Your Papers Please

Your Papers Please

The “land of the free” is rapidly being conquered. You will remember the movies in which the Nazis patrolled the streets demanding documents permitting people to move about. A “Vaccination Credentials Initiative” has been announced. It will make it possible for authorities to demand documents of people to “demonstrate their health status to safely return to travel, work, school and life while protecting their data privacy.”

There are enough people controlled by the media and criminal government personnel to permit such tyrannical measures to become a way of life in this land so proudly held to be a land where people are free. Many will rebel, but the control mechanisms have them checkmated. There will be no move to make.

Using a fake pandemic that has been propagandized so effectively most of the population is willing to comply with draconian orders, an organization of public players are moving to take this nation. The hate spewed across the world for people who wanted to see Trump drain the swamp and make America great again makes it clear who is involved.

Big Tech and Big Pharma are working together. They have the full support of a large majority of the media. The corrupt in elected positions are not going to help us because they are being promised great positions. If they refuse, their crimes will be exposed or worse will be done to them. If you wonder what “worse” is, remember that people can be hired to murder anyone. Many government jobs that do not require election are held by people similarly checkmated. They have no way out. Cooperation from within the justice, enforcement, and judicial branches is making it possible for the combine that is taking this nation. The fake pandemic is making it possible to prevent enough freedom loving Americans from preventing it. It is brilliant!

The moves that have been made while the people worship movie stars, rock stars, sports stars and focus more on self-gratification than the duties of self-government and the protection of freedom were well conceived and played. A quarterback’s passing statistics are better known than the in-your-face assault upon the liberty that has been fought for, died for, and briefly held. Now the same people are swallowing draconian rules from agencies that have no real authority because they have been told that it is all for their safety from a virus that has statistics after nearly a year that have proven to be no worse than the common ailments.

Anyone who has elementary math skills can calculate the mortality rate of the virus using the WHO and CDC published numbers. Even if the numbers are correct, which both organizations have said they are not, the virus is not bad enough to warrant the measures that have been put in place. No one want to get sick even if they don’t die from it. But this disease is not very deadly. It was never really about protecting the people from the virus. It was always about conquering the land of the free and installing rulers who can do whatever they want.

What needs to be realized is that the USA has been the last obstacle preventing a global conquering. You must realize what the powerful people think and want. Everything makes sense when you do. They are not sitting back on their great wealth and enjoying the good life. If you think they are, you are a fool, a blind one at that. Do you really think Bill Gates and the gang are just playing? Did you think that the “old money” was just aging? If so, you have not tried to understand why climate change, over-population, resource depletion, environmentalism, and a long list of “anti” movements have been funded. I know you are not stupid. All you have to do is try and you will realize why the money has been applied to eradicating racism. So much money has been spent helping the LGBT you would think they are the majority of mankind. Then there is the fantastic effort in promoting the “offense” culture. Don’t use certain words because someone might take offense. Don’t allow certain statues to remain. Don’t use the words him, her, she, he, father, mother, girl, or boy because someone might not feel good about their gender change or inability to relate as a male or female. Did you think the people who have the money to invest are really so endeared with the LGBT? Maybe you thought they want to invest in environmental protection because they love the salamander, the trees, the clean water while the systems that made it possible for them to acquire that money are the very systems that have nearly killed all species, cut down all the trees, and fouled the water, the air, the land, and the hearts of good people. If the football, basketball, baseball, and soccer fans of the world had paid half as much attention to other things, we would not be in the predicament we are in now. It’s CHECKMATE in two! It’s the final seconds and there is only one play left. The game is not over, but it doesn’t look good. We need the like of Roger Staubach to throw a “hail Mary.”

If you are detecting the contempt in my writing, you are perceptive. If people were stupid, I would not be so contemptuous. Soon it will be obvious how foolish and blind the good people in the USA have been, but they are not alone. Perhaps it will become clear just how long they have been foolish and blind. Every single human in the world has all the stuff they have to deal with in life. In some ways it excuses them. They do the best they are capable of doing at the moment throughout their lives. But improving their best should and could be the focus of their attention and the purpose for their actions. Improvement cannot be exhausted. The best is usually not enough.  Instead, they have been focusing on fun stuff like sports, eating, parties, booze, drugs, and all the other things modern life offers. Meanwhile, some megalomaniacs were gaining so much wealth they saw themselves as deserving and great. They see themselves as so great they think they deserve to have things done as they want them done. And that is what has made the world you are seeing right now. I realize you don’t see much of it. You haven’t even been trying to. If you look now, you will see that it is almost too late to save yourself and your loved ones from being forced to take a so-called vaccination that is an mRNA injection.

The fat cats want to modify your genetics. You are no longer entitled to them. You don’t have the right to them. If you do not submit, you will not be able to exist. Without the papers proving that you have yielded to the desires and demands of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bid Government, the weapons of old money, you don’t get to live. Your means of earning a living will be taken from you. You will not be able to travel and mix with the rest of the victims turned minions. Of course, once the mRNA injections have been put into enough people, new mRNA injections are easy to have administered. You will be lucky if they don’t decide to have you grow an extra set of arms and hands so you can entertain them better on the piano or get more work done faster. The “evolution” that provided you with the DNA you deserve as the heir to the genetics of the fittest are irrelevant now. They don’t matter. It was difficult enough to get people in sufficient numbers to abandon the idea of Creation, but it was accomplished. That effort is not needed now. They have control of your genetics and they intend to use it.

Reports have been surfacing for some time now that the mRNA injections, disguised as protection from a fake pandemic created by releasing a version of the common corona virus that has been modified in the lab for “gain of function,” have a chosen side effect. It sterilizes women. Other reports say other side effects include the destruction of the immune system. But the “vaccination” is only for your protection. Right!

The CDC website shows 23,653, 919 diagnosed cases in the USA so far. Of those 394,495 deaths have been reported. Simple division yields the percentage of deaths from the number of cases as 1.67778603%. What is 1.67778603% of 23,653,919? Is the math too difficult? I think it must be judging by the number of people who are scared to death. The answer is 39,4495, the number of  people reported to have died of the virus so far in the USA. That is a lot of people. They should not be trivialized. But it is not a high percentage compared to many others.

The avian H5N1 virus of 2003 had a 60% fatality rate according to a quick search engine return. “The 1957 Asian flu pandemic … resulted in almost 70,000 deaths in the United States and was one of the deadliest catastrophes of its time.” “The influenza pandemic of 1918, called the “Spanish flu,” killed over 50 million people worldwide, including over 675,000 in the United States. These are just a few of the historical records regarding pandemic anyone can find by using a search engine and doing some reading. The current pandemic is not producing deaths anywhere near them. It appears that the pandemic that is causing so many problems is not very deadly. There is no justification for buying a bunch of heroin and overdosing to escape reality. If over twenty-three million have survived it in the USA already, heard immunity is a far better defense than an untested and novel “vaccination” knows as an mRNA vaccination. Stopping business from operating, social distancing, mask wearing, and locking down the people is far too drastic. To follow up the response to the virus by creating “Vaccination Credentials” that will be required to work, travel, and mix with people is criminal at the least.

Where is the logic that causes those who take the mRNA injection to gain immunity to the virus to fear those who might be infected? Don’t they take it to keep from getting the disease? You would think they would consider those who don’t want to take the injection and get sick to deserve what they get. Maybe that is just too much liberty for them to allow.

There are so many elements of this pandemic and the responses to it we may never untangle them. There was a time not too long ago when we could do an internet search for information and get real results. That time has gone down the pike. Now we get filtered and censored search results. If you want to relocate something you saw on the internet ten years ago, good luck. If you are looking for something relating to the 2020 election, you can doubly forget it. If you want to find that site wherein Kary Mullis was spouting off again about the test he invented, the one that won him the Nobel Prize, good luck. I tried just that recently and was not able to check deeply enough into the vast number of pages to find it. Instead, I was able to find countless entries headlined with phrases saying he never did spout off about the test. I have seen two videos of him raving about how his test is not good as a diagnostics test. I read a transcript of another. I was able to find one he granted to the people in 1993 in which careful listening and comprehension revealed that he had been making waves in the media about the use of his DNA multiplier as a diagnosis test. The last one I watched, which I cannot find now, showed him letting go of all restraint. He denigrated Anthony Fauci and the current situation vehemently. He didn’t live much past that. If you look hard, you can find reports of his death that say it was “mysterious.” Of course, the official cause was said to be natural. Well, I suppose it was since it is now considered “natural” to murder any who oppose the official narrative. The PCR equipment is a big-ticket item. Very costly. The mRNA injection is too. Even a COVID-19 patient is a big-ticket item for hospitals. The numbers being reported are inflated and unreliable. The only thing you can rely on regarding them is that that are being used to develop an agenda some really rich people are developing. It includes “your papers, please.”

I have a feeling that there are people out there who are not going to allow our nation to fall. There is a global effort underway to consolidate control of all nations. A government of the world would facilitate the effort. The USA is the stubborn nut to crack. They have been trying to disarm Americans for decades. Remember what Admiral Yamamoto said, “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” When I did a web search for that quote the fist result that appeared was from Of course, it was! Further reading discredited Factcheck, but most people don’t bother to read and when they do, they don’t comprehend. They want very much to discredit the quote, so they discredited it with something that did not discredit it. It simply said that the quote source has not been found by an historian they asked. He did not say it was untrue. He said, “As of today it is bogus until someone can cite when and where.” I am laughing hard right now. It is such a foolish fact checking post. Clearly, reality is not part of fact checking for them. The agenda, though, is all-important. The business needs to make money and who pays for fact checking? They are well aware that perception is also all-important. As am I.

We live in a world so complex and vast people are operating as though they know things when all the have is a perception. How many people think they know what Admiral Yamamoto said? Now, how many heard him say it? See? It’s all perception and the people who want to rule the world know it. That is what made it possible for them to cheat in a federal election, release a modified virus and shut the nation down, and begin preparing the credentials everyone will be required to produce to even exists. Of course, you will not be able to get those papers unless you can prove that you have already complied with the demands of unelected megalomaniacal, egotistical, heartless, demonic individuals who are making no effort to eliminate rape and torture of little kids by taking the mRNA injection. I will not call it a vaccination. It is a DNA changer. We have a perception that it is good for us and doesn’t have any other stuff in it. Well, some do, that is.

If you don’t think perception is all I am making it out to be, consider the death of Jeffery Epstein. They only needed to release and publish an official cause of death to get millions to believe he killed himself in a suicide-proof cell at exactly the same time that the closed-circuit cameras were turned off and the guards were not paying attention. If Epstein were that talented, he would not have gotten caught. Heck, he would have not been a pedophile. There is something distinct between gullibility and downright stupid trust. It’s mind control.

It doesn’t matter how you slice it; the media and the government are working together at the behest of the big money people. As amazing as it is unbelievable, lobbying is legal, winning elections by spending the most money is a tried-and-true tactic, getting elected is the surest way to get rich, making organized crime happy is certain to help your chances in elections, presenting a fake image of yourself works every time, and the media can make people think they are ducks. Just notice how many people are running around quacking nonsense as if it was today’s new revelation.

My disgust is getting to much for me right now. I want to close this with a last point. The virus that is being used to conquer the world was created in a laboratory and released into the population for exactly that purpose. How do I know? I paid attention to when it first began, before the media was able to silence the sources of information and replace them with the nonsense that is being quacked. When last I was able to obtain real information, the COVID-19 virus has not even been purified. I doubt it ever will be. Perhaps some nation that is more resistant to the world conqueror’s control has separated it from the trillions of others, but it is not likely. The process is very difficult and requires a lot of funding. Who wants to waste good money on a virus that is already taking people from us almost as fast as suicide? Yes! I’m am not trying to be very accurate. So what!? It is not a lie, which must be intentionally deceptive, unlike all the lies Trump was said to have told that turned out to be generalizations, rounding, and not intended to deceive. He may have been called a liar more than any one in history. One more first to add to his list.

Feel free to respond to this. Just be sure to show me your papers first. The re-education camps need more people. I know, you are sure there are no re-education camps in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Perceptions! They are the things that sneak up on you in broad daylight and make you disappear. I realize that this article will not be approved by the censors. I might disappear. If something happens to me, let it get you to take a closer look with a more objective stance.

I found this posted at the bottom of a page about purification of Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19). You can read the whole think at: Note the “proof that sars cov 2 has been i” That is a title probably generated automatically. The “i” is the first letter of the last word in the title “isolated.” Like I said, it probably has still not been purified despite all media claims to the contrary.

Bartholomeus Lakeman left an annotation (13 November 2020)

The attached Public Health England’s article “Duration of infectiousness and correlation with RT-PCR cycle threshold values in cases of COVID-19, January to May 2020” is not a response to this FOI.

This article is proof of that PHE did -or can- neither cultivate nor isolate the Covid19 virus.

In this PHE’s article, their conclusions are based on a polysyllogism of postulations which are left unverified; which include:

1) A positive PCR test represent a Covid19 case, and an asymptomatic person is not healthy. However, most of those who tested positive are not ill and have no symptoms; and therefor they are not a case, and a healthy person does not spread a flu infection.

2) Samples from the Upper respiratory tract (URT) is representative of the whole body; as it being also infected. However, most viruses in the URT do not entre the body, e.g. the lungs; and apart from a cough or a sneeze; a URT virus will not cause a person to be ill.

3) As representative of the whole population are 75% of their samples from those older than 41 yrs. . Be it that the median age of UK’s population is 40 years: only 48 % is over 40 yrs. of age. Further, less than half of their samples were suitable for their research; which puts further doubts of their samples being representative.

4) The Rt PCR test does discern the RNA of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) from that of the 6 other corona viruses (the flu and common cold) and dead viruses and other RNA sources e.g. antibodies against said corona viruses, and the RNA from bacteria. However, PHE knows very well that said test is not a diagnostic and that it cannot made said discernment.

5) Of their samples, in the 1st week of symptoms the PCR test’s median Ct was 28, and PHE claims that a Ct of 28 proofs that the virus is virulent, contagious and the cause of Covid19. Yet ten days after symptom onset, the probability of culturing virus declined to 6.0%; as being non-transmittable. In the 2nd week the PCR test Mean Ct is 30.05. And after 2 weeks the Ct remains 31. There is no difference in Ct values between those with asymptomatic (median Ct = 31.2) mild-to-moderate (median Ct = 31) or severe (median Ct = 32.5) illness: the estimated probability of recovery of virus from samples with Ct > 35 is 8.3%. PHE concludes that low titres of infectious virus for human-to-human transmission remains uncertain. Herewith indicating that a Ct of 31 or more means that the virus is non virulent or non-contagious. Independent virologist claim that also a Ct of 27 means that the virus is non-virulent and non-contagious. Moreover, as of their samples the PCR test’s median Ct was 28; there is no proof that anyone was a covid19 case. Further, PHE found a higher proportion of asymptomatic cases in the age group 81–100 years; which was the group with about 80 % of the alleged Covid19 deaths. For which PHE had no explanation. Which suggest that they died from another cause.

6) Vero-E6 cells (isolated from an animal organ) inoculated with the respiratory fluid of an ‘Covid19 infected person’ and for its preparation also with other toxic substances; produces a Cultivable SARS-CoV-2 that can be detected by an enzyme immunoassay: herewith confirming the presence of SARS-CoV-2. However, this postulation skips too many uncertainties. There is no proof of that said fluid contains SARS-CoV-2, and it is likely that the inoculation of pathogenic and toxic substances in isolated cells: is on itself the cause of producing a pathogenic virus. Bearing in mind that many virologists claim that a SARS-CoV-2 like viruses are lab-made. And PHE concludes that cultivable SARS-CoV-2 from URT samples is only a proxy valuable for infectiousness: as a Cultivable virus is a hypothetical virus and is not the same as a cultivated virus. And it being propagatable is not the same as contagious: this depend on the immune status of the host. If PHE claims that the virus is Cultivable, then why didn’t they isolate it?

7) At the end of the article PHE admits “Correlation with observational epidemiological data analysing known infector–infectee pairs, and the dynamics of infectiousness and viral transmissibility are unknown. And yet PHE still holds-on that asymptomatic people are contagious: Which signals the motive of their article: promoting the Lockdown and its vaccine.

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