Changed Election Results

Changed Election Results

You thought the election results were in and the voice of the people heard. HaHaHa. You were wrong again. Me too.

The recent mid-term election results are being changed. It is not surprising that a lot of Democrat votes are turning up all over the place and changing the results. And you thought it was all over! Me too.

It turns out that elections that were close have been under attack. The results we thought were final are changing and the Democrats are amazingly turning out to have actually been the winners in many cases. I haven’t see even one be changed to a Republican winner. Imagine that!

According to CNN, the most deceitful name in news, the Democrats have amazingly picked up 31 seats in the house with 9 seats still being contested. The Senate is still up for grabs, too. Democrats are likely to gain more seats there. The Governors elections have also shifted in favor of the Democrats with them gaining 7 more seats.

The Russian election meddlers must really envy the skill of the Democrats. The videos of unguarded trucks manned by unauthorized handlers showing up with loads of new ballots are almost impossible to find on the internet, and it is even more impossible to find official outrage over it.

Ballots are supposed to be guarded by the laws and protocols the have been put in place to prevent cheating. Try to find out what those laws are and you will find the internet search engines are very ineffective. Guess what the political affiliations are of the search engine owners.

I do not believe in our elections. I never have and nothing has ever happened to change my mind. No! Not even Trump’s victory. For one, I don’t take it as a fact that he was a rogue who managed to slip in under the control of the directors of this world. For another, an occasional slip does not validate the election system. I think the only way to have any confidence in our system is to be uninformed, deceived, and blind. Blind faith makes things look right.

Censoring, candidate choices, manipulation by the media, costs, and result processing are but a few of the things that have always made what appear to be elections illusions. We vote. Well, less than half of us do. But some of us vote and we think we have done our part to be the guardians of liberty and policy. What a joke! The people are so easily conned in this country they think Oswald acted alone to kill Kennedy.

Trust is a virtue. It is not the fault of the people that they trust. It is the fault of the untrustworthy that the people’s trust is naive. Suspicion is also a virtue. I think we should suspect everything, including our most deep and trusted beliefs.

The election should be the focus of the American public right now. Not because one side or the other might be cheating, but because this nation is teetering on the balance between peace and war, between life and death. Unfortunately, the cheaters know how to keep the public under control. Liberty is a bigger illusion than the elections.

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