Government Funding and Liberty

When governments don’t have to beg the people for funding, the people will have to beg the government for liberty. It is the basic protection from government tyranny that the funding has to be given by the people. That basic principle is not being used today. All the governments of the United States are funded by other means than by convincing the people to give up their hard earned money. So, what are we going to do about it?

We must exercise the power granted to the people by the United States Constitution at the expense of the Founding Fathers and maintained by the military. It is our duty to our form of government. The freedom of the press was secured in the amendments to assist the people in performance of that duty. The right to vote for representation was thought to be a duty by the Founding Fathers. They missed something, though.

The Founding Fathers probably didn’t anticipate a federal government that was funded with trillions of dollars annually. They might not have anticipated the funding that currently goes into state and local governments, either. On this site that oversight is going to be remedied as is the failure to perform the duties of the electorate and citizens.

In articles that will be listed under this topic the many funding methods being used by the governments will be explained. Solutions will be offered and invited.

The fact that the majority of the electorate do not even vote when they could belies a great rift between government and people. That rift is widened by a shortage of information and understanding. The majority of the people don’t know and they don’t understand. Government has become so politicized finding the facts has become almost impossible even for those who are fully qualified to find them. Opinion has become a kaleidoscope of countless variations. We may not be able to find the solution to all of them, but we can definitely find solutions to a lot of them. Government funding is likely to be the most important topic in the world right now. Care to charge the bear with me?