The Light at the Top

The Light at the Top

A long and terrible climb is behind us. From the caves to the skyscrapers, mankind has traveled. Most of known history has been struggle and strive replete with sorrow and tragedy. Little by little, mankind has managed to make life easier and richer. Many thousands of years have been invested by everyone without cataclysmic interruption. We have reached the top. All that is left is justice.

The means to reach the top were what they had to be. Granted, many wrongs impeded the ascent. The Dark Ages slowed us down and sent us back some. In the final analysis, it will be understood that all that was had to be to get us to where we are going. Deeply psychological beings working through endless errors and ignorance had to gain the experiences needed. We can see the top now. It is not an end to a journey. It is not a final destination. It is a beginning. It is an attainment that makes infinitely more possible.

Let us not waste the millennia of effort. We have come to a dangerous moment. Humans are now able to do great damage, even to the extent of extinction. We are balanced on the critical moment of all things. Let yourself see. Awaken to the potential. Don’t lose sight of what of what is now possible. If you haven’t seen it yet, start thinking about it. You will see what we can now accomplish and the flames of joyous passion will fire the engines that will take us to the “promise land.” We are all people. We are all together. Together we can realize the possibilities and bring the long climb to the beginning of the great adventure, the true awakening, the infinite possibilities, Love, and God. The family of man may pass through the gate together, but none shall pass alone. We are the key, not me, not you. Together we can reach the Light.

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