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I wrote this in reply to a good article posted by a Trump supporter on MeWe in a private message. I like where it went. So, I am posting it here. The private post was typical of Trump supporters. I am one. I have read many such posts. It had no new things to report, but it was sincere and well said. It follows:

I enjoyed reading this. The picture developed by it is fuzzy. That is because there is merit on both sides of the isle. Neither side can see the merits of the other side. Neither side will save us. In fact, the opposition between the sides is a greater threat to survival than the policies and plans of both.

The long and persistent opinions of this nation have little to do with reality. They are based on fictions that have been mistaken for reality. Capitalism is still not recognized as the worst system of social interaction ever devised. The pharaohs who wasted the energy of the people to build tombs were not as horrible as the capitalist system. I am fully aware of the opposition to these statements. I may have heard it all by now. It is nonsense and has always been nonsense. The comparison of this nation to others used to justify it is an exercise in fantasy. The left has a sense of this, but they too are living in fiction. It is necessary to keep opposing fictions locked in opposition in order to keep the few ensconced at the top of global society.

The important issues or our time are not the left or the right as we are seeing in the democrat/republican schism. It is not the decline of the middle class or the migration into this nation. The minimum wage is only a deflection. The entire world is operating as a system that is the real issue, the important issue.

We take the debate they make us take. Is it Capitalism, Communism, or Socialism? Is it democracy, monarchy, dictator, or fascist? If you are given a choice and do not recognize that the choices are not the only choices, you become a victim of a con that is global and old.

The opinions presented in this post are things I agree with mostly. But they are not comprehensive enough to prevent what is coming. They are not comprehensive enough to bring something wonderful. We have within our reach an opportunity to transform life on Earth into something so wonderful most people cannot understand it even when I try to explain it to them. The world is going to be transformed. That is certain. Change is inevitable and constant. Drastic change is looming that is not going to please anyone. Not the rich, the middle, the poor, the animals, the plants, or God. Mankind has surged ahead over the past six thousand years or so leaving behind a trail of blood, destruction, and tears to horrible to think about. So, people don’t.

It is normal and right to want to enjoy life. I cannot argue against it. I can argue about the best way to enjoy it, though. That is what I have been doing for fifty years last June. There is only one solution. There has only ever been one solution. There will never be another solution. Only love will solve our problems and make the infinite universe our provider. But too many people have no love and even more do not have enough love.

It is not enough love to love our children, spouses, lovers, or selves. The love people feel for them in not even enough love. Love is something like the water we put into a container. The size of the container determines how much water it will hold. There is more water than any man-made container can hold. There is more than the earth can hold. Love is like that. There is no limit to the love. Only our capacity to love is limited. I wish I could present a means to increase our capacity to love. I know only that experiencing heartbreak many times was part of what helped me to increase my capacity. I live in perpetual bliss that is invincible simply because I made an effort to love everyone with all the love I knew at the time. Since then, my capacity to love has increased. I now love every living think unconditionally. Love does not provide one with acceptance of loved ones. I disapprove of most. But unconditional love is just that. It does not have anything to do with the loved one. The sun light has nothing to do with the people it shines upon. It asks nothing and nothing those upon whom it shines can do anything to cause it to be withheld. So, unconditional love requires nothing of others. None do not receive it from me. My approval is something else entirely. It is for everyone and rightly.

If we do not approve of someone who murders someone, we can still love the murder. There are factors involved in all human behavior that are still far beyond the average comprehension of human beings. We are a species. We are almost identical. We are changing as a species. No two humans are exactly alike, but we are mostly the same. When we are able to consider everything involved in everything anyone does, we will be able to see that they had no choice. I have been trying to explain that point to people so long I already know the limited range of thoughts people have about it. I wish someone would come up with something new. Choice is too complicated for the average member of our species today to comprehend. People think we have free will because we can think of choices. What they cannot comprehend is enough of the factors involved in choice to see that there really is none despite the ability to conceive them. This makes it possible to me to love the most horrible person ever unconditionally. Everyone thinks they know what they are doing, what they think, and how they feel. Well, more or less. We don’t. We are not capable of it yet. We will become capable. Hopefully it will be soon. Just consider how long we have been going. But don’t take the narrative that is commonly held to be history as reality. People who are not capable of comprehending reality cannot know history, only their version of it.

I did not start this reply with the intention to go where I went. That happens to me most of the time. I feed my typing fingers with my consciousness. There is no end. Only stopping.

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