The Power of the People

All power resides with the people.

Using the power of the people in France
Using the power of the people in France

It should be very obvious to everyone that humans work together to create power greater that an individual can create. We organize societies that create power for the benefit of the members of the society. In the times of our lives, the amount of power that is created is so great most people are totally unaware of its strength.

The power of the people is the power of society. To wield the power, we have created many sub-systems within society. Throughout history the sub-systems have ranged widely. We are all familiar with Kings and Queens. They are and were the ones who wield the power of the people. In the USA the power of the people is wielded by a very complex and complicated set of systems.

US systems include a republic government with democratic selection of people to operate it as established in the Constitution. The myriad of sub-governments are subservient to the constitutionally founded and adopted republic. It is the Federal Government. It is very powerful. Some say it is the most powerful of all. But the Federal Government is not the only system that wields the power of the people in the USA or any other nation.

Clearly, the use of money in the societies of the world creates a power of the people that is wielded. The people who wield it are hierarchically arranged and there are many hierarchies involved. Governments are involved as are banks, corporations, private individuals and many others. We all know about money. It may be the second dominant topic among humans.

This site is my effort to put the power of the people more firmly and completely into the hands of the people. It is not something I can do, but together we can. It is the most urgent and most beneficial thing humans can possibly do today. The general welfare is best accomplished and protected by the general population. “We the People.”

The power of the people has been wielded uninterrupted for many thousands of years. By now the power of the people has created the world we live in today and will live in tomorrow, if we don’t get interrupted. The people who create the power of the people are mostly ignorant of the complex and complicated world. The immense power we are creating seems unrelated to us individually. We see it being used and take issue or condone its use by those who wield it, but few understand it. But we are creating it and providing it. Those who use it do as they want. Oversight is not being conducted enough to protect and promote the general welfare. A long and horrible history has made it clear that the power of the people is being used against the general welfare instead.

World wars is an example of the power of the people being used by some. Only a small percentage of the population have the chance to use the power of the people. We think of them as the nobility, politicians, and military personnel. There are incomprehensible agencies within our Federal government that have immense power. There are so many agencies within our many governments it is beyond comprehension by an individual. They do all sorts of things with the power of the people. Some of the things they do help the people, and some don’t. It is not all wars and prisons. Huge improvements have been achieved.

We the people can get started saving the world. Let’s create a movement. This site is nothing but my stuff. There is no advertising and none will come. We can form a conspiracy to establish world-peace. We can end political corruption. We can negotiate better rates for credit, cars, and more. We could even unite all the people of the world. All we need to do to get started is join together. By submitting your email address below, you are joining a movement for world peace, prosperity, egalitarianism, Truth, justice, and all good things. It is just a beginning like everything else.

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