The Coming Drama

The Coming Drama

I am excited about the coming week. The world is in flux. How will it go? I think we are going to see some drama.

I think our nation has been conquered from within for many years already. It was shielded with stealth and deceit. By now the work of the conquerors has accomplished some amazing things. Their confidence has been rising. In fact, their confidence has caused them to expose themselves. It has been noticed by some who can do something about it. At least, they can try. That means drama.

This nation is unique among the world’s nations because it was designed to prevent tyranny. It has built-in guards against government power becoming abused and used to subjugate the people. They are kicking in. The outcome is uncertain due to the international aspect.

Our nation is entangled with foreign affairs. It pays the way for many other nations. Most Americans are completely unaware of the number of services and the amount of goods and money being given to other nations by the USA. In most cases it has been going on so long the dependent nations have begun to decline due to a dependency. Social programs in England, Canada, and other nations have left them with aging populations and an inability to take care of themselves. Their need for American assistance is increasing as their populations become increasing older with fewer and fewer births to replace the dying. The figures are astonishing. It is all part of the depopulation efforts that began to be implemented long ago.

In his 1798 book An Essay on the Principle of Population, Thomas Malthus put forward the basic concept that the elite of the world took to heart. Too many people! Working behind the scenes where the public is unable to detect them, population reduction efforts have been underway for longer than I can ascertain. You can see evidence of it in the eugenics parts of approved history. Only the approved history is available. But flawed as humans are, the approved history was flawed. There are clues available by analyzing carefully and broadly. Specialized compartmentalization prevents the discovery of the clues.

This article is not intended to spell it all out for you. I write hoping you will take the time and apply the effort yourself. One of the big problems of life right now is the sheer number of people who take things to heart that they hear, read, or see. I invite you to consider the many well-known things that can be put together. Since the victors write the history, some of them are not easy to discover, but you can if you manage to release preconceived biases. The victors want you to know history as they tell it. But reality is more and different. The world wars, the rise of dictators who conducted pogroms, the global attack on Marxism, manipulation into and by religions are all part of the larger picture that people are not seeing. As the rise of technology has increased, things such as global warming, resource depletion, hate crime, anti-racism, anti-family, anti-Christian, monetary system debacles, and countless other known parts of real life that can be put together like pieces of a picture puzzle.  The picture is part of a future that is being orchestrated by the few, the financial victors.

Our world is hosting people who are so rich it is not possible to quantify it. They are the new type of victors. “To the victors go the spoils” has never been more true or more vital to the survival of life on Earth. The victors are not just writing the history, they are erasing history and taking each generation further and further from reality. The current events that promise so much drama due to the splitting of the people along a distinct line is part of that effort. It is not just something that accidentally happened. It will shock most people when they realize that there are those who make and execute plans that span hundreds of years. They conduct activities that are designed to accomplish goals by slowly affecting each new generation of people while at the same time negating the efforts of previous generations to hold the truth, the facts, and the big picture of history present for their children. This is a simplification, however, for the efforts of preceding generations are also part of the effort to accomplish the goals. The efforts have been applied so long now it has almost become impossible to find someone old enough to report how it used to be.  The method used to accomplish the goals is a slow rise to a boil. The victors are turning up the heat.

It must be too difficult for the average person to realize that the victors are not the ones who won a war or a contest. The new victors are the ones who become rich. Hardly anyone today is immune to seeing people who get rich as victors. People who become rich are the heroes. They are the ones who inspire millions. People who have done nothing but get rich are getting far more attention than the people who have been rich for a long time. Those are the people of “old money.” Keeping the attention of the masses on the movie stars, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, inventors, politicians, and others prevents attention from being directed to the people of the old money. How many bankers can you name? How many members of the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, or the World Bank can you name? People are not paying attention to those people. But they are the victors of this world.

People who have managed to gain power so immense the average person cannot even conceive it are the real victors. The are world conquerors. What they want is what gets done. You know it! You also know that politicians are using politics to become rich and join the victors. You know it deep down within and yet it does not shepherd your views. The effort of the victors does. You can’t imagine who much they love the internet and social media. It is rivaled only by their love of media in all its forms. What better way to manipulate the people and accomplish global goals?

Goals require operatives. A goal that gets no effort is only a plan. Accomplishing them requires action and action is only done by people. The power to muster billions to accomplish a task is made easy by the use of modern communications and money. You can pay people to do almost anything. If you can make sure there is no way to survive without money, your victory is global. Your power nearing absolute. Everyone knows that they must “serve somebody.” We all serve the victors. We don’t even have to know we are doing it. Social systems are designed to shunt the power of the people to them. There is no escape. Changing the system is the only way to make things better. This is well known by the people who need to know it and it is why we are about to see some fascinating drama.

The victors are human. They are not flawless. Their flaws have leaked into their work. They are unable to prevent it and have now become noticed by enough people to be threatened. Just notice the outrage being felt for the new social media operators. They are not in charge, though. They are operatives. Few of the people in the public light are not puppets. They were allowed to become rich and take the heat as rewards for serving the old money interests. To the victors go the greedy. For the lifestyles of the rich and famous there is not shortage of people willing to do anything. Many have been recruited. We are witnessing the work they do in service to the true masters of the world.

The masters of the world are busy. They are tying to accomplish the Great Reset, for one public example. The are global. Their interests are not limited to a nation. People who think the USA rules the world are just wrong. The USA is ruled by the old money people with the help of the new money people. The masters are trying to accomplish something. That is why they launched a global campaign to make people averse to conspiracy theory. Conspirators always hide the conspiracy. I have thoughts about the ultimate goals being pursued, but they go off into the esoteric and spiritual realms. This is not the time and place to go into that. It is the time and place to realize that things are coming to a boil.

I am looking forward to the future. I realize it could be a horror in a relative sense. I think it could be apocalyptic. Could be! I don’t think it will. But it can become very destructive and deadly. We can think of it as the forces of good and evil in battle. I don’t ascribe to that method, but it is an easy allegory. People think it is a battle between the Left and the Right, Democrat vs. Republican. No matter how you see it, you are going to see something. I hope you fare well.

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