Not Capitalism or Socialism but Love

Not Capitalism or Socialism but Love

America is still arguing over capitalism and socialism. I see value in both. But I see both as undesirable, even evil. I have come to the conclusion that the argument is being set upon us like a harness. The arguments over capitalism and socialism, with some communism thrown in, are economics arguments that are more like fussing over which type of harness is best. The issue of liberty and rights is being obfuscated by economics arguments. Mankind has flourished despite wars and countless horrors so long there are over seven billion people. Peace is moments between wars, but those too are plagued with violence, hardship, injustice, arguments, and death. It has to stop. Now!

People are the problem. They don’t know what they are doing, but they keep doing it anyway. This planet is the generational ship that carries us all through space at speeds we are unable to duplicate. Generation after generation people come into life here and blink out like firefly lights. Relative to the universe, the time of the light is not long enough to illumine the way. Before a humans can develop significant consciousness, they die. Slowly over thousands of years they increase their number without increasing wisdom enough to stop kicking and nipping at each other as they pull the wagon like so many mules harnessed to it. If you can interpret their language, you can hear them arguing over which type of harness is best. It never even inters their minds that they have been trapped and harnessed to work like slaves at the hands of masters who are no more conscious than they are but have the reigns and the whip. Where they are driving the people is a mystery, but a mystery even to the people doing the driving. None can admit their ignorance and none dare let it be noticed. People are the problems because they like to think they know what they are doing and where we are going. Just a small burst of the light of truth would be enough to open the curtains and reveal the wonders and imbue the bliss that is there to be had.

The arguments about socialism and capitalism are all total nonsense. As if there are no other choices and man must take one or the other, people split themselves into passionate factions opposed to each other. Just a little light would reveal to anyone that both concepts of how to conduct an economy are unworthy of approval. Neither removes the harnesses strapped around the people. Neither pulls the team driver from the seat and puts him in the harness to help pull the wagon. This defines the real issue. It is not one of capitalism or socialism or even communism. It is one of power.

Great stone pyramids still stand to be marveled over by modern man. Minds boggle over the idea that great numbers of people were put to labor carving huge blocks from the stone and dragging them far away where they were ingeniously stacked to form pyramids that amaze mankind even today. None are immune to the amazement. They even marvel over the facts to be deduced from the pyramids. But that marveling fails them where it could benefit them most.

People have no trouble realizing that someone was able to get many thousands of people to build pyramids for them to be buried in. Monuments to ego and arrogance is what they are. But they testify to a division of people that is as old as humanity, maybe older. People have been divided since the beginning between those who drive and those who pull. I think it was a necessary period of experience, but the articulation of the details is not appropriate for this article. What is appropriate is the articulation of the details regarding the ancient division of people into masses who do the providing and those who receive it.

I have yet to encounter someone who has the least bit of difficulty realizing that the pharaohs got people to serve their every wish. They know that he received while the rest of the people provided. Likewise, I have yet to encounter someone who has translated the present to reveal the past. I grant that my experience of mankind is minute. I have met few of the billions. But the present tells me that people are still providing for those who receive. The people are still working to provide like slaves or like mules harnessed to a wagon that pulls the pharaohs. While people argue, fuss, and fight over economics systems, they do not notice that they are still harnessed to the pharaoh’s wagon. This is the one issue that matters.

Who out there is unaware of the people who have their own jets, yachts, mansions, and anything they want? The pharaohs no longer want stone monuments to be buried in. They want luxury and freedom from labor. I think everyone what that. They can have it, too, but only when they realize some obvious truths that have evaded them for thousands of years.

You must realize that there are people who have the power to force billions of people to serve them. I think a lot about the character of such people, but I know little or nothing that could reveal the truth about them. I can only speculate, and I keep speculation where it belongs, in the Unknowns column. It is enough to see that some get all they want and billions struggle to get by as they provide for those who have power over them.

I recently read in a book from 1914 about the socialism/capitalism argument the words, “the cost of living.” It hit me like a ton of garbage. Living does not cost anything. It may be difficult to realize this fact. So, think about it. How much does it cost to inhale? How much does it cost to take a seed, a fruit, or a leaf and eat? The cost of living is simply what someone demands of you. Who can demand it? It is so simple! The cost of living is being imposed on the people by those who have seized all that is needed to survive.

Recently people demonstrated hoarding that shocked the world. Fear of a pandemic caused people to gather all they could of commodities including, and astonishingly, toilet paper. It was soon unavailable. Of course, the unavailability was a simple supply and demand problem. There was never a real shortage. But that should be a lesson to mankind. When what we need is seized, there is none for the the rest. That is the trick that is as old as humanity. Simply take control of the land so that people have to come to you for even a place set their feet on the ground.

I want desperately to expound. It just seems to me that people could benefit by some understandings that they lack. None are living long enough to gain them. If people could live a few hundred years in good health without the plague of senescence, I think humans could become a blessing to the universe. Instead, we are still parasites, predators, blights, and pestilence. As a whole, we don’t know what we are doing. We keep going anyway. Something is stirring, though.

Mankind is young when compared to the time it took rain to carve the Grand Canyon. The domination of the people by some is old, but I have seen it. Many others have seen it. It is an awakening that promises beauty and wonders never even approached before. I think, and I am vigilant for arrogance and ego, that this writing is proof of the awakening. How could I write it if I didn’t know what to write? I don’t think I am alone or that I am something great because I can write it. I do, however, think I am lucky, blessed even.

I give all credit to love. Love came upon my fifty years ago and caused me something of a rebirth. The changes that happened in me made me happy beyond anything I have seen anywhere else. They brought me to God, eventually. But that is personal. The revealing of unseen facts is not. It is imperative that each one of us realizes that we are being controlled. There is no liberty. Freedom is actually a myth. We are all slaves. Even the ones who think they have power over the people because they live in fabulous luxury and leisure. We are all trapped in the legacies of our history and it is time to shuck off the harness that binds us to the past and find the love that history has incessantly told us we need.

Love is greater than socialism, communism, capitalism, democracy, monarch, or any other method ever tried. We have tried everything but love. Why? Well, that too is a topic too vast to answer here. We can all answer it, though. The truth will indeed set us free. Please realize that you were born into this world totally helpless and that you became what your experiences made you. All you experienced was the legacy of thousands of years. Let love give you a rebirth and become what you want. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. Love is coming. Why not make it today?

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