Psychology Is Killing Us

Psychology Is Killing Us

You are doing things you don’t understand. All of us are. We can do the work and become better, but few do. We adopt beliefs. We don’t do research and tests first. We just adopt beliefs and data. The is so much faulty data and false beliefs in the people of the world we are all nearing our extinction, but we are poised to take all other life forms with us.

People believe in death. They believe in the superiority of humans. Some believe all living things are here for our use to do with as we please. They believe a variety of things regarding theological matters when is should be obvious that the truth should be the primary criteria in our quest. Others believe there is no God, that theism is just a human mental problem, and they think there is no God because they have not found him as they unravel the laws and characteristics of the universe. People believe they can eat whatever they like in complete disregard for the laws the scientists have discovered. Even though eating and other factors lead to the deterioration of their bodies and leads ultimately to death. To feel better about their faulty data, they invent myths that make them feel better about what they think. Then they teach them to their children. There is so much faulty data and many false beliefs in the people we are exterminating ourselves. It does not have to be this way. I turn now to a brief comment about how we can do something about the way it is.

You are a human. You have a brain. You have a huge social structure supporting you. You can do your own tests, but you will have to do those tests independently of your psychology as possible. You will have to set aside preconceived ideas and beliefs or they will make you see what you want to see and cloud the results of your tests. If you can manage to become a source of unconditional love for everyone and take better care of you bodies, your psychology will come within your grasp. I don’t know if we can be free of our psychologies for they me be inexorably linked to your identity, but you can improve them.

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