The Pharaoh Came Out to Help Drag the Stone

The Pharaoh Came Out to Help Drag the Stone

Have you seen the latest meme? It is astonishing in the fact that it announces the most rare and unthinkable thing ever. Read this.

“The Pharaoh-god of Egypt came from the palace this morning and took a position among the people pulling the eighty ton block up the ramp. The people were stunned that he would condescend to help, but when they saw how weak he is they pulled him from the line and kneeled at his feet. Most of them had never seen his divinity and none had been near him. Word spread quickly across Egypt and the Pharaoh has become the most worshiped and adored divine incarnation in history.”

Nope. I made it up. I didn’t invent it for fun. I want you to realize that the pyramid was not built by the Pharaoh. The US capital was not built by a president or any politician. In fact, none of this world we were forced to face as a consequence of being born was built by the people who receive the most and best. There is something terribly wrong.

The people who do the actual work built everything. Without them the people who get the most would not be able to survive. When has anyone seen Trump or Biden with a shovel helping dig the holes? I resist the compulsion to write out a hundred more examples of what the great mass of humanity does every day all the time to make it possible for Trump and Biden to live as they do. Don’t be so small you cannot extrapolate from the example all the rest.

The real power of this world is in the hands of the people who do the labor. They get the least for their indispensable efforts. But you are more worried about the LGBT and racism. You spend your life in la la land thinking you are something you don’t even resemble. If you think I just insulted you, you are living proof of what I am trying to get across.

It is highly likely that none of us live in the real world. But it is very likely that all of us think we do. Then we add to our ridiculous illusions the thought that we are the only ones who are correct and right. Though our bodies live in the real world, there is a wide gap between what we think and the reality in which we are forced like slaves to live.

I have begun to be frustrated with people in general. I look at myself and see how feeble my consciousness is. I can only take so much into consideration. I am only able to conceive at one time a small, very small, percentage of everything. Even then I face a constant challenge as I try to align the pictures in my mind with the reality that is inescapable and that bears constantly on my being. But there are things I have seen. With my own eyes and being I have noticed things that the general population seems to be blind to. The fiction above was written to help open eyes.

I have done the labor of society all my life. I have also studied and traveled. But as a result of becoming someone who manifests unconditional love, I have found my personal paradise and have lived blissfully for more than fifty years. You would put me aside and move on if I tried to tell you what those years has revealed to me. That is because of the pictures in you mind. It is the total your consciousness, sub-consciousness, and more that causes you to react to me. There is nothing that is exempted from exactly that. And that is exactly why the history of man is such a nightmare. It is why all that man is doing is causing what is being caused. Need I describe what is being caused? Probably! But you have to help yourself. I can’t do everything for you. What I can do is tell you that you don’t know what is going on all over the world. If you will study psychology and history enough, you might come to understand what I mean. You might not. That is the problem. It’s the chicken and the egg all over the place. How can you see what is real when you are already bound to seeing what your psychology lets you see, shows you, even makes you think? The only answer I have found I, once again, love.

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Until you attain Love, I hope you will think about the fact that the work is done by what I like to call “the people.” All humans are people, so don’t get distracted by semantics. The people who do the real work are the real power. They have the power. All of it. They have let it be stolen.

I cannot argue against history. I must have been necessary to have the power stolen. I have read a lot about leadership. There are differences between individual humans, not many, but enough to have resulted in leaders and followers. After many thousands, maybe millions depending on what you think, of years, mankind has reached the results of history up to this moment. The opportunity to bloom has never been greater.

Mankind can blossom. The time is now. We must come to realize some very fundamental concepts. They are bulging in the edges of consciousness. Mankind is pregnant with them. You and I are the ones who have been born to receive the legacy of all history. Just look out there. Roads are everywhere. Mankind has been very busy. The accumulated legacy of mankind up to this moment offers us an opportunity that most people are not able yet to envision. They don’t need to envision it to make their lives a lot better. They only need to realize that it is the ones among us who do the essential work who have all the power.

I have wanted for a long time to write out all the necessary reasoning and facts that would make the “essential work” indisputable. There are simply too many other things preventing it. There is a huge confusion regarding essential work and non-essential work. The COVID-19 event is making it a hot topic right now. If you dig enough into things related to that topic, you might just come out the other side of the effort with some amazing insights. But to make things happen faster, you need only realize that society is arranged so that the people who are absolutely essential and who do the type of work that those who benefit the most from society could not, would not, and cannot do are at the lowest level of benefit.

Society is something! I have been flabbergasted about it for a long time. Trying to make sense of things that don’t make sense is not easy. The key is understanding the means by which things that don’t make sense come to be. We know of such things when we hear about the trial of a serial killer wherein the courts try to ascertain the psychology of the killer. What happened to make a person do such things. The same reasoning can be used to understand why the people who do the most essential work in society benefit the least.

Have you ever watched an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? That program filmed the benefits some get from society. They never filmed those rich and famous helping install telephone poles, building a skyscraper, or any other sort of labor. Of course, we are supposed to already know what they do and how they came to be so rich and famous. But I think we don’t know. I think the rich and famous don’t know how they came to be rich and famous. They are just people. No two people are exactly the same, but none are drastically different. There are humans who for various reasons are physiologically and mentally different enough be considered drastically different, but they are rare exceptions created by deeply studied forces. Most humans are nearly identical. So, how is that some get to be rich and famous without helping install the telephone poles? Why does the person installing the telephone pole not get rich and famous? You can easily see that the rich and famous would not live as they do if the people who installed the telephone poles had not installed them. This is true of all the labor that all the laborers have done and do. They are essential to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Never mind ideas of fair. They will only make it more difficult for you to be happy with your lot in life. That is what is being fed to the people with more saturation and force than anything else. It is as old as known history.

We could go down deep and far into the “rabbit hole” trying to unravel the knot of reality as it is right now. It might be fun for some. But we do not stop to think about how a bus came to be exactly where it was when it slammed into us as we crossed the street. Reality is a bus slamming into mankind. It does not care what we think. The pictures we hold as reality are not important when the buss hit us. We are not just facing danger, though. We are facing opportunity that is beyond expressing. It is time to focus on the important stuff.

It is such fun to know statistics about sports. Movies are incredibly enjoyable. Eating! Wow! How much fun does the human race get from eating? It is astonishing. You would think eating is just for fun and has nothing to do with health and living. It is fun to get on social media and sound off. It makes us feel powerful and important. I understand these things, but I also understand the opportunities that our predilections with fun let slip by. No matter what you position is in this world, you are missing out on things you would devote your life to if you could conceive them. You think you are rich and famous, poor and obscure, doing okay and happy, or any other self-assessment, but you have not realized what you are missing.

Most people would not give me a second thought. I realize this. It is an obstacle to overcome. That is what I am doing right now. I am writing almost frantically trying to grab the opportunity that has become available after ten thousand years of human development before it is too late. I cannot not do it alone. I can do it for myself and so can you, but a personal grasp of it will be greatly enhanced by a global grasp by all of humanity. Everyone has everything to gain and everything to lose. We are nearing the cusp between directions. We can go out or on. A personal vision of what “on” looks like might be enough. I can assure you that what we know as human society will become something that bears little resemblance to what it has been. The rich and famous have nothing even close. You don’t have to believe me. You don’t have to take my word for it. I don’t even want you to. What I want you to do is realize some things that you have not realized. For example, the people who do the most essential work of society are being held down at the bottom of the benefits of society and that the people who get the most from society are cheating themselves out of so much they will weep and gnash their teeth when they finally see it. Realize that to each his own will be the only distinction between us if we manage to grasp the opportunities that are now possible. Try to imagine being able to get every and anything you want, to do anything and go anywhere you want.  Now, imagine not being bound to planet Earth. The Universe is out there beckoning and there is more to it than anyone has imagined. You have to feel pretty good to see it.

Feelings depressed limits the view. Being rich and famous limits it. Being poor does, too. In fact, living limits it. Living in the world you were born into limits it incredibly. But not because it is the nature of the world. It is because of the nature of man. We are born helpless. Living forces us to be “programmed.” We have to rise above the programming if we are to see the potential, the opportunity, and, yes, even reality. Love can make it happen. Seek ye, therefore, to love one another as I have loved you. Jesus gave us some good advice. I echo his words. Love will show you how crazy things are. It will show you how wonderful things can be. It will exclude no one. From the poorest to the richest, love will make life so much better you will be amazed.

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I have begun again to follow the impulses and ramble. I have spent this time of my life writing to you. I didn’t do it for fun. I hope to get people aligned. The power of the people can transform reality for mankind into something beautiful or end mankind. I know, you will want to think about what can happen between the extremes. That is just fine. After all, isn’t that what has always been? I think of it as languishing in mediocrity.

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