Everything You Want

Did you know that you could be living in a world that makes every material thing you want available to you for a relatively small contribution to the work that produces those things? You have to be reasonable. Two hundred vehicles is asking too much and being unreasonable. Other than that sort of thing, it is well within the power of the people to produce everything you want all your life for doing your time of service in the acquisition and production. I think it could be as little as two years, but that remains to be seen. It could be even less. Before your service, during your service, and the rest of your life after your service you will have unrestricted access to the products of society. There will be no need for money. Money only exists to restrict your access to the products of society, to control others, and to make it possible for some to feed unfairly upon society. If you think money is just to make barter more easy, how do you explain credit cards or the fact that the financial industry constitutes nearly half of the gross domestic product? If access to the products of society is unlimited, money in any form is not necessary. Money is just a way to limit access. We only need to work together as efficiently as possible in a system designed to fulfill all our needs as easily as possible. Imagine a list of everything the people need and want. Now imagine setting up a work plan employing everyone and everything to get it done. It is that simple! Today we are producing everything we make. Our ancestors produced everything that was already here when we got here. As it stands, we have to work hard most of our lives to make it all happen. Even then, we only get paid so much for our work, and there is little equality. We are making a lot of stuff, and providing a lot of services. It is just very inefficient and very wasteful. War is a waste of time, energy, and materials. If we only turn all that into products and services for the people, the difference would be vast. But there is much more. Waste goes on in ways that are not usually considered waste. Later posts will go into that. Just consider these things with an open mind, if you can. We are producing all the products of society already. Do you think it can’t be done more easily? You will have many thoughts that fight the impulse to see the way. That is clear. Humans have a lot going on. That is okay. Your fulfillment is what must be attained. The Power Of The People is so strong it defies comprehension. It is transforming the face of the Earth.