Distractions Blind Us to the Light

Distractions Blind Us to the Light

The thief is forced to distract the guards. Everyone knows this. So, why are you taking the bait? If there was no reaction to the distraction, it would fail. The thief would get caught and justice would prevail. The simplicity makes it easy to understand. Complexity makes it something to avoid.

Politics and social direction are very complex. What will be done, and which way will we go? Those are the question that matter. But they are very complex and deeply divisive. This whole world is being robbed while we fight over the bait. The robbers are skillful and cunning. They have combined many into teams. The team members specialize in a narrow fields. The robbers employ them while preventing most of them from knowing the plans they augment and facilitate. The plans are craftily designed. It is the oldest theft in history. We see it every day and everywhere without being aroused and inflamed. The rich are robbing us every day in every way. They have been doing it forever.

When the veils of illusions and distractions are lifted, the scene becomes clear. That is what the thieves must not allow to happen. At all costs, the thieves prevent the knowledge that there is far more than enough for everyone forever with relatively little work. Until this fact is assimilated, the theft is safe. People need comparative elements. Without them, judgment is unreliable. We quickly compare this to that and accept one. If we don’t have the best to compare to the rest, we chose the better. Then it becomes the standard. I’m here to tell you the best is yet to come. It is yet to be noticed even though it is glaringly more obvious every day.

We are all people. Our minds are not perfect, and they are manipulable. That is why we tolerate people having wealth counted in the hundreds of billions. Between Musk, Bezos, and Gates about five hundred billion dollars’ worth of human production is hoarded. That is just a small part of the greater hording that leaves so little for the rest of us. To keep such fortunes growing and secure, we must work our lives away for what they are willing to permit us. Don’t let the thieves, con artists, and politicians distract you with racism, police brutality, wars, and media. Countless distractions are out there. Don’t fall for them. Ignore them and take care of yourself knowing you could and should have it much better. The best is yet to come. Try to break free of the distractions.

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