The Purpose of the Power of the People dot org

You compose your comments as questions. (I replied to a Facebook friend.) I find that interesting. It conveys your concern and caring. I have been asking your questions for many decades.
I write and publish on my website all that I have come up with as answers. It is at I hope you will at least subscribe even if you don’t read any of it. I need all the help I can get. I am trying to do some good for the people.
Part of the plan is to organize the people. I want to form some consumer groups that do things to get better deals. For example: we could organize credit card holders to force the credit card company to give better rates by not using them until they do. That and many other things can be done. The power is in the people. It always has been, but some have found ways to master that power for their own benefit.
A lot of people are angry over hording. Toilet paper and many other things are being hoarded. I hope that will help people snap to the fact that the rich are hoarding the wealth. It is the worst and greatest crime of all time. We can put an end to it. Someone posted a statement that Jeff Bezos could give every American $10,000 and still have 80 billion left. Let that sink in.
In a world where the people are convinced that there are too many people, that we are the cause of global warming and pollution, the real cause is the people who have the people believing such nonsense. The only reason the world is in trouble is because the hoarders of the wealth cannot be satisfied. They live in opulent splendor and leisure with the power to do anything they want without having to work. There will never be enough for them and they administer the global population to keep them working themselves to death generation after generation to increase their wealth until the world is destroyed and blame the people they command for it. Consider corporate wealth and religious wealth. We are killing ourselves and all that has life as we toil destructively to make the rich richer. The Power of the People is my effort to break the cycle.
The rich people are not even close to the opulent splendor, leisure and power they could have. They just don’t have what it takes to realize it. The people are just as bereft of vision. Every generation receives the training of the parents, family, friends and society. Nothing really changes. The forms change and discoveries are made, but the people develop little. The only revolutions ever conducted were window dressing on the same old same old century after century. But we stand today in the time when real change is possible.
Unlike all previous times we can study in the geological record and the archeological record (records, by the way, that provide nothing like a complete record), we have reached global consciousness. We know the whole globe and we have had a few centuries of rapid discoveries. You are reading this on one of the latest. It is finally possible for mankind to promote the general welfare so efficaciously that we can create for ourselves something truly revolutionary and wonderful. Everyone will be able to exceed even the most ostentatious lifestyles of the “rich and famous.”
We are in the time. It is time. All we need to do is to do it. That is why I created the site and that is what I have been devoted to for nearly fifty years.