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The Government Is Hated

The vote is theatrics and we do not really select people for office. The news is a propaganda machine working on behalf of the powerful privileged few, or the PPF. Our nation is a hated monster that is out of control and all it does it is doing in our good name. Our government is hated, but we are supposed to be the government.

When or federal government was being designed by the Founding Fathers, controversy was deep and wide. The Articles of Confederation that were replaced with the Constitution were formulated by a disparate group of men who contested their different ideas and ideology for many years all the way through the Continental Congress that produced the ratified final version. The ideals we cherish as Americans never materialized.

In the two centuries since it establishment, our federal government has become a monster ruling over a pack of minor monsters. The ruling monster has been conducting crimes against humanity and the planet since it came into existence. The USA is a hated monster around the world and the hate is justified. We have been duped. The people have been lied to and deceived and propagandized so long there is little left of informed electorate.

I have written an article and posted it here. If you are too afraid of the truth read it. If you are attached to your beliefs and opinions so hard, don’t read it. It is likely to disillusion you. I don’t want you to go nuts.

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