Drowning in Nonsense

Drowning in Nonsense

It is quite bizarre to live in a world the requires me to stand against nonsense. The use of reason and logic has been traced back to centuries before Jesus. In this age of scientific reason, it should be rare for one to act according to nonsense. False information has clearly become the foundation upon which many build their opinions. We are all familiar with the right to opinions and the universality of opinions. I will restrain myself from typing the vulgar ways to say it. The right to an opinion does not include the right to act on it.

There were those who were firmly of the opinion that some are born to slavery and others to civil life, that some are born to be slaves and some to be free. Aristotle wrote in defense of slavery about 2500 years ago. He clearly was of the opinion that slavery was natural and right and acted accordingly. He was compelled to defend slavery because there was a growing opinion that slavery was wrong. Failing to find the means to defend the opinion that exempted him from labor removed his opportunity to be a scholar and live on the produce of the slaves, he resorted to sophistry. The peculiar aspect of his defense bears upon the nonsense of our time.

You cannot be held responsible for the crimes of your ancestors. I am forced by the behavior of millions to defend that statement. I will attack opinions with reason but defend against actions. I am not going to pay for the enslavement of anyone’s ancestors. It is amazing that it is an issue. Are we witnessing the end of the age of reason? How much ignorance, false data, and illogic goes into the desire to be compensated for the crimes of history? I am trying not to laugh so much I can’t type.

“Suppose it were legal for a slave to be beaten by a citizen, it would frequently happen that an Athenian might be mistaken for a slave or and alien and receive a beating; since the Athenian people is not better clothed than the slave or alien, nor in personal appearance is there any superiority.” That quote is from a book quoting a quote from a book about something said by the ruling class of ancient Greece. Wow! It is very important because it is typical of history and negates the ridiculous idea that the white American owes the black Americans for the enslavement of their ancestors. There is no race or religious that was exempted from historical slavery. If black Americans deserve reparations, everyone does. And that is impossible.

Mankind has been horrible to mankind for as long as artifact can reveal. The treatment of other living things has been even worse. By the reparations nonsense being touted as moral and logical, we owe trees far more than we owe any human. We the people owe ourselves and each other reparations in the form of love for one another.

The world of mankind is so crazy we are facing the end of it. That is bad enough, but we are not just destroying ourselves. We are destroying a magical potential and the capacity of Earth to host Life. We could have world peace and tender loving care for all life forms. We could care for our planet and become worthy of moving out into the incredible universe. Instead, we want to destroy everything and fight over the most stupid nonsense ever conceived.

Reparations for the acts of ancestors would not be as stupid if it were the worst of human nonsense. It is far from that. Here again I must point out a far greater folly. This time I will try to approach it from a different angle. Voting is far more ridiculous than reparations. Your reaction to that statement should reveal great and deep embedded nonsense that needs to come forward and be known. Most of you cannot do it. I have been talking to people about it so long I have grown bored by the repetitive reactions, retorts, and arguments.

If I hold you underwater to drown you, will you fight against the ability to breath water or the fact that I am drowning you? Well, if you fight to win the elections, that is exactly what you are doing. How can you think of yourself as a reasonable and intelligent person when you cannot even realize that you are being drowned and fighting the water? It is true that breathing water will kill you. It is true that voting will kill you, too. You just cannot see it.

Mankind has been a horrible and murderous part of life on Earth so long people today are lost. They may have never been able to know where they are. To understand, hopefully, that voting is stupider than reparations for the wrongs of ancestors, one must be able to comprehend the power of a single person.

As I type, I fight the futility that fifty years of trying is giving me. I am operating in the hope that there is still or finally some capacity for reason and love in at least someone or even some. Sometimes I have doubts. Here I try to make sense to people who may not have the ability. Given the profundity with which people claim the ability, there may be some. But I digress.

A human is only so strong and can only do so much. It is by working together that the power to cause what we were born into was created. At www.thepowerofthepeople.org I have attempted to appeal to mankind regarding many aspects of what we were born into. I add plans to realize more of our potential and grasp the fantastic opportunity we have. The name of the site was designed to get people to realize more fully and to think about the fact that the power to do more than an individual human can do is derived by people working together. The power of the people is the only power mankind can wield beyond personal power. Look at what it is doing right now. Look at what it has done.

You might be better equipped to realize the stupidity of the vote by typing a query into a search engine. Try “how many wars have happened.” If you use a telephone to search, you will scroll down the screen a long time with your finger to find the end and it will not even be the real end. The search engines return specific types of wars and limit the results by practical parameters. In other words, human have been horrible barbarians as far back as we can see. It was the power of the people at work. Rather than realize we have murderous barbarians working together to do horrible things with the power of the people; we fight over who will wield it. We vote. We are drowning in our own power and trying to save ourselves by struggling with each other over who gets to hold us under.

I almost stopped this discourse right there. I am weak. I cannot resist the temptation to expand, to continue, to try to help us all. We are messed up. In general, we are all so flawed and crazy the power of the people should not be allowed to continue. It has continued long enough; too long. It is time to reign it in, and quickly and hard. Throw on the brakes before we crash. Let’s vote to stop voting. Holy smokes! I restrained some more vulgar expletives. How can anyone just keep paddling toward the waterfall? We cannot manage the power we have created. There is no one who is capable of negotiating the complex and vast social organizations of man. It has gone on unwisely so long it has become an impossible task. We can stop it, though.

We are social beings. We work together naturally. But we have been stupid and ignorant a very long time. We have not been vigilant enough either. People who should never even have their own personal power because they do horrible thing with it have managed to gain the power of the people. If you need that expounded, there is little chance that I can help you. Goodness of character has not been a qualification to wield the power of the people. It has been an unspoken necessity with little to no mechanism to insure it. But the unspoken desire to have the power wielded by good people has been evaded by stealth and cunning.

I am constantly astonished by the gullibility of Americans. If the politician says it, he must be telling the truth; unless he is the other candidate. That is how stupid we have become. Furthermore, if the “expert” says it on television, it must be true if it is on the channel we like. You are facing people who have so much power our slave holding ancestors never even imagined it. They make the cruel slave holder seem kind.

Changes have suddenly come to man. Huge changes! Holy smokes! Can you realize how huge and dramatic? Just think of the time mankind was held to the speed of the fastest animals we can ride. All of a sudden, we can circumnavigate the globe in short order. We can communicate at near the speed of light. We can cause explosions powerful enough to destroy the world. The power created by social organization has become deadly to the whole world.

While nearly every single one of you would quickly defend the opinion that a three-year-old kid should not be allowed to play with a loaded gun, you, at the same time, defend the opinion that you can select and vote for a human to play with the “nuclear football.” A grownup human is not much more capable than a three-year-old kid. In fact, a grownup is probably more flawed than a kid. The profundity and complexity of flaws in modern grownups is clearly exemplified by the stupid debate about paying people for something our ancestors did. It is laughable, but far too deadly to laugh about. But, as I have said, there is a more deadly stupidity that would be funny if it were not so deadly.

It is so stupid to attempt to keep empowering people to wield awesome power it makes all other stupidity seem innocuous. There is one thing that we can do right now that will not be stupid. We can vote one more time to change the power of the people to the power of love.

The ancient Jews are thought to have received a command from God to love one another. As if you can command someone to love, Jesus came along much later telling people to love one another. He is said to have given his life as an example of love. To my mind, all of history has been the process of man becoming loving creatures. Until we do, we are not qualified to have the awesome power of the people. We are not competent enough to be trusted with it. If we can realize this in a visceral way and act accordingly right now, we can become qualified and worthy rather quickly.

I think mankind is at the brink of love and destruction. Poised on the razor’s edge, the future hold both promise and doom. It really is up to you. You had damn well better become a person who manifests unconditional love right away. No one can order you to do it. No one can show you what it would be like for you. But it is clearly the last possible way to save ourselves. It is your task, and none may accomplish it for you. I have written so much about it I have tired of it. I have spoken to so many I don’t even feel like trying any more. I look back at accepted history and I see God, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Plato, Mohammad, and countless others trying to get you to do it. I get a little solace from knowing about them, but not enough. It clearly has not been something easy to accomplish. With the growing secularism, ancestral guidance and God are being left behind leaving mankind with nothing but reason and logic to guide. That would work if people were capable of sound reason and logic. It would take us to the truth and, in my view, bring us to God and more. But love can bring us the truth as we are capable of assimilating it. It can guide us to reason and logic that works. It can solve all the problems we face by helping us be capable of acting in resonance with the universe including the one that is not made of atoms; the one from which the atomic one came. Wouldn’t it be great to finally settle the arguments about God?

I leave this session over the keyboard with optimism and bliss. Love has made life blissful for me for fifty years now. The anniversary of my good luck finding unconditional love for all was just last July. I am not sure of the exact date. But it has been fifty years at least. I wish you would join me.

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