Shaped Like Clay

Yes, way too many. I wish the false reality was only that created by the media. The entire human race is living in la la land. The subconscious rules without logic or reason. Born totally helpless, ignorant, and exposed people are like lumps of clay on a pottery wheel. They come into life with some characteristic just as clay is already clay. Even before birth life reaches into the womb and starts shaping the baby. The trauma of birth if followed by the profound and unavoidable forces of living. By the time a person is considered to be fully grown, the hands of living have shaped the person so much the person has already become most of what it will be.

The forming hands of living act upon the impressionable child profoundly. The child is not given the opportunity to influence the shaping and could make nothing of it even if it were given. The parents quickly begin to add their hands to the shaping. Eventually, and ever so slowly, the child begins to make choices, uninformed choices. Trial and error experiences act on the clay of the child. Then formal institutions begin to add to the shaping. By the time the person is able to make informed decisions about its shape, it is too late. The shaping has already been so extensive informed decisions are more subconscious than wise and the information applied is so damaged during the process of maturing it is more often than not incomplete and/or errors.

Millennia of generations have lived in small areas of a vast universe. Astronomical forces constantly shape the world, and people are only recently learning about them. Even the planet is too vast for the generations to be aware of it all and most global events impossible to know by first-hand experience. By now, human events created by seven billion people are profoundly affecting the lives of everyone and even with modern technology most people cannot be aware of them by first-hand experience. We are forced to rely on information reported. Since all that is reported comes from humans who have been subjected to the same influences that affect us all with slight variations, informed decisions and opinions have been impossible. Even so, Americans must make very informed choices, especially in elections. Without being able to base choices and decisions on the information necessary, people make them anyway. All this and more add to a compounding confusion that has become so mixed up it is really quite crazy. It is no surprise that history has been so bloody and horrible, or that there are so many horrors, deaths, destruction, and suffering today.

Mankind has not risen out of la la land yet, but some have gained enormous power. There are millions of rich people now. Some are so fabulously rich they have the power of life and death over the whole world. To my knowledge, they are all just people like everyone else. Experiences vary but not enough to make anyone different enough to be considered anything other than just people. Nor does it qualify them for the power they have. This does not prevent them from using it, though. Decision and choices they make have profound effects on everyone and everything. No form of life or inanimate object is immune to the effects of their choices and actions.

We are watching some very rich people virtually take control of the world by means of a spreading virus. There is not way to know where the virus came from of what its effects are. The reports available are controlled by the very rich people who are taking control of the world in the name of protecting us from a virus. They have been dictating what business and group is essential, which are going to be allowed to continue. They have acquired the power to tell us where to stand, to wear masks, to take injections they have created, and the virus has been used to profoundly affect the election in the USA. The entire human family of Earth is under their control. Politics and representative government have been bypassed in the implementation of the will of the very rich, but not left unaffected. Throughout all branches of all governments the power wielded by the very rich is becoming obvious.

Millions, maybe even billions of people have been made terrified of the virus, and similar numbers were made to have panic level fear of a president of the United States of America. Neither the virus nor the president are topics the vast population can make informed choices and decisions about. They get only the information that is approved for them. It only comes from people just like them in the sense that they too were shaped by forces they had little or no influence on. They just were born rich or became rich. That alone does not qualify them as trustees of the general welfare. In fact, it might just disqualify them since they are living in a world within the world.

The people I know are not able to comprehend the way the very rich live. They have enough trouble comprehending the world that comes within their reach. They see some of the things the very rich have, but their lives are simply too different to fully comprehend by people who have not experienced it. It is as if the rich live in a world within the world. Unfortunately, everything anyone does has at least some effect on everyone. The effects my be less than the effects of a shooting star, but effects are effects. When the rich do things with their wealth, which is power in the modern world, the whole world feels the effects. It is so profound it determines far more than most realize the quality of life for the billions of mankind. They are making it more obvious by the way the last president and the virus have been handled. Both were used to instill panic in the hearts of millions.

Someday, maybe, the world will see what is really going on. The power wielded by humans will be seen for the history it created. It seems to me that there is an inexorable force acting over mankind and the planet that is taking us to some wonderful denouement. I sense it all around us. I see it in the changes of the past century or so. I have become blissful, and it has lasted fifty years. I think that would not have been possible if the future were not bright.

The production ability of mankind has reached a level that makes it possible for everyone to have all they want for simply contributing to the production for a relatively short time. Limited as we are today to the resources and energy of earth, we are making our way into outer space anyway. Once the solar system is opened up to us, the potential will increase beyond imagination. There are none but the demonic who will not benefit. The demonic hate the idea of prosperity for all. I don’t know what happened, but I have unqualified ideas, to create people who want to destroy. They will not be happy to see mankind solve its problems and create prosperity and time to enjoy it for everyone. People who do not impose the restraints of ethics, morality, and goodness upon themselves have not had difficulty rising in power by means of money. Many have done so. Much of history and current affairs are being caused by them. But they cannot prevail. Their disappointment will likely be traumatic. My hope is that many will realize the improvements they too can enjoy. No rich person in the world today can enjoy what is possible. If they could see what is possible, they would join the effort to realize the potential. Guess what! One we reach a certain potential, an infinity of greater potential will come within our reach. If I wrote out just some of the potential that is already being realized in reality but not in the awareness of many people, you would not believe me. Such is the result of being born helpless in a world that has not realized enough of the potential yet. Love will come and with it wonders beyond belief at this time.

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