Good People Commit Fraud

Good People Commit Fraud

It is becoming clear that volunteers who worked processing votes in the 2020 election were heavily involved in fraud designed to get Trump out of office. People have been made to think that Trump is so horrible they are willing to do anything to turn the results to Biden. The reports are astonishing. Read this article and/or watch the video.

This is not just a software fraud. It is not just Biden supporters committing fraud. I have little doubt that Biden was not being selected, but that Trump was being stopped. People can vote against a candidate by voting for the other candidate. They don’t have to like the other candidate. Simply hating and fearing a candidate can be enough to get people to vote for the other. It is obvious that the people who were involved in tabulating the votes or conducting to process in some other manner are just that sort of person. According to the man in the video, the volunteers conspired to make sure Trump did not win the election. In video recordings made by bystanders, they are clearly seen committing fraud against the people appointed to monitor the counting. That is an amazing human behavior, but there was more.

During the night trucks were arriving at the tabulation centers with trash bags full of ballots for Biden. The media has the power to make people commit crimes. The problems such people embody is staggering, but they are innocent. It is the media that is culpable.

Hate speech is being presented as just cause for censoring. Offensive statements are being touted as something that must be stopped. Political correctness is being enforced by civilians. This and much more is the work of the media. The media is the property of some very rich people. That is a conflict of interest. What is passing as news is agenda programming. The people who own the media set the agenda and all the well paid employees love their jobs. So, they go along. Some probably even think the agenda is a good one. That they manage to cooperate with the agenda of the owner is incriminating and flies in the face of the concept of government of the people. The owners are people, but that does not make what they do government of the people.

Media owners know better than most that how much power they have. The evidence that they hold the people in disdain is overwhelming. Could that be why they are working to defeat the power of the people? I think it is. I agree with them in many things including the opinion that the people are not reliable. They can’t be counted on to monitor the government well enough to execute the government as designed by the founders. But that is not because of them. It is because of the systems that overwhelm them every minute of every day. What systems, you ask. All of them. Take for example that the systems give some unfathomable wealth and everyone else has to do without and labor their lives away. It goes deeper and wider, but I don’t have time to go into it here. The people are good and wonderful. The rich who despise us are fools. I wonder sometimes if they too are victims of the systems. After all, the inherited them like we all did. Reason is sorely missing.

The volunteers who were counting the votes are just like everyone else. We all inherited the world as it was when we were born. They differ in one critical aspect, though. Many, maybe most, are regular watchers of the media. One can easily see who they are by simply sampling their opinions. The people who have to work all the time just to get by don’t watch the media much. The don’t expose themselves to the manipulation of the media enough to fall under the spell. The amount of media effort exerted to make Trump into a dangerous demon attempting eat the children went beyond all others. No period in history has seen such massive and widespread assault on the character of Donald Trump. That so many people went along with is terrible testimony against them, but not against their innocence. It is the power of the media that is guilty. All who cooperated with it are people who are less innocent.

I do not have a method that can be used to remedy the problems. I know that love would solve all our problems, but we need a way to remedy the problems the media presents before people finally attain love. Maybe just making it known that the media has spell casting power. If people would stop believing everything the media says and stop exposing themselves so much, maybe it would help.

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