Fiction Causes Reality

Fiction Causes Reality

“The only feeling that anyone can have about an event he does not experience is the feeling aroused by his mental image of that event.” (Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann)

Can you think of something more obvious that gets more disregard? Millions to billions of people have mental images of what happened at the nation’s capital on January 20, 2021. Most were not there and of those who were there, only a small percentage were close enough to witness the crash through barriers and entry into the building. Then people who were able to witness the event are not reliable sources of facts.

Countless eyewitness reports have been studied of many events. We know now that people who see the same event see it differently and remember it differently. There is no reason to think that the eyewitnesses to the event at the Capital are somehow exceptions. Every person records their own personal impressions of events they experience. Those who do not experience the event do the same.

Life for us is filled with images of events we do not experience. The events at that Capital have been recorded by cameras and countless accounts have been told, written, broadcast, and thought. Yet, millions of people are reacting to what happened there as though they have some objective and factual understanding of the events that is not possible. People do not know much about what happened. Even the people who participated do not have objective images or memories of the things they themselves did. People are not objective creatures. They are subjective creatures. This does not stop them from acting in response to the images they form in their minds.

We are experiencing a reality affected by the things people do. The world has been affected profoundly for a long time by the things humans do. The events at the Capital were human actions. There is no means by which motivations of the actors can be determined. The best we can do is hear what the actors thought they were doing and why. Beyond that, all we can do is form our own images of the events using second-hand accounts. There are countless reasons to know that we don’t know what happened, but millions of people behave as though they do know what happened. Worse yet, they think they know why it happened, what the motivations were, and who the participants were.

The facts that can be proven are that people are not good sources of facts. They are, instead, good sources of fictions based on facts. We are doing things based on internal docudramas within our minds. That is why the world is in such a sorry state. It is why the nation is divided.

The character of human behavior and psychology is understood enough to make it possible for the media to plant and cultivate images they want to grow in the minds of the people. There may be few or no more important understanding to think about right now. The crazy things going on are caused more by the images planted by the media than anything else. It is time to realize that we are not qualified to wield power guided by images we have in our minds. Our actions take place in reality, not in the images. The fiction in the minds of mankind are killing us and every other living thing. Are we going to divide along some sharp line that has no other source of division than fictions that we know are fictions when we stop long enough to think about it and be honest with ourselves? The answer it not just “yes,” it is “hell yes.” Fools!

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I pray and beg that people will realize that we are combining to create too much power. Man has the power to carve away mountains, to conduct global war and detonate nuclear bombs, the power to end life on Earth, to imprison millions at any given time and billions over time for doing things that some think they should not do. Think about this. It is more important than the Super Bowl, the World Series, the elections, the economy and anything else.

That people allow others to be imprisoned for using drugs, gambling, and prostitution proves that opinions are putting people in prison. Historically, people were executed for witch craft, escaping slavery, and so much more that became known to have been wrong there must be some who are able to see that the same things in different forms are still happening. It is the power that make it all possible. The power it the power of society.

Social power has exceeded man’s competence. We are not capable of wielding the power that has been created by joining in societal organization. Freedom has become a myth due to the power of society to punish. Reason has been murdered by the power of society to make each generation conform to the society they were born into. In the name of raising helpless little babies, we brainwash them. We think we are preparing them, but we are transmitting our faults, too.

We are great danger. Not because the universe is a dangerous place. Because we have created too much power. We cannot be trusted with it. We are too flawed and there are no exceptions. The greatest leaders are flawed. History shows us our brutality and still people do not understand themselves. They understand social sciences even less.

We may like to think that the very wealthy people who travel in elite circles and around the world are worthy of great power. That is the problem. We like to think certain things so powerfully we lose touch with reality. We are not even able to hold on to reality in the micro social settings that are our contact with the real world. People are faulty regardless of the social standing. The future is in doubt because of it.

When a person’s faults affect only the faulty person, it is bad enough. When a person’s faults can harm, kill, destroy, ruin, even influence others, too much power has come to a person. Look at the world and see if you can extrapolate a realistic understanding of the real power some have. If you do it right, you will be fearful for Life on Earth.

People appear as though they have a deadly allergic reaction to fear. They don’t seem to be able to realize that fear is an ally. So, they avoid things that might cause them to fear. That is a deadly behavior that should be feared. Fear is an appropriate response to some situations, events, people, and other encounters. It is time to fear somethings that are being avoided. The power of the people in the hands of flawed people so great it can destroy Life on Earth is something to rightly fear. Let the fear compel us to save ourselves. It is nearly too late already. Do not panic. Move in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit. Wake up! The world is on fire!

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