Misplaced Trust and Faith

Misplaced Trust and Faith

The world is very strange. I write to improve my communication skills as much as to communicate. Something that can reach the people who have put their faith and trust in politicians, media, and the masters of the world is what I hope to write here.

I study every day. I search the internet a lot. I also read books a lot, especially old book. The books written back when America was still operating according to the Constitution are among my favorites. The internet could be a lot better, but the diabolical people quickly jumped on it. False information is so abundant finding facts is very difficult.

People should be able to sift through it, but millions cannot. They are more like robots that respond to programming than rational people. I listened to the propaganda that spread across the globe so fast it was shocking. People should have known better than to think it was factual when they said things like “scientists agree.”

When it comes to science that delve into the unknown, there is usually a lot of disagreement. A huge propaganda campaign designed to convince the population that carbon dioxide was causing our climate to change undesirably was so successful the susceptible think they should apply social pressure to those who did not comply. When they announced that a terrible virus has come about by natural mutation and required a global countermeasure, people jumped to the task and have already been seen attacking people who don’t think it is what they say it is. The number of climatologists out there are a very small percentage of the population. Virologists and immunologists are not many. People who think they know enough about climatology, virology, and immunology to impose their opinions on others are almost everywhere and in big numbers. They are all trusting some source of information. Learning the facts requires more effort than that.

We are so urgently in need of some way to get people to do their duty as sources of action it is getting close to the point of too late. To exist is to affect, to cause effects. There is no way to avoid creating effects. Not even choosing to starve one’s self to death is a way to stop having effects. Are you surprised to know that many ancient Greeks starved themselves to death on purpose? Isocrates, for example, starved himself to death intentionally when he was nearly a hundred years old. There were others. Their deaths are still affecting people. My inclusion of them here is proof. Degree of effect is important, but effects are still effects. (I still can’t get it straight between affect and effect.) I want our effects to be peace and love. Some don’t even agree with that. I am pretty sure there are people who think their duty is to murder, rape, torture, destroy, and cause mayhem. I don’t know any, but I hear there are people who take Satan as their god. I also do not know anyone who is a pedophile, but I know some of their victims. I never was one to take the idea of good vs. evil as some kind of design in reality.

People are fond of rhapsodizing about positive and negative. The ability to think that everything has an opposite means to them that there will always be bad people. They will teach their children that bad people will always be out there, and that life cannot be all good. I think it is just a cheap way to avoid facing the fact that they don’t know enough about enough. People don’t want responsibility. It does not relieve them of it. It only gives them over to those who would take advantage of them. We are all responsible for everything we do. We cause things. That is responsibility. Denial cannot prevent it. Ignorance cannot prevent it. Everything that exists in this physical universe takes up space and causes things to happen. But humans act. They do things both accidentally and intentionally. Do they know what they do? Not according to Jesus on the cross. Not according to me, either. I accept my responsibility, but I am not able to manage it enough. That is clear to me. So, I keep trying to improve. It might be something many people do not do. That is the point of this article.

Billions of people living in a world that has been modified by other people for thousands of years are causing a lot of effects. There is a lot of division and no two people are exactly alike or pursue the exact same goals, but huge groups have been mustered and set to common purposes. What purposes? I’m glad you asked.

Evidently, some are designing purposes for others. Can you think for a minute about that? If you are a person who voted Democrat, you are joined in a purpose you did not create. The same is true for the Republican, Libertarian, and other parties. If you work for someone, you are doing something to accomplish something someone else wants accomplished. Don’t waste your time trying to validate your self-serving purposes. What you do for yourself is not all you do. We all are contributing to purposes that are served by our efforts to serve ourselves. We vote for the person we choose for reasons that are personal even if they are intended for the greater causes. Choices are made. The ability to choose is something that cannot be improved until it is not possible to improve. There is likely no limit to improvement. That means a lot. Perfection may not be a static condition even if it is theoretically possible to think of perfection as a condition to attain. If we cannot improve all the way, we are left with a philosophical situation that demands attention. What is my purpose?

I know! It is not a new question. I want to ask you to accept a purpose. Victor Frankl survived the Nazi concentration camps. When he was released, he wrote a book titled Man’s Search for Meaning. It has become the founding philosophy for the second school of psychology. Logotherapy is accredited to him. He made the case for the human need for purpose. Read the book. It is a good one. I will not offer the meaning of life. I have my opinions, but I want to ask you to find a purpose. Why not choose to pursue love?

Love brings purpose with it. It is something that can fill your life. That being said, there may be humans who cannot have life filled by love. For all I know, there may be life forms from other world, universes, dimensions, or something. That is important, but I am trying to get the more common human to adopt a purpose. It is a purpose that will help me, no doubt, but I think it will help those who adopt it far more. Everything you do, think, feel, and your mere existence affects me, but it affects you more. I love you. I want you to be fulfillment. I want you to live long and prosper. I think that the human race can unite in common purposes that will deliver us to a status we would think is paradise on earth. It wouldn’t be, though. It would just be so wonderful compared to now it would seem to be. Wow! If you were able to realize all of what I think would come of it, you might think I am crazy. I may be. It sure feels good, though. It feels much better to me than what seems to be the feelings of many.

Today is the day Joe Biden is supposed to be inaugurated. The representation of hate, animosity, danger, and discord in that event is profound. It makes what I hope to make obvious easier. People are divided. They are not pursuing love. They are indulging in something else. None of the sides in the divisions of mankind are totally right. I see truth and value in all of them. But none of them are good enough. Improvement is sorely needed. Love will bring it. Until it does, it will help if people would stop having so much faith and trust in things they did not experience themselves. Even personal experiences is not trust worth enough.

The internet is riddled with contradictory stuff. The media is more uniform, but opposition is out there to find. The facts are difficult to find. I think they are being kept away by people who don’t want peace. There are people who are doing so well they don’t want anything to threaten their conditions. This is not the only reason to stop believing what we see and find, but it is a big one. It is way to easy to accept. Digging is not easy. But finding the truth has always required some digging, metaphorically. I think the bloody history of man was caused by many things, but the biggest may be not trying enough. In general, not trying enough has left mankind past and present do things they would not do if they knew enough. Knowing may not be possible without love. Thinking we know is. Mistakes are. Hurting those we don’t want to hurt is. Love is like a magic pill. It causes changes that are magical.

I have written extensively about love. I write here again that love is not love until it is love. The love that is like a magic pill is not just whatever anyone thinks love is. It is what it is. It can’t be quantified or accurately explained, at least I can’t. I can tell you that there is “a” love that works like magic. It doesn’t instantly make one know everything or something like that. It just puts us in a frame of mind. It helps us rise above the nonsense we accumulate from being born totally helpless and slowly maturing. When we consider the world, we can only consider so much at one time. Can you take into consideration things you are not aware of? Can you make mistakes? Is there someone who does not make mistakes? If not, why would be follow someone? We are all independent. Everyone is unique and exists in a personal time and space. We are responsible for ourselves. Following another was probably necessary or it wouldn’t have happened. But time has passed, and we are ready to receive its rewards. I would not be able to write this article if it were not so.

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