Rally to Complain and Waste Time

Rally to Complain and Waste Time

A lot of people rally around Trump. It will be a waste of time until the rally become focused on something taken for granted so thoroughly it is being ignored, economics. People flocked to Trump’s refreshing and inspiring sincerity. He was a break from the phony presentations of politicians. I think there is something else at the root of the rally to Trump. I think it was the possibility that someone was actually going to sincerely try to help the people.

Trump and his supporters totally underestimated the strength of the opposition. The people were still under the illusion that the vote was a way to institute change. The vote has not been a mechanism for change in my seventy years. I think it has not been for longer than that. The confidence in the vote is not derived from intelligent and diligent effort to cognize everything that is happening. It is unlikely to even be possible. A human lives in its own little world. The rest of the world is far beyond the scope of any human, but some are able to put together teams to do it and proved the means to utilize the power of society for their pleasure and benefit. They long ago infiltrated the institutions of society and began to take their advantage. In a nation that is proud of majority rule and democratic representation, when criminals attain a majority, criminality can become legitimate. This nation can become a socialist Muslim nation legally. People who care for themselves and are willing to do anything and everything to serve themselves are now the majority. We live in a world they created.

The world is wrapped in a blanket of propaganda brilliantly designed and executed. It is so effective it puts people in opposition to satisfy a compulsive and subconscious need that human’s naturally exhibit. People need a cause, a mission, something to live for, purpose. This is known by the managers. That makes it part of the propaganda and part of the management of the people.

Management of people has become a well-developed art. Placing people in opposition is part of that art. We the people want justice. We want peace and prosperity. To get those things and others similar, we are prepared to go to war and just about anything else we believe will bring them. This is well understood by the managers. They know better than most that the people will rise up against injustice, war, and deprivation. Shortages motive people. Managers know it. They also know that the world is not just, war is ancient and ever-present, and the vast majority of the people live with shortages right in the middle of great wealth wasted on nonsensical junk production. Hey! Let’s build a gigantic stone pyramid to bury one of the rich in. Let’s let the rich create a war to go prove our manhood in. Don’t forget that if you work hard and smart, you too can become one of the rich. Don’t pay any attention to the fact that too many rich people will cause a collapse of society. The brilliance of the propaganda spinners is beyond refute. They know our subconscious. They understand how our minds work and they design the propaganda accordingly. To ensure that the propaganda works, they design it to appeal to our natures and include an enemy.

We look around at the world and we see. The rich and famous are public. The richest are not so easy to see, but we come to realize they are out there. Then we see our own stations. We are forced to earn a living. The disparity between our lives and those of others is simply too obvious and wrong to continue without some amazing systems designed to protect it. That is what economics really is. Of course, it is more complicated than that and there are many sub-systems supporting and perpetuating it. We are all enslaved to the systems. We serve the people in power. Illusions are created to protect them and manage us. They created economics as a central tool.

‘Neoclassical economics is the idiom of most economic discourse today. It is the paradigm that bends the twigs of young minds. Then it confines the florescence of older ones, like chicken-wire shaping a topiary. It took form about a hundred years ago, when Henry George and his reform proposals were a clear and present political danger and challenge to the landed and intellectual establishments of the world. Few people realize to what degree the founders of Neo-classical economics changed the discipline for the express purpose of deflecting George and frustrating future students seeking to follow his arguments. The stratagem was semantic: to destroy the very words in which he expressed himself.  Simon Patten expounded it succinctly. “Nothing pleases a …single taxer better than … to use the well-known economic theories …[therefore] economic doctrine must be recast” (Patten, 1908: 219; Collier, 1979: 270).’ Mason Gaffney, April 2007

Quotes from experts telling the world about the nonsense that is being held up as wonderful stuff can fill books. What is the use when people don’t read and/or cannot comprehend? I try. That is something I have to do for myself at least. When I get the thoughts of others, I see the imprint on them like dinosaur tracks. They stand in pseudo-intellectual opposition to the truth and defend their masters as though they are messiahs bringing salvation and miracles to mankind. After fifty years of trying to break through the conditioning, enculturation, propaganda, and subconscious controls I have grown weary of the repetitions. People have only a few things to say about it. Try it! See how soon the repetitions start.

There is no method that will exonerate Capitalism, but its proponents are legion. Its supporters and defenders are smart but deluded and psychologically disconnected from reality. They live in some world they create for themselves. They probably do it as a defense mechanism, but they also do it because they have been made to do it. In a human world that has been accumulating without interruption for some thousands of years, the complexity of life today amidst billions is far beyond the comprehension of anyone.

We don’t know much about what is going on. We cannot get a good grasp on what is happening to us personally. The rest of the world is so remote and incomprehensible it is a fool’s errand to even try to comprehend it. That has not stopped people from thinking they do. There are now so many trying to tell them what else is going on in the world it sounds like fifty radio stations tuned in on a radio all at the same time. People expose themselves to it and take from it what they are predisposed to take from it without ever realizing that they are not acting with conscious selectivity. The subconscious is doing it for them.

Born helpless and remaining that way for many years is a large portion of the causes of human behavior. It is also an avenue into which those who would control people can enter. Parents enter, but so do many others. There are some who have been entering that we would never allow in if we truly understood what they are doing and who they are.

Stealth is not limited to bombers. A pickpocket uses stealth. A bank robber, too. Stealth is real and effective. The historical legacy of wealth and power that has come into the hands of some has made stealth important to some. I already know you don’t want to go there, but that is not naturally happening in you. It is the way you have been ‘programmed.’ There is no other way you could accept as you do the disparity between the rich and the poor. You must be so effectively conditioned to accept it and react to it they way you do that you are not able to be in touch with what you do or why. This is made glaringly clear when you finally face the fact that everyone deserves a fair share of everything. That included land and money, but far more. And still people rally around the causes of their enemies thinking they are representing themselves and something good.

Capitalism and economics are so horrible it is amazing that anyone defends them. The people I have spoken with are not able to realize that those two systems are beating them to death and depriving them of the good lives they so deserve. I have listened to them speak passionately in defense of Capitalism. They site the good and ignore the bad. The opportunity to become rich drowns out all the things that would awaken them to reality. They never realize that mankind is so productive that everyone could and should have all they want for contributing a small portion of their effort.

The military waste of the world is enough to make the most inattentive aware that they are being deprived so that weapons, armies, infrastructure, bureaucracy, and all the rest that goes into war and preparation for war can be created. Vast acreage of planes, tanks, vehicles, and other military stuff around the world in countless places does nothing to dislodge the mental images that have been planted in their minds. They think we need that stuff. They think WWII saved the world. They think the rich deserve their riches and that those who don’t have it don’t deserve it. They never face the fact that society is cooperative work that produces everything. So, they never face the fact that they are being deprived intentionally of their fair share. It weighs practically nothing in their minds that the people who live the best in society do the least to contribute. They have been convinced that the rich are the ones responsible for the production of the people. It would be funny if it were not doing so much harm.

I am beside myself with consternation. What will it take? I have begun to think the only way justice and equity can happen is if the world rulers decide to make it happen. The people are not going to do anything but parrot what they have been made to parrot. I had hope that the rally to Donald Trump signaled an awakening. Then they just let the Democrats run over us like we don’t exist. We don’t. Not in a meaningful way. Soon robots will remove the last of or work and humanity will further diminish. There will be a lot of complaining and protests that do nothing just as the vote has done nothing.

The parties are a joke. The rich tend the rich. They are not going to allow a vote to take their power from them. That is why it has not mattered which party won. Both are owned by the rich. Little intelligence is needed to see the way into the systems. Who has not been exposed to the concept or even the facts of corrupt police? Who thinks the politicians are not susceptible to corruption? I’ll tell you who, the people who expose themselves to the media enough, the people who get enough controlled education, the people who can’t see past their reach. They are the people who spend their free time watching sports and ignoring their duty as a human contributor to society. They are the people who watch CNN and other propaganda media then take what they see as fact without even bothering to verify it. They don’t see what the other side has to say. They don’t even know that the riot at the Capital was instigated by agent provocateurs. They are certain that Trump is a demonic monster out to destroy them and the world. The believe Biden won fairly. The fix is in. It is in millions of people like a parasite feeding on the truth and excreting toxic waste into its host. This is true of Trump supporters and CNN zombies. There is no rational party, no voice of truth and righteousness.

While the Trump supporters complain that the election was stolen and the Constitution destroyed, they clamor in opposition to freedom of speech when it says something they don’t like. How is that different from the Democrats? Free is free. Free speech includes the freedom to hate the national anthem and express the hate. It includes the freedom to burn a flag and to say American is not great. The two-party system has long been a one-party system. The division of the people is along lines of trivial issues and irrelevant options. The real options are still out there somewhere waiting to be noticed. People don’t get the chance because the system was in place when they were born. None are exempted.

People get jobs and work. They play when they can and try to live in peace. They don’t need much and don’t ask for much. They don’t want to be bothered with the fact that they are working in a society or that society has been designed to funnel everything to the few who vouchsafe just enough to the workers to keep them alive and quiet. When Henry George published Progress and Poverty in the late 1800s, the book became a global sensation. It became second only to the Bible in book sales. It began to awaken the masses to the injustice and provided solutions. It became a global issue that caused a lot of activity among the people. Then the people it threatened with loss of wealth put a stop to it. In the quote above you can see a good explanation of what they did. The article is at

https://masongaffney.org/publications/K1Neo-classical_Stratagem.CV.pdf But don’t read it. There is a game on tonight. That is what you need to spend your time on. I don’t blame you. There seems to be no hope. I might stop trying myself. Let God sort it out.

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