They Want to Dispose of Us

If you think for one minute that there are no people on this planet who hate the world, you have made a huge blunder. They hate the people and are desperate to dispose of us. If you haven’t discovered this, check out the Georgia Guide Stones. You will see a pledge there to reduce the population of the world to five hundred million and keep it there. Do the math. That means over five billion of us must be eliminated. Remember, we are the “useless feeders” so far beneath them they want us dead.

There are accounts in our literature of the “superior whites” hoping to ban cotton to eliminate the poor and genetically inferior by starvation. It was thought then to be their primary source of survival in the south, picking and pulling cotton. Dr. Neil Foley wrote in his book: THE WHITE SCOURGE
“Edward Everett Davis, a researcher who wrote numerous articles on cotton culture in Texas during the 1920s and 1930s, wrote an inferior novel published in 1940, titled The White Scourge, in which he portrayed cotton as the scourge of the southern society because it attracted “white trash” like “iron fillings to a magnet.” The cotton culture of the South provided an elemental means of subsistence for “lowly blacks, peonized Mexicans, and moronic whited,” Davis mused, which enabled them to reproduce their “hideous kind” and populate the cotton belt with “American’s worthless human silt.”
…….also in an earlier paragraph
“Whiteness also came increasingly to mean a particular kind of white person. Not all whites, in other words, were equally white. In the first two decades of the twentieth century, the eugenics movement, which advanced the theory that behavior and racial traits were genetically determined and therefore inherited, influenced popular thinking on issues ranging from immigration restriction to prohibition of interracial marriage, sterilization, and the decline of the white civilization by barbarians from within as well as without.”
Please note the word “eugenics” in the above quote. It originated in the works of Francis Galton, a half-cousin to Charles Darwin. Basically it means breading for improved offspring, which seems innocuous at first glance. When we consider the possibility that there could be some group that determines what the eugenics program would seek to accomplish, we find cause for worry.

Now consider the word, “sterilization” in the quote above. You know what that means. People even today are being subjected to forced sterilization against their wills and often without their knowledge. Such has been proposed by Bill Gates. He has spoken of using mosquitoes to sterilize people. I don’t know how much, if anything, has been done by him to further this concept, but his involvement in population control is obvious.

The reason this is being mentioned here is because there is a growing trend in the world that there are too many people and that far too many of them are inferior and undesirable. It seems counter-intelligent that people such as Bill Gates and whoever thinks the population should be reduced to five hundred million would be amenable to such thought. They would not be able to survive without the people and there is certainly no means for them to maintain the “high society” life styles they enjoy without the people to create and maintain the incredible infrastructure that makes such life styles possible.