Media and Trust Issue

Media and Trust Issue

Trump is facing off with the fake news. I wish that term had not been selected. It leaves too much wiggle room and makes it easy to discredit the user. I like much better, agenda news.

We have it in us to think on a subconscious level that the news is some neutral and impartial source. We see it as our eyes outside ourselves. For reasons that must be analyzed back in time quiet far, we automatically tend to trust the talking-heads that voice the news.

I have examined that aspect of the news quite a bit. It is a psychological matter, and that area of understanding is anything but simple. You can search the browsers for information about it, but that requires consulting the criminal for advice to solve the crime.

I found a rather cursory story at: (I chose not to make the address a clickable link) The first paragraph points to the psychological factor but does not mention the word even once in the entire article. “For more than a generation, research has tried to identify the qualities that lead people to trust news. The work has concluded that in general people want journalism to be fair, balanced, accurate, and complete. It can be unclear, however, what these broad factors mean or how news organizations can achieve them.”

The American Press Institute. Reading what they have to offer about trusting the press is like asking the killer what he thinks about the murder. When I asked my Startpage search engine why people trust the news, their article, sited above, came at the very top of a very long list of killer’s answers. That alone proves how untrustworthy the news really is, but there are legions of other proofs.

I have read some books written in the early twentieth century. The authors, Bernays and Lippmann, were not the least circumspect or ashamed of themselves. Rather, they were proud and excited that they had discovered how to manipulate the subconscious of the public. They practically crowed their discovery. They were proud of themselves. I think they were right to be proud of themselves, but they unleashed a demon. In some of their writings they even mentioned such an eventuality. But they were simply excited by their discovery.

That is what it was: a discovery. They were discovering something that has been known by some for centuries, maybe for all time. The reason it seemed to them to be a discovery is because they took it to new levels and were finally able to turn the knowledge, the skill, into a money-making business. They chose to call it “public relations.”

Public relations is now a constant part of big business. In the early 1900s it was a novelty and they quickly turned it into a high-paying business. They soon had a long list of accomplishments they wrote about including getting women to start smoking cigarettes. Bernays was so proud of that accomplishment. He goes on and on about what they did to bring it about. The other accomplishments are less pernicious for the most part, but they are laced with other horrible deeds.

Ultimately, what they did was show the rich and powerful how to manipulate public opinion. One of the books is titled, Crystallizing Public Opinion. Imagine that! “Crystallizing” the opinions of the people! Clearly they knew how profoundly they were able to get into the psychology of the people and lead them down any path they desired. The media has turned the discovery into a weapon.

The greatest weapon ever invented is the one that can make people think what the user wants them to think. We use the word “media” for it. What men like Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann discovered in the early twentieth century was like the discovery of gunpowder. It was a nifty and fun discovery that could be used to entertain and amaze, but it didn’t take long for someone to see it as a weapon that would provide a devastating advantage over enemies. When diligent men of relative innocence showed the world how to get into the minds of the people, it didn’t take long to see ways to use it as a weapon. The media is the most devastating weapon ever invented. Who has the power to obtain it and wield it?

People who have great wealth and power, the powerful privileged few (PPF). That is who! They have ample motive to protect what they value. Many of the PPF have been shown in the literature and movies to have been wonderful human beings who used their power and wealth for good. Andrew Carnegie is said to have been a philanthropic force who beleaguered the other PPF to give their wealth back to the people. J. C. Penny is said to have named his first business The Golden Rule. Money did not corrupt all who came to have it. Can that be said of all who came to have it?

No! Some of the people who came into great wealth were not so virtuous. If you study Carnegie, you will find plenty of reports about what many of the PPF actually thought of the man. It is very indicative of an attitude that became dominant in some of them. In the near hundred years since those days, that type has conquered the world.

The early progenitors of public relations have been left in the dust of the high-tech revolution, the one that displaced the industrial revolution. Lippmann and Bernays didn’t have an internet, social media, satellite television, and cellular telephones. It was not possible for them to crystallize public opinion to the extent to which it is now possible. The public is now being led around as though there is a chain attached to a ring in the public’s nose that can be yanked when it gets troublesome. Rationality and logic are just that, troublesome for the world conquerors.

The outrageous divisions of the public today are inexplicable absent the weapons being used to shape public opinion. In the guise of reason and rationality, people are championing some of the most egregious self-destructive concepts imaginable. The word “mother” is targeted for deprecation. We are being told it is wrong to use it. The same is being done to some of the human race’s most treasured and vital ideologies. Hapless victims of the most horrible weapon ever to exist are totally sure that they are acting with reason and logic. They are victims of a terrible weapon.

The weapon, the media. It is nothing like “fake news.” It is something much worse. It was used to keep the American public supporting some of the worst crimes against humanity ever committed. Its horror can be found in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and just about any nation or place there is on Earth. In the stark face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that the people haven’t seen, Americans still think it was all done for virtuous reasons, that not doing it would have been unthinkable by good people. It is that easy to manipulate public opinion.

In Indochina during the late sixties and early seventies more bombs were dropped than ever in history up to that time. The evidence shows that millions of women, children, and non-combatant men were killed outright. Death and suffering caused by displacement and starvation added millions to the total over time. Neighboring nations suffered comparable horrors. It is simply too painful to even think about the reality of it. The media knows we don’t want to face it; all the more easy for the media to lie, suppress, omit, and frame the news so we don’t have to face it. Making the entire crime appear to be a virtuous action worthy of billions of hard-earned tax payer dollars was no trouble at all. To protect the peasant and city dwellers of the nations of the world the USA and its “allies” laid waste to them and the land they depended on for food, to say noting of the farm animals and crops that were killed in the process.

The Indochina wars are one horrific example of the media being used by the so-called “elite” and the people in government to carry out crimes against humanity with the support of good people. Hapless people. Manipulated psychologically. Deceived people. The minds of the good people were infiltrated and compromised long ago, and the operations are intensifying. More crimes against humanity are being conducted right now around the planet, but these crimes are not just bombings and shootings. They are not the types of crimes we can see and shake our heads in despair over. They are infiltration crimes. Crimes that murder the virtues of the people and turn them into demon’s helpers without letting them realize what they are doing, even causing them to think they are acting virtuously. It is the biggest and worst crime ever to be committed. Stalin and Hitler must be sick with envy.

I will reign myself in and close this post. I will leave you with what I think is the most profound and vital bit of freaking-out understanding. The United States of America has been turned into a demon that has committed atrocity after atrocity around the globe for over a century in our good name without ever letting the people know about it in anything like “fair, balanced, accurate, and complete” reporting of the news. I am sick as hell over what I have been able to find and confirm.

It would be enough to discover that it was all done in the past. That is enough to choke a good man to death. But it is still going on, and the agenda they are striving to achieve appears to be even worse than anything done so far.

A healthy and balanced good person is psychologically resistant to facing a truth that is more abhorrent than anything they can imagine. Even in worst-case scenarios a good person cannot get into the head of a psychopathic serial killer much less someone even worse, and that is what is necessary to see the truth about life today. You would have to be able to look through the eyes of a person who sexually tortures a little child to death with what passes for “delight” in the twisted mind of the demon doing it. I can’t do it. I will not do it. I don’t want to do and never will, but I can approach a rational realization that there are people out there that do such things, Now, can you understand that such a thing is nothing near the extent of the horrors that are taking this beautiful planet into hell right now if we don’t stop it?

Since Trump took the election, pedophile clubs and rings have been raided and exposed. The media is virtually silent about it. What better proof is there that the news is a weapon trained on the people? The media has been turned into the enemy of the people. If Trump acts too late, it will really be too late.

I derive no pleasure writing this article. I am sick to my soul over what compels me to write it. Someone had to.

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