The Quality of Your Life

Look at AT&T, Exon, Coka-Cola, or any other company that has lots of money and owns lots of property and stuff. How about cell phone companies? It doesn’t matter what the business is. Just look at the fortunes they amass. When a company is “too big to fail,” the fact that they are making lots of money is obvious. Many other things are obvious, too, but that is another article, and facts everyone should know. For now, consider these big, rich companies, the ones that sell a product and/or service. Got it? Now.

Once a company gets rich, it has already made its owners rich. That comes first, before the company. When my business makes a profit, I get paid. The same is true for all companies. If I make enough profit to begin to live as a rich man, I begin to look for ways to avoid taxes and other things that reduce the amount of money the business gets. US laws regarding this are too many to know as a single person. The point of this post is way simpler and vastly more important.

The company sells something to the people, albeit there are many ways and forms. We all pay the price the company charges. When does the company make enough money to start lowering the price they charge? What? Are you thinking they never lower the price? Well, you are right and wrong. They lower the price sometimes. Like when the price is so high they can’t make as much money as they would with a lower price.

The market/price factor in business is a course in college that can last a long time. It doesn’t matter what the details are. What is important is that the price does not go down and the companies become so rich they compete with governments, nations, kings, and emperors for power. They soon become the controlling forces in the quality of your life, my life, and the lives of all that live on this planet. They don’t want you to think about this, but I do. You must. Your children are depending on you.

In the USA, we are not being governed by the elected. The elected are pawns of business owners. They only pretend to represent the people. They use the elected people and the structures of society to control the militaries of the world and all the law enforcement agencies including the intelligence agencies. I have already heard the arguments about public ownership through stock ownership and all that sophistry. Public companies only makes it worse for the people. So, don’t bother me with it. The forces that control you and the world have woven vast nets of sophistry to catch you with. Don’t go into one of their nets and start acting like you have mastered the understanding. A master of the crap spun by the sophists is a master of crap. They are usually demonic, too. (Merriam Webster: sophistry: subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation. So, a sophist is one who uses deceptive reasoning. It’s a very old idea.)

Business has taken control of the world. It has control of you. Every single one of you and me. Our lives are being doled out to us by unelected sharks who do well in business by feeding on people. We are so far gone it will take a miracle to save ourselves from the hold they have on us. By “they” I mean the people who have made so much money they control the world. Some of you will not like the word “control” of the world. So, try this one “effect.” They have so much effect on the world it might as well be control. When something forces you to something, anything, control is happening. So! Prevarication is silly. They control you. Like a slave. Money is the chain around your neck and the other end of the chain is in the hands of the very rich people and the non-entities we call corporations, governments, militaries, law enforcement, and such. It’s another article, but for brevity’s sake, let me say here, ultimately it is just people. Demonic people. Who knows, maybe they are not real people. No matter.

It doesn’t matter how money is made. The power is unconcerned. A church makes money. They amass fortunes. The Vatican is an example. A not-for-profit organization makes money. A trust makes money. Money is power and power is something that shapes the world including your quality of life. Don’t make the terminal mistake they want you to make by thinking you are responsible for the quality of your life and that of your children. That is total sophistry being used to keep you from knowing the truth.

The facts mentioned here must be understood by the people. They must be taken in and chewed until they begin to cause other facts to come. That is when the power of the people will overcome the multitude of devices that have been installed to combat it. We can and should be living in a world that by today’s common understanding would qualify as Utopia. It wouldn’t really be Utopia, but by comparison it would rank that much higher than the world is today.

I leave you with a head spinning claim. We all will soon be living lives so paradisaical you cannot even imagine it right now. It is coming and it cannot be stopped. It can be delayed or hastened according to your understanding. You don’t actually have to take action. You simply need to understand. Let me tell you, it will be lightning flashes of joy within. It will be epiphanic, transformative, blissful, and forever. I’m tired of waiting. Are you?