How to Create Utopia Quickly

Change is one of the few things that is inevitable and constant, but it is still meets with heavy resistance and denial. The right incentive should counter these tendencies. People will do just about anything for the right incentive. Unfortunately, they are more likely to do nothing without it. Even dire conditions have proven to be amotivational, especially when those conditions have occurred gradually. Even the approach of the “end of the world” is not cause enough for action. Things are changing whether we like it or not. We can just let it happen or we can use our power to direct the changes. We can even change intentionally. If we decide to, we can do some wondrous things.

There is something we can do right away that will sweep the glob fixing problems such as corruption, crime, and poverty facilitating the resolution of the more exotic problems like bigotry, social oppression, and war. It’s true! One vital change that will heal almost all our ills is now possible. Once that is done, the way to Life’s fulfillment will be rather easy. Let me unfold the plan as clearly, fully, and carefully as I can. Timing and presentation are vital.

I want you (everybody) to think about this idea and give it a fair consideration. I know how people are and fully expect such a consideration to be a rare phenomenon. Still, I think it will catch fire eventually because of the reward that can be had and just as fully expect those who are distinguishably intelligent and wise to see the merits of the idea and join me in taking it “viral,” or making it a meme.

Maybe you will think it can’t work or that it would be great but it just isn’t going to happen. I know how you are. But! Do you have a better idea? I wish someone would. If nothing else, this idea will get people thinking about a better way. Do you see what would prevent this plan from working or happening? If so, share those thoughts with me and help me find a way to do something about it. Talk about it with your friends and family. Don’t be too quick to dismiss. You just love to make snap decisions against things and turn away offering nothing better. It is easier to shoot something down than to build something and launch it.

It’s a simple plan, but it’s a very big and complicated process that will shake the foundations of civilization when put into play. It is a plan to accomplish the satisfaction of all your earthly needs, desires, and dreams. All of you! Then it goes way beyond those things to do virtually miraculous things. Does the prospect of getting everything you will ever want all of your life sound like a good enough incentive? I am not kidding!

Our species is about to become so enthralled with the excitement of finally achieving our survival, safety, security, plenty, and the so-longed-for lifting of the burden of endless toil that coping with pleasure and joy will become a real concern. Biological and psychological altruism will win the day. The fetters that have held the human spirit in check will be severed releasing upon our world angelic beings of vast capability, curiosity, adventure, and virtue. It is us. Us as we have always been trying to be during our long tough journey.

As we reaffirm our desire to live with each new breath, we steadily approach the sudden explosion of advancement that will be ignited when this plan is activated. It will ignite the beauty that awaits the spark. It will bring on changes that are needed more urgently every day and none will be able to remain unaffected. The effects will be the stuff of songs and dreams as old as the human species, probably older. Fantastic benefits will pour forth like answered prayers. Our oldest desires will be attainable at last and the journey will finally begin in earnest.

A burgeoning new world is straining at its confinement to burst forth. The gestation period we call “history” is over. The birthing is at hand. We are coming into the beginning. The time for denial is at its end and we can now dispense with the pain and suffering we have endured for ages in our effort to try every other possibility.

Everything that has ever happened has brought us to this time and made our wonderful future possible. It is nothing more than the direct result of Life having time to experience living on Earth. The metamorphosis is at hand. We will join hands and step up to greet the morning of our tomorrow. The Light is dawning.

A miraculously wonderful achievement of every person’s desire for fulfillment, regardless of who they are or what they want and expect, is the solution and the method is so fantastic it satisfies all. I am not exaggerating! That is what we have to look forward to. I struggle to contain my excitement.

This Universe is vast and beautiful. It is a complex frontier that excites our longing for discovery with infinite possibilities. Our understanding and awareness are unborn infants. We have been carrying these babies for a long time, but time is such a relative thing. All that is left is a surge into the light. In the satisfaction of a deep old drive and an effort to midwife the birth, I offer here an inducement that I lucked upon. If you please, read on and see for yourself if I am just full of bunk or if I have finally stumbled onto something wonderful.

The words you are reading are the gifts of Love and my gift to you as expression of the deep unconditional love I have for you. I see how beautiful you really are. I feel the magic you bring. I understand why you do what you do and realize you always have done the only thing you really could do. I long to commune with you and frolic with you in the heavenly bliss that is our destiny.

The Plan

It may be the only thing we haven’t tried yet: No money. Remove money from the system. That is basically all we have to do. In phases, money can be entirely eliminated from the human condition, but we can select a day, after considerable preparation, to stop charging for products and services, and to stop getting paid for our work. The world will be changed overnight. It will be like suddenly getting rich, but even better.

The endless labor and stress you have been enduring in order to pay the bills every month will come to an end once-and-for-all. They will just disappear. You are going to have time to play and be with your loved ones, who will inherit the most wonderful society humans have created. You will be able to go to the stores, shops, dealers, and any other supplier and get what you want by simply proving your identity. Theaters and stadiums will not require money for entrance, though there will have to be some system such as “first-come-first-serve” employed since there is limited capacity. You can go to any restaurant to dine by merely proving your identity. Need a new car, truck, or parts. Go get them just as you would today, but bring your identification instead of money or credit. As a member of society who contributes time to the countless needs for human effort, you will have virtually unlimited access to the products of that society.

There will have to be some limits, of course. We couldn’t provide everyone with their own space shuttle, nor can we be unreasonable in acquiring the more simple things. It does not make sense, for example, to have a million bars of soap. It will be a new world and new systems will be created to deal with the multitude of situations that billions of unique individuals confined to a single planet in a subjective relative reality presents. When money is removed from the equations, solutions will be easier to formulate. Trust will flourish and the desire to work together for the mutual benefit will relegate today’s seemingly unsolvable problems to the “solved file.” Dealing with the mountains of decisions necessary in society will be nothing like it is now. It will just be a task, a job for someone to do to secure unlimited, life-long access to the products of society.

The management systems and government systems we now have will be adjusted to serve this new paradigm. Our experience with both has rendered information and wisdom beyond value that will readily meld with the operations of the new world. It is astonishing how much more beautifully the systems that regulate human interaction perform when the primary intent of people operating them is free of the competition for advantage, prestige, wealth, and power. When management and government are the work of gifted caring people doing their best to satisfy the needs of a society that is composed of individuals who are working for the rewards to be had in a “team work” society, they become beautiful contributions to humanity. They are indispensable assets.

Before you get crazy, realize that you will not have to give up your possessions; rich, middle, poor, royal or anyone. This is not a socialist redistribution of wealth. It is not a communistic government takeover, though it will resemble the family style of community from which Communism got its name. This is not a return to the barter system or an alternative form of currency. It is simply the elimination of money. We just keep doing the good things we are already doing and carefully begin adjusting our systems to operate in a new way. In time everything will have changed, even us.

There will be a lot of adjustment required and the complexity of it is fantastic. But you will still have everything you have now, even the currency if you want. Your personal life-style may or may not change for a while. It depends on many factors, but those of us who have little will surely suddenly have plenty. As I understand it, that means about 99% of us. Life on Earth will certainly change, beyond recognition eventually, and all for the better.

By simply eliminating money, a virtually endless list of benefits can be had. One of the greatest benefits to be enjoyed is the release from the struggle for survival, prosperity, and security. When that single achievement is reached, living will sculpt a new type of human, a human fulfilled and productive while contributing to the expansion of the limits of human consciousness, virtue, endeavor, and reach. We will be able at last to trust one another, even to be able to rely on others. The ruthless merciless competition for survival will give way to the cooperative, caring collaboration for survival and the team work for the acquisition of dreams.

The benefits of eliminating money seem limitless. It will virtually end crime. It will destroy a lot of the motives people find for war. It will purify governments, business, and religion. It will open the door to innovation and invention. It will streamline the operations of mankind. It will reduce our demands on the environment. It will make it possible to restore the planet to its natural purity. It will open more of the universe to us. It will release the use of automation to relieve humans of toil. It will relieve much of the stress within the family and between the members of society. The list goes on and on.

Poverty will finally be eliminated by eliminating money. This age-old nemesis of the monetary system will go away once and for all. Hunger and need will be no longer. As the new paradigm takes root, most of the complex factors of regional conflicts that have created so much terror, so many refugees, and so much destitution will unravel by the removal of causes. Conflict caused by the disparity of religious, social, and political views will be easier to negotiate for peace. Multi-factional conflicts will settle by the appeasement of grievances, the removal of the incentive to fight for money, and the elimination of the need to jockey for position in the stupid hierarchy systems that control life on Earth. The destitute of the world will be succored and assimilated into the world family. I know how happy that will make all you generous and beautiful people who have been helping people around the world. The intentional change to a money-free society will free up the abundance that has been unable to get to the poor due to the profit motive, the arrogance that sees the poor as inferior, and the violence of repressive self-serving groups. All this is at least a good start toward achieving the resolution of the horrible situations that have captured so many. In a money-free society there can be no poor unless all are poor, which we can never be in a universe of such vast abundance unless we do it to ourselves. We don’t want that. Bye-bye poverty.

Can you imagine unlimited medical care for all? I can. It will be a rudimentary part of the money-free system. The repair of damage to the human body and the curing of our many ailments will be unfettered and medicine will become what it should be; a calling to the humanitarian healers of the world.

I want to assure you that the advances in health we have in store are too miraculous for you to hear about right now. You would laugh at me if I attempted to tell you of them. I have already tried, but time and experience have only confirmed my findings. I have put a seed in your mind. That is enough for now. Let it grow.

The education systems of the world will become unrecognizable by today’s standards. It will be available to all who desire it and the techniques for teaching will undergo changes that will leave us thinking our current education systems were in great need of education. Knowledge is the friend of societies that have the well-being of all at heart. The thirst for knowledge will never be slaked, but the opportunity to drink all you want will be readily available. I think the liberal/conservative conflict will vanish when education becomes what its potential promises and when it is no longer necessary to fight to survive.

The class system, the pyramid system, racial division, ethnic division, religious division, and bigotry will evanesce in the money-free world. Getting rid of money will heal it all. I think I don’t need to guide you through the thought processes that prove this statement. It seems obvious to me. Hopefully it won’t take much longer for society to heal those destructive social ills. When living conditions change, behavior changes too. Charles Darwin noticed this in animal behavior. I noticed it when my ex-wife and I were caring for rescued birds. Release from the struggle for survival causes behavioral changes. Wonderful personalities begin to bloom. The peace and security that we will have when we know with certainty in our hearts that everyone is working for the well-being of everyone else will put an end to the menacing behavior and systems that plague us in this “dog-eat-dog” world we have created.

The equality of people will express itself in the compensation for time… at last. Disparity of compensation refutes the virtuous axiom that “all men are created equal.” No longer will the unfair, judgmental, bigoted hierarchy repress anyone or exalt the unworthy. The opportunity to distinguish oneself will be available through true humanitarian deeds and true extraordinary ability. We will witness the end of exaltation from being the most ruthless, cut-throat, cold, greedy, person in the business. All this by ending money. People will be freed of the tyrannical monsters that have usurped the power of the people.

I can imagine many things going away and many things changing by eliminating money, and it is likely you are deeply involved with them. You may even be dependent upon them. Unfortunately, there are many who depend on jobs in systems that are the spawn of horror. Consider the executioner who only has that job because people commit acts of heinous barbarity. So, I ask you, would you be happy to go into a different type of work if the elimination of poverty made your job obsolete? What if the new job paid a million dollars a week?

Eliminating money will change the job supply deeply and permanently. Many types of work will become obsolete and many new types of jobs will emerge. You will be able to choose another job if the work you currently do becomes obsolete and it will “pay” you all you want.

Do you work in a factory that makes bombs? Maybe your job is taking people’s houses and land away from them when they can’t pay the mortgage or the taxes. You might work in the astonishingly vast prison system. Many of you have jobs that are nothing more than those created by the use of money. These jobs and a great many others will eventually become obsolete. Surely, you will not object to changing jobs when crime, poverty, and war are eliminated if it means you will get a lot more for a lot less of your time and effort in your new job. None will be left without a job.

The human species has more than adequate grounds to unite in common cause. There is an abundance. We are all bi-pedal humanoids with virtually the same needs. We are all together in this time in this place. The divisions we have created amongst ourselves are the stuff of opinions regarding things beyond the reality of living on Earth in the now. There is no valid reason to remain divided in our satisfaction of the requirements of living. We all inhale and exhale to live and with each breath we reaffirm our desire to satisfy the requirements of living. We can unite to develop and implement techniques that will avail us of satisfaction with the greatest efficiency and efficacy possible to relieve us of the endless toil that is grinding us and our habitat to dust. We are the heirs of the accumulated legacy created by our ancestors. They got us to this time and these circumstances in which we can finally achieve the security of survival, safety, and prosperity. The elimination of money is a simple and opportune target around which the people around the world can rally putting aside our differences for the moment in anticipation of the fantastic rewards to be gained. The entire face of Earth will morph like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly. Beauty will prevail. Peace will become the norm. People will become fulfilled and the disparity of opinions will mellow. The end of the conflict is the beginning of peace. The children are counting on us. Let’s stop the quarreling and fighting while we change the world overnight and see what happens. This is our chance.

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