True Power

It is said that Samson was powerful. The comic character Superman was quite powerful, even if a product of the imagination. The strongest man in the world is often determined in international competition and the winner is certainly powerful. Power is not reserved for the males of the species either. These days many women are more powerful than the average male. If the power of an individual was all the power that could be mustered, there would be no wars, virtually no oppression, no transportation and communications systems, and no transformation of the planet’s surface into human constructs. The power of an individual is not enough to make the world as we know it. Only through organized togetherness can such things be. When people work together power is created beyond what an individual can create. The power of the person is individual power. When people work together toward a common goal the power of the people is created. It is the Power of the People that is the greatest power.

The greatest power of the people is the power that the entire population can bring to bear when joined in common purpose. It appears that such an occurrence has yet to occur. Countless groups gather for common purpose, but apparently the entire population has never organized its effort into a unit. Instead, groups of various numbers come and go and these often stand in opposition to each other to more or lesser degrees. This is a readily available observation, and the evidence argues that this has been the case throughout human history. Though humans are more alike than different, and though the aggregate results of humans working together demonstrates many characteristics suggestive of common purpose, a unified effort remains a theory. Discord prevails and progress toward the satisfaction of the common human needs moves forward and backward over time with only slow general advancement. The billions of people of Earth working together in an organized and optimized manner is an imaginably powerful force.

Humans have the ability of work together. This is obvious, sure. Anyone can see that people work together, but inquiries of individuals reveals many claims that people can’t work together. Opinions range widely, but there is an overwhelming contention that people are antagonistic of each other and that they can’t work together; that they can’t even live together in peace. In the clear sight of proof that people do and have worked together the people demonstrate the opinion that people are basically antagonistic of one another. This opinion is well justified considering our history, but still uninformed.

It seems strange to me that who, how, and why can be such a clear set of important answers and go so uninvestigated when it comes to the causes of history and human behavior. If the opinion is that people are basically antagonistic of one another, why do we not ask “why” are they that way? Do we think that people are the way they are and that nothing can change it? Some do, I know, but I disagree. I think people are very malleable. I think that people have had trouble living together because the societies they have had made them that way for the most part. People do not steal when they have free access to the satisfaction of their needs and desires. Aberrations of the human condition can occur, but not on the scale of our historical propensity for theft in all its manifestations.

The power of the people is the instrument of war since two people violently opposing one another is a fight, not a war. The organization of some of the people into groups with common cause is the result of the understanding that power is greater when people combine their individual power. The result is a world of powerful groups of various sizes too often in opposition. They range from couples to nations and the greater the population the greater the potential for this form of segregation, and perhaps the greater the challenge becomes to achieve global unity of the people. Perhaps the largest groups are religious groups, and those may have experienced the greatest longevity.

Little reasoning or research is required to reveal the fact that the combined power of the individuals is and has been directed by individuals. Throughout the course of history the direction of the power created by the people working together has been an object of desire. This object desired is not real. It is only a theoretical object. It can’t be touched or seen. It has no physical form or substance. But it can be desired and it can be obtained. Terms such as “leader” have been used in connection with the intangible object that is so desired unimaginable horrors have been perpetrated in pursuit of its acquisition. Other terms apply to individuals or groups who have acquired the power to direct groups of people; terms such as king, emperor, dictator, senate, committee, and so on. History preserves many names familiar to most of those who lead at different times. Just a small amount of additional reasoning reveals that the direction set by those familiar characters was and is influenced heavily by their own personal ideology, psychology, and everything that makes a person an individual.

While it may appear to be beneficial to have some individual or group of individuals determine what is to be done with the power of the people, such determinations, or guidance, is unlikely to be objective since human existence is purely a subjective existence. Knowing this, the people have had numerous occasions to rely on a person who is relying on deity for guidance. Religions are replete with such leaders. By now the power of the people has been directed by various individual or groups of individuals for a very long time and virtually unimaginable work and unconscionable violence has been done, all by the people, and all directed by some of the people; even if deity is involved the human factor is the last word. Even when the deity guides, a person is the actuary.

Today there are fantastically powerful groups throughout the world. Some have long histories and the actions they have taken are so vast and so complex it may be impossible to account for them or to be aware of them all. To know the truth may be just as impossible. So what! Why even care, much less bother? Sure, history is interesting, but tomorrow is more important. History is said to be important because it can shape tomorrow, but even then, tomorrow is the primary import. All have the past, but all are inexorably bound to face tomorrow. When the past is too complex to know and when the truth of the past is indeterminable, it can become a burden of today and tomorrow. The expenditure of energy, time, and resources in determining what has already happened prevents those same things from being used to improve today and tomorrow. It is a fine line to discern when it is helpful to determine history and when it is a detriment or even a waste. It is not difficult to see how great the human expenditure has already been. A person who knows all the history of the human race seems very unlikely, but the battles between groups and individual historians have raged forever and show no sign of diminishing. It is as if today and tomorrow are of little importance.

As a person of the twenty-first century one is heir to a long history. There is plenty of evidence to prove this to be a fact. The controversy over what exactly our history is in no way eliminates the fact that humans have one. There is adequate tangible proof one can easily access that demonstrates a history of the human species, but it should never be forgotten that one has in actuality only one’s own history to rely on and even that is subject to error. The history of the world with all its humans and other species is really a mystery fraught with controversy and unreliability accentuated and exacerbated by the simple fact that even one’s own personal past is not an area of clear understanding or even clear memory. The thought that one knows one’s own past must never omit the subjective nature of experience. So, when one examines the evidence of history one is constrained to understand that little or nothing is certain. However, the effort to know history is a worthy one when done prudently,  and even it is subject to the combined effort of the people working together; again at the direction of individuals, though perhaps less so than much of the other human collective activity.

Bearing this in mind, human history is overflowing with the results of humans working together at the direction of one or more individuals. If the violence of the past is even only partially represented accurately by history as it is handed down to us, there is good reason to fear the power of the people. Unspeakable horrors have been committed throughout our past, both by individuals and by individuals working together. War is individuals working together toward a common purpose, and such horrors are much varied and innumerable.

The great works of the past that have endured time to exist as our legacy are in many cases the works of the power of the individual human, but there are many more that could only have come into existence by the combined power of  individuals working together with a common purpose. The evidence is powerful. Humans work together. They combine their individual power to accomplish wonderful things and horrible things. It seems it has always been so.

Over the long haul of history the fact that the greatest human power is that power derived from numbers of humans doing things together has not gone unnoticed by those who desire more power than that which they can derive from themselves. The lure of power is irresistible to some. What are these people like? Are they the ones we will trust with the very quality of our lives? Are they the ones for whom we are willing to suffer, die, and kill? If the power of the people is to be transferred to one or a few, these questions seem very important. The question being unasked is: should the power of the people be transferred to one or to a few.

The line of reasoning around who will lead is old and tired. It is difficult to think of any new possibilities. What has not been tried already? Of course, the question has been negated many times when the leadership role has been taken, not given. What has not already been used and done to take power? Again, it seems there is nothing new to try. Repetition is the modus operandi of history, especially when it comes to directing the power of the people. Even ideology has been used to acquire power. In other words, new ideas have come along that have been the source of great power for one or a few; religion, economics, government, invention, philosophy, and more. It always comes down to the same common denominator: the people work together to create power far greater than any individual is capable of and that power gets directed by one or some. Where is the thought that maybe this power being created should not be created?

Why do we combine our power? Obvious answers are a fool’s game. Of course we must work together to build a skyscraper. It is a waste of time and a diversion to contend that the power of the people is useful. It is like saying; Look at these great things that have been done but don’t pay any attention to the horrors or the “little man behind the curtain.” Will we permit vast interminable horrors if it gives us some things we like? Again, the old diatribe rears its ugly head contending that the good and the bad come together. Convincing the people of this blatant lie was a great accomplishment and has become so deeply engrained in the consciousness of the people it will be difficult to near impossible to remove, but it is a cold blooded lie. That yin and yang, good and bad, or any other opposites are theoretically possible does in no way imply that one or the other cannot be all that we create for ourselves. Who would want you to believe that you have to have the good with the bad? Manifestation is the issue. Good can be manifested exclusively. That bad would still exist in theory is irrelevant. There is no real reason to combine the power of people to create good and bad. It is a sophistry to say the good and the bad come together. Take the time to consider who would perpetrate such a myth and why they would. You will get back to the point being presented here that power attracts certain types of people and those people are just as rooted in their psychology as is anyone else. How can anyone be trusted with such power?

The population of humans on Earth is so great that power is being focused in countless ways, places, and to countless purposes. The power of the people is at work constantly. Much of it is being turned against its source in a cannibalistic feeding frenzy that implies deep far reaching human error. Leaders of nations direct their own people to destroy themselves. Insane destruction spills from beings that have more in common with demons than with humans. The entire planet is being destroyed and the power of destruction is the only thing that is growing. Nightmares dare the daylight as the horrors mount. We plunge ahead toward the brink of destruction powered by our own energy without even looking up to see that we are manifesting the bad more than the good. It goes on and on. It seems irreversible, but it is not.

The power of the people is in the hands of the people. It has always been in the hands of the people and it can never be anywhere else. A king without people is just a person. A government without people cannot exist. An army without people is impossible, even one of drones. A nation is a group of people. Rich people would have nothing without the people. The people are the power. It cannot be said too often. It needs to be said louder and with greater urgency. The people can throw on the brakes.

If the people stop creating the power, the world’s systems will come crashing down. This is not to be allowed. The catastrophe would be too great. The people have already done so much the switch cannot be flipped. Transition is the only way.

To actualize an idea the idea must come first. The people can devise an idea based on need. Self-interest can be the primary goal. Maybe many hate to admit it, but we have a lot in common. We all have biological needs that are very similar, if not identical. Here then is the common ground. The people can combine their individual power to meet the biological needs of the people. In today’s world, the meeting of biological needs is an easy task.

Modern technology and the products of our ancestors have made the satisfaction of biological needs a small task for an efficient and well-designed system. So little would be required of each individual there would be a lifetime to work on other things. The communications and transportations systems of these modern times make it possible to conduct the power of the people by the combined will of the people.

It is the purpose of this site to bring to light the will of the people and to set into motion the power of the people to manifest that will. As a team we can rise to greater personal fulfillment. Together we can decide what we want to do and how we want to do it. We need not trust someone to take care of us and to work toward our personal fulfillment. We need not be led to slaughter and destruction by the whims, insanity, or genius of an individual or some group of individuals. There is no reason to rely on the special abilities of the more capable among us for leadership. The past is behind us. What worked in the past is not necessarily what will work today. Today we can realize the combined will of the human race; even of all life. We can have peace and prosperity. We can have abundance and adventure. We can be safe and healthy. We can be united in common purpose while individualized in personal achievement and fulfillment. We can rise to the condition that those who have not tried very hard to see would call Utopia, but the only real Utopia is one that changes with the times. Infinite diversity in infinite possibilities is a phrase from television that means we can make things wonderful but we cannot exhaust the potential or the possibilities.