the rest of the people. The old sophistry known as “The Divine Right Of Kings” is not dead. People still cling to the notion that they were chosen by God and therefore are special, or that they were made kings, pharos, or wealthy by the Creator and must certainly therefore be above the rest. Then there are those who have risen to wealth by their own efforts. Now there is a group who find it easy to feel superior. It is all delusions of grandeur.

The truth behind the circumstances of one’s birth is still beyond the understanding of most people and certainly beyond the understanding of those who think they are better than someone or everyone. The rise to wealth is nothing but being ordained by the system that needs to perpetuate itself. It is being the recipient of access granted by the same judgmental systems that place the essential people outside the access. The facts are coming into the consciousness of the people, but many will have perished before it has had time to be assimilated into mass consciousness. If you are one of the people who hold yourself above the rest, you might take that to your grave, but you will not be able to leave it behind. All are created equal, even on payday. Get over it! You may have been born a king, but you would have nothing without the people. You may have been born rich, but your riches were created by the people, and the systems that were set up before you even got here are what made the class system in which you found yourself at the top. The so called “self-made” are going to realize that all they really did was work all day like everyone else, but worked the unfair system without regard for the fact that it is unfair and perhaps with a measure of unfairness themselves. The system rewards certain types. Everyone is different but equal. Some can run faster, but they are not better. Some can manage a business better, but they are not better. Some can invest better and make more money, but they are not better. The rest of the people are going to gain greater riches than you have and your power over them will be gone with the wind, but you will gain even greater riches too, if you survive. The living and the dying keeps changing the personnel.