The Siege of the USA

The Siege of the USA

The free people of the USA are under attack. They don’t even realize it, most of them. When little George told the world during a press conference right after 9-11 that the attack was done because the attackers hate “your liberty,” he was finally telling the truth to some extent. It is not the terrorist who hate your liberty. It is him and his compatriots. It is the powerful privileged few (PPF) who hate your liberty. Read more about it by clicking here.

The dominant media has become their favorite and most powerful weapon. It is a small task in this new world of high-tech communications and saturation. By now almost everyone has a cell phone and internet access. Most of them also access satellite and other forms of multi-channel television. Every time any of the many forms of media are accessed, exposure to advanced and high-impact brainwashing gets a little bit more control of the people. The corporate media is the enemy of liberty, the enemy of the people. It is attacking your children and destroying the life-staining capacity of Earth.

You can see for yourself that there are millions of good people in this nation who appear to have completely lost touch with reality. Ethics and morality have been compromised. Reason has become a rare process. The values refined over the centuries that have guided the people in what little peace and prosperity we have been able to acquire are under attack.

They want you to abandon all reason in favor of what they condition you to think. They want you to think it is wrong to identify the gender of living things including and most importantly that of humans. Thought all of nature is gender designed, they want the people to be gender neutral.

They want you to ignore history and even join an attack against it. They must make sure the coming generations have no access to the true history of the world. You will be taught something else to put in its place.

They want you to be completely and utterly under their control. You are not to have any liberty. You are not to have loyalty to your nation, especially one that was founded on principles of liberty, equality, and protection of the property and human rights. The only right will be the right of the PPF to run your life.

Guess what. They enjoy so much wealth and leisure you might have trouble comprehending it. They like what they have and what they enjoy and they see the billions of people as a threat to all they enjoy. It is a fact that you are a threat to it. It is not because you actively want to threaten it. It is not due to any fault of your own. They have caused the problem. It is the methods they have used for some centuries to secure their power and wealth that has created it.

You are the labor and the market. They needed you to build their stuff. They had to have you to provide the services and do the work they didn’t want to do. Hauling garbage, cleaning sewers, working in factories, mowing lawns, fighting in wars, and everything else that make it possible for them to live the powerful and privileged lives they enjoy are things they would not ever do. You could not hire a rich man to do those things for any amount of money. The fact that you are willing to do it for so little amuses them and enhances their disdain for you.

The time is rapidly approaching when they will not need you. Robotics and artificial intelligence is already displacing you. The homeless, the poor, the middle class, and the prisoners proves it. The toxic saturation of the planet proves it. Did you think it is accidental, that they just didn’t foresee it? Don’t make me laugh. You are being deprecated like so much code that has been replaced by better code.

In preparation for the transfer of the labor to the robotics and the uselessness of the market to provide the profits, the PPF are attacking the people of the world. It is a multi-level attack with a multi-staged schedule covering decades. It is the slow increase of pressure and heat. You are not even supposed to realize that you are being boiled alive.

The subconscious of the human mind is the focus of evil manipulation. It is working. People are drowning in the deep end of the crazy-pool. The crazy stuff is being touted as the right stuff. It is being pushed upon the children in school and in all the fun things they access in the giant media conglomerate controlled by some very wicked people. Hypocritical logic has been so deeply cultivated it has become a contender for dominance in the rationality of the people.

If you value family, if you think practicing what you preach is important, if you love your children, if you think liberty is important you had better get busy. All those things and many other hard earned values are being attacked. If you think the American Experiment of government of, by, and for the people is right, you had better get busy. You had better find time to devote to defending your children, your values, your self. I know you need to have some fun and that dealing with all this hell is not fun. But what good is a moment of fun when the rest of your life will be short and spent in abject misery?

Remember that the best tactic in war is the surprise attack. If you don’t realize the attack is coming, you can be more easily defeated. As you go about you daily labors trying to put food on the table and to pay the bills, the enemy is creeping up on you. Your enemy is gaining strength while you sleep. The attack will not be like attacks have been throughout history. The attack is a subtle attack. It is not bombs and guns that will win this war, it is sneaky manipulation of your subconscious, of the very process of thinking you rely on for your existence. All you have to do is wake up to it. It cannot happen if you simply start noticing it. Once you do, you will be so stunned. You will wonder how you didn’t see it all along. It is in your face. It has been in your face a long time. It is in your children’s faces.

There is an incessant and vast effort underway to convince you that you are not being attacked, that there is nothing to worry about or fear. They need you to believe it, for they know that the minute you stop believing it their plans being to fail.

We the people have a wonderful opportunity to make life easy and beautiful for everyone. We have a chance to clean up the construction site and resort the planet to its pristine natural condition. Like never before in history, world peace is within reach. The people can finally be what they have been believed to be for a few centuries at least, created equal. We can all rise to the clarion call to love one another and actually be source of love for the universe of physical existence. Let it be.

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