This is Our Chance

This is Our Chance

It is not surprising that people think their thoughts are the products of reason, logic, study, and experience. What is surprising is how little of what people think is a product of any of those valid uses of consciousness. People are far from rational these days. We can read about the ancient Greeks to find some examples of such thought, but even those were tainted with psychological usurpers of rationality and truth. The population of the world today is so heavily influenced what passes for reality is often total fiction.

The mind is an easy thing to mold. Helpless new humans require total care to survive. Many years of enculturation are applied to them. Love causes it. Good intentions often fail, though. When parents raise a child, they transmit to the child the foundation of it life. Upon that foundation is constructed the child’s added forms. Maybe you have noticed that children grow up to be like their parents and the society they were born into. If so, you have probably noticed the variations some exhibit. But all variations are built upon the foundation that began to be formed even before birth.

Modern man has devised plans for raising children. They take what they do from the various influences and do their best to do right by their cherished children. Some, of course, don’t cherish the children so much. That creates in the children a foundation that has an infinite number of characteristics. There are so many variations in people it is probably impossible for any two to be exactly alike. Similarities are more common than differences. This has not yet made it possible for all people to live in peace and joy together. That is why I am sitting here on this beautiful winter day typing as fast as I can.

I am convinced that mankind can attain world peace. That alone would be a miracle. However, I think there are attainments that make world peace seem almost trivial. There are far greater things to accomplish. I would write of things I am sure are withing our future that most would scoff at and think me crazy. But just like you, I think what I think. Unlike you, I am. That little phrase is amusing to me. I hope you enjoyed it.

Billions of unique individuals are dispersed across the globe that has sustained us without cosmic interruption for a very long time. We are lucky a comet has not crashed into the earth. In geologic-time, or universal-time, we have just begun. We have a golden opportunity. It will not last long relative to the time of the universe. The life of the sun is all too brief. Our chance is here, now.

I have yet to encounter someone personally who sets sights on things as grandiose as I want the billions of people to help me accomplish. This is not to say or imply that there are none. I have encountered a percentage of the people so small I would have to use exponents in mathematically quantifying the percentage. I have been hoping I am not alone in it since 1971. So far, I am. If you are reading this, and I know you are, your company is appreciated. Your help would be welcome. Together we can ascend from this planet and reach out to the stars. We can attain things I am afraid to even list here because I have already experienced the reactions of hundreds of people to them. The people are components of public opinion.

Elementary observation reveals huge similarities of public opinion. Who among us thinks death is inevitable? See what I mean. Who among us things that babies grow up to become adults? It is taken for granted so totally people do not even think about it. They don’t engage in thoughts about the fact of being born. Mankind is so homogenized milk envies us. Yet, we pride ourselves in the little differences. We find our identity there and never question “identity.” I chuckled just then from writing that statement. Not because it is funny, but because it is so astonishing. It seems to me that identity would be one of the first things consciousness would engage. Instead, study of history shows it to be one of the most important factors in such things as war, murder, crime, discord, suffering, sorrow, death and maybe all social problems. I must be but a part, though.

Life is such a miracle! We are all here right now. The stage is set and the momentum is powerful. Life on Earth is just being born. Perhaps there is life elsewhere. I hope so. If there is, I hope we are not in danger from it. If there are lifeforms out there that are like us, we are probably in great danger if we are discovered. It may be good fortune that planets are so far apart. On the other hand, maybe other life forms are already here and they are benevolent. Speculation is fun and frightening. That is the adventure of life. I am hoping that we as a people will realize our opportunity and finally rise above the little things that cause all the social problems. This is our chance. Let’s seize it. Love is and always has been the answer, the way, the reason. Just try it.

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